Trump 2020 Looks A Lot Like Trump 2016

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Donald Trump claimed that massive crowds of people would be watching his Orlando rally from outside Amway Arena. Well, Stephen sent a camera crew. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 8 591
SuzieQ Wonder
SuzieQ Wonder 19 hours ago
Keep America Great Again(?) with corruption? Nooo!!! Marianne Williamson for President ~ all the way💞
Ryan Williams
I almost feel sorry for all those red haters.
Monique west
Monique west 2 days ago
As a black person, seeing black people in his crowds is disturbing. Dumb wanna-be-white fools. Hanging with racists doesnt make you white.
Austin Washburn
Austin Washburn 3 days ago
Ok.... enough about why you hate the democrats. Why don't you tell us what you are going to do to "keep America great"?
F_ RSS 3 days ago
"Orange man bad" Keep it up, Colbert, maybe someday it'll actually become funny..NOT 😂😂😂
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin 3 days ago
Trump is mentally ill.
Arjan D.
Arjan D. 7 days ago
Oh my God, look at the blond one on the right without the hat. total adoration. Her hand will go up in the air first.
Anthony Algorithm
He's [rump is] certainly a contest
Caroline Morphis
Caroline Morphis 8 days ago
Oh lord do you people here this listen please
Peter Fraser
Peter Fraser 10 days ago
Trump's probably done America (and the world) a huge favour in the long run, 1) because he's highlighted the massively damaging empty rhetoric issue of the US political class like no other, and 2) because he'll (hopefully) make a much higher percentage of the US right-of-centre electorate think long and hard about who and what they're voting for. Becoming President simply by draping yourself in the Stars and Stripes ought now to be a thing of the past.
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith 11 days ago
Oh my god!! Projection much!?!?
Michele Fioretto
Michele Fioretto 12 days ago
How about we make America great by throwing the Donald overboard?
Beth Putnam
Beth Putnam 17 days ago
What a pos #Presidentpussyassbitch
Andres CARRIZALES 17 days ago
I'm so glad my sister didn't run for president or less y'all would be making fun of her .
Martian74 17 days ago
What do the Democrats have? Biden is corrupt, Bernie Sanders is old and just had a heart attack, Liz Warren (also old for an 8 year President) can’t get support from Wall Street and blacks (and native Americans) and everyone else is only in single digits. What do you have Democrats? Who can draw a crowd like President Trump?
Crystal Franklin
Crystal Franklin 19 days ago
I wonder if Trump made a gloryhole in Old Glory when he snuggled up to it. Not sure if him hugging the flag wouldn't be cause for burning it. It certainly wasn't an honorable thing to do. Just made him look stupid, but then again, what does he say or do that DOESN'T make him look stupid??? 🤔 I rest my case!
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 19 days ago
What's the difference between President Donald Trump and Stephen Colbert. Donald Trump is President. Stephen Colbert is not. Now that's funny
Creslin321 21 day ago
“Don’t be stupid be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party” Trump 2020
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 24 days ago
Stephen Colbert the fake news cheerleader squad. Dont know what year it is.
Laur Manolescu
Laur Manolescu 24 days ago
Trump 2020.
darkness55eyes 25 days ago
DEMS are making the same mistakes in 2016 , why they never learn from 2016 election mistakes? I have 2 answers for that one ☝️ they are so stupid not learning from their mistakes or two they so corrupt that they they’re making so much noise to cover up their corruption you say how I know Joe Biden Ukraine 🇺🇦 scandal. Democrats are digging their own graves slowly but they do not know about it yet .
Daniel Christopher
Daniel Christopher 25 days ago
Colbert is so salty...
BABYBOYSMASH 25 days ago
half the trump supporters in the back are normally asleep
Miss Tee
Miss Tee 28 days ago
Just an Idiot talking bullshit
honkawiman Month ago
If Trump is so religious, then why doesn't he go to church instead of his golf course??? Ask him and his religious hiprocrit why doesn't Trump attend church services..well..its because the orange monster doesn't go to church. Just another lying individual hiding behind God...Sad to use religion for the wrong purposes. Trump, hides behind skirts, because he's a BIG FAT PUSSY .
honkawiman Month ago
Why dont they actually show the people outside???? Because the isn't any...FOOLS
honkawiman Month ago
Oh God! These mega tards are so far gone. SAD... And this chaos of a President says nothing in his stupid rally's.
DimaRakesah Month ago
Trump... lie about his crowd size? Shocking.
Jared Vangelder
Jared Vangelder Month ago
Come on USA let's not make the same mistake twice let's make a New one
Daithe de paore
Daithe de paore Month ago
The smug coastal types that cried like bitches on the last election night better enjoy their echo chamber until the next election , their votes no longer count in the least.The last election means it is now all about the Mid West and whoever wins the DEM nomination will know this and have to camp there to try and win those states , and it all comes down to who has the most friends in low places . Biden , Warren or even Sanders have no chance against a master grifter like Trump .
D Mack
D Mack Month ago
Trump truly is a miserable POS... not one redeeming quality.
Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris Month ago
Awesome video, checkout dconedge.storeenvy.com for even more shopping experiences. Help support the Patriarchy!
Angel Matos
Angel Matos Month ago
"I'm a numbers guy," Yang said in a recent broadcast of the New York Times' "The Daily" podcast, "and the numbers tell a very clear and distinct story: that the reason why he's our president is that we automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan - all the swing states you needed to win."
