Trump: If you want to leave America, you can leave America

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President Trump defends his tweets calling on Democratic congresswomen to 'go back' to where they came from during an exchange with the press at the White House. #FoxNews

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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 29 537
Deon Groenewald
Deon Groenewald 53 minutes ago
President Trump. You are the best. 👍👍👍👍
Rony Aguirre
Rony Aguirre Hour ago
Trump is making America crazy. Definitely you are not good to be our president for 4 more years. We need a president that can control the world better. America is the world leader less have a president that can do the work right.
Rony Aguirre
Rony Aguirre Hour ago
I respect you as our president. But please leave he White House. Is not for you. They got you.
Zoey 5 hours ago
Trump is the best, he speaks the way he thinks and he is so right. And Reporter ist Just a small anxious child
posh day
posh day Day ago
Love it or leave it
Maylinda Duncan
These people in the crowd that is creating a up row is working for ch... or r.... some enemy of America
Robert Reeves
Your entirely normal and there's nothing wrong about what you are saying especially when they don't want to see America strong and Great again keep your agenda President Donald John Trump. Thank you very much for your time jumping onto the Trump Train do it now.
Elba Villalba
i love🇺🇸
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Day ago
Better yet why dont you leave??? Oh happy day.
Cannibal Man
Cannibal Man 2 days ago
Trump is what it is to be an American look at him and guide your life towards his ways and you will be successful in our great country 🙏 of the free and brave and proud 👍 USA
Y G 2 days ago
It’s that time of month....
Sonny Blanco
Sonny Blanco 3 days ago
Metro Mmdk
Metro Mmdk 3 days ago
Romans 13
Romans 13 3 days ago
hes just the best!
Romans 13
Romans 13 3 days ago
Romans 13 love this! wish i was that marine standing guard to the greatest man ever. Even if its half a nation hes the leader of a free people. the rest of you all don't want your civil rights or something. your leadership is weak reprobate and evil. Trump is a great Patriot. an American. A hero to the silent majority the real free Americans. He's gold. and your all a joke. this man was straight up Gods way of laughing in the face of democrat tyrants that do nothing 0 for a free nation. chosen by God. 110% Very nice man! True American! Not a sissy La la.
Phantom Spirit
Phantom Spirit 4 days ago
Trump is the man. Can you imagine anyone else taking on politicians like Trump.
Bonastre Tarleton
The women in that crowd of journalists were unbearable to listen too
Bonastre Tarleton
josantai 4 days ago
....you can leave America but leave the oil behind...
Scotty Kilgore
Scotty Kilgore 4 days ago
I'll buy all the lying dems a tick out of America right now, I prefer to send them Antarctica.
patryck silva
patryck silva 4 days ago
Mexican-American for Trump! Most of my 11 brother and sisters are Republicans and support Trump
Christian Pinzon
Christian Pinzon 5 days ago
I don’t agree with him, I thought we had freedom of speech, and that everyone is entitled to there own opinion. Yes, I can agree that complaining is annoying, but you Trump, as an adult, (let alone our president) should not be taking them out because you, don’t like it. A lot of the stuff he said was subjected. He has a lot of hate for the people who hate him, and abuses his power when taking them out. To the people who might hate me because of this comment, go ahead. I am entitled to my own opinion and so are you.
Christian Pinzon
Jordan Sewell I see what you mean as far as the reporter was rude and trying to make him slip up, but I also do believe that Trump could of handle it better. But I do see that he was being attacked.
Jordan Sewell
Jordan Sewell 3 days ago
It was a press conference not a protest. She asked a question and as soon as he started making sense she tried adding little bits and pieces of nonsense while he was answering her question. You do know there was probably 15 or 20 reporters there right? EVERYONE has questions, and all that lady was doing was trying to get him to slip up ot say something. She most likely was from CNN lol
Rich Piana
Rich Piana 5 days ago
It's true too. Too many people complain and refuse to leave. I honestly have never understood the logic behind that, im guessing some people just enjoy being miserable. Alot of African Americans do that, it's weird.
Nicholas Pryce
Nicholas Pryce 5 days ago
Bryan Tirado
Bryan Tirado 5 days ago
That screaming 'journalist' needs her 15 seconds of shame, sorry 'fame' How disrespectful not to let the President talk.
Raymond Feaster
Raymond Feaster 6 days ago
He got caught he deserves impeachment. And jail time he cheated he got caught. Just because he is White and Rich DOES NOT MAKE YOU ABOVE THE LAW. IF BILL COSBY CAN GO TO JAIL SO CAN HE. OR IS HE O.J SIMPSON
Someone please shoot that woman
The Troof
The Troof 6 days ago
Good job Mr. President. Ignore those psychotic freak bitches asking stupid questions.
Piang Pi
Piang Pi 6 days ago
This is great president trump, but also if you don't want leave America stay your hole life, tell them all.
Dan Ferguson
Dan Ferguson 7 days ago
You do not like America? Fine GTFO!!. P.S. Do not come to Canada!!!
Hardin Luzonia
Hardin Luzonia 7 days ago
Omar go Home to Somalia we love our Präsident.
Hardin Luzonia
Hardin Luzonia 7 days ago
Go Home to Somalia if You dont love the USA.
jose jose
jose jose 7 days ago
Mr Trump. 👍
Alfredo Maza
Alfredo Maza 7 days ago
I making moany with my 41k its great!
kenny ttt
kenny ttt 7 days ago
Trump is a boss
Angelica Labrague
So long as no one force us to leave we will continue living and coming here.
johnsun john sun
johnsun john sun 8 days ago
Hi never hate bro I love you is not loving me
Nael Dabash
Nael Dabash 8 days ago
Trump's racist and extremist statements reflect the incompetence of this president to lead a superpower like USA which have multi-ethnic living in states
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli 8 days ago
I love you guys excellent job.
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy 9 days ago
Ivettie 9 days ago
I was born in Russia and was naturalized 5 years ago and became a US citizen and I am proud to be American ! Trump is right if you are not happy here you have the right to leave - this is a freedom of choice !
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