Trump and GOP Rush to Fill Ginsburg's Seat Despite 2016 Hypocrisy: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at Republicans rushing to fill the Supreme Court seat left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and force through a conservative supermajority that will help them cement minority rule for a generation.
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Trump and GOP Rush to Fill Ginsburg's Seat Despite 2016 Hypocrisy: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Published on


Sep 21, 2020




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Comments 100
James Callis
James Callis Day ago
ChaosLord Day ago
"You don't become overlord of the galaxy by bein' nice."
Peege Clarke
Peege Clarke Day ago
Until greater harm is proven premeditated. Which. Duh . Cia Fri Hls.
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Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov 5 days ago
“Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp”. Both of these can be accomplished by getting rid of Trump (and his cronies, of course)
Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov 5 days ago
Dignity and sanctity. Two words Trump has no idea what the mean
SFF F 9 days ago
no need for Chris Wallace Sunday news on fox, he just perpetuate untruthful opinions. Chris Wallace is a total hack, send him back to CNN
Claudia Meisters
Claudia Meisters 9 days ago
You KNOW they were aware of the interference and payoff of the electoral college was already under way!!! They said all of this because they’re all in on getting Tramp in office.
norm whittle
norm whittle 10 days ago
Awesome job Seth. Linsey just got cream ! A glass of water to Linsey to wash down that Foot ! Ha Ha !
DarkSektori 10 days ago
It is messed up that Republicans blocked Obama from appointing a Supreme Court Justice in an Election year but the Republicans do it and its ok. As far as the Nobel Peace prize goes, that was absurd. Because one of the requirements to win that award is that you had to of "contributed to the decline of standing armies", and Trump has put a ton of money into the millitary and has worked on expanding it. Which should automatically make him ineligible for that particular award.
nairb9321 11 days ago
What goes around, comes around. Read the Constitution, Trump has every right to fill that seat. RBG last dyeing wish. Just another LIE!!! Crank up sympathy.
june bug
june bug 11 days ago
RBG's legacy will never be tarnished, it will forever stand.
Steven Kegley
Steven Kegley 11 days ago
You know President Trump is going to be re elected! By both the electoral and the popular vote! The silent majority has grown much larger in the past four years. America First! Thank you Seth! For your contribution.
Jean Ward
Jean Ward 11 days ago
TheSWolfe 11 days ago
Heehee, Drumpf wants to land a woman astronaut on his nards. Good luck w/that Don. I don't think Cohen'll cover for u this time, & one glimpse of ol Goomba-head & LadyNaut'll be launching the escape-pod back toward NASA, or out into deep space if need be.
KWK 2460
KWK 2460 14 days ago
Trump's Worst Nightmare - The Curse of Ruth Bader Ginsburg... ruvid.net/video/video-dazAscTPyok.html
PutinWithAnimals 14 days ago
That's a beautiful blanket!
Birgitte Velsvik
Birgitte Velsvik 14 days ago
Prump means fart in Norwegian...
seal869 14 days ago
Fucking cringe at the slurping RBG re having a pocket constitution. When conservatives do that we ridicule them as cheesedicks with props...and maybe in both cases that's unfair. But it definitely can't be fair in one case and unfair in the other. That's...that thing that RBG was big on...whatchamacallit...*equality*.
Ryan Jing
Ryan Jing 14 days ago
big yikes
Sarita Rodriguez
Sarita Rodriguez 15 days ago
OMG really?? Nars🤣🤣
Debbie Marszowski
Debbie Marszowski 15 days ago
Ingólfur Agnar Ólafsson
Icelandic prump = fart.
Judas Da SupaVillain
Anybody else worried dat Space Force is bout to become a biopic miniseries? Poor Carrell.
Harry Bremner
Harry Bremner 16 days ago
He ain’t worried about taking medical treatment (he ain’t a Good Samaritan) from his fellow Americans He is worried Mr Mueller is waiting for the time he can bring him justice . The Judiciary ought pick Judges NOT the political .