Thomas Fields
Thomas Fields Month ago
At 3:46 the blonde lady above the live cbsn white box on the left hand corner...look at her face 😆 All the people in the background look retarded.
laxmi gurung
laxmi gurung Month ago
he gives everybody a name .. what would he call himself if he ever have to do so🤔
Sabertooth 29 days ago
Things like the chosen one
Thomas.E. Jensen
As they stand there behind Trump, they almost look human. But then you spot the maga hat's , and the illusion goes away. 😂🤣
James Long
James Long Month ago
Such a compete loser, Steven. There's helicopter footage of the crowd outside, showing a CRAP TON of people that your clever camera angle missed. HEY! You should send your camera crew to help Bernie! It's getting pretty damn pathetic, seeing pictures of him on venue after venue with literally 12 people following him. Sad little man, with sad little hands, Steven. 😂
flynavy2222 Month ago
Thumbs down both because parodies of people are best left to SNL… and even worse, having a mid-video ad is the devil’s work.
vojake100 Month ago
These Trump speeches are so sickening it's not even a joke because of the nature of their stupidity and the people that cheer at them.
Peggy Sinclair
Peggy Sinclair Month ago
The people behind him look as clueless as he is.
Eamon Conners
Eamon Conners Month ago
Prediction: if he wins, he’s gonna cure cancer by getting the pharmaceutical CEOs (aka his friends) to release the cure that they’ve had for years so he can take credit for it
Just Human
Just Human Month ago
Trump, you can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool everyone all the time! The day of reckoning is here.
Just Human
Just Human Month ago
America, stop blaming the rest of the world and god for trump in the white house. A con man can only con people who are greedy, stupid or vulnerable to the con. Your karma America, pay for it.
mezlabor Month ago
She is so right about Picard being on all access it's a sin.
SVR27RR Month ago
No Lock Trump up or make him paid up. he should be lock up or paid up just like a whole bunch of his supporters. Should be LOCK THE FUCK UP..just like i say lock all langcaster up that robbed & stole & did very bad things but sense there from rich family just like trump they can get away with it..hillary never cheated on No one or anything.unlike TRUMP or alot of his supporters. Man fk all of u trump supporters.. still talking about hillary. Where is ur proof that some one did not hack her emails. & why is it any one else bussiness so what some emails got deleted.. why does that even matter??..it was no one else bussiness... lock trump up NOT HILLARY..she NOT A CHEATER. & she is not a bully. Like most cheater's R.... does any one not remember. Bill. Cheated on hillary. & look how fast he got impeach O But look trump has done way more impeach able things & gets away it.. & all the people r still on trump side.. guess there a whole bunch of people that cheated at a whole lot of stuff cause they r on his side & they dont want any one finding out about it..
Tina Saenger
Tina Saenger Month ago
How could anybody listen to this maniac. Everything that comes out of his mouth is lies more lies and more lies.
danjf1 Month ago
"It's not me it's you" 2:10 lol
Anthony Gardner
Anthony Gardner Month ago
and you would be in jail .oh yeah about your attorney general you and him will fighting over the dress. BUBBA IS WAITING. cute little white boys
gameovr17 Month ago
Does that title mean trump winning again? Trump 2020
George Krouses
George Krouses Month ago
How can people understand or be so stupid to hear this idiot of the president how can you go to a please for he throws junk at the people or humiliate his working how can anybody hear he's like a housewife Yang Yang Yang Yang
Marko Studeni
Marko Studeni Month ago
This guy is so rude and has so SO SOOO LAME JOKES. How can people watch this ? Trump's speech in Orlando/Florida was amazing and i didn't see an angry mob but rather loving mothers and fathers and people who care about their country and who CHEERED when Trump said that American has achieved the BIGGEST unemployment of African american, Hispanic american and Asian american and the lowest unemployment of women that broke the record in 71 years! Stephan you should be ashamed of yourself.
Bill MCGEE Month ago
The United States Of America Government does not have control of state government in regard to education ! The states control the government that’s per the constitution!!!!!!
Husna Banu Bucus
Just wondering if so many smart Americans think trump is so dumb so who put him up there. Is it aipac
Mexican Panda
Mexican Panda Month ago
Dump: Hail Hydra *audience claps*
Matt R
Matt R Month ago
Yes and what about Hitler's " make Germany great again " ( and so what if it takes massive wars, death camps, and torture chambers) !
Keith Fenderson
Keith Fenderson Month ago
What If it takes unicorns dancing on super models ass cheeks?
Desiré Staton
Desiré Staton Month ago
I agree that God wants Patrick Stewart on prime time! haha
Kumarv Veluppillai
The battle is between the dems and putin right in America's heartland. Putin's enablers & water carrier's includes the trump dynasty, the gop and close to 40% of America's voting population. KARMA has to show up soon before everything is lost for America. The fourth estate needs to continue its good work... Yes - It's an uphill battle.... and the "silver lining in all of this is that Hollywood will.make a great movie one day!! Hmmnnn I wonder if they would bother to provide English subtitles 😂
Jane Doherty
Jane Doherty Month ago
As a former Democrat,all I can say is Trump 2020!The Democratic Party has moved too far to the left and has lost sight of what normal American people want but Trump has represented us
SS&S Lending Solutions
Why is it always the same black guy in the audience? Lol
Dorise Cross
Dorise Cross Month ago
Colbert yesterday
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