TROLL DECK Only *CHALLENGE* in Clash Royale

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Today we do a HUGE Legendary Kings Chest Opening and use TROLL Clash Royale Decks!
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Jul 21, 2019

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Comments 10 744
193k likes but don’t upload another video after he gets 193k likes that’s stupid
Dominic Montano
Dominic Montano 5 hours ago
More clash I love it
Jayco Hartley
Jayco Hartley 8 hours ago
9mounth ago
Terry Garcia
Terry Garcia 12 hours ago
Such a nub (jk) im just master 1
Nelson Sabanal
Nelson Sabanal 13 hours ago
Play with crainer
Ali Sheeraz
Ali Sheeraz 15 hours ago
I’m league 3
Ali Sheeraz
Ali Sheeraz 15 hours ago
I’m better than ssundee
pugking 2478
pugking 2478 18 hours ago
are you still with madleyn couse jan 2018 yiu and crainrr posted about madlen and oyu dint post for a month or 2
Joj Boj
Joj Boj 22 hours ago
Dr.Eggloob Dr.Eggloob
Barbarians dont suck
code3breaker 1257
OMG I'm a big fan!!!
Wi Di
Wi Di Day ago
Upload more video of clash royal
Trystan Poh
Trystan Poh Day ago
I also never play clash Royale a long time
PizzaCat Day ago
I hate all these OG comments because I think you can only call yourself and OG if you have been with SSundee since the very beginning of his channel, like his first 10 subs
Haven Wantouw
Clone sparky
Annie Kie
Annie Kie Day ago
Why do you always where a cap?
Linda Whitmire
Linda Whitmire 2 days ago
I want to join your clan I found three dabfoot clans all of them have Sundee
Kimberly Ardit
Kimberly Ardit 2 days ago
I want to join your clan but I don’t know which one it is
NKGamer Κολλιας
Can I join in the clan pls
King Skeleton
King Skeleton 2 days ago
Barbs is amazing they can easily kill wizard,mega knight, skeleton king,they can break towers in 1 sec
King Skeleton
@Levi Uslander I forgot giant skeleton
King Skeleton
@Levi Uslander they can beat them beat a level 11 if you don't so it's not my fault
Levi Uslander
King Skeleton first off, elite barbs can not beat the mega knight even level 13s against a level 9. Also it’s a giant skeleton not a skeleton king
Muhammad Atif Khan
7:36 ok I’m done
King Skeleton
King Skeleton 2 days ago
My deck is lit
King Skeleton
King Skeleton 2 days ago
I am at master 3
Brent Tutty
Brent Tutty 3 days ago
Night is the best
Joey Coonan
Joey Coonan 3 days ago
Barbs r better
Dr Psycho
Dr Psycho 3 days ago
Increase the size of cr video
estefania cuevas
estefania cuevas 3 days ago
Play clash of clans
Bum Big
Bum Big 3 days ago
pubg game play with bull69 bull69 and more people
Ssundee can u open your clan I want to join and I am 5.6k trofies
Toxic_ Pugz
Toxic_ Pugz 3 days ago
Please do more!! Ty :D
BlaZe-Arman 1
BlaZe-Arman 1 3 days ago
I'm actually blaze Arman's brother
BlaZe-Arman 1
BlaZe-Arman 1 3 days ago
My clan is AR Bros
BlaZe-Arman 1
BlaZe-Arman 1 3 days ago
Are you playing null's royal
BlaZe-Arman 1
BlaZe-Arman 1 3 days ago
I subscribed to nico
Connor Neeev
Connor Neeev 3 days ago
2:40 Elite Barbs Suck! You should see them now buddy
TJ a Rubiks Cuber
yeah pretty bad
Cruz Clifton
Cruz Clifton 3 days ago
7:37 is that a squeal?
