De-Drag With Me

Trixie Mattel
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People always ask me what my favorite part about doing drag is…it’s taking it off. Here’s how I go from glamorous young woman to Elmer Fudd look-a-like.
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Oct 21, 2019




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Comments 80
Dan 5 hours ago
The foundation mixed in that albolene jar and on the rim 😣😣😣
madalyn _
madalyn _ 6 hours ago
I actually gasped when she took the lashes off
Nathan Reese
Nathan Reese 13 hours ago
6:02 did anyone else see Trixie fulfilling her resolution and be warm with that goodbye
FATIMA AHMAD 16 hours ago
I love u trixie.. 😍🥰🥰❣️
Zj Deno
Zj Deno Day ago
2:38 No man 🤔😧
Kaoseng Lee
Kaoseng Lee Day ago
I LOVE how he reads out his products as if he doesn’t even know what he’s using, LAMO🤣🤣😂😂
• LaCookiie •
He sucks
Iris Valladares
Honestly I think your natural face is very pretty
Fiszeryk 2 days ago
Lisa Isabelle
Lisa Isabelle 2 days ago
Trixie seems like such a sweet and nice person. In and out of drag.
that one person
that one person 2 days ago
He’s evolving but backwards
Victoria Wright
Victoria Wright 2 days ago
Does he use another name? I’m just curious
Scarplayz Lynch
Scarplayz Lynch 3 days ago
It's taking it off😂😂😂😂
Haralabidis 3 days ago
You are so so so so beautiful without makeup 🥴🥴🥴
《Kayleigh》 《Halligan》
I'm may only be 13 but I wanna go bald. It just looks FABULOUS DARLING! Like qween bald is beautiful.
Tyler Mabweijano
Tyler Mabweijano 3 days ago
You look beautiful no matter what you are wearing.
Gabriella Schultz
I’m wondering if her eyes hurt when she RUBS HER EYES RAWWW
Laisa hh
Laisa hh 3 days ago
Low-key cringing at some of this oml
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl 4 days ago
He complains about putting it on and taking it off then why do you do drag like WHAT
Nora Armenta
Nora Armenta 4 days ago
I never thought he is so handsome with out make up 😍
1GoldRunner 4 days ago
Trixie supports Jeffree Star! Kind of odd how he at least hasn't made a collab video with any drag queens.
simmsquee 5 days ago
*Christopher Lloyd voice* "Gomez, I love Debbie!" Addams Family Values jokes. This. This is why I stan her.
B TR 5 days ago
The song at the intro sounded like stupid love
Ragamucky 5 days ago
What I wanna know is how he manages his facial hair. Like how can he go 2 days in full drag and still have baby soft skin? Does it just grow naturally slowly? What do you do if you’re a drag queen with facial hair that grows more quickly, like for example if you’re prone to a 5 o’clock shadow??
Brooke Craddock
Brooke Craddock 5 days ago
trixei:looks beautiful in drag trixie with out make-up:still looks beautiful :3
Steffie Garcia
Steffie Garcia 6 days ago
Hi guys Support my RUvid Channel Thankyou From Philippines 🇵🇭💋
cara graham
cara graham 6 days ago
You’re so hot without makeup, too!!! 😘
Meghan Narcomey
Meghan Narcomey 6 days ago
“Wigs are prison” 😂😂😂😂
michaiah coakley
michaiah coakley 6 days ago
Man James Charles and Jeffrey star got me good I thought u were a girl
Juli-Hannah 6 days ago
@Hyram needs to review this face routine after removing his drag makeup.
Juli-Hannah 6 days ago
GIRL! Do some clear coats on those green rings lmao prep to drag jewelry sis! 🥰
Benditø 7 days ago
“I’m out of lube” Albolene: *sweats nervously*
Anime Max
Anime Max 7 days ago
Nicky N
Nicky N 7 days ago
The Addams Family reference ! Yasss!
PAUL PENNY 7 days ago
I love you trixyyyyy ur so handsome
Malissa Huff
Malissa Huff 7 days ago
My son starting watching this with me and he goes, the eyelashes make him look like a girl lol
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 8 days ago
I’m sorry but I didn’t know you were a man
Lara Clausen
Lara Clausen 8 days ago
Im so sorry but I'm cringing at the fact that he didn't do a real cleanse after having that much makeup on his face😵 my skin could NEVER
Kerry Barnes
Kerry Barnes 8 days ago
Weird Question: Do you ever feel guilty about the makeup you leave on the hotel's white towels? I do.
