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Sending virtual hugs to grandparents around the world with a look at Trevor’s best moments with his grandmother. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Grandma
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Mar 22, 2020




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Comments 80
Hosia Mahlatsi
Hosia Mahlatsi 6 hours ago
Magogo has got the vibe.....
Sicri De La O
Sicri De La O 8 hours ago
What a blessing to be 91 and still have your faculties intact.
Ingrid Phillips
Ingrid Phillips 15 hours ago
What a blessing from God...
jimmy smyth
jimmy smyth 16 hours ago
0:45 seconds to inject race
rockweedgirl 18 hours ago
I suddenly realized that even as i was laughing i was also crying. Amazing
C Williams
C Williams 21 hour ago
I bet when Trevor says, Here, Coco, I want to give you some money...she be like, no baby, keep your lil money and you and lil friends go outside and play now. Seriously, it's my take on why it MAY look like she's living poorly while Trevor is very successful. Yall have to understand grandmothers, especially black grandmother's, and those who are very proud of the success of their grandchildren. Trevor is so fortunate to still have her.
Arnold Greig
Arnold Greig Day ago
Is this grandma in Born A Crime.
Maama Drammeh
Am happy for you having an intelectual grandmother like her.
thegriffin88 Day ago
I love Trevor's grandma! And the stories, we need to document these types of eyewitness accounts. So that we don't forget the past and repeat it.
Debra de Roos
We should all be as grateful as his grandmother.
Xenia Aby Mangli
Xenia Aby Mangli 2 days ago
She ain't lying about the police parts. Till my skinned became pale (genetics) they thought I was adopted😂😂😂😂😂.
Mizzow 108
Mizzow 108 2 days ago
Honestly this is so amazing being with ur Grandma 👵😍wish I had the chance
Cindy Gonzalez
Cindy Gonzalez 2 days ago
That interview was priceless! Trevor Noah your amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Delphine Brooks
Delphine Brooks 2 days ago
I find myself looking at this video at least once a week now for a month now so heart ❤️ warming Treavor Treavor Treavor with a grandmama who’s memory is better than mine your mum was a Boss in a forbidden 🚫 culture nobody could tell her who to love 💕 And since the Swiss do love chocolate what was your poor dad to do!!!! As Ms Patricia was lighting up the room.....A genius was born Wow 🤩!
Jodice Edwards
Jodice Edwards 2 days ago
Trevor needs to make a book of his grandma. Like a daily quotes book.
Ice Queen
Ice Queen 2 days ago
najatch79 2 days ago
amal amal
amal amal 2 days ago
S Yama
S Yama 3 days ago
Obviously he comes from a family of special people. His ngogo makes me celebrate Trevor even more.
"To know there was a time I was once white" Trevor
Kelly O'Brien-Fairley
This is precious. You come from some strong people.
MicAssassinTV 3 days ago
This is amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us Trevor. Grandmother's are the most incredible 👑🖤
Rakib Ahsan
Rakib Ahsan 3 days ago
I miss my grandma :(
Marilyn Martin
Marilyn Martin 3 days ago
This was beautiful to watch. With tears rolling
Yuber70 3 days ago
This woman is Adorable.
labista-telecom android world
trevor grand mums are the best friends u can ever imagine to have in life i miss mine so much am happy for you
Musah Adebayo
Musah Adebayo 4 days ago
May she live long❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dillon Callaway
Dillon Callaway 4 days ago
There’s literally no need for subtitles, I think we can all understand what she’s saying.
Muddy Bootz
Muddy Bootz 4 days ago
Sad to see ur differences. She has lived and not just in years
Mahogany Wings
Mahogany Wings 4 days ago
OMGeee, your grandmother is super cute and hilarious!!! I love her Lol 😄💜
Milgrine Genio
Milgrine Genio 4 days ago
Ousmane channel
Ousmane channel 4 days ago
Watching this made me miss ma grandma it's longtime since i saw her, Trevor your grandmother is wonderful ❤
blazed420rcd 4 days ago
Officially love your coco
Daniel Ifechukwu
Daniel Ifechukwu 4 days ago
A to Z Videos
A to Z Videos 5 days ago
I love you koko. You are full of vibe. Waoo Trevor may God keep her long for you and her loved ones. You are such a great son. God bless you all. ❤️❤️❤️
bernalou damondamon
This is just so wonderful to watch!
amber laremont
amber laremont 5 days ago
I LOVED this! Thank you for sharing your Gran with us.
dahmani shahinaz
dahmani shahinaz 5 days ago
crt cut breast i'm hacker soufiane american hallouya blida
timothy george
timothy george 5 days ago
Trevor Noah u and your grandmother are absolutely wonderful
Life Lionz
Life Lionz 5 days ago
What a sweet story and sweet grandma. You are blessed to still have her. ☺️☺️
Carmenceta Malcolm
I hope you did all you said you would do.😂😂Blessings to your grandmother.
