Trump 2020 Looks A Lot Like Trump 2016

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Donald Trump claimed that massive crowds of people would be watching his Orlando rally from outside Amway Arena. Well, Stephen sent a camera crew. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 8 599
Playfulpanthress 7 hours ago
Lock that Orange smegma up! Lock that Orange smegma up! Lock that Orange smegma up!
Erica Williams
Erica Williams 10 hours ago
Does he have a hard on for Hillary Clinton WOW he is such aa creep....
muuuuuud 13 hours ago
religio political WWE event, just what the right always dreamed of.
Tim Duggan
Tim Duggan 17 hours ago
@10:00 Hilarious. Oh, if everyone watches this and thinks that tRUMPski-von-Putin is going to pay the City of Orlando and the Amway Center for this garbage-filled shitshow dumpster fire? Guess again. (BTW, "Amway" Center??? Amway, a pyramid scheme...perfect setting for that orange POS con-man).
Duff Blimp
Duff Blimp 20 hours ago
Looks like North Korea with the sycophants in the background behind the "Dear Leader".
Joan Matthews
Joan Matthews 21 hour ago
Ken Bridgens
Ken Bridgens Day ago
Welcome to the free World.......freedom to have idiots running our governments.....
Dewadatta Avasare
Don't say that, you know how Trump 2016 ended
Maggie O'Brien
Maggie O'Brien 2 days ago
he actually gives me a headache, just hearing his voice, seeing his face or anything related to him makes me want to punch someone with a MAGA hat 🥴
carlos mendoza
carlos mendoza 2 days ago
Look at all those ignorant people !! Lol!!! Omg He did not go there emails!! Then cancer!!! What the fuck is wrong with trump???
Bonnie Shugar
Bonnie Shugar 2 days ago
S Colbert is a full Cabal member. All you paedophiles are running scared. I personally can't stand child molesters.
Elmer Alvarado
Elmer Alvarado 3 days ago
Trump new slogan is " Keep america great" so imagine 3 folks with matching hats standing new to eachother . Keep america great, Keep america great Keep america great , coincidence? Maybe. Error on the marketing team. I think not KKK was the blunt point.
Amrita Chatterji
Amrita Chatterji 3 days ago
where is stephen? jeez been 2 weeks
JokeR 3 days ago
In 2020 the USA will finally be little Russia xD
Alaby 4 days ago
Its funny everything he is saying about the opposition, he does himself. Its up to the people of the USA to make the USA great again, not a rich, racist pervert who only cares about economy. I hope people make the right decision this time and never vote for him again.
Betty Bucket
Betty Bucket 4 days ago
He and his gang have got to be nuts, he talks in circles, constantly contradicts himself,lies on a regular basis,and his gang cheer............Help!
Hayley Phoebe
Hayley Phoebe 5 days ago
Yeah that’s what national security is doing now operations to make it look like ppl are at Trump events 😹😹
Zandeus 5 days ago
How is it that America has so many people willing to listen to, believe and follow this guy? I know Americans are made fun of for their ignorance / stupidity.... but are they really this dumb on such a large scale?
nb45001 5 days ago
Honestly, his approval rating has never been above 50%. I doubt he'll get a second term. The only reason he got a elected in the first place was because of the terrible choice that year. Him and Hillary both suck.
Julie Wigner
Julie Wigner 5 days ago
A true snake oil huckster. A big top tent with an old travelling circus is what it reminded me of. That or the old Hitler speeches.
Karen Dugan
Karen Dugan 6 days ago
I have been watching late night with SC on RUvid for years and the same guy is always laughing in the recordings. WHO is that guy?? And how can I get his job of watching and laughing daily?
newtoninspired 6 days ago
Ulcerative colitis? Really this?
Richard Mann
Richard Mann 7 days ago
Hey Colbert, if it wasn't for Mr. Trump, you'd be out of a job.
W and S
W and S 7 days ago
"We went through...". No, we are STILL going trough it. F****** liar to these supporters. Catch-up.
