Trump Admits He'd Take Campaign Dirt from Foreign Nations

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Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, June 13, plus interesting polls about Father's Day.
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Trump Admits He'd Take Campaign Dirt from Foreign Nations


Published on


Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 110
Frank Batignani
Frank Batignani 2 months ago
Jimmy hates Norway it's a fact
Marshal Vimal Stephen
I was like "How does a prez screw up spelling Wales?"
Link Franky
Link Franky 3 months ago
you'd be surprised, marshal.
Alonso Ramirez
Alonso Ramirez 3 months ago
I'm weak af! 😂🤣😭
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk 3 months ago
Does Jimmy have kids? I can't imagine with kids, as a grownup
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk 3 months ago
The president belongs in jail
Walt F.
Walt F. 3 months ago
Great joke at the end there! :-P
Walt F.
Walt F. 3 months ago
Sanders left her job long ago, but kept getting paid anyway.
Peanut butter
Peanut butter 4 months ago
doobiewah357 4 months ago
Silly boy, you can only collude if you're a Democrat like Hillary. lol
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle 4 months ago
It's obvious why Trump picked Norway - it's the whitest country he could think of.
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle 4 months ago
Trump is not Prince of Walls, he's the LARD of the Flies.
w oke
w oke 4 months ago
Jimmy Looks like a moron Sounds like a moron Acts like a moron Change my mind
Gofuckyourself Nicely
Ummm.... Jimmy Fallon has untrustworthy hair. Anyway, must dash - combs and Brazilians don't go together...
Ron McMullan
Ron McMullan 4 months ago
Trump can accomplish more on the oval stool in 8 minutes than Barry accomplished in the oval office in 8 years...boy, were you snowflakes fooled...still are useful idiots...
Doug Boyer
Doug Boyer 4 months ago
Jimmy is funny so is kimmle how ever I miss George Carlin he always got me thinking
Dan Young
Dan Young 4 months ago
His new press secretary is Twitter. Lol
Rob Howell
Rob Howell 4 months ago
Why can Hillary actually do this and no one bats an eye and STILL blame trump... idiots! Even fuckn Fallon, shameful
first man
first man 4 months ago
the funny thing is they never get tired of interviewing a crazy person....there are plenty of us capable of saying crazy shit but they don't care interviewing us...........me so jealous i am gonna call stanpoilisfalvel
Wayne Rivett
Wayne Rivett 4 months ago
Jimmy’s trump impersonation sounds more like Brando’s Godfather
Max Max
Max Max 4 months ago
You laugh at your own jokes? Loser
Max Max
Max Max 4 months ago
You suck Jimmy. Not funny, fake laugh motherfucker.
caryn martin
caryn martin 4 months ago
Beautiful suit!
dans h
dans h 4 months ago
And what's wrong with oranges stuffy nose? And Why mentioned Norway interfering with the election when it's clearly russia or china ? He's a coward pathological liar!
Ravisher Singh
Ravisher Singh 4 months ago
How come jimmy Fallon videos always has much less number of viewers as compared to his 20Million+ subscribers, just wondering🤔
SockMonkey007 4 months ago
Fallon played with his hair and tried to make him seem cute. He's a part of this mess.
marcofthedead 4 months ago
I like Trevor Noah's version of trump ,Jimmy's is just calm Trump, Trevor Noah's is rally Trump 😹
Whoop Whoop
Whoop Whoop 4 months ago
This guy really loves Norway!
Roxberrie 4 months ago
It's so sad. Trump doesn't understand ethics. Doesn't even make sense to him.
don huang
don huang 4 months ago
Democracy has it's dark side. Trump was the voters' collective mistake, but they can't do anything about it until the next Presidential election, provided America is still in one piece.
don huang
don huang 4 months ago
Trump's open declaration that he would gladly accept dirt on his political opponents from foreign countries epitomizes America's low morality and integrity in order to win at any costs. He's logic clearly assaults our collective sensibilities, and his uncanny ability to hit below the belt should never be allowed to go unchallenged as a force for GOOD.
oldrrocr 4 months ago
Lindsay Graham: be careful contradicting the bozo in chief. they might get dirt on YOU, and replace you with a better butt kisser.
eponymousIme 4 months ago
Disappointed, Jimmy. You had a platform, and you had their attention, and you had a chance to tell them something about the carcinogenic properties of glyphosate. But, instead, you wanted to quip about "killer weed." Sad. This is why Colbert gets more love.
Steven Torrey
Steven Torrey 4 months ago
Propjoe10 4 months ago
If you ask a fucking idiot a question you'll most likely get an idiotic answer from them. This is general logic.
Jason TV
Jason TV 4 months ago
Astounding that after 2 years of investigation with shitload of press coverage, accusations, denial, and acquittal (sort of), Trump still does not know accepting help from a foreign power in general and for an election specifically is illegal. Even listening to the info without accepting it is still illegal by the way. It's like stolen goods. If you know it is "hot", you still have committed a crime if you accepted it and then turn it over to the police. Trump is either thick headed or still thinks the law does not apply to him. Remember when Nixon said: "When the President does it, then it's not illegal"? Forget admiring Andrew Jackson, Trump should admire Nixon and hopefully learns from Nixon's mistakes.
LibHunk 4 months ago
Mueller is a top notch SOB, a life long party Loyalist, a political hack who was hired to squash the Investigation. It was not an accident that they choose him as special counsel. Wasted two years and could not find any Collusion with Putin and Russia when evidence is very much clear that Trump is Putin's Puppet.
