Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold White House press briefing | 4/3/20

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Secretary Alex Azar joins President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force in White House press briefing, updating the public on new CDC guidelines.
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Apr 3, 2020




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Comments 60
sgjner 3 months ago
16:45 "'artificially induced"? What was he trying to imply?
Designs Arise
Designs Arise 3 months ago
This was "artificially-induced?" @16:31
Lauren Freundt
Lauren Freundt 3 months ago
Did he really say that reporter was from the "fake news establishment"???????? I mean he could have a little more respect for the people that are taking time out of their day to come hear him speak extremely redundant statements
Liv 3 months ago
These reporters need to be jailed. Their misinformation are danger to our country.
Liv 3 months ago
Dr Birx and Dr Fauci are deep state
He was sent by God do not question him
M Heb.11:1
M Heb.11:1 3 months ago
16:35..."This was artificially induced." Yes, we know and believe this! Expose the evil people behind it!
Matt 3 months ago
27:00 Trump is doing Medicare for All
Chantel Smith
Chantel Smith 3 months ago
Wish David Harris Jr would have a seat at the White House Press briefings
stan g
stan g 3 months ago
Months after this virus was discovered, sequenced, and modeled epidemiologically, our great country still has not enough masks, ventilators, gloves, or hospital beds even while thousands of our people have already died terrifying deaths. The pandemic response unit was dismantled in an earlier quest to discredit the former administration, and all Trump can say is, "no one could've seen this coming." That's lame. I mean really lame. Can you imagine how aggressively Clinton would have responded to this pandemic?
Jesus is King
Jesus is King 3 months ago
God is faithful Jesus is King! God said go out into the world and preach the gospel. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.
Fredy fredy22@juno.com
Hey does anyone remember when FEMA was turning wal marts into some kind of camps and were stacked with cheap plastic coffins? Maybe now we know why.
Sri Chinnamatur
Sri Chinnamatur 3 months ago
I am worried looking at all these key people standing so close everyday without gloves, masks and any safety. We can get the number of masks, ventilators and hospitals on the government websites. Please stop these daily press briefings. Be safe and maintain distance . The country needs you guys at this critical time
jerry kirkpatrick
jerry kirkpatrick 3 months ago
Trump show your taxes you huge liar 🤥
Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities
Chump’s delusions cost lives: More Republicans than Democrats were being influenced by Trump's dismissive depictions of the virus and the comparably scornful coverage on Fox News and other conservative networks. As a result, Republicans were in distressingly large numbers refusing to change travel plans, follow "social distancing" guidelines, stock up on supplies or otherwise take the coronavirus threat seriously."Denial is not likely to be a successful strategy for survival," GOP pollster Neil Newhouse concluded in a document that was shared with GOP leaders on Capitol Hill and discussed widely at the White House. Trump's most ardent supporters, it said, were "putting themselves and their loved ones in danger."
Ron Winter
Ron Winter 3 months ago
Trump is a moron. Sad.
Ron Winter
Ron Winter 3 months ago
Trump is a moron. Sad.
Ron Winter
Ron Winter 3 months ago
Trump is a moron. Sad.
Ron Winter
Ron Winter 3 months ago
Trump is a moron. Sad.
Sherry Hunt
Sherry Hunt 3 months ago
Thank you President Trump.
GeorgeTel100 3 months ago
I can't believe how nice Trump is to Acosta and even to that female reporter, people who are trying to bury him, Don't fall for the "you have to be nice to your enemies in the new environment" theme, Mr President, these so-called journalists are the same hypocrites and anti-Trump soldiers they have always been!
SHIT EATER 3 months ago
He gave Putin a political rim job, dished out his own fake news about having the virus under control, is *SILENT* about the national debt, and can't handle inconvenient questions without throwing a tantrum. He's horrible for the job.
walter Springer
walter Springer 3 months ago
TRUMP WORSHIPPERS! Fox is Satan's voice! And You'll get what you deserve. God will punish you terribly.
walter Springer
walter Springer 3 months ago
TRUMP WORSHIPPERS! Fox is Satan's voice! And You'll get what you deserve. God will punish you terribly.
walter Springer
walter Springer 3 months ago
TRUMP WORSHIPPERS! Fox is Satan's voice! And You'll get what you deserve. God will punish you terribly.
walter Springer
walter Springer 3 months ago
TRUMP WORSHIPPERS! Fox is Satan's voice! And You'll get what you deserve. God will punish you terribly.
walter Springer
walter Springer 3 months ago
TRUMP WORSHIPPERS! Fox is Satan's voice! And You'll get what you deserve. God will punish you terribly.
