TRUE Limits Of Humanity - The Final Border We Will Never Cross

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Is there a border we will never cross? Are there places we will never reach, no matter how hard we try? It turns out, there are. Even with sci-fi technology, we are trapped in a limited pocket of the Universe and the finite stuff within it. How much universe is there for us and how far can we go?

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May 11, 2021




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Hey Everybody! So this video is a remake and remaster of an older video that has a mistake in it. You can watch the original here: ruvid.net/video/video-ZL4yYHdDSWs.html What is the mistake? In a nutshell: In the original video we said that it was PHYSICALLY impossible to leave the local group and reach other galaxy groups. That the rest of the universe is moving away from us too fast to catch up. But that’s wrong. It is not PHYSICALLY impossible to leave the Local Group, just extremely unlikely that we’ll ever do it. BUT: If you have a lot of time and a fast spaceship you can still get to a limited amount of galaxies - these galaxies will eventually get out of reach forever but until then, they are technically within reach. So why did we keep the video up and didn’t purge it when we deleted our addiction and refugee crisis videos? Well, it has to do with the nature and severity of the mistake: We did talk to a few astrophysicists to ask them what they thought and if we should take down the video. Their feedback was pretty clear, they thought it was still fine as the universe expansion things explained in the video are correct and they didn’t consider the local group thing as too major. This was actually a case of “good enough”. Also, back when this original upload happened, Kurzgesagt was operating at pretty tight margins and just redoing a video was not easy for us. Back then the team was small and we were fighting to put new videos out. So we just swallowed the bitter pill and kept the video around. But the video still bothered us, as far as we know this was the biggest unfixed mistake on the channel. Super frustrating, especially because the core idea of the video is so fascinating. The limit of our species. The actual limit. So yeah, we finally remade the video, sorry for taking this long, life got in the way. The original video will stay up, you can compare the two if you want to see how far we have come in a few years in terms of production quality. All in all, we could only grow the channel and work on getting better because of direct support from you guys. So thank you for that. - Philipp PS: If you want, check out our shop for some new posters about the universe posters and black hole plushies and stuff like that: bit.ly/3dRJj71
Antton Kantola
Antton Kantola 7 days ago
This gave me a scary thought.... what if the galaxy we are in and why there isnt alien activity or federation to meet is simply that we possibly are in such a young galaxy and being so far in the edge of it we are truely alone.
Fire Harry
Fire Harry 12 days ago
yea me and my class at school watch your interesting videos and we enjoy them especially my teacher LOL
Darren Marquis
Darren Marquis 21 day ago
If we look at space through the eyes of science? We will never understand the meanings and true origins. We are all source beings that were all created at the beginning, and we have have live countless lives. You are connected to everything in the universe and soon enough those who recognize their true nature will be able to connect with all of the beings in the universes. How? We are already connected, we are all one. Look at the spiritual side of the universe. It may lead you into a place of better understanding and less speculation by ‘science.’ Just a thought Love to all❤️
I’mActually Not a furry
The good news is that by the time this event horizon is past its very possible that interstellar travel will be possible
Ba'al's Bastards
Ba'al's Bastards 27 days ago
You said via scifi technology... so a quantum entanglement teleportation system... travel the universe in all of 30 seconds...
AlcatraZ 44 minutes ago
You guys and gals are brilliant! Not only did you realize your mistake but you transparently discussed it. I love this kind of mentality.
Hebra 57 minutes ago
But what if second big-bang will accure next to us? Or we learn how to generate or materialise new stars?
A Barnacz
A Barnacz Hour ago
Him saying birbs Is the most wholesome thing ever
Ced West
Ced West 2 hours ago
Where will you be when the galaxies collide?
Florian Rudow
Florian Rudow 2 hours ago
I think "Andromyway" would be a better name than "Milkdromeda"
PK 2 hours ago
Unless we or some alien beings learn to travel faster than light.
Carter Sitterud
Carter Sitterud 3 hours ago
What if black holes are just sucking up stuff from one galaxy into the other? Like maybe we could have a black hole mission where the astronaut would try to travel through the black hole.
Carter Sitterud
Carter Sitterud 3 hours ago
I’m probably really dumb but couldn’t we use worm holes?
