Trolling JELLY in 1v1 Minecraft Bedwars!

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Trolling JELLY in 1v1 Minecraft Bedwars! with PrestonMinecraft 👊
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 4 035
PrestonPlayz Month ago
Subscribe to see more vids with Jelly!
Chanchal vaish
Chanchal vaish 11 hours ago
I have subscribed
saul saltzman
More vids ples
Kimmy Cardoza
jumpinggamer 72
Chris hi
Ryan Moye
Ryan Moye Day ago
I have watched all of your vids and briannas and unspeakable and 09 sharkboy and itsmoosecraft
Alena Mallon
Alena Mallon 13 hours ago
You always make my day
Gg f2f ggg Ftfhhygh
Gg f2f ggg Ftfhhygh 14 hours ago
Denis Imeri
Denis Imeri Day ago
10.00 😂😂
Denis Imeri
Denis Imeri Day ago
Its so great to watch both of u guys
Shane Baur
Shane Baur Day ago
I lov Your vidoes please make more with unspeakable
Meet King
Meet King Day ago
Plz someone answer is this real, cause jelly hasn't uploaded a video about this on his yt channel??
Samantha Witters
Dabster God
Dabster God Day ago
I hate it when you troll jelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jumpinggamer 72
Are jelly and Preston brothers
E. Worship
E. Worship Day ago
How do you no each other????
Siv Dalish
Siv Dalish Day ago
Hi PrestonPlayz where is your group at roblox can you tell me please I need to know
Jennel Sterling
Y r you the best Minecraft player I love you
Lukas Shue
Lukas Shue Day ago
More like your twin
Ladylyn Arisgado
Did Preston break the emerald block I knew it And, Jelly buy some tnt, Preston get some many emerald's Wow!
Ladylyn Arisgado
Ooohh so cool Preston Trolling Jelly Hahahahaha Thats cool My boy Preston :)
Reynald Guiniling
Play with other RUvid like RYGUY,NATHAN,JELLY AND OTHERS
Tania Loveslife
I love you vids
Ryan Moye
Ryan Moye Day ago
And be your roblox freind
Ryan Moye
Ryan Moye Day ago
Preston can i play flee the facility with you pls
Ryan Moye
Ryan Moye Day ago
Best vid yet ya YEET
A PAD 2 days ago
Yeah you make him do prank wars
melesisi faupula
melesisi faupula 2 days ago
You and jelly look like twins
Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson 2 days ago
Wait is Jelly your brother
Jaden August
Jaden August 2 days ago
Preston make a vidio wit jelly please in Minecraft and find 64 dimonds
Harpreet Bal
Harpreet Bal 2 days ago
Do not sub to him
Deon Engel
Deon Engel 2 days ago
You gise look like brothers
YMS yamasu
YMS yamasu 2 days ago
i like you
YMS yamasu
YMS yamasu 2 days ago
i will subscribe you
philip kurniawan
philip kurniawan 2 days ago
Woww jellyyyyyy
Waqas Ahmed
Waqas Ahmed 2 days ago
Are you brother 🧒🎊🎊🎊
Catherine Olaso
Catherine Olaso 2 days ago
hmmm did jelly said he only played one month of mine craft he already have hundreds of minecraft vid in one month like 31 or 30 days but jelly has hundreds of mine craft vids
Shoubhit Maharjan
Don’t you dare do it
Smile 2 days ago
You two are funny.
Princess Cookie Stephanie
Yesterday,i rec people without my bed
Echa Ricko
Echa Ricko 2 days ago
jelly is sanna boyfriend
marziana noor rahid
Bapak macam mana nak buat ender dragon kepala bapak tiga
xX_Crystal studios_Xx
I know he's u twin bro... he said it 2000 times lol
Cake_ Rice
Cake_ Rice 19 hours ago
I'ts ART pro
I'ts ART pro 2 days ago
Play with jelly minecraft troll
I'ts ART pro
I'ts ART pro 2 days ago
Lincoln WhitAker
Lincoln WhitAker 3 days ago
2of my favorite gamers
Alison Paurini-Van De Pol
Pls do more
679FIRE 3 days ago
Meenu Pokhrel
Meenu Pokhrel 3 days ago
Which mod do u play
Kat Briggs
Kat Briggs 4 days ago
You play TiK
Logan Dewsnap
Logan Dewsnap 4 days ago
I watched Jelly
ItsSainFN 4 days ago
I feel sad for jelly 1 like = 100000000iq btw for Preston 1like = 100 subscribe
Finola Riley
Finola Riley 4 days ago
TotalMuslimah Muhammad
Guys what if Jelly and Unspeakable play together cuz they both like green
Shailendra Kumar
Shailendra Kumar 4 days ago
Go secretly in jelly server and troll him ha ha ha
Asha Lukose
Asha Lukose 5 days ago
This is how much i love jelly and Preston ⤵️
Prabhnoor Nokwal
Only 11% Whhat
I'ts ART pro
I'ts ART pro 2 days ago
Cool youtubers
Ngolo Asee
Ngolo Asee 5 days ago
Make a another video of you and jelly
DamnnialFGZ / DanialFGZ
How bout a 2v2 boys vs girls
Bocah Si Gamer
Bocah Si Gamer 6 days ago
With jelly slogoman kwebbelkop
DamnnialFGZ / DanialFGZ
Twin alert
Kayyisa Elma
Kayyisa Elma 6 days ago
Preston why jelly🤦🏻‍♀️
Moonlight Kitty
Moonlight Kitty 6 days ago
Me and Bob evens5 Played this
Brody Russell
Brody Russell 6 days ago
I like Preston way more then jelly
Lisa Mullin
Lisa Mullin 6 days ago
Liked and subscribe
Atti Walled
Atti Walled 7 days ago
Prestonplays make more videos with jelly
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