True Confessions with Ryan Reynolds, Camila Cabello

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ryan Reynolds, Camila Cabello and Jimmy play a game where they take turns confessing a random fact before interrogating each other to determine who was telling the truth.
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True Confessions with Ryan Reynolds, Camila Cabello




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Comments 80
Northon Xandar
Northon Xandar 7 hours ago
the true liars
Smith Heads
Smith Heads 18 hours ago
Camillas one was a lie cause t swift doesn’t do meet and greets
Aatman Shah
Aatman Shah 2 days ago
Camilla is annoying as fuck
Emma Johnsson
Emma Johnsson 3 days ago
Wow camila is so bad hahahaha
tanjela tonoy
tanjela tonoy 4 days ago
"camila, you have a black belt in lying"-Ryan 7:07
Cody Wilkins
Cody Wilkins 4 days ago
Tonoble52 4 days ago
Bro this is obvious
Maha Doraney
Maha Doraney 4 days ago
My favorite one definitely 😍😂
Equi themed
Equi themed 5 days ago
Who else has watched him in taxi?
Pxb4 !
Pxb4 ! 5 days ago
God I hate camilla
Sana Pal
Sana Pal 6 days ago
When they started questioning camila about the cat i was like.... IT'S A FREKIN CAT PEOPLE!!
Geovanny Cuenca
Geovanny Cuenca 6 days ago
Anybody else see the creepy face behind camila cabello at 1:56
Queen Of everything
I just realized I think Ryan drank the fake coffee prop.
lucy 6 days ago
camilla high key pissed me off and idk why.
Swappy Ko
Swappy Ko 7 days ago
I want a sitcom staring ryan, Camila and jimmy
Kevin Shah
Kevin Shah 8 days ago
Why is there a cigarette and no-one even smoking it?
Mx Dragon
Mx Dragon 8 days ago
I knew she was lieing when she said it was in Vancouver
ShmolKid 8 days ago
I didn’t understand what a urinal cake was until half way thru this video I- someone should educate girls on this
rEaR vIeW
rEaR vIeW 9 days ago
Ryan convinced me that he was lying but he actually wasn’t
Strike 10 days ago
totally normal , Taylor asks a celebrity to babysit her cat
Ashley Beee
Ashley Beee 10 days ago
“IT WAS ME NOT MY MOM!” Comedic genius 👌
John j Garcia
John j Garcia 10 days ago
I'm not gonna lie but Ryan looks at Camila,as if he really digs her,,but all in all,,,BLAKE ❤️😍,,she's too fine,,RYAN DONT FK IT UP DUDE,!!! FORREALS!!
Kayla Beavers
Kayla Beavers 11 days ago
I was so torn before clicking on this video I really wanted to see Ryan but Camilla ruins it for me ☹️
Xanthy Lacierda
Xanthy Lacierda 11 days ago
I think Ryan and Jimmy really just let her win her round. Their glances, their being in sync, it's just so similar to those dads that buy into their daughters' stories. Ahaha
Orsolya Nagy
Orsolya Nagy 11 days ago
only clicked for Ryan.. lol, i kinda understand why camilla got hated out of the band... shes too much.. and SHE CANT EVEN LIE
Vatsavai Venkata Satya mangapathi raju
This is first time that i actually got all of them right!
Shweta Raizada
Shweta Raizada 12 days ago
Camilla is a bad liar , bad liar Now you know You're free to go Like if you understand
Teiona Halton
Teiona Halton 12 days ago
Thought it read "Ryan Gossling" o..... ok. Ig
Ashton Stocker
Ashton Stocker 12 days ago
When u have a great actor on the show doing this just say the opposite of what u think it is cause I’d say they’re pretty good at their job if they’re on jimmy fallon
Happy Aimz
Happy Aimz 15 days ago
1 actor 1 singer and 1 host and the actor losses
Arjan Binpal
Arjan Binpal 15 days ago
I live in Vancouver British Columbia
Edvinas Šimkūnas
Edvinas Šimkūnas 15 days ago
And Then Camilla releases her song bad liar😂😂
Swiftly 16 days ago
Ferenc Szilvasi
Ferenc Szilvasi 16 days ago
The first thing actually happened to a guy at a dutch music festival and is on tape: ruvid.net/video/video-InR7tip2Izk.html
andrewthezeppo 17 days ago
If she lost Meredith she would be at the bottom of a lake
jluis90s 18 days ago
He almost had her w the "cats are banned in Vancouver " 😂😂
Squishy 18 days ago
.." Oh your makin me a liar~ beggin me for more~"
Ashley Gock
Ashley Gock 18 days ago
In the first round, Ryan literally said: " True Story"
Elite Shot
Elite Shot 18 days ago
Noone: Literally noone: Camilla Cabello: ahhhhhhhhh
LuckyElf 19
LuckyElf 19 19 days ago
I like Ryan Reynolds so much
Miguel Alvarado
Miguel Alvarado 20 days ago
Funny Love watching Jimmy Fallon!!!!!!!! Check Mikey’s Pinewood Derby @yGFA
YeahJustAdam 20 days ago
Jimmy Fallon looks like washed-up Ted Mosby
Dylan Andersen
Dylan Andersen 20 days ago
It’s like Ryan is in a constant state of being Deadpool 😂😂
Lee 00
Lee 00 20 days ago
I laugh when Reynold say "you have a black belt in lying" lol
Indira Poitier
Indira Poitier 21 day ago
Jimmy and Ryan are quite a team!!! But boy that lady can lie
Chloe C
Chloe C 22 days ago
I knew camila was lying when she said it was in Vancouver. Taylor didn’t do a show in Vancouver for reputation.
