Tribe Society - Kings (Official Animated Video)

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Tribe Society - Kings (Animated Version)
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Jun 22, 2015




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Comments 4 159
Vinnie243 13 hours ago
"I close my eyes to see"
EDWARD Day ago
God, this song is so strong and powerful! So bad that these guys left their RUvid :""''(
Projeto_ Pedrukz
Projeto_ Pedrukz 2 days ago
2:41 me an the bois
elena espinoza
elena espinoza 3 days ago
Remember the illuminati is always there
Death• Shadow
Death• Shadow 3 days ago
This is bad
Giraffe 3 days ago
This song sucks. The video is shitty. Just wanted to leave this here.
Ol' Whippersnapper
Fred fred
Fred fred 4 days ago
0.59 is hk police
Douglas Micael
Douglas Micael 4 days ago
Foda !!!
THE ECHO 5 days ago
Глеб Никифоров
lyrics please
Wave Productions
Wave Productions 6 days ago
Illuminati confirmed.
DJ DAVIE D 6 days ago
This sounds like imagine dragons
Ahmet Pala
Ahmet Pala 6 days ago
Me after watched thia video: Imm... It tells something deep.Nevermind lets watch another video.
Awasome 6 days ago
What the Fu...
V5SR 7 days ago
Girl’s sleepover: OMG Shane cheated on Marissa!! Men’s sleepover:
john southerland
john southerland 7 days ago
Me:5×5 Brain: *fat presidents fighting*
Youcheng 7 days ago
0:51 Oh? You're approaching me?
Pitzin Boy
Pitzin Boy 8 days ago
Chile be like: Paco promedio con mentholatum y problemas de ira
Robert Nich
Robert Nich 8 days ago
It's about how capital is King, and in order to gain kingship you need to have a dog eat dog mentality. Ever hear the term capital is King? IRONIC how the Illuminati pyramid flashed green ( like the u.s dollar) at the beginning. The rich devour those below them stomaching their efforts.
Apollo Mars
Apollo Mars 9 days ago
1:36 look at that booty
Nugget Milk
Nugget Milk 7 days ago
Thick thighs save lives
Greed 9 days ago
Ghost - Kenji
Ghost - Kenji 9 days ago
Кой е тук заради Дан - CrafterDazBg
Gon mecri
Gon mecri 10 days ago
Luffy x Karakuri AMV
ProNoob69 PW
ProNoob69 PW 10 days ago
Blu-078 11 days ago
Angel Lyan
Angel Lyan 11 days ago
2020 🇵🇦🇵🇦😎✳️
Mailer 11 days ago
Хорошая идея довести до людей свою ######## чер$з aniмациЮ
magne sjøberg
magne sjøberg 11 days ago
ACTUAL footage of Donald trump winning the election
Butt Monkey
Butt Monkey 12 days ago
Illuminasty c*ntfirmed
Adrian Karney
Adrian Karney 12 days ago
We live in a SOCIETY. Right?
Αναστάσης 13 days ago
Wtf I just watched
Bearded Bear
Bearded Bear 13 days ago
When I first heard this song, I thought this was from Imagine Dragons
KWIRUK THE FIRST 13 days ago
Whats this type of music considered to be? Rock or something?
Angel Zamora
Angel Zamora 14 days ago
This my mother yo oiybxrvftht yyyy voy hay hhy
the dog of hope
the dog of hope 14 days ago
OD-ing is the answer
Hades Beats
Hades Beats 14 days ago
So what do we learn kids? Illuminati good society bad
Galaghula 14 days ago
Jacinta Donald
Jacinta Donald 14 days ago
*I ain't at home, home's where I'm going.* -Every kid leaving school at the end of the day. Also damn, politicians, go brush your teeth they're yellow.
Rowleggs L. Shaybay
@Mihael Kusić lol
Mihael Kusić
Mihael Kusić 12 days ago
British politicians
torterra shadow
torterra shadow 15 days ago
1:35 the power of boners is stronger than propaganda octopus
SAMURAI SAM 15 days ago
Можете объяснить сам смысл клипа, а то чувствую я его не так понял
Marko Marko POOTIS
Marko Marko POOTIS 15 days ago
After I have wacht this I have limited time I spend on RUvid and playing games, I put a limit 2 h for it every day.
Anoymous F
Anoymous F 16 days ago
Wait if you beat a pharaoh are u the best king?
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir 16 days ago
Titan 495
Titan 495 16 days ago
I didn't understand any of this
Doguinho NOOB
Doguinho NOOB 17 days ago
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 17 days ago
Correction hat belts
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 17 days ago
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 17 days ago
Face book photo
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 17 days ago
Hi Alice
Claveanthony Lasconia
Make new and awesome music guys i like it 😈🤘🏻
pArAsick - KNEIV
pArAsick - KNEIV 18 days ago
Daniel Mc
Daniel Mc 19 days ago
Roy Keane
Coconut Ducks
Coconut Ducks 19 days ago
No reference to sheeps 0/10 illuminati points from me
Rose Tsuchiki
Rose Tsuchiki 19 days ago
The message is so deep
Mr. Island
Mr. Island 20 days ago
Me and the bois making plans to escape school be like 0:15
Nah 21 day ago
This song is amazing.
Nitramx 22 days ago
All that bs about being free or not. But the one taking your freedom is noone but yourselfs. Your desires, your chase for money and social status, booze, easy way of life, laziness etc. But hey, lets blame the world or the society and whatnot. Why? Cuz its freaking easier to blame someone else than to look into ourselfs. Cuz you want a 1000$+ phone, 80k+ car and w/e. Why? What for? Blind and ignorant sheeps, thats what we are.
LOUAY TIGER 22 days ago
May the curse of God be upon you O Masons, you will come on the Day of Resurrection and receive your path and your path to hell and the path of peace
MiXanyTui 22 days ago
It's true, our world.
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