Warpath1337 3 hours ago
Jakub Gnojčák
Jakub Gnojčák 3 hours ago
Behind all of existing is a God
Jimmy Ebert
Jimmy Ebert 3 hours ago
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ThunderPocky 3 hours ago
I wonder if the human species will ever truly die? I mean we probably will become extinct but future generations of species derived from us, will they advance on and create technology so advanced that they will be able to travel between universes? Wow
ThunderPocky 3 hours ago
It’s incredible to think that billions upon billions of years into the future, humanity could have evolved into different branches of species that have accustomed into their surroundings. Basically sci-fi will become reality. A new form of racism would probably emerge from that wouldn’t it? It would be like history repeating itself in a more advanced manner. I wonder how long those species will stay humanoids? It’s pretty awsome to think that the human species and its expanding branches could spread out across the universe and not even k is it. We would be our own aliens discovering ourselves as living beings. In some way that already happened, with the universe spreading out. Millions of intelligent alien species that already lived and died out or are currently living. We are all connected in that way, the same universe. (And if you don’t believe in this next part then that’s fine) god is amazing!
josh bendall
josh bendall 3 hours ago
what was that thing sucking energy out of the sun? no metal is that strong
Eyes.of.lenses 3 hours ago
Hmm. But what i don't understand is, like you said everything which is beyond the "horizon" travels relative to us faster than the speed of light. But If we go there with the speed of light, we would expand with the space, so we could also travel faster than light (relative to us) and could still travel there (even if our colleages on earth could not see us anymore). Or am I wrong?
Sabbat-X 3 hours ago
I'm a bit confused. How do stars leaving the local group make them impossible to ever investigate, 'even with sci fi technology?' Isn't it just moving out into a void? What's stopping us from flying out after it?
josh bendall
josh bendall 3 hours ago
what if the milky way went past the horizon??
James Deagle
James Deagle 3 hours ago
the "local" group lol
epicbzak0l 4 hours ago
That sad. I think
pblevy08 4 hours ago
What happens if we try to cross it
Matthew Andersen
Matthew Andersen 4 hours ago
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is ........94% missing.
amandeep Singh
amandeep Singh 5 hours ago
Forget about visiting galaxies most of viewers here are at home since last year
John Williams
John Williams 6 hours ago
The fascinated low reilly mark because waterfall thirdly suspend throughout a plastic current. various, zealous jeans
WaveyGames 6 hours ago
It’s not frightening that we won’t be able to reach other galaxies but is depressing because there is a 80% chance that there is other intelligent life out there but we won’t be able to reach them in our current life time. Meaning no human on planet earth as I type this will see other intelligent life 😔
Ansonidak 7 hours ago
I hope humanity outgrows the idea that endless expansion and colonization is a good thing.
Kai Burns
Kai Burns 7 hours ago
So galaxies we see arent actually there That's some really bad lag
what if there were things past the universe that used to be visible to older generations of life that are now invisible to us because they’ve moved too far out from us to see?
Peter Hagan
Peter Hagan 7 hours ago
love this video
락구레샤 7 hours ago
Great job.
Trap King
Trap King 8 hours ago
Why aren't we also moving away
Cat Witch Moonmun
Cat Witch Moonmun 8 hours ago
Ah yes, my dose of existential crisis.
THE MAGICIAN 8 hours ago
Only robots can do all these stuff we should make them instead of worrying that we can't
tryharding 8 hours ago
light is looking kinda sus
Sathvika Happy
Sathvika Happy 10 hours ago
This is so interesting.But, I am sad for fact that we are losing 60,000 🌟 stars.who else are thinking that how the sky would be without stars.😱 Can't imagine 🥴
Ariyo Arinsa Putra
Ariyo Arinsa Putra 10 hours ago
If the theory of the speed of light change. Everything in this video will be invalid. Atm, we only know the speed of light with two direction. Not one direction.
