True Insane Neighbor Horror Story Animated

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This is a True Story Animation I made from Nightmarish Tales video
Link to Nightmarish Tales Channel :
Animated by Mi Kyeong Kim
Merch - teespring.com/stores/wansee-merch
If you have personal true story of yours, please send it through
email: wanseestudio@gmail.com


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Jul 19, 2019




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Comments 1 932
Wansee Entertainment
Narrated by Nightmarish Tales : ruvid.net/show-UCBrb4uhUSX5gEy9pIJ72UEg
Vladyx 897
Vladyx 897 17 days ago
Cool stories can you animate scenes when victims escape but must hang on cliff,ledges in order to escape?
Tamikaforlife 20 days ago
Wansee Entertainment I love u sm
Belinda Martin
Belinda Martin 27 days ago
I’m scar as shit 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 but good
I Like Potatoes
I Like Potatoes 28 days ago
Wait, wasn't this story from mr.nightmare
J̶u̷s̷t̷i̶n̸. ŷ̵̹͌
Shout me out pliz i tha k you for shot out plis
Kayla’s Vlog
Kayla’s Vlog 7 hours ago
Ricx#11 XS
Ricx#11 XS Day ago
Narrator:"Holding the powerdrill" Me:No!Not the powerdrill
Jaq 2 days ago
"911 whats your emergency??" Person: "My neighbour is in my house!" Me: "Ok. & how often do you lock your door sir?"
Evelyn 2 days ago
This guy swears so much I hate it
Linda Jo
Linda Jo 2 days ago
What?!???..did I just saw 711 when that man look down I saw it standing behind the second police car!!!
Dejoin 3 days ago
He legit took the same story from me nightmare
Dejoin 3 days ago
Nightmarishtales stole this story from me nightmare ruvid.net/video/video-TVpS7V5h5IE.html
Zacimus Prime
Zacimus Prime 4 days ago
Ahh poor doggy😭😭😭!!!
Ulqcifer 4 days ago
Such a nice neighbour, she went to warn you that didn't lock your doors. And she's probably too deep in grief because her pet died. She might not had no other relatives either. This is a sad story for me. :'(
Zaid samer 2006
Zaid samer 2006 5 days ago
Wolsky Hubert
Wolsky Hubert 6 days ago
She closed the door and turned the radio louder your neighbor hates you
Duolingo Owl
Duolingo Owl 6 days ago
she on every drug known to man
Instinctz Dre
Instinctz Dre 7 days ago
Mr nightmare told this story
Jerry Reyes
Jerry Reyes 7 days ago
This exact story was on mr nightmares first ever video
Tori Caparas
Tori Caparas 8 days ago
The cops really had to snatch her and disappear in under 2 minutes lol.
Arantxa Ambriz
Arantxa Ambriz 8 days ago
I looooved how this one is animated ❤💞
Ivonne Roux
Ivonne Roux 9 days ago
I’ve heard this story from Mr. Nightmare
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee 9 days ago
But she was breaking into people's apartments and they couldn't do anything???
DaGOATGamer 9 days ago
Who else is here from dangmattsmith
Ricardo 9 days ago
What a load of shit
Ordinary Pxtato
Ordinary Pxtato 9 days ago
Śïmpłŷ_ Dôgëfûł
Poor dog
Jayye Tea
Jayye Tea 10 days ago
If you see dog sh** on carpet and theres no dog.😭 Just know that isnt dog sh** but human sh**
Strwbrry N Cgrtts
Strwbrry N Cgrtts 10 days ago
It's not that creepy for me. But I can imagine the fucking smell of the fucking dog. Disgusting.
Bétaïna Sabri
Bétaïna Sabri 11 days ago
I swear to god I can no longer live in this world 😱😭😂
BigmikeT1U 11 days ago
Her locksmithing game was on point she was able to get in people's houses undetected at will. Creepy
Garrett Quimby
Garrett Quimby 11 days ago
Garrett Quimby
Garrett Quimby 11 days ago
Bethany owo
Bethany owo 11 days ago
memes memes memes
memes memes memes 11 days ago
I told her to shut the radio down She turned it even louder *am i a joke to you?*
OG Eraze
OG Eraze 12 days ago
Watching this at night alone in the dark is actually scary
Kalin Allahyarian
Kalin Allahyarian 12 days ago
I like this but I know it's not real so my brother calls it trash😕
its me pls
its me pls 12 days ago
If she would broke into my house without my promition i would beat her ass so hard There aint no one messin w me
hiitsaudrey. 12 days ago
1:57 i’m sorry i had to laugh 😂😂
Lolgan saucey
Lolgan saucey 13 days ago
I actually kinda feel bad for her
Lolgan saucey
Lolgan saucey 12 days ago
engi turtle 65
engi turtle 65 12 days ago
@Lolgan saucey well thats scary
Lolgan saucey
Lolgan saucey 12 days ago
turtlemaster65 tru but schizophrenic people are not normal they technically aren’t being controlled by themselves my sisters neighbour is schizophrenic and it’s terrifying on what she does sometimes
engi turtle 65
engi turtle 65 12 days ago
@Lolgan saucey no i havent, but it's not an excuse to break in to Someones house
Lolgan saucey
