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Tensions flare between Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron at the NATO summit in London. #TheDailyShow
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Comments 60
Starlight Engram
Starlight Engram 11 days ago
"Old, fat, and sloppy." This is obviously a metaphorical expression to anthropomorphize an international organization. But what does its metaphrand comprise? It sounds very out of place to use metaphors in the formal context of real communications. Did he ever get to state the exact metaphrand or not?
History Egg
History Egg Month ago
Higher tax on French fries? We're talking about French Tarrifs not Belgian
naila with an i
naila with an i Month ago
1:21 "nato is old fat and sloppy-" was he- was he describing himself???
Eugene Robert's
Eugene Robert's Month ago
Pretty much all the countries in the world hate us anyway so why would Trump go over there and make people hate us worse I think he's just trying to make America's most unpopular people in the world cuz right now everybody in Europe thinks that we want him as president because we voted him in well I didn't and I don't think he's ever going to be president again I don't know why somebody hasn't, oh nevermind i can't say that !
Eugene Robert's
Eugene Robert's Month ago
So NATO is old fat and sloppy huh I think you're just looking in the mirror President Trump !
GG F Month ago
Its easier to understand Macron better than Trump and English isnt even Macrons first language 😂
Dawn singletary
Dawn singletary 2 months ago
He's going to start a war
杨晶晶 2 months ago
love trevor he is such funny boy
Scammer SlammerTV
Scammer SlammerTV 2 months ago
Lmmfao. He really thought Trump was going to be impeached. It's like the libtards can comprehend the grounds for witch impeaching a president.. l know you don't wanna open your eyes but HE DID NOT COMMIT AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENCE. Simple as that... Demtards knew that is the only way to prevent him winning in 2020 and he WILL win in 2020. Your best bet is Joe Biden 😂😂😂
En G2
En G2 2 months ago
Very nice Trevor, Iike watching you clips again.
Noemi Markwick
Noemi Markwick 3 months ago
do you think macron will watch this and just laugh, like man you're so right
Seth _
Seth _ 3 months ago
Why did USA & UNO & RUSSIA go to syria and fight ISIS
got no name
got no name 3 months ago
5:35 A true Gemini lol
Rashidy Razak
Rashidy Razak 4 months ago
Trump is like a child who bully and say whatever he wants to other people, but when people hit him back, he ran back and cried. But, as soon as he arrived home and shut the door, he continue insulting and shout to those people from the back of his room’s window. We all know that kind of kid
Wally Erasmus
Wally Erasmus 5 months ago
Trevor noah is a fool..
Wally Erasmus
Wally Erasmus 5 months ago
Abdikarem Maruf
Abdikarem Maruf 6 months ago
this video is incredible, you make me laugh too much Trevor.
Emperial BoB
Emperial BoB 6 months ago
Trevors impressions are legendary
Tol Tol
Tol Tol 6 months ago
Wine? They not gone like that
N MS 6 months ago
He's the Rahul Gandhi of west
abla abla
abla abla 6 months ago
Is he discribing himself😄😄😄🤣
RedWolf777SG 6 months ago
Boy...this joke of a president makes President Nixon look like a saint. We really have hit rock bottom. And this is coming from someone who was once republican and conservative. But now is only a middle guy.
Ashton Uyi
Ashton Uyi 6 months ago
Americans do know that when trump says tariffs the Americans are going to pay for it ... Haha
Anth Graves
Anth Graves 6 months ago
this dude is a walking meme
Bernando Silva Jr.
Bernando Silva Jr. 6 months ago
Donald Trump: "If anybody is going to fuck my daughter, it's gonna be me"
Ucan Tavuk
Ucan Tavuk 6 months ago
European allies AND Turkey.Don't act like we are not in NATO -_-
Negar Yousefdehi
Negar Yousefdehi 6 months ago
“That went down like a lead balloon.” -Crowley
Who Isreal
Who Isreal 6 months ago
I feel like Trevor missed the Giuliani gold mine. He didn't go in on him ENOUGH. I said enough I see he did a little but Giuliani is way more laughs than Trump😂
David Fleming
David Fleming 6 months ago
He still believes he own the entire world MY ASS
N I Q O L E 7 months ago
3:00 he *almost* stopped himself but the train was already on the track, on a downward slope
krepnata kadara
krepnata kadara 7 months ago
Trade tariff to France? China - nigga ain't learning of his mistake India - too bad he didn't taxed us, can't do revenge Mexico - me too, I'll send my people then
Albert Becerra
Albert Becerra 7 months ago
Oh boy, I think you're going to hate Steven crowder dispute to your video.
