Trippie Redd Responds To Eminem's 'Music To Be Murdered By' Mention

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Compared to 2018’s Kamikaze, Eminem went relatively light on people throughout the surprise album Music To Be Murdered By.
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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 2 466
EMdoubleU 6 hours ago
Trippie ain’t 15 and Eminem ain’t 50 so, how was he talking about Em?
Neyu 14 hours ago
" *BEEFING* " LOL ... nothing else to add
Listo Calisto
Listo Calisto 16 hours ago
Trippie red looking like a 30 something crack head what he mean 15 year old 😂😂
Doug Weiss
Doug Weiss 23 hours ago
This is rap, dont matter if your 18 or 60, a grown ass man is a grown ass man. Imagine if eminem pulled that cry baby shit in his younger days when everlast old ass started taking jabs
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones 2 days ago
Trippie Redd is just another whack MC that doesn’t understand HipPop
Ajk Music
Ajk Music 4 days ago
Eminem is on a point that nobody wanna stuck with him and rather flee
LupitaSin21 4 days ago
Trippie Duh just had no comeback end of story. So what did he try and do? He tried to make Em look like a fool for coming at him, which he(trippie) FAILED.
Carla Correia
Carla Correia 6 days ago
Trippie is not 15yrs old he's 21. Shut up and take it you suck
B MoE79
B MoE79 7 days ago
WTF is a Trippie Red...lol
Tina W.
Tina W. 8 days ago
Trippi Who😅
Fuck hater's
Fuck hater's 8 days ago
When people say eminem is old They showing just how immature they are , calling someone old so kindergarten and it's totally dumb Because we are all destined to grow old that's life , Anyway we all know eminem 47 And still killing it , People just hate because eminem is a reflection of what they wish to be jealousy is the route of all evil.
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 8 days ago
Nah trippie red is in his twenties anyway that wasn't a beef line
3A 9 days ago
Beefing? LOL Em put ur name cause it rhyme stfu kid
Frank Eason
Frank Eason 11 days ago
Lol trippie red 21 claiming he 15 wtf
Brutusthebarber Beefcake
He might not do drugs except weed but trippie so high he can't tell what a diss is to save his life. Go sing some more wack love songs corny ass kid. Age should be in his favor not Em's. Could be 90 and if he spits harder then an 18 yr old then age has nothing to do with it. He used ur name as a flow pattern and a way to describe. Don't get ahead of yourself kid
vs666nl 11 days ago
And The 15 a20 year old can not handel the 47 year one
DeadlyColt45 12 days ago
Trippie red is not 15 years old
Zander 12 days ago
Why ain’t trippier redd in the dirt ? Ya I said it !
Limitless JH
Limitless JH 13 days ago
Trippy Redd got charged for allegedly fucking with a 13 year old. He’s definitely older than 15 and Eminem definitely dissed him with the Gill-a-teen line.
NeonBlud 14 days ago
JaysASMR land
JaysASMR land 15 days ago
Erbody Kno EM is the best DISSER, he makes his own raps,diss,songs and just bc he like 47 or sum don't mean he can't pick up a pen and paper and drop down on sum ppl I love Redd yeah I do bc he makes me feel happy when I'm upset wit his music but lying abt yo age claming to be *15* just so sum1 can't drop a diss on u?😂 Omgg I'm just out foe dat
taylor martin
taylor martin 16 days ago
i love trippie to death but what he posted was just stupid. em has ALWAYS name dropped whoever the fuck is relevant. right now, there’s a bunch of young rappers on a shit ton of drugs (though i do think trippie just smokes weed now?) and that’s all eminem was referring to a the trippie line. no beef at all imo. my mans trippie gotta chill
Tony Raw
Tony Raw 17 days ago
Anytime a real grown man put a boy in their place. The thing they do is bring up the age difference. It was just a bar young’n. You’re not even a treat, let alone a thought.
Mera The
Mera The 17 days ago
Trippie doesn't do pills or sip lean... All he does is smoke weed
San freak
San freak 18 days ago
If trippie is 15thn why he smoke cig like he's above 50year
One-punch Jamoo
One-punch Jamoo 18 days ago
If I was Trippie Redd I'd be honoured he mentioned me tbh
Rocari Julien
Rocari Julien 20 days ago
People who say all trippin redd does is rap abt drugs in his songs never listened to his music lol most of his songs are love songs or turn up songs yall oversimplifying his music by a long shot
Philip J. Fry
Philip J. Fry 20 days ago
Trippie Redd: I'm a gangster I'm a blood... - Get's dissed by Eminem. Trippie Redd: I'm 15 years old.