Lolgan saucey 12 days ago
turtlemaster65 I’m guessing you’ve never met a schizophrenic person in your life
Dayanara Gonzalez
Dayanara Gonzalez 13 days ago
No no a dead dog what the heck does she think she is doing I love dogs no
RougeyBLit 22
RougeyBLit 22 13 days ago
I love how she says you should lock your doors at night but she is holding a power drill
JUST A SISTER 13 days ago
1:44 Cursed Image
Xx Geminiツ xX
Xx Geminiツ xX 13 days ago
Sakura J
Sakura J 13 days ago
That voice sounds like that of Terry Song.... Hey Cherry, is that you? 🙈💗💘💗🙈
yeety chungus
yeety chungus 13 days ago
Can we put an "F" in the chat for the dog please.
Finlay TM
Finlay TM 10 days ago
Press F dude. Press F
Just Lesley
Just Lesley 13 days ago
My neighbors are *Chismosa* in tagalog hahaha in english they are *Gossip*
Cel Gregorio
Cel Gregorio 14 days ago
I'm scared=_=
Edward Blackbonnet
Edward Blackbonnet 14 days ago
cat yay
cat yay 14 days ago
Pepper Boi
Pepper Boi 14 days ago
pinktaco646 15 days ago
Are you sure that is dog shit and not her shit?
★ShiningStarz★ 15 days ago
You mean he didn't call the cops when he found her trespassing and standing over him in his sleep??
Adily Sadler
Adily Sadler 15 days ago
Freaking Psycho
qiliveee 1
qiliveee 1 15 days ago
3:05 this made me laugh so hard for some reason
Catpurrito Nugget
Catpurrito Nugget 15 days ago
yall dumb af my doors are locked 24/7
when life gives you a pot of curry
Next time make a vedio about a creepy, crazy Muslim or Buddhist person.....i know this is just a story but why do u people think that Christian oriented religious are the only ones that should be targeted and made to look bad and creepy, Geez show some respect .
Kid gamer
Kid gamer 16 days ago
Llama art story
Tyonna Alcorn
Tyonna Alcorn 16 days ago
I hate it when ppl watch me when I’m sleeping so lock you damn doors boy
PapiChulo 16 days ago
3:03 df I would've been done-
Ranting and sipping tea
the house description was like that from the grudge when she was trying to protect herself by covering all the windows with newspaper
Squatify 16 days ago
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown 16 days ago
I loved this channel but to many curse word please fix this
Aaron Chumm
Aaron Chumm 16 days ago
So fucking emotionless 💀 trash ass story teller
Laila Angel
Laila Angel 16 days ago
i just feel bad for her dog
Chris2003 17 days ago
New artstyle love it
Gabe Escano
Gabe Escano 17 days ago
Wake up in the middle of the night finds someone staring at you. This guy doesnt have a instant reaction to call the cops or punch her. Just thinking this is normal?
A really long time ago, I lived in an apartment complex. One weekend, someone knocked on our door; it was our neighbor. He had been shot, and needed help. The person who shot him was caught, but the neighbor didn't survive. I was really young, so I didn't remember this, But my mom told me this story. It keeps me up at night, knowing it could've been one of my family members. Or even me.
King Clutch
King Clutch 17 days ago
Fun fact: the narrator of this story got it from me nightmare
Car Pool
Car Pool 17 days ago
I swear I heard this story on mr.nightmare
Sonia Blanche
Sonia Blanche 17 days ago
Her mom obviously has Sneak 100 and drank Invisibility Potion or used a Stealth boy. That's the only scientifical explanation.
2000000ninja Does ps4
I know your hiding in the comments too so....... Here’s a koala and some fries 🐨 🍟
Phantom Prime
Phantom Prime 4 days ago
Dusty TV
Dusty TV 17 days ago
This is just like Mr.Nightmare’s story!
Rosario Ramirez
Rosario Ramirez 17 days ago
You should lock ur doors at night Me: AHHHHHH WTF GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AHHH MOMMY HELP ME!!!!
Pencil Peach
Pencil Peach 17 days ago
"The next morning, I hear someone making strange noises below my bedroom window" *causally looks up for 4 seconds*
Dorothy Baumgarden
Dorothy Baumgarden 17 days ago
A true fan likes the video before it starts...
Lynx 17 days ago
She was just reminding him to lock the door
Valentina Bueno
Valentina Bueno 17 days ago
Kiersten Bankert
Kiersten Bankert 18 days ago
sounds like my neighbors{crackheads} (we rent btw) and their house is literally a drug smuggling place
Begone Thot
Begone Thot 18 days ago
Thats why we have locks on our door
Anxiously Awesome
Anxiously Awesome 18 days ago
I heard this same story from a different youtube channel a few years ago
Gwen Metheny
Gwen Metheny 18 days ago
Anyone have holy water?
Camila Deleon
Camila Deleon 18 days ago
When he was calling the cops peeking threw the window was funny as frick
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