Cajun Champagne
Cajun Champagne 17 days ago
Why isn't mitch McConnell being tried for treason? He is a traitor to the people the constitution was written for.
Gig Phoong
Gig Phoong 17 days ago
He's saying a reporter is weak for taking a tear gas canister from a grenade launcher. But he also said protesters would devastate with soup cans thrown.
N R 17 days ago
The mistake America made was to leave open the door to the possibility that the republican representatives are not a pack of soulless satan-worshiping demons from hell.
SOUR S4G 18 days ago
RIP remember people we are the voice
Brian R.
Brian R. 18 days ago
This SCOTUS nomination may be a moot point. Does a presidential funeral take precedence over a rushed partisan effort to pack the Supreme Court with right wing morons? Did the Notorious RBG just reach out from the grave and muddy up the GOP's power grab?
ANHZ 52 18 days ago
Its a swamp with a circus in the middle of it . Trump the clown entertaining us . Lol
Briana Montoya
Briana Montoya 19 days ago
OMG! I'm literally crocheting a blanket for my husband while watching this!!
Zeus 19 days ago
Republicans are a party filled to the brim with hate & hypocrisy
Okima Wilcox
Okima Wilcox 19 days ago
For Trump supporters the cruelty is the point.
c. j. macq
c. j. macq 19 days ago
WOW... everyone... you know what's REALLY disturbing? a video was just put up on youtube by some corporate crap group called "blackpink. it has 12 MILLION VIEWS IN AN HOUR! now that's both very scary and very sad!
MAKOBITE 19 days ago
Who else googled Blort's disease
Adamant Forge
Adamant Forge 19 days ago
Ted 'my real name is Raphael but I pander to old white racists' Cruz is the biggest hypocrite because not only is he two faced but he wrote a damn book whining about 'activist judges' but has been pushing to get conservatives to load the bench. To so tip power against the majority of the nation's leanings that they can flagrantly ignore the will of the people, overturn decades of precedence, and functionally destroy the middle class as they as a brazenly show deference to corporations and block social protections like health care protections and social security mandates. They want activist judges but only the people who will force everyone to live in their version of utopia, a gated community for all the rich evangelicals who are just waiting for white Jesus to whisk them away to their private heaven and the only colored folk they have to see in the mean time use the service entrance, go away come nightfall, and are so oppressed they don't have the strength to fight back.
Lord Eli
Lord Eli 20 days ago
dictator don was a mess couldn't even say a word proper
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell 20 days ago
I clicked on this video for the comedy. This psychological manipulation is just a bonus I guess.
Jessica Mears
Jessica Mears 20 days ago
😂 haunted wooden doll
Steven Sabo
Steven Sabo 20 days ago
As much as I hate Trump and everything he stands for, please do not stoop to their level and make fun of his stuttering. We are trying to defend Biden for his stuttering, yet mocking Trump for his? That's a double standard and we should be better than that.
Millennial Seeker
Millennial Seeker 20 days ago
During the debate Trump was predictably a mouthy, overbearing, unruly, undisciplined, spoiled baby who broke down and imploded when he couldn't get his own way. Talk about being a big spoiled baby! What a disgrace. He is a poor excuse for a president. I saw without any reservations all of the traits that make Trump an incompetent and incapable leader. When he is not given total control over everyone and everything, his insecurities get the best of him, and he literally breaks down and implodes. This showed the real Trump -- without the con and the glitz. Nobody - not even Fox news - can rescue him from himself. America deserves better than this. Hopefully we shake off this most unworthy character in November.
