Trina Dishes on F-Boys, First Dates, Making Up with French Montana, Her New Album & More

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Trina stops by The Breakfast Club to talk new music, dating, her relationships with Lil' Wayne, making up with French Montana, working with Tory Lanez and much more.

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Jan 18, 2017




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Comments 2 792
Yednekachew Geremew
She just repite one minutes men i.e f boys
Marquis Paige
Marquis Paige 28 days ago
Key 2 months ago
Charlamagne is a creep weirdo.. Trina described a man with principles and mannerisms that the Breakfast Club evidently doesn't possess. Simple gestures like opening doors, pulling out her chair, grabbing her coat, nice walks under the moon; but the problem is these days proper etiquette and courting a woman isn't taught and often frowned upon.. . Crazy
Jay Paul
Jay Paul 2 months ago
God was tryna shoot his shot
Queen Green
Queen Green 3 months ago
She is very honest about her views. I like that. As you get older you should have definite opinions.
ALEX Galarza
ALEX Galarza 4 months ago
Lol I love Trina man
Cindy Santos
Cindy Santos 5 months ago
Trina i love you omg ..she let the God have it ...she so humble luv her
Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones 5 months ago
Trina is so damn beautiful!!! She is hands down the best female rapper period!!!!! Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥 on the 🎤!!!!?!!!
Josiah Osburn
Josiah Osburn 6 months ago
love her energy
reformer6666 8 months ago
Awful hair style.
Ain't never been a fan of Trina but I respect the fact that she has self-worth, morals & values for herself as a woman and she is pretty also.
China Anderson
China Anderson 11 months ago
Love this interview💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾real shit
Dare I Say with Anthony Ray
I swear I hate to admit it but it's true. The man that a woman calls "a good man" gets canceled/friend zoned by the same woman who swears they're LOOKING for a good man. She even said it. That she wasn't attracted to him cause he was "too slow." Cold-blooded world.
Pronounced Van-Knee-uh
She doesn't want a man that have good behavior.
Pronounced Van-Knee-uh
Sorry trina you looking for a billionaire experience with a lower middle class man. She want a REAGULAR billionaire. Its dosen't match.
Londiwe Sishi
Londiwe Sishi Year ago
Love Trina
kiarah No Name
Still trying to see where Trina is mixed? Her lace front is telling us a different story....
Ty4life Year ago
I love Trina...teach them... just cause you know the game...you can step above it. I hope she finds true love one day...someone that treats her like the Black Queen she most definitely is... she got a good head on her shoulder...so deserving of happiness with someone that God sends just for her...all the best Trina! Keep your standards...God will send someone that wants to lovingly meet and exceed those standards in truth, honesty, integrity and a lifetime of committed love...God is perfecting the soul just for you to journey with you ...hold on beloved!
Makaynche alhalibbe Alkhooo
23:31 her face changed so quick when they brought French Montana name lol
Ariahsavage’ Savage
she didn't know what expand your portfolio meant? wow!!!!
Empire Jackson
What if the female is cheating?
Nia Battiste
Nia Battiste Year ago
Love Trina🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kim Broadie
Kim Broadie Year ago
Cygnus can’t break her
Queen Tee
Queen Tee Year ago
Trina is gorgeous
Mark Sorrell
Mark Sorrell Year ago
I didn't know Trina was so cool and down to earth MarkByrdSorrell
Michael Lanaux
Hi Trina sorry for your loss keep ya head up baby
anoutkast291 2 years ago
Wow we have similar perspectives when it comes to things being over. I forgive you and forget you so I can continue being great. No matter how wrong you did me. It wont stop me from living my best life. Yes trina. #it's.a.sagittarius.thing
Curilocs 2 years ago
I stan Trina! Sag gang ♐️
Michael Lanaux
Michael Lanaux 2 years ago
Keep that smile baby love you
Joseph Owusu
Joseph Owusu 2 years ago
Trina is a legend and I like it!