Jo Munianga
Jo Munianga 5 days ago
She is healthy. God bless her
gretch 420
gretch 420 5 days ago
Trevor complains about america a lot. Maybe he should move out, and stay with grandma.
Joyy Haoses
Joyy Haoses 5 days ago
"You were born a crime"😂😂I Love That book❤❤
Jyde Vill
Jyde Vill 5 days ago
How sweet
McCarthy Dolla
McCarthy Dolla 6 days ago
Trevor's grandmother she reminds me of a good old skool jamaican grandmother
Desty Donne
Desty Donne 6 days ago
God bless you thousand time more grandma you & Trevor. I love you
Double D
Double D 6 days ago
This must be where Trevor gets his comic side from 😂😂
Justin Timbers
Justin Timbers 6 days ago
She must be so proud of this piece of Garbage.
Hannah Brumskine
Hannah Brumskine 6 days ago
Only true Africans know about the dstv dish that coco was talking about
Ronald Reed
Ronald Reed 6 days ago
That was very special, thank you Trevor. Your special, you come by it honestly.
Antonuan Manuel
Antonuan Manuel 6 days ago
Trevor, I can watch your grandma all day long and her whistle exclamation gets me blown away.
Kim Byrd
Kim Byrd 6 days ago
Thank you so much Trevor North for sharing your Grand Mother and a part of your culture with us. She is truly a treasure.
Eustace Barrow
Eustace Barrow 6 days ago
prisca mwango
prisca mwango 6 days ago
A beautiful side of you thanks for sharing
modimples70 6 days ago
I love everything about this!❤
Cassandra Echols-Pittman
Their relationship is so beautiful 🥰 I love the way they speak to each other...it’s so soothing...and filled with love🥰
Junene Wallace
Junene Wallace 6 days ago
❤❤❤I love coco. Thank you for giving us a beautiful soul in your grandson. I knew i liked his work for a reason. He was raised by "no defeat" strong women. I enjoyed this interview.
Agnes Dains
Agnes Dains 7 days ago
grandma is still sharp and smart and funny at her age 07022020
Nelson Leeroy
Nelson Leeroy 7 days ago
she's wonderful !
emmanuel sheshi
emmanuel sheshi 7 days ago
In south Africa also no electricity, what is wrong with this continent for God's sake...
Cindy Whitford
Cindy Whitford 7 days ago
His Grandma is so energetic. She is adorable. I am having a hard time seeing her as 91.
Karen Mccollom
Karen Mccollom 7 days ago
This is so special and beautiful. I love your granny.
Kendra Nichole
Kendra Nichole 7 days ago
Her kitchen reminds me of my childhood and my Gan Gan💜 I love this conversation😊
Chelle3918 7 days ago
I love his grandma, I just want to hug her ,💜💜
ray karanja
ray karanja 7 days ago
Reminds me of my grandmother, damn i miss her🖤🙏🏾
Taylor Campbell
Taylor Campbell 7 days ago
Man I'd love to read her book/writings too
I want to grow old like your grandma......In Kenya, kikuyu we call KoKo for CuCu
Diana Tan
Diana Tan 7 days ago
wow! Trevor, you have got your grandma's great smile, Wishing her many more wonderful years ahead!
J Nthigah
J Nthigah 8 days ago
She's adorable with a good memory and answers questions in a wise and smart way.I love her❤
Loopy Lou
Loopy Lou 8 days ago
Precious 💖💖💖 Is that Zulu??
Marlene P
Marlene P 8 days ago
Wow this reminds me of my family, changing from Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana Afrikaans and the passion of how we South Africans speak.been a long time since I’ve been in SA... love your Grandma.
Mpendulo Mamane
Mpendulo Mamane 8 days ago
This gogo is a wholemood. Very intelligent.
Daunette Okoroh
Daunette Okoroh 8 days ago
She is dynamic. Memory intact at her age. Wonderful.
Michelle Tampa, Florida, USA
Heartwarming! Brings back memories of my Grandmother. And yes, the fruit magnets, she had the same ones.
valerie collins
valerie collins 8 days ago
That's amazing... Made my heart smile!
Nice Comment
Nice Comment 8 days ago
Having a grandmother is a blessing for you TREVOR ❤️
Yolanda Fuller
Yolanda Fuller 8 days ago
She is adorable. I can tell how much he reveres and respect his Grandmother. It's so beautiful.
Particle Man
Particle Man 8 days ago
Next video: Trevor interviews his dad. Oops never mind, he's black so he probably doesn't know who his dad is
Blizzyivy beauty
Blizzyivy beauty 8 days ago
This is so amazing 🥰🥰
Dennis Sekwane
Dennis Sekwane 8 days ago
give thanks to your gran
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