Brayden Leis
Brayden Leis 23 days ago
She literally said in the middle of it “I’m determined to prove this” lmao 😂
Ciara Tamondong
Ciara Tamondong 23 days ago
0:06 the short time Ryan Reynolds turned into a minecraft villager
Collin Henderson
Collin Henderson 24 days ago
If she did lose Taylor swifts cat there would have been a song about it the following week
D4 Clicking
D4 Clicking 25 days ago
Man only Ryan's story was fun to watch
Lychiis 26 days ago
I love it when Jimmy references Canada as some sort of outworld, thinking anything can be acceptable there.
Brenda Cline
Brenda Cline 29 days ago
Ryan is so hot.. Lucky wife 😉
William Ogden
William Ogden 29 days ago
Is camila dumb?
Kenny Ellis
Kenny Ellis Month ago
Deadpool speaks the truth too much to lie
BunzingJeeper Month ago
Honest mistake... Sometimes it just looks like it's meant to wash your hands in: ruvid.net/video/video-t32ttbitMj8.html To some people of course.
Tony AJM
Tony AJM Month ago
I clcked for Camila
Utkarsh Gaikwad
Utkarsh Gaikwad Month ago
Camilla: Ryan hesitates . . . Me: COME ON!!! he is an ACTOR, Camilla
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork Month ago
They both out lied deadpool
Juan Ignacio Gonzalez Calabro
She tries too hard.
Charlie Wethington
I wish I was rich and out of touch enough to not know what a urinal cake is jesus
Lucas Dolan
Lucas Dolan Month ago
Did camila cabello do a line of coke before this
Cinnamon Bagel
Cinnamon Bagel Month ago
This one was really good. The lies were on point!
Em X
Em X Month ago
Jimmy: you’ve seen my movies right Me: wait. He has movies!!!?
Ivana Lalovic
Ivana Lalovic Month ago
How many people have checked the lake?
astro ant
astro ant Month ago
ew cameila so loud and gross
KissMyAspergers Month ago
Wow, Camila KILLED that one!
The Legendary YouTube Commenter
They played her like a cello.
Mr. Slippery
Mr. Slippery Month ago
The interrogation of her story hahaha
Thommy Turtle
Thommy Turtle Month ago
my mom would kill me, if i would say any embarrassing story about her in front of x-millions tv-viewers
Tan Zhang Zhe
Tan Zhang Zhe Month ago
Why does Camila sound like Janice from Friends
C T Month ago
lol at camilia interrogating face 🤨
GenericEric Month ago
That really is the best acting I've seen Jimmy do. Bravo, friend. Also, I hate when people say they are a bad lier. We are all good liers. That's what a good lier says.
Ugly ThingP87
Ugly ThingP87 Month ago
This got some david lynch vibe. I dont think its jims hair. Or the smoke.
Fab Videos
Fab Videos Month ago
Camila cabello😂😂🔥🔥
Hutch1223 Month ago
It's no longer a urinal cake it now known as a piss puck! Your welcome.
ovi singh
ovi singh Month ago
No one : Literally no one : Me: pauses the video to search urinal cake
ohsnapitzreese Month ago
I could tell every single one before they said it.
Christophe Tchouassi
I knew from the beginning that Camila was lying because if she had lost Taylor's cat for real Taylor would have killed her and plus her facial expressions give it away.
Blood0cean Month ago
Holy shit that voice....... capable of turning some1 docile into a school shooter.
Porco Dio Brando
"This Is the Taste of a Liar,Camila Cabello"
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