McLovin 20 days ago
The sad thing is...not even Seth can make this funny anymore. Sure, the jokes are great but the fact is we’re powerless or unwilling to do what it takes to save this country. So enjoy these comedy shows before they’re taken off the air by a soon to be dictator. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Greg Grisham
Greg Grisham 20 days ago
Supreme court TRAITORS not judge's or justises but careered incell TRITORS turning TREASON into law enforcement paying hometown www666antichrristville gun and badge national guard murderer TRAITORS to hold their POOR MEEK hostage at gun point for www666antichrristville hometown EXTORTION pacified as RENT and bill's and TAXES but are monetary enslavement of the POOR MEEK being held hostage at gun point! We must march and REVOLT and BECOME secound amendment and bare arms against USA TRAITOR foreign owned government and drag all city county state and federal careered TRAITORS out down to the lowest hometown www666antichrristville judge lawyer jailer prosecutor mayor and all www666antichrristville gun and badge national guard murderer TRAITORS holding the POOR MEEK hostage at gun point for www666antichrristville hometown EXTORTION pacified as RENT
Sue Cuevas
Sue Cuevas 20 days ago
Thank god, that woman hated the constitution and was what our forefathers fought to free us from, she didnt want us peasants to have guns YET she had armed guards, she thought if the government wanted your house they should be able to just take it with eminent domain. It was her MASSIVE ego which thankfully got her taking the room temp challenge while Trump was in office, if her brain was bigger than her ego the old bat would have stepped down under the radical left obama
Bubbles 20 days ago
I just cannot get enough of this...LMAO
Hobbit Stomper
Hobbit Stomper 20 days ago
We have 9 planets again thanks to Nars
Ingolfur Gudmundsson
Prump means fart in Icelandic.
Roger M
Roger M 21 day ago
VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Nothing more to say.
Jon Laubert
Jon Laubert 21 day ago
There is no TORAH in Netanyahu and Israel, who more resemble Hitler's NAZIS in treating Palestinians. Permanent diaspora for Jews, SAD, he acts more like Sodom and Gomorrah toward Lot's visitors.
foreversocal 21 day ago
Trump never even pretended he was gonna play democracy. He still has almost half the country supporting him. He flat out told everyone what he was gonna do. He's gonna throw all the Democrats in jail if he wins. we'll have the only single party democracy?
MrRight James
MrRight James 21 day ago
You lefties are totally bankrupt of any morals or values. Seriously, if it wasn't for your double standards you wouldn't have any standards at all. It was YOU who pushed though a justice in 2016!! Now the shoe is on the other foot, you are whining about hypocrisy lmao...you seriously couldn't make this crap up. We know EXACTLY what the left would do in this situation because we watched them do it last time. So of course, we are going to push through one as quickly as possible - i could link you to hundreds of videos of democrats desperately wanting their judge to be nominated in 2016 - so what's changed? Seriously, grow up.
Tiara Roxeanne
Tiara Roxeanne 21 day ago
At this point I'm just gonna ask all the Republicans: WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??? I mean, Trump might be one mistake, albeit a gigantic one, but how could you support a party full of hypocrites? I mean, no one is a saint, of course, moreover a politician. But to vote for a party with so many shameless hypocrites!!! What were you thinking???
De Tox
De Tox 21 day ago
You Bolsheviks should get out of the West since you hate it so much.
Robert Gelinas
Robert Gelinas 21 day ago
6-3 is better than 5-4 woohoo!!!!!! 3 picks !!! seth is a commie/Marxist fascist
Little Timmy
Little Timmy 21 day ago
god bless Trump and ABC.
Robert Gelinas
Robert Gelinas 21 day ago
Thomas Gladders
Thomas Gladders 22 days ago
“2 ferr one!” 🤣🤣😅😭✊🏽
Fernando Morales
Fernando Morales 22 days ago
"One small step for a bunch of decrepit racists enablers, another giant leap to destroy democracy, constitution, human rights and maintain a wannabe dictator, tax evader in power". Way to go Nazi party, I mean GOP, sorry I always confuse them.
Carrie Owen
Carrie Owen 22 days ago
Where is Nars...this just in ....White House press secretary announces discovery of a planet Nars and it's moon, Cofefe...the 10th planet in our Solar System....rush to redo astrological signs to include people born in the house of Nars.