Dash Ec
Dash Ec 3 days ago
Your back i love you
Rollin FG
Rollin FG 4 days ago
I was in the video
Jake Young
Jake Young 4 days ago
I can't join your clan
Jake Young
Jake Young 4 days ago
Please can you join my clan I only have my other account in it it will make me happy its could MommyMommy
BlaZe-Arman 1
BlaZe-Arman 1 4 days ago
Or clash royale
BlaZe-Arman 1
BlaZe-Arman 1 4 days ago
I play nulls royal
BlaZe-Arman 1
BlaZe-Arman 1 4 days ago
I play clash royals I hacked clash royale
Lucas Porcelli
Lucas Porcelli 4 days ago
play brawl stars
Rehan Hussain
Rehan Hussain 4 days ago
Mikey the God
Mikey the God 4 days ago
Not 2074 anyone?
Luther KHITEC 2
Luther KHITEC 2 4 days ago
I want gems
Royal Penguin king
Sundee’s Legendary credit card is level 13
Benjamin Vanderhoff
Royal Penguin king friendly battle so doesn't even matter rip
Johan Rodarte
Johan Rodarte 4 days ago
Barbs are better than the night
ModdedMaster_PvP 5 days ago
No offense but I Could destroy u
Acocella Twins
Acocella Twins 5 days ago
I hate how I can’t tell the other guys what he names of the cards are
Crundeeian Rules
Crundeeian Rules 5 days ago
Crundeeian Rules
Crundeeian Rules 5 days ago
I want to join ypir clan
Cole Milbocker
Cole Milbocker 5 days ago
Can I be in your clan I’m arena 12
Ninja Tiger
Ninja Tiger 5 days ago
Last time you played this game was 1 day before my birthday 😂What a coincedence
Tyler Gwilliam
Tyler Gwilliam 5 days ago
Ebaa Emad
Ebaa Emad 5 days ago
And if ssundee says send me my gems now dude Me:How about i take your gems..OMAUA MU SHINDERU Ssundee:WHAT!?!/NANI!?! Me: * - *
John Gamer723
John Gamer723 5 days ago
21:28 barb barrel?
8:06 Putting in 1 skill point...
Luis Alonzo
Luis Alonzo 5 days ago
*Upgrades goblin hut to lvl 11 2v2 friendly battle level cap 9*
That Rabbit
That Rabbit 5 days ago
ebarbs suck -ssundee 2019
Double C YT
Double C YT 6 days ago
Barbs are better to me
Jersey Kid
Jersey Kid 6 days ago
Dafuq is this?? Only TROLL thing here is this whole video
GeorgeBoi 6 days ago
jeezus he changed so much...sounds like hes on crack
TJ a Rubiks Cuber
Jun Ho Chang
Jun Ho Chang 6 days ago
Plz it is closed
Jun Ho Chang
Jun Ho Chang 6 days ago
Can I join yr clan I my name is “You”
Xavier Reay
Xavier Reay 6 days ago
U did all decks with your wife
7john9 6 days ago
Play clash of clans series plssss
IKRONIC25 2006
IKRONIC25 2006 6 days ago
Of Clash Royale
IKRONIC25 2006
IKRONIC25 2006 6 days ago
Make Another Video
Diana Utama
Diana Utama 6 days ago
Use skeleton army then mirror it then clone it
infinite galaxy
infinite galaxy 6 days ago
Chris H
Chris H 7 days ago
Is it just me or does he have a very surface level understanding of this game?
Clash Gardener
Clash Gardener 7 days ago
BILLMASTER Beam 7 days ago
Hey ssundee I don’t think you will read this but I really want to be in you clan please can I join all I want is for you to send me a friend request I’m in the clan desktopvillains can you give nico leader and join and friend me then both join back to dabfoot please anybody reading this like and reply so this will go higher in comments thank you xxx👏
T Choii
T Choii 7 days ago
you're a lil too late bud
Brawl with Bazif
Brawl with Bazif 7 days ago
Play brawl stars
Roberts Ābols
Roberts Ābols 7 days ago
Ssundee play brawl stars
Carson Zhang
Carson Zhang 7 days ago
Their opponents were never even trying
Kevin Playz
Kevin Playz 7 days ago
Anyone noticed that he kept messing up the cards name for example he called a barbarian hut a barbarian barrel and he called a goblin barrel a goblin hut
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