Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy (Director’s Cut)

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The Director’s Cut of a Troye Sivan trilogy featuring “WILD,” “FOOLS,” and “TALK ME DOWN”! Check out the continuous storyline as well as never before seen footage!
Breakthrough Long-Form Video Nominee at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards
Directed by Tim Mattia & Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio at London Alley


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Aug 9, 2016




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Comments 100
Shobi 38 minutes ago
Yo, this deserves more attention
Fabiha Musharrat
Fabiha Musharrat 5 hours ago
I come here every winter, because that's the first time I listened to this, and my eyes swell up with tears every damn time
Ashlie Fajardo Vlogs
It hurts inside
Thisis Nonnyyy
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 2 days ago
The music is captivating.
Lisbeth Catherine Valverde Caycho
Estoy llorando 😢😭😭😭💔
Lori Smith
Lori Smith 2 days ago
This is an emotional roller coaster!!!
James Parco
James Parco 2 days ago
😭😭 I always watch this so that I could cry more when Im sad 😔
Zehra Memmedova
Zehra Memmedova 3 days ago
I sobbed like little children.
hatsu hamasaki
hatsu hamasaki 4 days ago
me dio pena cuando tiraron al cangrejo :'( pero hermosa cancion ♡
Prince Jedie Espinosa
This song is sooooo gooodddd
Jose Fabian obando
I’m still waiting for the movie/ series of this trilogy
Leandro Targon
Leandro Targon 5 days ago
Masterpiece. Thanks a lot Troye.
Shaynna Chrissis
Shaynna Chrissis 5 days ago
wow, this is not just a good music, is a good concept, a good short film, this is an amazing job
Maithã Dornelles
Se você está vendo em 2021, por favor me ajudem a achar o nome desses meninos que fizeram o clipe :( EU PRECISO PRA ONTEM NA MINHA MESA
Na fase adulta foi o próprio Troye Sivan e o Matthew Eriksson
JezyPlaze Gaming
JezyPlaze Gaming 6 days ago
JezyPlaze Gaming
JezyPlaze Gaming 2 days ago
@Faiz Supriyadi whyyyy its trueeee
Faiz Supriyadi
Faiz Supriyadi 2 days ago
Katty*-* Chicaiza
La historia 💗💗
Lugov Julia
Lugov Julia 7 days ago
Who else thought this beautiful melody on the third song could kinda go on?
B my light
B my light 8 days ago
Is this really the life of gays...
Faith 8 days ago
i always cry when i watch this video but let me tell you it hits different once you’ve lost your own father
Niku Delossantos
Niku Delossantos 9 days ago
still the best 2021
Elvina na
Elvina na 10 days ago
Klára Široká
Klára Široká 10 days ago
i loved it when it came out and i never stopped loving it, blue neighbourhood is one of the best albums of all time
Matías Di Matteo
Matías Di Matteo 10 days ago
Thanks Troye
Marwa Salsabila Anshory
no im not crying :")
Ariana Marisol Reyes Taboada
Lo profundo que se siente escuchar canción tras canción e incluso sin ver el vídeo, entender cómo su voz poco a poco se va a apagando, cómo la historia va cambiando... Es tan precioso.
artistic persona
artistic persona 3 days ago
I want to learn Portuguese
Lele D
Lele D 11 days ago
I cant even .... How do you NOT accept your child???