Andrew Mcdornan
Andrew Mcdornan 22 days ago
The lies will never end
joyce fenney
joyce fenney 22 days ago
I don't need think he finished the eighth grade cuz he has a very low educational speech and attitude
joyce fenney
joyce fenney 22 days ago
Please get drunk out of that seat it's education is getting worse and worse his speech is getting sickening and makes you want to throw up just to hear him talk get him out of that chair don't belong there never has
Metal Pick
Metal Pick 22 days ago
This guy is proper tit head.lol
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese 22 days ago
Love seth Meyers hes brilliant
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese 22 days ago
Hes brilliant I intend to donate to Seth's campaign
papa red
papa red 22 days ago
Will Ted Cruz is about to lose his seat which is why he's trying to get into radio now LOL
KRAZY MOFO 22 days ago
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 22 days ago
To be fair, no one believed them when they said that four years ago. Everyone, literally everyone, knew they were lying.
Eva Enns
Eva Enns 22 days ago
He’s horrible 🤬🤬🤬
Peach 22 days ago
She's so tiny in that big chair.
Hope Roberts
Hope Roberts 22 days ago
and with that cruz shows its all about polarizing the parties not voting on what you actually think is just
Pachecure 22 days ago
Pack of GOP hypocrites and liars.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 22 days ago
Where in the universe is Nars 😂
Ed 22 days ago
Seth Myer is so full of fecies, that its literally puring out of his face.
Sledge Michaels
Sledge Michaels 22 days ago
DUH PROFEZZOR 22 days ago
Seth looks like Ruth.
Tired of it All
Tired of it All 22 days ago
So what's your point?? Obama still nominated a successor to Scalia.... I'm sure the Dems were saying that Obama should be allowed to do his job as well. So where is that compilation? Oh that's right you're being biased!
Tom Bridge
Tom Bridge 22 days ago
pundit drop his brain in the toilet who is this idiot?
Glenn William
Glenn William 22 days ago
He is filling the position because it is the POTUS's job to nominate Supreme Court Justices. Whole lot of angry silly people here.
Glenn William
Glenn William 22 days ago
Why do these TV losers keep pretending they know things about politics. Next up Jim Jefferies will be giving chemistry lessons. Shut up. Nobody cares what you think.
Tim Siemssen
Tim Siemssen 22 days ago
... I'm just saying, valium is a Hellofa drug.
BlueSquirrel 22 days ago
We love you too Seth 🥰
Janine Meier
Janine Meier 22 days ago
I am a big fan of yours. This might just be one of your most profound posts. I sure hope it rattles some cages.
JEFFBUSA1 22 days ago
Rip RBG. Trump is a large pyle of crap
The Kruze
The Kruze 23 days ago
Man I used to like your show but now all you're doing is talking trash and spreading hate.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 23 days ago
everytime I see clips of his rallies, I think of the Star Wars Meme: "This is how Democracy dies, with thunderous applause!"
Pierre Major
Pierre Major 23 days ago
Where in the universe is Nars 😂
Nater4442 23 days ago
God I love how trump makes these SJW’s go nuts.