Lil butthead
Lil butthead 8 days ago
You are so pretty without makeup!!!
Winston Churchill Churchill
Lisena Bashi
Lisena Bashi 8 days ago
Did anyone notice Jeffre Star's mirror?
Ashh 8 days ago
Bruh, im a girl myself but still, he has the beautiful skin ever.
Weirdo9973 8 days ago
Dude you could go through a pack of wipes in like 3 days
Jacob Shaw
Jacob Shaw 8 days ago
lina make-up artist
No way
Midnight Flower
Midnight Flower 9 days ago
I really love how she isn’t insecure about what her face without makeup. That’s something I love about Trixie.
FINA M 9 days ago
I feel so sorry for that poor face .
Cult of Luna
Cult of Luna 9 days ago
It's actually very relaxing
rany dinda
rany dinda 9 days ago
I love your voice
Lina._ 9 days ago
Eunice Chua Xin Yi
At first I thought she was a girl but it turned out to be a boy and a bald boy!!!!
Nadia S
Nadia S 9 days ago
Omg u r so handsome 🥺
Stephanie Kimbrell
me laying in bed at 1am with my makeup on and no intention of taking it off until i the morning while watching her take her makeup off is a mood
Melissa Haalboom
Melissa Haalboom 9 days ago
*This is in bold*
Harry Humf • 39 years ago
i NEED thag wig
Seheira Richardson
Seheira Richardson 10 days ago
Am I the only person that see that the nose contour is leaning to the left
Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin
Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin 10 days ago
I was literally “What?”
CamronnBabes 10 days ago
Omg is he the only one that hasn’t shaved of there eye brows Lmao
Levi Thompson
Levi Thompson 10 days ago
I love how Trixie Goes from A drag queen to a dad with two kids from Indiana.
Levi Thompson
James White
James White Day ago
A daddy with two kids from Indiana I'm sorry 😂
_Memedud _
_Memedud _ 10 days ago
I’m Roxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear I know you love me bb that’s why you brought me here was a b on season nine I’m here to make it right unlike my comedy I’m killing on this rhyme
Adrian Barbu
Adrian Barbu 11 days ago
They look so weird without wings and just makeup
кундаи масави
Repent whilst there is time
Lennard Neumann
Lennard Neumann 11 days ago
Your face is super cute under the make-up
Freya Gordon
Freya Gordon 11 days ago
I have watched this particular Trixie video 10 times and it never gets old !
Vineetha Jimmy
Vineetha Jimmy 11 days ago
I am so sorry but you look like a joke. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😕😕😕
Maddie Benn
Maddie Benn 11 days ago
I think it is really cool but why did you choose to be a drag queen
Melissa Rew
Melissa Rew 11 days ago
That nose contour, though. Bless her, she tried
Kiy Nihree
Kiy Nihree 11 days ago
The Jeffery star mirror tho love it💓
Cristian Casi
Cristian Casi 11 days ago
Charmaine Rutherford
Why is drag queen removing makeup not a more popular video search? This literally just made my anxiety melt away. I love makeup but skin care is so much better. Please do a 37 step skin care video with Kim Chi. Please please please
Chxrry_Alicia 11 days ago
All i came for is her to take her lashes off
Janelle Halliday
Janelle Halliday 12 days ago
Trixie : you can either go to prison.... or you can wear a wig Me in my head : and Latrice Royale did both, what a queen
DylanSoraya B
DylanSoraya B 12 days ago
Omg you really look so different. Whether you are in drag or not, I think you are wonderul person 🤗✌
Avery Hill
Avery Hill 12 days ago
He he he
Jay and Sha
Jay and Sha 12 days ago
My mom has that Mac make-up wipe
Legaci Ski
Legaci Ski 12 days ago
WAIT what he is sooo good at makeup he takes it off tho
Donna Barr
Donna Barr 12 days ago
Girl! You're adorable!
Isabelle Mae
Isabelle Mae 12 days ago
He(she sometimes) looks like my dad
Jordonna Levin
Jordonna Levin 12 days ago
I really don’t see how these two people are the same omg😭😱
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