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비스트 장현승(JS), 포미닛 현아의 특급 프로젝트 'Trouble Maker'
2011. 12. 01. 발매!

Special Mega Project of HYUNSEUNG(JS) of BEAST & HYUNA of 4MINUTE
'Trouble Maker'
Dec. 01. 2011. RELEASE!

많이 사랑해 주세요~


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Dec 1, 2011





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Comments 41 791
Mr Black Jack
Mr Black Jack 40 minutes ago
Any international fan rewatching in 2019 👇
Joana Silva
Joana Silva Hour ago
Who in 2019?
Awal Khan
Awal Khan 4 hours ago
Who is in july 2019?
Nuan Sbk
Nuan Sbk 9 hours ago
Rosa Valentina
Rosa Valentina 10 hours ago
2019 anyone?
sheetal patne
Big bang's fantastic baby 2ne1's I am best And this master piece song , got me into kpop about 3 years ago 🔥
Melaney Gonzalez
Kami the II
Kami the II Day ago
Imma delulu fan who still ships Troublemaker...
Mey Sagala
Mey Sagala 2 days ago
justin timberlike mv sexyback 😏
wolfieaerichu :3
wolfieaerichu :3 2 days ago
July 2019 anyone?
udusarli a
udusarli a 2 days ago
This is 8 years ago..
猫ベル 2 days ago
この2人大好き♡ まだ見てる人 ↓
elber mirsu yeşilyurt
Fina Juwita
Fina Juwita 2 days ago
who in June 2019?
MuhammadSyafiq #######
July 2019 anyone ??
kimberly ibarra bueno
2019? Vengo de Ottito Mola y tú?
Novakovic Bojan
Novakovic Bojan 3 days ago
July 2019 still in love with this song and forever!!!
banana mu
banana mu 3 days ago
And I still can't believe hyuna debuted so many times...cube really lost a pretty and talented girl... cube will never be the same without hyuna...btw anyone from 2019 july?
Júlia_kpop Multifandom
2019? And forever?
Cup of Matcha
Cup of Matcha 3 days ago
I remember watching this w my friends back in 2011 in 9th grade, I thought this video was too sexy and revealing 😭😭 I feel so old
ABC I am
ABC I am 3 days ago
Ximena Fuertes Flores
Como que con el tiempo me iva a dejar de gustar !!!
무라여신 3 days ago
트러블 메이커 뮤비에 포미닛 현아가 해커를 하던데요 해커를 할 수 있는 방법이 뭔가요?
peace 66
peace 66 4 days ago
I was looking for olly Mars but this is nice
biyah do
biyah do 4 days ago
I dont know but being burned alive by hyuna is not a bad idea.
chiêm nông
chiêm nông 4 days ago
Bây giờ gen 3 k có 1 bộ đôi nào đỉnh như này nữa rồi
Marii Sauce
Marii Sauce 5 days ago
Chulada de video
park HoongSan
park HoongSan 5 days ago
E'Dawn creo 19.618 cuentas para darle dislike a este video xd
Sơn Trang Sáng
Sơn Trang Sáng 5 days ago
redha vebrina
redha vebrina 5 days ago
2019 here.. lol
Feyza Acar
Feyza Acar 5 days ago
He should be jungkook's hyung they really look like same
Paulina M
Paulina M 5 days ago
Why do I still come back to this mv
pasaron mas de 8 años y recién me doy cuenta de que son coreanos xddd y que la chica que cantaba era hyuna
sarhf _59
sarhf _59 5 days ago
Jhy Samaniego
Jhy Samaniego 5 days ago
A EDwan no le gusta esta cancion >:3
Kaori Kanzaki
Kaori Kanzaki 6 days ago
Korean version of Love Sex Magic
Angel 6 days ago
like this song
Thanh Lịch
Thanh Lịch 6 days ago
2011-Year Of Legends
Patchanita Zaetan
Marii Spazzi
Marii Spazzi 6 days ago
Anyone thinks he looks like an older jungkook
Soy Una Esponja
Soy Una Esponja 6 days ago
Regardless of the years that pass, I will continue to listen to this song.😍
perfect body subs
This and bubblepop got me into kpop
منوعات كلاش اوف كلانس
عربي لايك 😍
Sandhya Sarkar
Sandhya Sarkar 7 days ago
The boy is looking younger than her
Pingkeu Pinku
Pingkeu Pinku 7 days ago
08.07.2019 from Turkey
Young Jhun
Young Jhun 8 days ago
I'm remember Kuanlin dance in Produce 101 😂LoL. 2019👍
Khansa Syawalia
Khansa Syawalia 8 days ago
Oh my God, this song is same age wth my sister
Torpe 8 days ago
Holy water
Holy water 8 days ago
I know it's wrong but I still ship these 2
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