Trump: If you want to leave America, you can leave America

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President Trump defends his tweets calling on Democratic congresswomen to 'go back' to where they came from during an exchange with the press at the White House. #FoxNews

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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Hello Goodnite
Hello Goodnite 2 hours ago
I think what Trump gotta do is take the criticisms and improve America based on them. Is the only true American someone who likes everything he does?
Ce Cee
Ce Cee 8 hours ago
Think deeply his attitude before vote for him this coming November 2020 folks. Put all puzzles together vote or not.
Tierney Taing
Tierney Taing 8 hours ago
I am with you Mr. President!
Roxana James
Roxana James 9 hours ago
I love this country! But that woman needs to shut up 😂 and😂😜😜😜!
shane Nicholas
shane Nicholas 10 hours ago
I love my president... 2020 let's get it
Leonardo Galuego
Leonardo Galuego 10 hours ago
Even their american or not, if they are unhappy just leave and go back where you belong.
Kieu Phong Hoang Le
Kieu Phong Hoang Le 15 hours ago
Exactly. You can come to Kenya, Somali, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela.... I'm agree with Trump's opinion.
vr 9029
vr 9029 20 hours ago
The Red Skins want you to leave America Trump. You have robbed it, not discovered it !
Hang Chen
Hang Chen 23 hours ago
America needs to wake up and uprise against socialism
You’re not Ugly
A lot of people risk their lives to come here and people complain they want to leave I say replace them with people who would be happy to come and happy to stay
Cookiez n Cream
Cookiez n Cream 2 days ago
Yall not everyone has the money to leave 😐 wouldnt you wanna fix the country's problems instead of turning away from them?
Guygnadeau Simeus
Biden for life we want another USA with Biden in 2020
Joe Pierre
Joe Pierre 2 days ago
Horses terrorists like BLM and antifa to leave America we don't want them anymore we never ever wanted them
Benny 2 days ago
I dont think that some people understand some Americans dont have a chance in America of owning anything of there own or having enough to eat or even heat in or ever owning there own home and no chances of ever supporting a family when you have everything you dont want to go when you have nothing you have nothing to loose
Saulo De Tarzo
Saulo De Tarzo 2 days ago
I wont miss them
Ruthia Hughes
Ruthia Hughes 4 days ago
One year later, look where we are now by those trying to overthrow the USA
Ruthia Hughes
Ruthia Hughes 4 days ago
Loudmouth disrespectful white woman .....typical
Ruthia Hughes
Ruthia Hughes 4 days ago
Beau Twining
Beau Twining 4 days ago
Trump might be my favorite president😍
Yolanda Rosales
Yolanda Rosales 4 days ago
They should kick out that disrespectful reporter while the president still speaking
Zhan Zhen
Zhan Zhen 5 days ago
I totally agree with you press trump 👍 ❤️
Lloyd Mcbean
Lloyd Mcbean 5 days ago
These, kind of 'statement's, this kind of Prophetical gestures only brought to mind, revelation 18:4-21 and we can fallow through to verse 24.
Yonaton Rozanski
Yonaton Rozanski 6 days ago
These leftists are literally 2 year olds it’s sad
Aurumk1 6 days ago
How about I don't come into america? Turns around walks away like a boss, tackled by immigration. Screams.
E G 6 days ago
Thats right
springtrap star wars fan
I agree with president trump.
mick someone
mick someone 6 days ago
he should leave in a box 6 feet under
Irina Kogan
Irina Kogan 7 days ago
I get out of USSR 42 yrs.ego. All this time desperately try explane people how easy they may lost this incredible country to lefts. You call them DEMOCRATS.I lived in USSR 33 years. I know comynists and so call democrats behaving like comis, talking like comis, manipulating like komis. But for some reason have name democrats. Please opens yeys. They able only destroying everything good with promises to build better and never did. Trump is LUST HOUP. for America. God bless America PS sorry for grammar.I am old and English my 2nd language.
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson 7 days ago
You not a American your dam self You just a citizen Trump.
Mark Stout
Mark Stout 7 days ago
Protesters lol lazy social comonist. Want to be bottle feed 😀😃😄😁😆
amokclfg 7 days ago
America is a great country , Trump is great , vote for Trump 2020!
Flordeliza Cabading
Your done Trump!
nicola laws
nicola laws 7 days ago
how rude is that woman.... wants kicking in the throat to shut her up
Troy Braxton
Troy Braxton 7 days ago
i agree 100% and i am BLACK if you dont like it here leave you want a communist socialist open border country go over seas and see how well you do there
Roswitha Lappas
Roswitha Lappas 7 days ago
Det beste Präsident
Grizzly Warehouse
It is true. One thing about President Trump, he's not going to lie to you. He also HAS BACKBONE completely unlike that goofy a** "squad."
Conie Rebucas
Conie Rebucas 7 days ago
We’re all family voted President Trump. Praying for him for Peace and Unity. Our Lord Jesus Christ Has the full Power who will be the right person to become the President in USA 🇺🇸 Even in the Philippines 🇵🇭, In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.😇🙏🏼🙏🏼💖🥰❣️💕
Mar Sanchez
Mar Sanchez 8 days ago
Thank you Mr president well said Trump. 2020 .
Mar Sanchez
Mar Sanchez 8 days ago
Leave to china biatch.
Nicholas McLeod
Nicholas McLeod 8 days ago
What a great , honest President!!! We need somebody like him in charge here in Europe too!!! And btw ban all thise screaming hater reporter bitches!!!