Lil Fret
Lil Fret 20 days ago
Lil Fret is a God
stage powerless:Kanye is losing clout big time, he soft asf, and missing the point. He got a woman who isn worthless now for thenrest of his life he he has to protect some serious bullshit. That sucks.
Maysa 21 day ago
Bitter old heads dont like that rap evolves 😂
Trippy redd wants beef cause thewe two just dropped albums. Its the fact nobody gives a fuck about DD's discounts or The mall that Bobby 's father built. And Barney's is all bad karma if you shop in the wrong estabishment you create a stronghold for all the xurses these wrong on every level individuals have done for themselves.
squid slice
squid slice 21 day ago
no one thought that bar was about joe
Atmospheric Pressure
These young dudes are dying too soon with so much time left on the table. Are we simply raising organ donors?
BigPaPaRu 21 day ago
What is up with 18 - 23 year olds thinking and calling themselves kids? I moved out when I was 16 and stop thinking I was a kid at 14. Damn times have changed
Cody Harper
Cody Harper 22 days ago
Trippie red is 20 years old. That’s how you know he does to many drugs, and is a trash rapper, obviously couldn’t take the slightest bit of smoke, and tried to play a false age card. Coward.
Hoopz Felan
Hoopz Felan 22 days ago
Trippie must have took to much lean, falling asleep emoji mid sentence.
Spriggan v
Spriggan v 22 days ago
Trippie gunna get dropped like a lil beeyatch in London . SW1
Chadi 22 days ago
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a trippie red song
John Smith
John Smith 22 days ago
Hes got a point 😄
Karlos Banditos
Karlos Banditos 22 days ago
Trippie red looks like whoopie goldbergs crackbaby
Nctrnl Mjsty
Nctrnl Mjsty 23 days ago
Cleary about Lord Jamar...
Nicholas Reith
Nicholas Reith 23 days ago
Fools be scared making excuses 😂
Efrain Moreno
Efrain Moreno 23 days ago
New rappers don’t know what they talk about in music.. no one would be better then Eminem
HITMAN LO$T 23 days ago
This trippy red dude is wack
Idropbrownbombz 23 days ago
Trippy Redd is fucking whack anyways so
waffle w
waffle w 23 days ago
Trippie Red is fucking trash lol
Glaring Oddly
Glaring Oddly 23 days ago
Trippie who?
Brant Cobins
Brant Cobins 23 days ago
Funny how he puts that on his Instagram when he was the one who thought he was skilled enough to comment on kamikaze
Dwayne Pierce II
Dwayne Pierce II 23 days ago
Wasn't even a diss
LG lego
LG lego 23 days ago
Who gives a damn its they are both talented rappers if it sounds good bumb it damn
kodi official gaming channel
Nah trippy just doesnt want the smoke that's why there was I peace emoji he duecin out straight outta dodge if your old enough to get tattoos on your face how you gonna bitch about being a teenager and catching smoke
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez 24 days ago
Only preteens/teens/emos/brain dead/drunk/high people listen to this clown. Garbage music for garbage people.
EAT_MY_BOLOZ 24 days ago
The 1
The 1 24 days ago
What else can Trippie say? Cause em clapped his 15 yr old cheeks like the child he is
Ryan Chesnutt
Ryan Chesnutt 24 days ago
Trippie ain’t even anyone... be happy that you even caught a shot. 😂
tylerg1020 24 days ago
This not even a diss on Trippie, seems like a throwaway bar to me to fit the rhyme scheme, there’s not actual diss or reason for him to mention Trippie in that way
TrippyKid Productions
I think T.R. wanna get a diss track made for him
VibeWithYeyson 24 days ago
Trippie is trippin' lol, his name was used as a rhyme scheme bc his he literally does lean and drugs, but he did get called out for being an influence to that shit.
Davito 24 days ago
Dude, this isn't even a diss, Em said plenty of times that if your name rhymes with something he will just write it.
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