karen Maria Weird Irish Skys
Very Enlightened 😍💖✌😎😘
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 13 days ago
Kleyton Pereira
Kleyton Pereira 13 days ago
E vamos de obra prima
Phanngoc Minhquan
Phanngoc Minhquan 13 days ago
Agne Ty
Agne Ty 13 days ago
watching this in 2021 to feel something
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 14 days ago
Jazmine Lorraine
Jazmine Lorraine 14 days ago
I am literally crying rn after I read some comments like oh god idk what to say
Iya Caragay
Iya Caragay 15 days ago
Trying hard not to fall On the way home You were trying to wear me down, down Kissing up on fences and up on walls On the way home I guess it's all working out, now 'Cause there's still too long to the weekend Too long till I drown in your hands Too long since I've been a fool, oh Leave this blue neighbourhood Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh And it drives me wild 'Cause when you look like that I've never ever wanted to be so bad, oh It drives me wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild We're alike you and I Two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds So can we make the most out of no time? Can you hold me? Can you make me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind? 'Cause there's still too long to the weekend Too long till I drown in your hands Too long since I've been a fool, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah Leave this blue neighbourhood Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh And it drives me wild 'Cause when you look like that I've never ever wanted to be so bad, oh It drives me wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You make my heart shake bend and break But I can't turn away And it's driving me wild You're driving me wild You make my heart shake bend and break But I can't turn away And it's driving me wild You're driving me wild Leave this blue neighbourhood Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh And it drives me wild 'Cause when you look like that I've never ever wanted to be so bad, oh It drives me wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild, wild, wild You're driving me wild
Hannah 17 days ago
Technically I'm late to the party, as I only started properly listening to Troye's music fairly recently (I'd heard a few things here and there, and had heard of him before), and all of his songs are amazing, but this trilogy is so different to his other music. I would've been too young and wasn't even watching RUvid if I were to have followed him from the very start of his journey when he was doing RUvid etc. (around age 7 or 8, as I'm 14 now), but I find his music so touching and moving. Especially BN trilogy, I listen to it almost daily. It makes me wonder what took so long for me to find his music, but simultaneously, I'm sort of glad I found it when I did, because it's one of the few things that been helping me though some recent tough times, and now I don't feel so dissapointed in myself for missing out on his immense talent for all of this time.
Hannah 16 days ago
@Isabel Richards aww that's so kind, thank you so much :)
Isabel Richards
Isabel Richards 16 days ago
ypu put how i feel into words. we're the same, even same age lol. agreed 100% abt everything you said. also, if you need to chat, my instagram is @izzyer6, message me at any time. sometimes it helps to have someone else
NICKI V 17 days ago
Is that the Mayor of Schitt's Creek?
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 18 days ago
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 18 days ago
I know I'm late to the party but being in the closet for 60 years has wrecked me. This video speaks to me in many ways. Thanks Troye Sivan for your openness and willingness to share. I'm so glad for today's youth that although still tough, things have very much improved for you. Be well.
Maria Cee
Maria Cee 4 days ago
Youre never late to the party!!! Coming from a young person who has a lot of time ahead, I feel like you being 60 shouldn't feel any different than coming out at 16 or 19. This is your special moment, life is short. I hope you have the courage one day to finally get that burden off your shoulders and start expressing yourself. Best of luck ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
quepelo tudosos
quepelo tudosos 4 days ago
You are so strong, I send to you a lots of hugs and love !
please stan taemin
I burst into tears reading your comment. I'm sending you lots of love and a big hug. I wish you all the best.
Jonnn Amorim
Jonnn Amorim 11 days ago
I cried reading that. It's never too late to start being yourself!! Much love to you.
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Leaf N'Lore
Leaf N'Lore 18 days ago
Hang on, loved ones, the world is changing. It's painful and scary, but we're moving in a new direction. Be safe, find love, be who you are meant to be. Much love!!
Penguin Diamond
Penguin Diamond 18 days ago
is this real? when he was young? And started to be gay kissing a friend?
Owen Vaughn
Owen Vaughn 16 days ago
Mira Mira
Mira Mira 19 days ago
Again again again 😭❤️
BANGTAN TRASH 19 days ago
Louder Than Bombs by BTS honestly sounds like it could be part 4!!!!!!!!
BANGTAN TRASH 19 days ago
I just think this trilogy is absolutely iconic tbh
Only Yoon Dowoon
Only Yoon Dowoon 20 days ago
4 years have passed and yet this is still the best trilogy I ever watched! I need part 2!!!!!
Omega, Noel F.
Omega, Noel F. 20 days ago
And all I wanna say right now is I Love You
fadly hidayatullah
fadly hidayatullah 20 days ago
god create human adam and hawa not adam and chris LOL
michel rodrigues
michel rodrigues 21 day ago
2021 BRASIL ...
Deniz Oyar
Deniz Oyar 21 day ago
homegirl got jealous because she saw her boyfriend hugging another boy? i mean yes, they're gay, but she still shouldn't have been so quick to judge. this neighbourhood is full of homophobic people damnit.
Ash Nicole Latoza
2021 and I'm still inlove with this trilogy...
georgiy pasterskiy
клас. пасиба. и удачи 2021г.
Czarina Fulgencio
Iain Macdonald
Iain Macdonald 22 days ago
The mature trousers unlikely switch because specialist concurringly harass till a prickly kale. woebegone, trashy zebra
mina myoui
mina myoui 23 days ago
i think im crying right now
Lalalalalalala lalalalalalalalala
I think I found this because of Roomie Official??? Not sure how I found it at 3 AM because of him but I did so oh well, I guess I have a new favorite musician Roomie.