Topi Leche
Topi Leche 11 hours ago
I think its really cool that the universe is always expanding
Sunflower Z
Sunflower Z 11 hours ago
The fact that we wont live up to so many new discoveries is sad
Finn Hetterscheidt
Finn Hetterscheidt 11 hours ago
I think we will be able to travel faster than light. We "just" have to learn more about time and how it has more dimensions. Like bending and streching and curving in all directions.
neko meneko
neko meneko 12 hours ago
How selfish and arrogant humans are thinking they know everything wen in reality we know nothing just assumptions and theories we speak like if we witness everything and seen it all wen we as a species can't even cure the common cold yet with that lvl of knowledge of the cosmos we should of been immortal by now ..just fantasies
Topi Leche
Topi Leche 11 hours ago
Yeah its amazing right how humans can learn so many things
Tabis Lestar
Tabis Lestar 13 hours ago
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DON CHETO 13 hours ago
The homely meteorology psychophysically care because arithmetic cytologically disarm above a cultured garlic. gorgeous, ill-fated north america
The DREAM 13 hours ago
God ( Allah ) told us all these informations in a single book that invented ages ago, that is amazing!
Ra 14 hours ago
All that you see & observe, spanning eternity, is actually You!
Jayden Cepeda
Jayden Cepeda 14 hours ago
I don’t really care, everything dies so it don’t matter we won’t be around. But I think he forgot teleportation or Like Rick and Morty with a portal gun
Home Screen Setups
Home Screen Setups 15 hours ago
Hey can you make a video on the theory of relativity
Louis Wu
Louis Wu 16 hours ago
try to imagine a tribe even don't have a sailboat. that what we are in space...
Ivaan 16 hours ago
8:45 maybe a certain earlier civilisation of ours knew something more and unique than us !
Thành thức Nguyễn
Vietnamese 😚
mohammad ali
mohammad ali 17 hours ago
Yeah but those modern beings might be able to create an artificial sky with different stars and galaxies around them...
anub100 Official
anub100 Official 17 hours ago
people who actually undoubtedly believe 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Matthew Bagley
Matthew Bagley 17 hours ago
take comfort in the fact that it's probably all wrong, we don't even know what dark energy is, so we can't accurately predict its behavior. We're only working with the data we have that is incredibly limited.
Matthew Bagley
Matthew Bagley 17 hours ago
Imagine the massive wars that will take place when there's only a few dozen stars left in milkdromeda and a hundred million civilizations trying to claim them.
Steve Bingham
Steve Bingham 17 hours ago
What created that energy. How can total nothingness create anything?
Oakshield 18 hours ago
"True limit of humanity" Just take oil out of the equation and it's game, set, match. We're a bunch of upjumped farmers dependent on the black goo.
Chirag Vivek
Chirag Vivek 18 hours ago
Even though we have 'dozens of billions of years' it's still scary how less time we have😳
Bavan S
Bavan S 18 hours ago
The universe has been created and destroyed uncountable times
Straddolade 19 hours ago
Think of it, even aliens from other superclusters cant discover us because of this
kosh 19 hours ago
That fact that we cannot furthome the infinity of space so we divice such theories just like the big bang in an effort to deny the Creator who is many more times larger than the whole universe.
G Mitch
G Mitch 20 hours ago
I hate the big bang stupid theory
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon 20 hours ago
Even if the Universe was just the Milky Way, it would be vast.
Spec1al 21 hour ago
Well, shit🤷🏼‍♂️
Haruki 21 hour ago
The way we see other things a million miles away from earth that we see the past for it but we are only seeing it now
John Lieurance
John Lieurance 22 hours ago
Hey I just realized that you owe the "family Sorry Jar" a quarter lol 😆 😅 😂 never say sorry for reiterating an 💡 IDEAS. I love the work.
Toby Richardson
Toby Richardson 22 hours ago
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Jimmy 23 hours ago
4:47 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
flounder2760 23 hours ago
i dont think humans will ever colonize other star systems short of warp drive....unless we can go through a singularity event and merge our colonists into machines. cuz then its just engineering for power generation and maintenance.
Hero4fun 23 hours ago
If human are still alive after millions or even billions of years. I would like to see where we live and all the technology discovery. Or if we make friend or foe or slave out of other intelligent beings from other planets. I'm a sad human now. 😞
MicahYeet13 E
MicahYeet13 E 23 hours ago
With everything we know, and all the time we have, I think this video is in a way telling us that sometimes, it’s ok to slow down and take a look around us
Hero4fun 23 hours ago
Well this suck. Or maybe not. Imagine there are multiple intelligent beings in far away place meeting each other and might be working together for better future and technologies while we are here isolated from the rest. But that might be a good thing tho, because hostile neighbors also exist, but without that we fight among ourselves. Although if the neighbors are stronger than us we'd be dead already.
plutoniusis 23 hours ago
Observation is based on restrictions to understand reality , actually out there aren't any limits of possibilities, on top of that we and anything else that exist is in constant infinite trasformations.
