Trump in the U.K. Day 2: 75,000 Protesters and One Weird Tuxedo | The Daily Show

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Day 2 of Trump’s U.K. trip includes a protocol faux pas with Queen Elizabeth, thousands of anti-Trump protesters in the streets of London and a clumsy press conference about trade negotiations.
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Published on


Jun 5, 2019




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Comments 5 172
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 2 hours ago
Lee Jay
Lee Jay 20 hours ago
Fucking flakes
Lee Jay
Lee Jay 20 hours ago
I bet his favorite cum is trumps
Iris lol
Iris lol Day ago
Trump is so rude, crude and socially unacceptable. He is totally a racist.
kevin santos
kevin santos 3 days ago
dtf on the table, omg XD
Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight 4 days ago
so your job is to destroy USA?
Saint Brocardus
Saint Brocardus 8 days ago
you called the queen a white walker? saying calm the fuck down for touching the queen? and if it was it shouldve been somewhere else? it seems your humor is getting out of hand. this is total disrespect, something I dont think you personally understand. Freedom of speech is powerful and needs to be used with great responsibility. I wish you goodluck with your career, I do hope you would learn to respect other cultures, you wouldnt want other countries treating america with this manner, and study them so not to make an imbecile out of youself. Unsubscribing
ronald prakash
ronald prakash 9 days ago
Did anyone else hear the woman yell "OMG" at 5:43 🤣
novice Price
novice Price 14 days ago
He is a horrible person. I can't stand him. I can't believe he has people who love this man. He makes me sick looking at him. His mouth looks like an asshole his neck where he tightens his tie is a vagina. and he's the biggest douche bag on this planet.
novice Price
novice Price 14 days ago
A small protest. He is such a friggin stupid man. I can't believe others like this fuck.
KATHY Humphrey
KATHY Humphrey 14 days ago
Trump is so embarrassing to the US... He still has his loyal followers though...
TiCed 17
TiCed 17 16 days ago
The mommy of the fries wtf😹😹😹😹
Greg Knight
Greg Knight 16 days ago
This president is a straight fool and a disgrace to Americans.Somebody give this jackass a sucker so he can put it in his mouth this way he might shut the fuck up.
maija night
maija night 17 days ago
How can a man who has access to nuclear codes and not to a Taylor?😂
Lylies Asakwa
Lylies Asakwa 17 days ago
He “didn’t see” a protest but he saw a “small protest”
Juli Express
Juli Express 18 days ago
Fu*k Queen And Her Royel rules! They are killer. they killed million in Only India. Fck ther protocol
Paras Verma
Paras Verma 19 days ago
How legends handle the critisism 3:59
Oonald Le
Oonald Le 21 day ago
3:10 “tens of thousands protesting in the rain.......which is a summer day for them” *Me a Floridian* : pfffffffffffffffftttttttt
Eric Syang
Eric Syang 21 day ago
They just don’t like him huh 🤔
Dagm Ermias
Dagm Ermias 22 days ago
That is salad , it is mad of vegetable ,!!!!!! I love it
The Scientist
The Scientist 26 days ago
I would have bombed his escorting vehicle...
TressCam1 29 days ago
😂😂😂 He called that woman a white walker.
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar Month ago
Brits....I’m just curious. Is the daily show popular over there in the UK? Like if yes.
Palesa Ngoetjane
I'm slightly convinced Trump might be insane
Mike Roche
Mike Roche Month ago
Real news, fake policitian
crazy maniac
crazy maniac Month ago
I love Trump Specially for his memes
Eric Trav
Eric Trav Month ago
woe# Month ago