don huang
don huang 4 months ago
Mueller did his job well to stone wall the American public with Artful Words like "if we'd find that Trump is not guilty, we would have said so." Why speak in circles when Mueller could easily said Trump is guilty as alleged.
We The People
We The People 4 months ago
Well done MSNBC, you and CNN have destroyed the Democrats, we couldn’t have done a better job on switching people to Vote Trump for 2020. Wonderful Campaign for 2/12 years, Fake News really does work, Trump will send you a letter of Gratitude in 2020.
Jonoab69 4 months ago
No offense to Jimmy coz I love watching the tonight show but the point that trump was making was that if another country told him that for example his opponent was guilty of fraud, why would he not use that, would you want someone who was guilty of fraud to be the next president? that was the point trump was trying to get across not that he wants Russia to interfere in the next election...
Noso Tros
Noso Tros 4 months ago
What a bummer! For YOU. A child-sex trafficking insider testified under oath that NXIVM has the goods on Cucky Schumer and Cankles Clinton. Hahahaha! And you know what THAT means, don't you Peedie?
Courage Karnga
Courage Karnga 4 months ago
Donald Trump: "I didn't commit a crime, but I'd do it again."
Dylan Baxter
Dylan Baxter 4 months ago
Sarah Huckabee Sanders is as useless as tits on a boar, and she also happens to look like a boar with tits. Arkansas would make history by electing non-human genera to their governing board. That's like, progress or something.
Jacquelyn Gadson
Jacquelyn Gadson 4 months ago
Jacquelyn Gadson
Jacquelyn Gadson 4 months ago
Trump is so so NONSENSICAL how did we get here.. Please VOTE for your family and friends and children your LIVES. 2020
Heber Chat Stories
Heber Chat Stories 2 months ago
@Rob Howell Who the hell is Hitlery, Hitler?
Ty Sargent
Ty Sargent 3 months ago
Because they're afraid he might've actually done it.
Rob Howell
Rob Howell 4 months ago
don huang but she did this very exact thing and still isn’t in jail but everyone is like Orange man bad because of just insinuating it🤷🏻‍♂️
don huang
don huang 4 months ago
Rob, Read my lips, Hillary is history; move on.
Rob Howell
Rob Howell 4 months ago
don huang but Hitlery actually did do this and no one bats an eye
Colin 'RevolutionEyz' De Freitas
Where he got Norway from? Perhaps - He was just briefed that American agents would bomb a Norwegian vessel in the Gulf to create a false-flag justification for war with Iran.-Not that much of a stretch really.This is Amerikkka!
Gary Manzanares
Gary Manzanares 4 months ago
so matt gatez says on fox news today that if i was trump i would run for a 3rd term then the anchor tell him are you going to talk about that to him when he in florida for his reelticon campacin on Tuesday and he say yes we are in pravite but i will tell you in 2022 if he going to do it or not
michael preston
michael preston 4 months ago
Its all McAsshole's fault and his GOP crime party for this mess
omz3694 4 months ago
Seriously, there are multiple signs of treason and NOBODY is holding this man accountable. I guess I'm gonna buy the TRE45ON shirt to express my anger.
don huang
don huang 4 months ago
@jon, get rid of the Petro-Dollar and the rest of the global community will have some respect for the USA. America didn't become the richest nation by being nice to the global community. Every global economic / financial institutions after WW2 were written to play by the US's rules.
don huang
don huang 4 months ago
Jon, If you seriously believed in what you are writing; who is to say otherwise.
omz3694 4 months ago
@The Mean Arena Why? Because I have a different opinion than your fake ass, is that why?
omz3694 4 months ago
@jon garber Are you and Don gonna keep fighting about this shit or keep inundating my feed???
The Mean Arena
The Mean Arena 4 months ago
You'll just look like an idiot wearing it. Let's be honest!
Muzzamil Alli
Muzzamil Alli 4 months ago
Bruh why jimmy eyes look like that. His he high ?
raymond phaneuf
raymond phaneuf 4 months ago
Snufalufagus , LMAO !!! Can you tell me how to get , how to get to Sesame Street ?
Chris Blackmon
Chris Blackmon 4 months ago
Hell. Give me some. I'll take it.
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith 4 months ago
Hey JIM tell the whole fucking story ass hole
Wayne Black
Wayne Black 4 months ago
I won't be missing that lying bitch. (I'm sure you know who I'm talking about :-)
Klara Stern
Klara Stern 4 months ago
that Trump thing was even worse.. please watch the original... when he says the FBI is wrong...
Rough collies
Rough collies 4 months ago
I want to give trump some tainted Cheerios for Father’s Day, see how happy he is now he cut usda spending
the last of the lemmings
You know what else happened last night? THE RAPTORS BECAME THE NBA CHAMPS!!😝 Canada did invent the sport though!
DarkSchneider 4 months ago
Nancy P.: "Should we impeach POTUS45 or lock him up?" Patriotic Americans: "I think maybe we do both. There's nothing wrong w/ impeaching."
RD4590 4 months ago
Prince of Walls 🤣
maggieelizabethh 4 months ago
This was a really good monologue, I feel like he’s in a good mood
Ganiscol 4 months ago
Huckasanders has been out of job for more than 3 months - or do you remember hearing her lie to the american public from the press podium lately? 🤷🏻‍♂️
don huang
don huang 4 months ago
Like that Nicky from the UN, Huckasanders may come back to haunt us again.
Jyrki Sinkkonen
Jyrki Sinkkonen 4 months ago
I allso make ekual spelling misstakes.🤔
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