Porkcadé Day ago
It's not even a existential crisis any more, more like a cosmological crisis with meaning so large it's unquantifiable.
Coo Coo
Coo Coo Day ago
I just love watching space vids
Xentoo 89
Xentoo 89 Day ago
Everyone know that the border is on 3000000m block
Michel Wakeman
It truly is your one oh sorry sorry
Coo Coo
Coo Coo Day ago
What are you talking about?
Michel Wakeman
How many pop up I know the memo why don’t we real oh OK
Michel Wakeman
Dominic:No name is maybe oh alarm for 10 do you Tollett Terrell all the fake oh universe video being done a full video he had been in the name to OK how does my tummy see you you do where is do some more movies yes that’s true🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖No put on the first as did
Tyler McKoon
Tyler McKoon Day ago
One day we’re gonna have explored it all and watch this video and be taunted
Prod3gy_ C.E
Prod3gy_ C.E Day ago
i vote andromeda way
YourBoyGoji Day ago
Don't get emotional over an event that'll happen in the very, very, very distant future. All the people in earth of this generation will, die all before that happens. Now don't take life too seriously and enjoy it!
H4ckerboii Day ago
If dark energy is why things get bigger is dark energy the reason I get taller and fatter ??
Kinda makes you wonder why we fight with each other the way we do
WADEPH33R3 Day ago
wasn't the big bang disproven ?
Prince jnr Lover
I find it weird that I'm depressed thaT In A couple of 100 billion years The sky will be empty and I'll be long gone
Fruit Bouquet
Well… If we’re all just unnoticed meaningless specs of space dust, I’ll be the best and brightest spec of dust in the Universe! ⭐️
Queen Arloen Ainsley
So. I have a thought, now. Say we were able to open a wormhole to somewhere without first reaching the destination. Would that allow us to pass this border? I know it's totally theoretical, but just grasping at straws to comfort myself! Also, would that give us a window into the current state of whatever destination, as opposed to the millions of years old light that reaches us late?
Samuel Caroe
Samuel Caroe Day ago
Wow that's so shocking and cool
Aleksa Stojic
"what is my purpose?" vibes after watching this.
Adrian Loperena Baez
i now the reason why the universe is expanding my theory is exotic matter
Destry Korth
Destry Korth Day ago
Wait, so the universe is dying?
Gay Comedy Fan
sperm is both a particle and a wave
2021.7.53 Dhafi Zahran Farasha
idk this is what i think the eve online whole map would look like 1:49 hey idk never played it cuz it looks complicated
Jonki Supreme
The harmonious trout considerably spot because end concordantly sin within a left climb. abandoned, stingy himalayan
Freedomsaver Day ago
I wonder what cosmological fact we will never be able to discover, because the only clues to it are already too far away or have dissapated. (just like future beings in a local cluster without background radiation and nothing visible outside the cluster)
Kenneth Bergan
I disagree with this. First off, although it may accelerate the speed at which a galaxy travels away from us when "exiting" the zone, that doesn't mean we also won't increase acceleration when we one day in the future travel on that very same path. Also, future technology may be uncomprehensible today, so the word "never" is completely inappropriate and should be avoided entirely.
Imran Kutianawala
All that and they couldn’t give me a billionaire family that lived in a European cottage 😒
Titanius Anglesmith
You should do a vidoe on ADHD
Minve 47
Minve 47 Day ago
I like to think that there might be some way in the very distant future where we colonised the whole local group that we can travel with enormous speeds (way beyond the speed of light somehow) to reach nearly everything there is
GianZ73 Day ago
I wish I had the powers of Q from Star Trek TNG.
Catherine Day ago
Something so warm and fuzzy about the fact that the universe is so crazy, unpredictable, and mysterious, yet we exist and we're able to have these little complex lives. I'm not religious but there's something big way beyond our understanding working to make things come together in a way that just works out for us to exist and I think that's so fucking cool.
I Raced Across The Ocean
OMG! 😂 #shorts
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