If u are woke, then u know the trump in the red tie is a clone. Pay attention he is a PUPPET. They are using you against you, if u sin they will use you, they've been using people and setting up ppl to sin so they can use u against others, that's why when u join the weak illuminati groups they make u do fucked up shit so that they can use you against others and if u break their code they will bury u and put all your shit on front street that they made u do to get in ALL FOR THE MONEY that's why they say ALOT OF MUSICIANS AND FAMOUS PPL LIKE ACTORS SELL THEIR SOULS TO JOIN THIS WEAK GROUP. That's why they killed nipsey and used hypnotizing for hatred against eric holder that's why he was in the looney bun way before the incident and after he killed nipsey, PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION AND WAJE THE FUCK UP. the gates of hell are open and they are trying to kill and make ppl sin that's why they started putting fetlynl in the weed and damn near all the street drugs now, dont believe me look it up shit is happening right now, wake up and repent and follow god before it's too late we've all been tricked but it's not too late, I love all yall, and believe all yall, and forgive the ones that have sinned against me, i love yall too and hope yall repent now too and follow the lord he is a forgiving god. And the only real God if u dont U WILL PARISH FOREVER, wake up
toni boni
toni boni Month ago
Grabbing her Pussy ,the mighty royal Pussy .
DRC VLOGS Month ago
A typical loser who thinks everyone loves him.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Month ago
Daniel. R Carter lol who Noah or Trump
W GU Month ago
Fuck the UK, except for Rowan Atkinson
Carl Devon
Carl Devon Month ago
Noah, are you wearing lipstick?
CelticsBoah Month ago
All of that gold and silver was stolen from India and Africa during the empire and they never gave them back when those countries asked for them
19Eleven71 Month ago
This trevor noah guy is such a douche bag. Trump is the best president we've had in a very long time.
Saima Baig
Saima Baig Month ago
Really? Even after Sharpie-Gate, you actually believe that?
Movin Achieng
Movin Achieng Month ago
ooh trevor u are Killing me
Asoft Raiden
Asoft Raiden Month ago
In Iraq you would be tortured and executed for mocking a minister not a president.
Sophie Peraaud
Sophie Peraaud Month ago
Thanks Trevor
Nolana Miller
Nolana Miller Month ago
I absolutely adore you. Your hunour is uncanny. I love you.❤
Maryanne Ratema
Maryanne Ratema Month ago
Justin Jaworski
Justin Jaworski Month ago
She is a reptile. That's why you don't touch the queen
Angie Rose
Angie Rose Month ago
“Fake news”
koustuv tripathi
How wonderful would it be if Trevor became the next american president !!
Maria Suarez
Maria Suarez Month ago
Yes I agree trump shouldn’t be touching the queen. God only knows where his hands have been. Like grabbing their pussy and that’s coming for dumptrumpmouth.
Sam Month ago
you can not touch the queen...... she is a white walker 🤣🤣😂....oh my god.... dump rules of Britain....😂😂
Ekaterina S
Ekaterina S Month ago
That inflatable Dumb Trump baby! 😂😍
The Best There Is
Was he trying to dress up as a knight??? Edit: No one would gladly welcome Trump in their presence or atmosphere...
andile sibanda
andile sibanda Month ago
Cutest white walker 😂😂😂
M Al
M Al Month ago
Sarah K. Malki
Sarah K. Malki Month ago
America Rahul Gandhi
Gobi GobiNath
Gobi GobiNath Month ago
Abolish monarchy.
white rabbit
white rabbit 2 months ago
How cares what Britain is saying, really tho
David Berrios
David Berrios 2 months ago
That outfit Man Don’t the lost War against USA And can never fuck win one with out us
Warrior 2 months ago
His British accent 😂😂😂😂
WoioW oioW
WoioW oioW 2 months ago
NHS....British citizens...ITS A TRAP!
Karen Crilly
Karen Crilly 2 months ago
Eat your Story
Eat your Story 2 months ago
I'm British
Oliver King
Oliver King 2 months ago
If he wanted to break protocols he'll be grabbing the queen by her pussy 😂😂😂😂
Lady Loki
Lady Loki 2 months ago
If I’m correct the crown she was wearing is a gift and meant to repel evil... ummmmm good burn your highness 👸 (don’t know if it’s right but I think it is sorry if it isn’t...)
Bryan Willib63
Bryan Willib63 2 months ago
Shame this pour Trevor.. in a nother county still complaining about white people.. maybe go to a black country and then you don't have to worry about white people.. so maybe shut up and do your job.. it's funny we don't have a white cocation day but you have every holiday under the Sun.. just go's to show what you come from.. we don't brag we do.. wile you sit do nothing and complain just like you people..that do nothing and asking for a hand out..
gokul balagopal
gokul balagopal 2 months ago
Superpowers,he will think they are super heros
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