True Facts: The Lemur

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So cute it makes you want to barf.
Adoption link: lemur.duke.edu/adopt
Also check out: lemurlove.org
Footage courtesy of:
Getty Images
Christine Drea
Daniel Farmer
Duke Lemur Center
Fred & Peggy Heiman, Globe Video Productions
Malcolm S. Ramsay
Erick Tseng
Marni LaFleur, lemurlove.org
Mikael Karlmark, Karlmark International
Tara Clarke
Valentina Delille
Music: www.soundcloud.com/querflote



20 фев 2019




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Beefaroni Bert
Beefaroni Bert 3 часа назад
Me: hears that female lemurs are sexually aggressive Also me: remembers a recent sonic character was a female lemur *Sweats nervously*
JP 5 часов назад
So... the piggy wasn't going shopping?
Me Mel
Me Mel 5 часов назад
ALL OF THE TRUE FACTS VIDEOS ARE QUITE informative and hilarious thank you keep them coming PLEASE.
LazarusStr 8 часов назад
Love the fact, that you’re back. Best video’s Eva! ❤️💞💕❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴
vasstastic 9 часов назад
probably named his cat "cat food cat" i died
letitsnow4xmas 12 часов назад
it's upsetting to know zoboomafoo rubbed his tail on his anus
Shawn Wesson
Shawn Wesson 16 часов назад
1:55 THIS 🤣💀
Brutaltronics 18 часов назад
Zaboo mafoo
Ruben Santos
Ruben Santos 18 часов назад
I just found this channel!! you my good Sir are hilarious!!!
jhj pater
jhj pater 18 часов назад
this teller is hilarious tumbs up
Elfie 19 часов назад
This is Brenda’s little tree
Nikki Bishop
Nikki Bishop 21 час назад
It's pronounced 'sheefak', you philistine! XD
EnderZ13 21 час назад
Get it?? La-tree-n?? _GET IT?!_
Dalton Leblanc
Dalton Leblanc 22 часа назад
While walking through the woods one day Chris and Martin saw something strange a little leaping lemur who liked to dance and play.
Valoree Salamanca
Valoree Salamanca День назад
Kitty xoxo
Kitty xoxo День назад
the male peepee is like one of those party flute things LOLLL
Chris Voss
Chris Voss День назад
once upon a time there was love in my life, now there's only leamers in the dark, A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THA BUT!
Chris Voss
Chris Voss День назад
you are the shit, ze! love your vids. you are extremely funny.
oo7cynna День назад
Like a tornado hit a hot cheeto factory #deadass
Daemon Electricity
Daemon Electricity День назад
Today I was compelled to look into the origin of "blowing smoke up your ass." Turns out it's a real thing doctors used to do.
Neo Deltå
Neo Deltå День назад
the Sefaka don't give a Faka
Fresh From The Garden
Fresh From The Garden День назад
This little piggy... oh God 😭
John Smith
John Smith День назад
once again never funny..
Dezső Debreceni
Dezső Debreceni День назад
When a person was drowned back in the time, people believed, that the cure was to blow some smoke up his/her anus. Thank me later
Sigma_547 День назад
Really nice touch with the conservation stuff at the end!
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor День назад
1:45 To be fair, it's a shitty tree.
Alex Juarez
Alex Juarez День назад
3:35 when you have a stroke half way in your narration trying to say birds
Randy День назад
I'm 20 and I never thought about the little piggy going to the market was just him getting butchered. You learn something new everyday lol
The Usher
The Usher День назад
A await the day when lemurs can donate to the Apes Of The Hamburger foundation.
dracocrusher День назад
Lemurs: Cute Chimps: UGLY AS FUCK Gorillas: Less disgusting, but still up there in the ugly range
Darkbowserdofus99 День назад
Finally, King Julian gets his time on the spotlight
XcuddleXbearX11 День назад
This man always lightens my day
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith День назад
Let's pretend we're dragons!
DoodleManDrew День назад
I just went down the zaboomafoo rabbit hole after watching this, thank you
idris rashid
idris rashid День назад
My man I missed your channel so much.
Sammy W
Sammy W День назад
Lmfao I missed learning while peeing my pants laughing. I want zefrank to be the next David Attenborough lol.
Hall Family
Hall Family День назад
*says sefacca (sry for spelling)* I SWEAR IF ANYONE INSULTS ZABOOMAFU THEY WILL DIE IN A HOLE, r.i.p. zaboomafu.
Benjamin Lyman
Benjamin Lyman День назад
Cat food cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂
jessi330 2 дня назад
"On the ground they look like an airplane passenger with urgent diarrhea..." lmao
Mark Sun
Mark Sun 2 дня назад
And figured out how to build nests! like *beards!*
Arjay Delos reyes
Arjay Delos reyes 2 дня назад
why d..hell i like your freakn cideos😂😂😂
Nonna's Nursery
Nonna's Nursery 2 дня назад
Lol 😂
Nanamo0n 2 дня назад
Friday makeup tips...
Brianna Dolley
Brianna Dolley 2 дня назад
Oh my god. It’s 5:30 am my fiancé is sleeping and I’m tits deep in hysterical laughter 😂😂😂😂😂
nyoom 2 дня назад
Justin Clark
Justin Clark 2 дня назад
The Zefahka lol
Shonna thomas