Sam Molinar
Sam Molinar 23 days ago
2021 & still here
Melita Emfinger
Melita Emfinger 24 days ago
Melita Emfinger
Melita Emfinger 24 days ago
Good luck
박레온 24 days ago
I cried a lot im not kidding.....this's so heart breaking
Francisco Mukul
Francisco Mukul 25 days ago
Who's watch this in 2021 🤍
Parth Borawake
Parth Borawake 25 days ago
This is such a beautiful thing and touching to watch only if you have an open mindset... Unfortunately, not everyone has that
wifi is my friend
wifi is my friend 25 days ago
Whose here in 2021?
Joevaun Ferron
Joevaun Ferron 25 days ago
leave this blue neighbourhood
C West
C West 26 days ago
Jan 1 2021 anyone???
John Allow
John Allow 26 days ago
2021 anyone?
Nandhini Reddy
Nandhini Reddy 26 days ago
Starting my year, listening to this beautiful angel!! Happy New Year everyone!! Hope this year makes things better for you! Good luck!!
Chills literal chills🤭❤️
Алек Сэндер
Im crying. Its so beautiful.
sharmin hassan
sharmin hassan 27 days ago
11 minutes to 2021
Braulio Santillan
Braulio Santillan 27 days ago
pongance los audifonos q esto se va a poner chido
Beatriz Lobo
Beatriz Lobo 28 days ago
No I‘m not still crying in 2020 you are
[BUSAN COUPLE] 28 days ago
Omar Maciel
Omar Maciel 28 days ago
la verdad que no entendí un qlo pero ta bien
Angel Grace Ecube
Angel Grace Ecube 28 days ago
Years passed, still one of my fave 💘
Ivorie Mangubat
Ivorie Mangubat 29 days ago
Bish i really love this trilogy
Mira Mira
Mira Mira Month ago
Mateusz Treder
Mateusz Treder Month ago
I love it 😍😍
Justine Calimpun
This song made us to love of who we are.
Asmita Dhungana
Asmita Dhungana Month ago
Ghazal Manoosh
Ghazal Manoosh Month ago
kamonwan karantarat
Merry Christmas
Donald Kirby
Donald Kirby Month ago
That third song. I'm so much older than the rest of you. But I actually had a friend commit suicide because he was gay. I hope none of you have to deal with death like that or such thoughts you lose all hope. Hugs. babies,.....hugs. reach out. you are loved.
Liv R
Liv R 28 days ago
I’m only in high school, but I had a friend in middle school commit suicide too. I know how much it hurts so if u ever need to talk I’m here (I know it’s kinda weird on RUvid but I feel the need to say this).
ari Month ago
thank you for sharing your story and you're loved too!
Sunset Chaser
Sunset Chaser Month ago
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia Month ago
no importan las veces que lo vea, siempre llorare
Fairyokok Month ago
Billion likes )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Mc. Gaming
Mc. Gaming Month ago
It's almost the end of 2020 I'm still listening this song 🎶(Blue Neighbourhood)
Angelouz Month ago
Tengo una duda al final se suicida arrojándose al mar ?
Ai Quynh
Ai Quynh Month ago
PrttyAwsme Month ago
It’s Dec 2020 and I just found this on RUvid auto play and wow!!! It was beautiful. Music and cinematography were on 10. Great job. The tears are flowing. Anyone else just finding this?
Parinita Medhi
Parinita Medhi 29 days ago
Me too
Caroline Stein
Caroline Stein Month ago
WarNinGXK Month ago
Does somebody understands what the father says in the minute 7:44? I only got: "If you *(idk)* one more time... I will kill *(idk)*"
valena21zush Nolan
hello, again ♡
Ryan Zero
Ryan Zero Month ago
Such a lovely story. It tugs at the heart and yet one just can't help but love it all the same. One of my new favorites! I wish I had seen this years ago!
Rhey Andre Bejerano
keep watching a million times
the voyage of pj
what's the title of the last song he sang? was it all connected or I mean....one song???
Kyron Liu
Kyron Liu Month ago
"talk me down," one of the songs in the blue neighborhood album
Brian Barnes
Brian Barnes Month ago
why do i cry like never before, while listening to these songs??
TheTribesConfeCenter qProjectManagementFaculty
Doj Mts
Doj Mts Month ago
دقيقة الولد بيموت يعني في الاخير؟
22 Ni Kadek Rania Utari
This is so cool, love it!!!
pie Month ago
I love you Troye
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