William Gardner
William Gardner 3 months ago
The Bump is missing the Seal
freedom or death
freedom or death 3 months ago
This is a take over of the United States of America! The facts don't support the hype! And for the first time, I do not trust President Trump! And I was a big Supporter
Alexandra 3 months ago
finallllllly! wake the funk up people, Trump IS part of the swamp.
jack fenn
jack fenn 3 months ago
LISTERENE is the best way to prepare yourself to visit older at risk people, but what you exhale is still dangerous! If your system is acidic, then you can carry the virus, and never know it! The telephone is the way to visit your older at risk family members. Being Alkaline is okay, but it does not guarantee safety.
Roger Thornhill
Roger Thornhill 3 months ago
Wake up America trump is stalling for time until the election . He is the Do Nothing con job president. Taking no responsibility. This is not leadership this is a what complete failure looks like..
GroovyVideo2 3 months ago
Creepy donald bigglest War Criminal
Calvin H J Yau
Calvin H J Yau 3 months ago
I don’t understand why journalists like to argument and fighting in the Press Conference in USA. They are very impolite.
Gregor Resch
Gregor Resch 3 months ago
Kushner says the stockpile of medical equipment paid for by the tax payers, is ‘Theirs’ and not the peoples. He and his rich white buddies are selling it on the black market.
able street
able street 3 months ago
It is great that Trump will not be using a mask. He doesn't have immunity to the coronavirus so...🤗
Kit Levey
Kit Levey 4 months ago
I would like to thank our great president for his swift and decisive action against this virus that was all Obama's fault, especially when everyone else thought it was a democratic hoax.
Arden Tizzy
Arden Tizzy 4 months ago
Trump is failing.. please listen to the nurses on the front line .. trump is not up to the job .. supporting trump just for the hell of it is wrong... he should step aside and let people who know what they are doing take over ..
Arden Tizzy
Arden Tizzy 3 months ago
Rose White ok I see your point . I just feel so angry that people who are fighting to save life’s are living in fear of catching the virus because of the shortage of the correct equipment . But all I hear is support for trump and not a word of sympathy for nurses..
Rose White
Rose White 3 months ago
Arden Tizzy I am telling you about hospitals policies to follow cdc recommendations and modifying it according to evidence base data and adopting to current local situations
Arden Tizzy
Arden Tizzy 3 months ago
Rose White yes that’s right . Support trump at any cost ..
Rose White
Rose White 3 months ago
Arden Tizzy nurses on front line have direction from hospital leaders
David Nunez
David Nunez 4 months ago
"It's a recommendation they recommended," said trump the idiot. Jesus
Jonathan Pretty
Jonathan Pretty 4 months ago
America's biggest failure,
mrtoad 4 months ago
Has it dawned on any Republicans (or is it just the "Trump Party" now?) that Trump is just a self-serving con man? He is obviously incompetent - just look at videos of his statements and his complete inaction in February and early March (it will go away in a few days or weeks, etc). He persistently downplayed the coronavirus, and did nothing about it until it was a tidal wave breaking on or shores. The only thing he is good at is huckstering - self promoting himself. He blamed OBAMA for the failure to have adequate equipment for an emergency like this, but Trump (1) has been in office 3+ years (2) Trump eliminated the National Security Council's pandemic health security office in 2018 (3) Trump cut budgets for CDC and (4) NOW Trump's new spin (in an attempt to deflect any responsibility) is that the federal government has no responsibility for pandemic responses - it's just the problem of the states. What a disgrace. EVEN TODAY he continues to declines to have the federal government take over the strategic control and management of equipment and supplies so states will not bid against each other and so allocation of equipment is managed efficiently. Trump is an incompetent disgrace. A self-serving huckster - as he always has been. Republican's can stop claiming they're "pay-tree-otts" if they support this fraud con man.
slynnc kitty
slynnc kitty 4 months ago
The U.S. had a program - PREDICT - that identified lethal viruses abroad to prevent their spread to the U.S.. It had found 1,200 viruses (and 160 coronaviruses) in 10 years. It was actively working in China. Two months before the Wuhan outbreak, Trump shut the program down.
