Trisha Paytas gone CRAZY! - Jake Paul EXPOSED! #DramaAlert Ray Diaz ARRESTED!

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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 9 379
Cookie Monster
Say the line zombiunicorn
Jack Silcock
Jack Silcock 14 days ago
I hate Ray Diaz’s mother she always lies about the girls
jeppeboe 96
jeppeboe 96 26 days ago
Why can you buy yourself out of jail wtf
OctoSphinx Month ago
What happened to Ray Diaz anyway?
n00bBoi677aj lol
Jake Paul is so cringy
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Month ago
If Jake Paul is your fav son then you need to get checked up.
Orlando Pereira
Orlando Pereira Month ago
8:36 he looks like courage JD
Orlando Pereira
Orlando Pereira Month ago
Rip Logan Paul’s Hamstring
Bryan Cyriel Ramo (Real Account)
Use code KEEM in TVC
Megan’s life
Megan’s life Month ago
When Logan Paul is challenging ppl on ur birthday 😶
Roma Cheshire
Roma Cheshire Month ago
Are you gonna cover Trishas female to male video
Kara Biel
Kara Biel Month ago
Hi I'm a new sub and I freaking love you! The thing I love the most is that you make sure you do your homework on issues before you report on it so I love that you at least have morals 😍🤩
Jimmy Boots
Jimmy Boots 2 months ago
She's so afraid that she makes videos to post online, knowing it will only make him all the more angry? Odd.
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans 2 months ago
Imagine the abuse someone has put you through, the emotional torment and the feeling of not being safe in your own home, is worth just $50,000
Godnotilla 2 months ago
Fuck u fake bitch.
Chile V Rises
Chile V Rises 2 months ago
Not surprised that cunt of a mom is supporting her pedo of a son
LadyTruth 215
LadyTruth 215 2 months ago
Why are Logan and Jake Paul even famous? What is their talent(s)? Being funny is definitely not one of them.
LadyTruth 215
LadyTruth 215 2 months ago
I don't trust people like Angelique who "cry" but no tears come out. I'm not saying she wasn't in a relationship with him. I don't know. But I don't think she is scared of him like her fake crying is protraying.
Jack Silcock
Jack Silcock 2 months ago
Keemstar goes after Ray Diaz’s mother
TRIPLEX_T2URAW 2 months ago
Trisha wants your short fat di*k Keemstar. 🤭😂
Chris Benjamin
Chris Benjamin 2 months ago
What’s with the wood paneling in baby girls video? She hiding in 1974?
DiamondMLGPro 2 months ago
Plain rock is an Asian god
Joanna Garcia
Joanna Garcia 2 months ago
Wait dramaalert do you mean the real real Trisha from David dobriks RUvid videos I’m filming this
Just Pikachu 010
Just Pikachu 010 3 months ago
I never thought Trisha would become even crazier than she was.. Boi was I wrong..
Luis S
Luis S 3 months ago
Omfg that bitch with the fsje ass crying get the fuck out of here
Niko 3 months ago
HIS MAMA IS SICK IN THE HEAD TOO😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I see where he gets it from🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ She is only on his side because of the clout son has money BUT STILL SMACK YOUR KID😑😑😑SMACK SOME SENSE INTO HIM AND YOU!!!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️I'M DONE I'M DONE WITH THIS WORLD I'M DONE
J Elle
J Elle 3 months ago
6:12 his face saying "how romantic" kills me
Ali_ Chxrry
Ali_ Chxrry 3 months ago
Trisha is a little bit crazy and funny but she is a angel
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 3 months ago
Trisha is a methhead who makes really shit p0rn and you make money off her stupidity go you
coolgame danklit
coolgame danklit 3 months ago
I knew Ray Diaz would get out but if this was in Boston he would not have a chance to be bailed out
M E L O N H E A D 3 months ago
He looks so disturbed while doing the interview
Ethen Blackmore
Ethen Blackmore 3 months ago
4:00 while he is using his foot to drive
Awesome Ninja
Awesome Ninja 3 months ago
I keep praying Jake paul gets delted from you tube and the world
[ o b s i d i a n d r e a m e r ]
She made her bed now she's gotta lie in it
TheGamingBoi 3 months ago
the second she brought markiplier into this in my mind it's just like..............so you have chosen death
Rob Antico
Rob Antico 3 months ago
Mmmm Lead- Fuel.
WWE dx fan F L
WWE dx fan F L 3 months ago
Trisha been insane
hajer Traichi
hajer Traichi 3 months ago
If the LAPD is reading this please proctect her with The Military pleaseeeeeeee
SKITTLEZzz 3 months ago
I hate her sooooo much
MacKenzie Hall
MacKenzie Hall 3 months ago
I wish I could just give her a hug
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