Yedida Benjamin
Yedida Benjamin 2 years ago
The trina interviews are my favorite
Tamika Daniels
Tamika Daniels 2 years ago
I’m waiting on the five.
MIA MINI 2 years ago
Ronnie from players club 🙄😂 I like her style of clothes the sophisticated stuff...she's boujee seems to look down on people that still struggling life's not just about luxury..she loves hearing her self talk
TYE 2 years ago
If trina was Spanish, she'd sound like cardi b
Samantha Mckinney
Samantha Mckinney 2 years ago
Why are they always asking an=bout her dating life and preferences? Why not ask about her career and music
Xcellenceisblk Media
I swear I marry Trina 😍😍
kachumbari 2 years ago
Finger butt what? Y'all digress.
Maxine Carter
Maxine Carter 2 years ago
Yo this first date role play fulfilled Charlamagnes fantasy
He who will avenge
He who will avenge 2 years ago
For a 40 yr old she look young and you niggas saying she need too grow up nigga she ballin more than you and wait till you 40 nigga we’ll see how you feel about yourself
P X 2 years ago
"Cause i like tea" lol
Tyler Francis
Tyler Francis 2 years ago
How can y’all take Trina serious after sis really said ,”conversate”. My girllll 🙄
Tyler Francis
Tyler Francis 2 years ago
Charlemagne is such a fucking perv 😂😏
Mesha Stoney
Mesha Stoney 2 years ago
Charla is soooo funny
Josh Loach
Josh Loach 2 years ago
18:17-18:55 and that's why you can't find a good man Trina
Jbusy Taty
Jbusy Taty 2 years ago
Trina looking so good how those feet looking the???
Matthias Horne
Matthias Horne 2 years ago
Sabelo Trevyn
Sabelo Trevyn 2 years ago
I wish her best and you'll find a loving man
Alesha P Austin
Definitely, she seems really coo'...
Sabelo Trevyn
Sabelo Trevyn 2 years ago
Trina deserves happiness
Londyn mom
Londyn mom 2 years ago
But i love tht she knows her worth .....thts wssp.....and plus shes a Sagittarius tht how they are tbh💯
Joyce Corwell
Joyce Corwell 2 years ago
How trick going to tell woman to up there game an look good he don't look good himself! He can leave that all the way alone
Bree Breezy
Bree Breezy 2 years ago
Fucking love trina😩🥵 my baby forever !!!!’❤️
Will 2 years ago
So meek hit this
Mr Blaze
Mr Blaze 2 years ago
Damn Ma
Itati Uchiha
Itati Uchiha 2 years ago
She has all the colors on..
redCard 2 years ago
I just found out that trina is the girl im looking for all my life....
still-i-rise 305
still-i-rise 305 2 years ago
Trina fine ass
Scorpia of Rose
Scorpia of Rose 2 years ago
Trina is a pickme. Thats why she cant keep a guy. Dont date regular guys, you're a celebrity. I can't believe this. She need to be like her songs for real.
Tamika Daniels
Tamika Daniels 2 years ago
Lol 😂 Charlemagne is a mess! But you have to love him though. My girl TRINA represent.
dhq brandi
dhq brandi 2 years ago
Trina so beautifull
Max Moore
Max Moore 2 years ago
Trick Daddy want a bunch of shit from these bitches when he should fix his whole face
2010cmarie 2 years ago
she must be talking about her gay cousin from love and hip hop...sounds like it
YahudahThe LionKing
My daughters will be watching this interview and my name-sake will be the guys to avoid...😢🙄
central cal
central cal 2 years ago
Trina wearing an out fit inspired by the movie monsters inc.