Ro Co
Ro Co 4 months ago
He talks like a child
I give up
I give up 3 months ago
That's an insult to children everywhere.
Bob Howell
Bob Howell 4 months ago
our moment of crisis and we have an idiot at the controls
Pat Walker
Pat Walker 4 months ago
What's it going to take to get Donald out of the way?
John S
John S 4 months ago
Trump is too obsessed with himself to lead
Rhathymia Banters
Rhathymia Banters 4 months ago
Dr. Birx made a lot of sense.
Bad Corvette
Bad Corvette 4 months ago
Will someone please advise trump to stop holding daily coronavirus task force briefing, he's making a fool out of himself; nobody know your stupid if you keep your mouth shut! Jack
luke love
luke love 4 months ago
President Trump needs to put up hundreds of outside tent lots, private and military, with papers and sanitizers to help stop people from running IN AND OUT of stores looking for basic supplies that are not there. This would stop thousands of people from contracting the virus.
Rhathymia Banters
Rhathymia Banters 4 months ago
Trump needs to stop getting so riled up. I could never be President. It’s way too stressful of a job.
Michael O'Leary
Michael O'Leary 4 months ago
strength derived from djt’s reign is an illusion- he has deepened america’s addiction to and vulnerability to lies that bring us to our knees. you who mouth his propaganda are delivering us to another wolf in sheep’s clothing. to paraphrase orwell, you are not his victims - you are his aiders and abettors - you are this dictator’s collaborator’s AGAINST america.
Craig E
Craig E 4 months ago
We desperately need a new president.
Plane Fan
Plane Fan 4 months ago
This childish president continues to divide the nation at the time when we most need to come together. By refusing to use the powers of the federal government, and by refusing to centralize procurement and distribution of supplies, Trump continues to create a situation where states are having to fight one another AND our own federal government to get medical supplies. Additionally, his new hired tool, Jared creates further division between the states and the federal government by declaring that the Strategic National Stockpile is no longer to be used by the states, saying "The federal stockpile is ours, not the states." Is this really helpful, Jared?? Meanwhile, China and Russia are showing more compassion than our own empathy-challenged president and his son-in-law by sending much needed supplies including gloves, masks and test kits. Additionally, Oregon is refusing to fall into Trump's infighting trap and has sent 140 desperately needed ventilators to New York. Trump and Jared should really take note of what these adults in the room are doing, they're showing the world how truly childish, selfish and unempathetic Trump and his little hired tool are. They're making them look terrible.
Ken Kunz
Ken Kunz 4 months ago
Wait a minute...This virus thing isn't a hoax?
Joe 4 months ago
just take all that money you got from the Mexicans for the wall and BUY THOSE VENTILATORS....so simple, folks !...…...not a lot of people know that
Taitues Tonio
Taitues Tonio 4 months ago
trump is not a good president
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 4 months ago
Trump speaks unfiltered, id rather have someone tell me to my face that they hate me than have someone smile in my face then stab me in the back.
Leo H
Leo H 4 months ago
The president looks tired. May Lord give him strength to lead our country through this time. We need him more than ever 🙏
paul sheehan
paul sheehan 4 months ago
Not sure, what this means, but every member of my family, that believes trump, has a southern accent. My 96 year old grandmother, made that observation, over the holidays, and she was correct. Is there something, in the water, down there, or is it the racism? My grandmother thinks, it the racism. Pretty wise, old broad.
Mark Vincent
Mark Vincent 4 months ago
PalmerEldritch666 4 months ago
What a big turd they've "elected" into the White House. The stink in that room must be unbelievable. "Kool Aid! What have you got to lose! Try It" did he take that from a Jim Jones speech ? Take your diagnosis from "expert self styled genius" Dr. Trump, founder of Fraudulent Trump University. There will be a sidewalk hospital tent where members of the Rupblican party can get their shots administered by Matron Melania and trainee nurse Iwonka. Mitch has first dibs.
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