BOB WADAS 23 days ago
You don't get hypocrisy....in 2016 athe nominee if appointed by Obama would have to get the majority of the Senate..the senate was a MAJOITY controlled sente and would not have voted Obamas pick in...Trump, by artical 2 SHALL ...SHALL nominate a canidate the the Sentate would vote on and they are still a MAJORITY republican senate, which means his pick will most likely get all the votes.. The Democrate screwed themselves by passing a law eliminating a fillibuster nuclear option as they feared the republicans would use it against their nominations..LESSON: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.....Some Republican nominated justices were very liberal because they didnt chose party, they chose to follow the constitution....Just look at Kennedy's voting record. Joe Biden said our government has failed us..yes joe, you have failed us for the past 50 years...why did you not accomplish what you say you are going to...you and obama had 8 years.....Hunter Biden...3.5 million dollars paid to him by china....Obama increased his net worth 30 fold during his presidency... Donald trump has lost half of his fortune during his presidency ! Trump 2020
BOB WADAS 23 days ago
@niduoe stre Please give me a source to back you claim that this is corruption. The constitution shays, "The President SHALL nominate , ( not may nominate but SHALL NOMINATE) a canidate when a vacancy in the supreme court. The nomination goes to the senate, as written in our constitution, and the take a vote. So if states would have elected more Democrates to the senate, then the nominee would probably not get nominated. In 2016 Obama nominated a vacancy in the supreme court as he is required by the constution requires, but there were not enough Senators to confirm him. Had the people voted more Democrats into the Senate. I am sorry, but I believe in America and the supreme court and when they put on the robe, they are commited to following the constitution and put aside political and personal beliefs. If you follow history, you will find that most decisions are not split between party lines. You can look back at kennedy and his support for Obamacare. No Justice wants to be remembered as a political pawn for a party. RGB voted many times and agreed with republican nominees in her decision making. The senate stays in session till jan 20th. Obama nominated a justice in the last months of office and now Trump is..The problem Democrats overlook is the people voted in a majority of republicans. Personally, I believe that ginsburg should have retired for health reasons if she wanted to make sure a democrate replaced her and take the well deserved retirement and have just emersed herself in her families love. Family before work. Again, no corruption, 100% following the constitution. You will see the real corruption soon with hunter biden and the falsifying of the dossier ! Have faith in the system and believe the justices truly do what the constitution says.. I have faith in the democrat appoined judges alon with the republican nominees.... America works when we have faith and stand behind the whole country. I miss the closeness of all the parties when 9/11 happened...A proud moment that I wish would return. I never vote across party lines. I vote for everyone after I see what their voting record is, could care less about party ! Have a little faith. Stand next to me as an Amican and stand up when rules are not followed and trust everything will be OKAY ! We are Americans and thats all that matters. I watch no political news program. I just llok up who is running and what their past voting was.Americans have to stop being angry at each other..its ok to disagree and they is no reason not to get along with someone. Democrats say America has never been great..wait..Democrats dont think obama did anything to make America great? I pray every president takes action that improves Anerica.. I had not problem doing his job if he believedhe was trying to do the best he could... I dont like lies.. I didn't like Biden calling Trump a racist because "he banned the china restriction to soon...now he says the president did move quick enough to ban...If he would have stuck with his original statement, I may not agree, but I respect a man how stands behind what he said..America has the lowes covid deaths than any other country at3% and has administered test million more times than any country ! I state my point of view but I have no problem that you have a different opinion,,thats what makes us great.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 23 days ago
This is not hypocrisy but corruption.
Tony From Syracuse
Tony From Syracuse 23 days ago
Hypocrisy, you mean like saying if Trump lost the 2016 election he wouldnt accept it....and then he won and the left concocted some silly Russian collusion angle to take Trump out of power? you mean that hypocrisy?
Writehse 23 days ago
I mean we did decide and and still he was put into office, some democracy..
Kevin Ortiz Gomez
Kevin Ortiz Gomez 23 days ago
It's so disgusting...
Drawn 24 days ago
The events that play out just seem to be there to continually highlight how broken the US is.
Alicia Nyblade
Alicia Nyblade 24 days ago
"It's also absurd to hear about celebrations of physical violence from one ot the most physical cowards in history. You hid in a bunker because there were protestors outside the White House and you nearly wet yourself because of a bird." And you got your daddy to get a doctor to write a letter to get you out of Vietnam.
ran away
ran away 24 days ago
Does anybody remember our countries Pledge Of Allegiance passed down from our ancestors with the words "One Nation Under God"
Dee Garrison
Dee Garrison 24 days ago
Yes, it is worth documenting to prove they are liars.
amy werthman
amy werthman 24 days ago
I have no words.
Cassie 24 days ago
I'm pretty sure Mars have a travel ban for the Americans right now.
1fotcn 24 days ago
I hate this guy Trump.
Shane Andmorestuff
Shane Andmorestuff 24 days ago
Sorry RBJ died but I didn't like her as a Justice. It's going to be good to have an actually decedent justice on the court. Wow you are out of touch with the people. WAY out of touch. He up for the peace prize do to bringing peace to the middle east. Even Obama couldn't do that. hahah FILL THAT SEAT!
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