Olivia Hinton
Olivia Hinton 2 years ago
trina u beautiful baby but this hair AINT IT
Winner 2016
Winner 2016 2 years ago
Ramon Nieves
Ramon Nieves 2 years ago
Trina forever be my wife lol she bad salute to u boo she real and don't play no bull shyt she keep it truthful and she speak how she feels 💯💯💯
Kimbo Phillips
Kimbo Phillips 2 years ago
This generation is Mindless and they have no spine everybody wants to sip lean🤪🤯🤮😰🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez 3 years ago
Daaaaaaaamn Trina is so fine
yaboyshelz 3 years ago
Trina seems so down to earth in real life. She so fine
Kelvin Onos
Kelvin Onos 3 years ago
she has a confrontational voice
Dylan Love
Dylan Love 3 years ago
Trina looks like my cat😼
Mark 3 years ago
I like trina
Michelle Ray
Michelle Ray 3 years ago
Angela and Charlamagne are immature and simple minded. Trina is on 1! She is so cool. And I think like her.
JK White
JK White 3 years ago
She is a sweet girl ..Wish could find a man who is about something and not in her pocket.She needs a family and love..It's getting sad..But need her bags done she look fresh in the face and her beauty will really show.
E one
E one 3 years ago
BrownSugaBabe 3 years ago
Sorry trick daddy you cant talk you looking like a little black Buddha
JusT TheReal
JusT TheReal 3 years ago
She just knows what she wants and knows her worth and she ain't beat for the bullshit
denise taylor
denise taylor 3 years ago
What's an F Boy..she don't speak for me.. dang these low standard women has Trina of all ppl reppin for them
Louis Green
Louis Green 3 years ago
Charlemagne a God bruh,she cut him off an he brought her right back in! She turned way,she turned right back around!
Desreallifelove1 3 years ago
A lot of comments say she sounds mad... seems like she’s just expressing herself passionately. It can’t be easy to be a woman in this industry.
Rubi Roche
Rubi Roche 3 years ago
She has the cutest laugh ever.. never gets old💓💓💓
SlimmSG7 3 years ago
She's stuck in cognitive dissonance, she can't have it both ways, she'll be single for the rest of her life ...
M Tenae Div
M Tenae Div 3 years ago
Cheating don't make a Dude a "fuckboy" At least up North like Chicago, NewYork, or Detroit, any real Woman definition of a "fuckboy " would be a nigga on drugs, or a nigga who don't keep a real job, or a nigga who got a woman he lives with but don't help her with any bills, or a nigga who got kids he don't take care of.
Sweet Simone
Sweet Simone 3 years ago
Maybe she need to stop dating gangstas because if strip club is the only experience that’s not good
Sweet Simone
Sweet Simone 3 years ago
A lil gullible and not that quick witted.
otfnuski otfnuski300
Fgyal lool keep a man for 2 days
Babe29doll 3 years ago
Char acts a certain way with different industry women. I noticed he wasn’t nasty with Nikki or lil Kim 🙄🤔😳Humm he’s an ass
Satonia Smith
Satonia Smith 3 years ago
Ladies, no playing house, if he like it, he'll put a ring on it. #Happy
Lori Williams
Lori Williams 3 years ago
And I stopped liking her when she gave that white girl a pass to say nigga in her wack ass rhymes
Lori Williams
Lori Williams 3 years ago
She be looking a hit ass fucking mess!!! I wish she would get better wigs...
Shameka Monroe
Shameka Monroe 3 years ago
I wonder if she was talking about Bobby Lites. They stayed getting into it on Love and Hip Hop Miami
Aprill Hinton
Aprill Hinton 3 years ago
Ppl ppl. The hate Tho!! Trina god bless you n your grind. Its refreshing to see how completely normal she is. N ppl get up on yall fur. It looks to be Rabbit
Alicia Koshy
Alicia Koshy 3 years ago
I made the world a better place for the best is yet to come...#Lovewins
Obianuju Orjioke
Obianuju Orjioke 3 years ago
She’s so aggressive
Alan Conley
Alan Conley 3 years ago
She look like lil mama
Angelique McDonald
Angelique McDonald 3 years ago
She's pretty
B L 3 years ago
Trina 👌🏽
Tiffy Whip
Tiffy Whip 3 years ago
Trina just never dresses that good
al doe
al doe 3 years ago
trina and rihanna look alike.