Eiforbibbsch 7 months ago
Also gehen wir nach amerikanischer Logik und unsere Autobauer müssen in den USA auch keine Steuern zahlen es sind ja deutsche Firmen und dann bekommen wir die Steuern. Ist dieser Herr überhaupt in Besitz ei es Hirns?
Obsidianflame 7 months ago
"I want to tax those big companies!" Does not try to fix the loopholes in taxlaws....
Islomjon Yunusov
Islomjon Yunusov 7 months ago
@Obsidianflame God bless you too dear.
Obsidianflame 7 months ago
@Islomjon Yunusov Wooow, bravo you seem to be pretty confrontational for no apparent reason. bless you.
Islomjon Yunusov
Islomjon Yunusov 7 months ago
@Obsidianflame Woow, bravo you seem to argue about everything do you? sneeze.
Obsidianflame 7 months ago
@Islomjon Yunusov Wooow, bravo you seem to take everything seriously dont you? *sigh*
Islomjon Yunusov
Islomjon Yunusov 7 months ago
Wooow, bravo you understand the difference. We thought he was right.
By Madiba
By Madiba 7 months ago
Macron trying to deflect. Yes! They are European mercenaries causing instability in the middle east- like they do in Africa, Latin America, etc. It is their modus operandi
Kris Mitchell
Kris Mitchell 7 months ago
He's so stupid. Like George W. Bush 2.0.
Kris Mitchell
Kris Mitchell 7 months ago
At 1:46 it's Machiavelli's rule of projecting (I think that's the word!) onto your enemies your greatest weakness, (so everyone thinks they're weak and you're strong quite possibly.)
Download Trump
Download Trump 7 months ago
I am free, download now
Ibrahim 7 months ago
Trop drôle
julie johnson
julie johnson 7 months ago
Correct! 😂😂
Turtle GettingBy
Turtle GettingBy 7 months ago
I love how trump starts criticizing macron for exactly the things trump has also done
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger 7 months ago
3:00 5:00
Hendrik De Soete
Hendrik De Soete 7 months ago
French fries are not from France though... Some credit for us Belgians, please? Haha
S. Gillespie
S. Gillespie 7 months ago
NOBODY is taking advantage of American multinational corporations - American multinational corporations are taking advantage of every country across the globe - that's how they became the most powerful...taking advantage of others by lying, cheating, stealing and ultimately killing innocent people. In fact, the American people we're forced to bailout these lying, cheating pieces of shite!
Utsab Banerjee
Utsab Banerjee 7 months ago
dems and their fans and echo chamber be like :" I hate Trump, is that good enough reason to impeach him??". the echo chamber includes Trevor Noah types and CNN type channels..All these negative campaign won't work as it didn't back in 16..APPROVAL RATING OF 52.. TAKE THAT DEMOTARD SUPPORTERS 💪💪💪
MICH 7 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-uxihYHeyqns.html Trevor needs a new script Steven Crowder has a better show.
smizer ethio
smizer ethio 7 months ago
would you like some "IS" fighters ??
TypOPositiv 7 months ago
wow! This has got to stop before NATO, North Korea, China AND SOUTH KOREA AND RUSSIA decides they've had enough and unite to go to war with the U.S.
Deux Jeux
Deux Jeux 7 months ago
Why do Americans don't understand that Europeans just want normal standard taxes from Apple and Starbucks??? They are not punishment, because of legal tricks they dont pay any taxes here in Europe
yo momma
yo momma 7 months ago
Trump is a fucking moron
billy coo
billy coo 7 months ago
Notice Trump's jokes are funnier than Trevor Noahs?
RW 7 months ago
Macrone is patient. I'll give him that.
Kuangmin Bik
Kuangmin Bik 7 months ago
Trump is making China great again
Damuarth 7 months ago
The impeachment is so close... but very very close... is closer than it was on 2016....(2 years later)... "Trump will never end his second mandate because we are very very close to impeach him"
Sallie Gallegos
Sallie Gallegos 7 months ago
1:27 Projection, projection, projection!
Mac 7 months ago
Donald Trump is brain-dead.
Esparzeh m
Esparzeh m 7 months ago
Be1smaht 7 months ago
Since when is nato fat hahaha
Anthony wopaness
Anthony wopaness 7 months ago
Why in the hell are we putting up wall's, oh I understand now ...it's to keep us from getting out, not to prevent incoming
JustHanging xGoD
JustHanging xGoD 7 months ago
Sooo he is wrong because he wants to spar Billions of dollars for the US economy? Ok, Trevor, propaganda is legit. Love you anyway, but you have no idea of economics.
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