Ocean City
Ocean City 7 days ago
MAGA AGAIN = Make America Great Again Again
erestube 7 days ago
Lawn furniture was abandoned because they invited people to come inside to try and fill up the place. Note empty seats up top.
&* 7 days ago
Trump gonna win 2020 just like he won 2016
&* 5 days ago
@Chunkboi Americans are the very ones electing Trump, non-Americans are the ones trying not to. Half of the entire democrat voter base is literally illegal alien non-residents.
Chunkboi 5 days ago
Not if Americans can help it.
MD. Jiad Parvej Joy5
Make America educated again.
Shioban McDougal
Shioban McDougal 7 days ago
Subtext: Make America White Again - MAWA
dnlprls 7 days ago
Oh you liberals like the moronic Stephen Colbert never learn. You will once again be shocked shredding tears when Trump get re elected in a landslide
Alisha Murdock
Alisha Murdock 8 days ago
Paula White...what a f**king sell out‼️
Improbabilities 8 days ago
Following the 'love note' to Melania by playing Stormy Weather... Nice one, Jon
aldenise moore
aldenise moore 8 days ago
Rapist trump lock him up lock him up!!!
Evan Ouellette
Evan Ouellette 8 days ago
Too bad Stephen didn't hold his feet to the fire during the election when he came on his show.
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari 8 days ago
Yeah...winning an election
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd 8 days ago
It's weird how he says we will make America great again, but is referring to only 1% of America.
Eric 9 days ago
democrats have divided people more than anyone.
M Theory
M Theory 9 days ago
And if Hillary had won, it woulda looked like 1940s Europe
Tomas lopez
Tomas lopez 9 days ago
Tired of Trump nonsense
Cattat2goddess 9 days ago
The big Annoying Orange Bot Fly needs to go! Ughh...
Luke Aurand
Luke Aurand 9 days ago
the late show is pure politics now. what garbage, isn’t even funny
atque scientia europa universalis
Is mainstream media trying to influence the election with bias and misinformation? Are politicians trying to influence the election with bias and misinformation? Why do media outlets either openly support trump or openly deride trump? Why is there no more balanced media anymore. America is indeed divided but Trump is the symptom not the cause. Mainstream media have become cheerleaders for either the left or the right. And everyone just laps up what they want to hear like ravenous dogs. You’re all pathetic sheep. And I mean both sides. America is divided and it’s all your fault.
Sam Day
Sam Day 9 days ago
Imagine a Democrat presidency...then make it happen! Book the date, encourage your friends to vote, organise the after party and make the World a better place.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 9 days ago
He has never learned to read or write. He has a secretary type his tweets on a computer.
Mattheq 9 days ago
Isn't the American flag's younger sister... the confederate flag?
Silja 10 days ago
Trumps public events look a lot like those of famous dictators in the present - and past. As a German, this is very painful to see.
soniasg8639 8 days ago
With fewer people lol.
Alarec Scarbrow
Alarec Scarbrow 10 days ago
Vote Red, vote Blue, but for the love of our country don't vote Orange.
ANGRY WRARRL 10 days ago
It was really funny until that impression at the end. That was just bad.
jimmy5634 10 days ago
I thought this was supposed to be comedy. Stay off the politics or make fun of all the Democrats too. How about Uncle Joe and his groping ways or A.O.C. ,The flake who predicted the world will end in twelve years. This crap gets so old.
Hope Forbetter
Hope Forbetter 10 days ago
His rhetoric has not changed, but fewer hair on his head. More reasons to start a war to deflect from his thinning pride and no art of the deal success.
list67 10 days ago
I'd wish all the Trump haters buzz off!!!! Donald Trump has shown to the world that he is not only a good wealthy business leader, but also a great political leader of a country. By now you'd Democrats still hasn't gotten over of losing the 2016 general elections!!!
wesley russell
wesley russell 10 days ago
Look up the dow jones when Obama took office and when left it compared to Trump. Look up the black unemployment rate when Obama took office to where he left it compared to when Trump took office. Trump in comparison to Obama is horrible in relation to the economy.
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