Shonna thomas 2 дня назад
I laughed way too hard when he said front stank 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Regina Taylor
Regina Taylor 2 дня назад
I just realized the little piggy wasn't going on a shopping trip WTF :/
Mike CorLeoné
Mike CorLeoné 2 дня назад
Nope that’s a male...
Atomic Giraffe
Atomic Giraffe 2 дня назад
Sifaka dont give a Shit.
Zeus Martinez
Zeus Martinez 2 дня назад
Amjad Rafiq
Amjad Rafiq 2 дня назад
You make me laugh....i can listen to this and learn...wow u narrated well...wide awake listening and laughing and learning wow...exciting learning ....uv done it uv broken the boring trend of boring educational learning...u made it fun
Stuff Stuff
Stuff Stuff 2 дня назад
The polar bear XD
KEVIN GRAVES 2 дня назад
Here Cat Food Cat! Lol!😄
Moritz Schmidt
Moritz Schmidt 2 дня назад
King Julien
Amy :D
Amy :D 2 дня назад
me like this
Luurch's Coins and Games
Luurch's Coins and Games 2 дня назад
Oh my, I do love your content Frank....
The Raddest Chad
The Raddest Chad 2 дня назад
I'm overjoyed that this man left Busfed to crack wise about some fucked up looking monkeycats.
Jeduraiya 2 дня назад
Had to pause and rewind, a lot. Good job. :)
Sonicc the Hedgehog
Sonicc the Hedgehog 2 дня назад
And now I'm subscribed. This is amazing
Breezy Baby
Breezy Baby 2 дня назад
I tried wafting my stank at someone at the bar. You owe me $10. They followed me around for a while. Thank God the police showed up and escorted me away from that maniac. I'm not sure the handcuffs were necessary, but I think I looked good in them so it's cool.
Tiffanee 2 дня назад
Sefacca remind me of the lemur-type animals from the 2001 movie Dinosaur
Louis Vild
Louis Vild 2 дня назад
Sufacka dont give a shit
Noora Mashooq
Noora Mashooq 2 дня назад
He really entertains me while telling all the facts😂 good job
Liza Manelli
Liza Manelli 2 дня назад
Cat food cat 🐈😂😂😂
Derek Kulp
Derek Kulp 2 дня назад
Blowing smoke up ones ass was a cure in the 18th century. The Native Americans used tobacco blown up the rectum as a "cure" for drowning victims, and then the colonists picked it up and it made its way to Europe whereby the expanded on it and it became a cure for everything from hernia to the common cold.
Rain RedFox
Rain RedFox 2 дня назад
I love to move it move it
Zephon 2 дня назад
@zefrank1 - U should do Animal Planet so sure !!
Emperor_Woo 2 дня назад
Jerome we're live! Amature... lmao
Yo-Snap 2 дня назад
I've always loved how he's pronounced "lemur"
delon handoyo
delon handoyo 2 дня назад
CApTINcOwPoX 42 2 дня назад
I am the great lemurholio I need TP for my bunghole
Тимофей Воронов
Тимофей Воронов 2 дня назад
Designated shitting tree
Pumpkin 3 дня назад
That’s a lot of Timones
Proefkonijntje 3 дня назад
2:32 Nice Monty Python reference!
RodimusPrime29 3 дня назад
🤣🤣🤣 *turds eye view" 🤣🤣🤣
that one guy c
that one guy c 3 дня назад
Is this the same guy who did the cat videos for buzzfeed
Juicy Griffin
Juicy Griffin 3 дня назад
This is probably one of the best channels I've ever found
Jaymes elliot
Jaymes elliot 3 дня назад
so incredibly funny
sub to pewds or ill steal your cookies
sub to pewds or ill steal your cookies
A lemur bit me once.
Xenophagia 3 дня назад
They have coke nails...little fiends.
Liam night
Liam night 3 дня назад
How much to get sir david Attenborough to voice over a episode?
Your average Lime blood
Your average Lime blood 3 дня назад
“Beerds” Me:whEEze
Graham Bonne
Graham Bonne 3 дня назад
Holy shit the airline passenger lolololol
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 3 дня назад
This one could be either, owp nope that's a male.
justin june azucenas
justin june azucenas 3 дня назад
wtf. lmao. i learned so much
Nicholas Conrad
Nicholas Conrad 3 дня назад
Bellows used to administer smoke enemas were briefly placed around the Tems river in London, under the mistaken belief that this would revive drowning victims. It wasn't widely successful, hence the phrase 'blowing smoke up their ass' to mean a practical joke, or lie.
Tyler Cooper
Tyler Cooper 3 дня назад
Cat food cat!! Haha
Demon God Vincent Valentine
Demon God Vincent Valentine 3 дня назад
The people who dislike this have no real reason to live in this world
Jillian Kipers
Jillian Kipers 3 дня назад
Total eclipse of the fart. It was right there!!!
Ducky Studios
Ducky Studios 3 дня назад
These are so much better than Aussie guy
Drake Hutchinson
Drake Hutchinson 3 дня назад
Do f#ck clam on me!
Lilboh Beat
Lilboh Beat 3 дня назад
shlisa shell
shlisa shell 3 дня назад
lemur.duke.edu/donate/adopt/ Thanks for the link ♥
shlisa shell
shlisa shell 3 дня назад
The word "Tampon" is not happy either.
ridhvvn 3 дня назад
So which one is the Madagascar king?
NEONANNALS 3 дня назад
5:00 So this is what Discord does in his spare time...😂
badkarma11 3 дня назад
Yay! Funny as hell!
Yustin J.
Yustin J. 3 дня назад
*Lemyuurr* lmao
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