Nicholas McLeod
Nicholas McLeod 8 days ago
YESSS!!! 🤟😂💗
Katie Bonnell
Katie Bonnell 8 days ago
To any leftists watching this video: Leave. If President Trump's elected, he can and will embolden and head off political crackdowns and start firing on peaceful protesters. Leave with your families for your own good. This country is probably too far gone by now anyway.
Mhd Abdulhai
Mhd Abdulhai 8 days ago
why didn't trump and his supporters left when they were complaining about obama administration if you weren't happy you could've left
Jeffrey Chou
Jeffrey Chou 8 days ago
Also, I didn't like Obama but I still liked America as a country so I chose to stay.
Jeffrey Chou
Jeffrey Chou 8 days ago
we might not have been happy but at least we didn't openly complain about it 24/7.
Ani H
Ani H 8 days ago
This president of United States of America it's a JOKE..
de Nexiteer
de Nexiteer 8 days ago
Ehm.. I prefer to go to America :)
El Duque Santiago
Im from Chile, and i feel envy for USA to have a corageous president who fight the global western corruption.
John Tran
John Tran 8 days ago
Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ki Ma
Ki Ma 9 days ago
But maybe some people want Trump to leave. Maybe some people love our country but dislike Trump. Maybe some people don't like Tto hear Trump ranting
ephriamw 9 days ago
I love my President... Thank You Donald Trump... May God Bless You... Stay Strong and Keep fighting for AMERICANS... You have my African AMERICAN vote in 2020... Thank You...
antonia banoczi
antonia banoczi 9 days ago
Yup. If You do not like USA You can always go back to Your own country.this is very simple.
Jimmy Reece
Jimmy Reece 9 days ago
Respect the chief or shutup ...stand for the country your living in or get out ...best president ever...free airfare for all the traitors.... bye good day
Calvin West
Calvin West 10 days ago
They needed to kick them bitches out that are being disrespectful
ReaLife253 10 days ago
sounds suspiciously like a stab at challenging the 1st amendment..........
D Samber
D Samber 10 days ago
Le chillan como borregos. Prensa fake.
Mirela Aflat
Mirela Aflat 10 days ago
It's Funny
Mari Bjernland
Mari Bjernland 10 days ago
Marie Calk
Marie Calk 11 days ago
Tell it like It is 💯✌️💯 As a Native American I find it insulting ☝️
Marc Boutellier
Marc Boutellier 11 days ago
Comme on Don! Never give up! TRUMP 2020!! And constitution change for TRUMP 2024! Greetings from France!
glock161 11 days ago
When all the N-words of any skin-tones get killed here, THEN see how crime diminishes, and police won't be as intimidating patrolling America. Is just what it is.
Noo Nguyen
Noo Nguyen 12 days ago
If you are uncomfortable you can leave. you should be grateful that America has helped you, you should be grateful for the great people who built America. “ If u don’t want , u can go back to ur country “
Kevin Jarrell
Kevin Jarrell 12 days ago
Pfft. Like THAT'S ever gonna happen.
Rachel Tharrington
Rachel Tharrington 12 days ago
Pres. Trump, you are correct!!
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill 13 days ago
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill 5 days ago
@Suzie suga coming from you, I guess I should take that as a compliment, Squirrel Bait. 😁
Suzie suga
Suzie suga 6 days ago
@Parrot Bill shut up idiot
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill 7 days ago
@Gregg Zillges go pick your nose you little commie twit.
Gregg Zillges
Gregg Zillges 7 days ago
Shaun Cummings
Shaun Cummings 13 days ago
Nice! You tell them MR President. That was awesome when the crowd clapped and hollered over the media. I'm glad he told that reporter quiet.
Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor 13 days ago
Alicia k
Alicia k 13 days ago
Immer dieses Reingequatsche. Kein Benehmen diese Leute....
FELIPE VALLES 13 days ago
Hard to say it but I’m on Trump side on this one..😬🕊
Солнце грязью не залить Истина
Дональд Трамп молодец! Твёрдо , чётко и без лицемерия.
Los AngeleS
Los AngeleS 13 days ago
Truth hurts todler in chief !
LordsOfTheRealm 13 days ago
Start putting your foot up all their asses they forgot you're the president you're in charge you know what to do we're all here to back you up they have to all leavepeace iam JD
大地苍天 13 days ago
If you hate America, you leave.! Very simple! Shut up the shouting lady!!!
Mel Leblanc
Mel Leblanc 14 days ago
How about you leave Frump....make America better on the way out....you are so pitiful....
ww167 14 days ago
Trump eithout me your nobody trump
Gilmour11 14 days ago
I’m so fed up with John. He’s a thief and a hack. He steals the floor and all the time!! They don’t have any questions they hate and exploit their time to become aggressive spiteful and hateful toward all republicans. We get it! You hate us John. You’re SO SELF ABSORBED that I don’t think it occurs to you that the feeling is very VERY MUTUAL!!!
JeReMiAhAmBearHaYdEnMiAh#2 Schaefer
That woman is super rude...Bet she does that at home to her husband too😯
JeReMiAhAmBearHaYdEnMiAh#2 Schaefer
Isreal is GOD 'S chosen people. 🇺🇸 LOVES ISREAL 🇮🇱
JeReMiAhAmBearHaYdEnMiAh#2 Schaefer
Or wife or significant other or what ever the he'll you demoratic fools allow nowadays
Terrence Dumas
Terrence Dumas 14 days ago
Trump 2020
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez 14 days ago
This lands not your asssh0le
Emmanuel Unigwe
Emmanuel Unigwe 14 days ago
I am African immigrant in the USA and I totally agree with the President, he love his country unlike other past presidents who never protected American interest but themselves.
Ariki Royal
Ariki Royal 14 days ago
American first
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