Travis Scott - Watch (Official Audio) ft. Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West

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Watch by Travis Scott feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West available at: smarturl.it/WatchTS
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May 3, 2018




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Comments 80
William San Antonio
Why does Travis Scott lowkey sound like a little boi in this
BennyLamp Day ago
I could Larry David was the mind behind Seinfeld
cliff Day ago
gonna come back to this track just for Kanye's part after he becomes President. too good!!
Caio Js
Caio Js Day ago
Algum brasileiro em 2020?
black Jesus
black Jesus Day ago
Take notes boys ✏
Enchanted279 2 days ago
and now we have a man whos running for president on this song
Sahil Jyoti
Sahil Jyoti 2 days ago
pierres tiger roar hit different
IwantMyTGun *
IwantMyTGun * 2 days ago
the guy on the song is running for president now 💀💀
Cicatrix Media
Cicatrix Media 2 days ago
*Adds this song to the astroworld album playlist * =Problem Solvedd...
epic10 3 days ago
nEveR tRuSt a bArTeNdEr tHaT dOnT dRiNk BiTcH
good kid m.a.a.d youtube
lol why you typing in spongebob
Madison Summers
Madison Summers 3 days ago
Kanye ruined the song lowkey but nobody's talking about it
Equabolt 4 days ago
Damn I was still in high school when this dropped 😔 listened to this song almost every day at school after that.
Nick Invincible
Nick Invincible 6 days ago
This song always make me think of retro movies with big foot and kids playing, eating ice cream recorded from an old VHS camera and camping in Montana.
Jaime Quintana Jr.
Bruh how is this already 2 years old
Roishod Smith
Roishod Smith 7 days ago
Been Zion
Been Zion 7 days ago
shoulda been the last track on astroworld instead of butterfly effect and the album woulda did 10x better
good kid m.a.a.d youtube
this would’ve been better than WHO? WHAT? imo
hondureno16 7 days ago
Summer 2018
Can I get a loop of the end of that beat though!? That shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! 3:15
Aaron Bautista
Aaron Bautista 4 days ago
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey 8 days ago
So pissed there was no music video
Sadleft Line
Sadleft Line 9 days ago
The fact this song is underrated still😕
KHBAGG TV 10 days ago
1:23 go so hard
ji jo
ji jo 11 days ago
Watch (Feat. Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert) Travis Scott
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor 12 days ago
Jester 15 days ago
I wish this song made it onto Astroworld.
LilXvertical -
LilXvertical - 15 days ago
Travis has the honour to get uzi and he used him wrong could have used him different and would have blown df up
Steven Neville
Steven Neville 17 days ago
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤩One of the best songs of Travis scott ft Lil uzi vert omg!!
Maiko Senpai
Maiko Senpai 17 days ago
Imma tell my cousin this was Tyler the creator and earl sweatshirt and n’akelle smith
Solias Rodriguez
Solias Rodriguez 18 days ago
I for some reason never get tried of listening to this maybe because my three favorite rappers of all time are in it.
Chris 18 days ago
Kanye easily the best one on this song. Realest part ever.
SquidySaurus Rex
SquidySaurus Rex 18 days ago
taha 19 days ago
Dankasonga Kabengle
Like a bald nigga wearing durags
Dennis Schmelzer
Dennis Schmelzer 20 days ago
1:26 🔥🔥🔥
AJY 20 days ago
Job Opportunist cisco
Who else listening fire in quarantine ?
DarrickTV 21 day ago
This is an amazing collab, since Travis and Uzi are the two biggest children of Kanye. 🔥
Mozart Scott
Mozart Scott 22 days ago
Why didn’t this go number 1?
Cj 22 days ago
Yes 3 yes dad came first yes a god everything known to man duh
Xelafi 23 days ago
Almost 1 year... 6/19/20 coming up🖤👁👌🏾
Big Truss
Big Truss 24 days ago
Its Littt
Akashic Citrus X Æ AE-12
I don’t like this song anymore
venix 24 days ago
@Akashic Citrus X Æ AE-12 fuck u
Akashic Citrus X Æ AE-12
venix follow me on byte @abc asshole
venix 24 days ago
@Akashic Citrus X Æ AE-12 lol your beats are trash
venix 24 days ago
@Akashic Citrus X Æ AE-12 ok boomer
Akashic Citrus X Æ AE-12
venix nobody cares about why you awge robots are always so woke thats why you get slept on
by. rAn
by. rAn 25 days ago
You pierre you wanna come out here
Perla-Michelle Hughes
Wow I just realized that was a roller coaster I thought that was the handle of a katana😅
Joel Mac
Joel Mac 25 days ago
Till this day I still don’t know why this wasn’t on ASTROWORLD
Heavy Papa
Heavy Papa 23 days ago
It was supposed to be but he put Butterfly effect instead
Julian 25 days ago
that fucking frequency in the part of lil uzi annoying af
Caleb Bliss
Caleb Bliss 27 days ago
2:11 😳
Amir Shams
Amir Shams 28 days ago
Anyone else love Travis Scott’s music and beats, they r so unique like the beats of antidote, houdini(unreleased), butterfly effect, goosebumps they r so unique and fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Scarito Burrito
Scarito Burrito 28 days ago
goated song
freame 28 days ago
I miss the days when this came out.
Apatis Productions
Pierre is deadass this generations Dre
Shanetta Hicks
Shanetta Hicks Month ago
Who still rocking this in 2020 and rip Etika 😢❤️
account Month ago
this really should've been on astroworld...
Pbot9 Month ago
Petition for Kanye and Travis to have a collab album
Randy Worby
Randy Worby Month ago
This is seriously one of the best beats I've ever heard and all the artists flow so well on it. Masterpiece of a song
y0 Chill
y0 Chill 6 days ago
Thank pierre
GALAXY Pho3n1xッ
The only song that the Fortnite kid doesn't know.
Hernan Perez
Hernan Perez Month ago
I just bought an iced out Rolex presidential just because of this song
Aaron Bautista
Aaron Bautista Month ago
Hernan Perez stop the cap 🧢
Ryder Stevens
Ryder Stevens Month ago
kanye’s part sucked ass
Nicolas Alexander
Pierre killed this beat!
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz Month ago
Pi'erre Pi'erre!!!
Reza sam
Reza sam Month ago
Check this ruvid.net/video/video-0_QpgEgyLUI.html
OxyType Lyrics
OxyType Lyrics Month ago
Chek this out ruvid.net/video/video-0_QpgEgyLUI.html
Batinator 28
Batinator 28 Month ago
quarantine anyone
Lust El Dior
Lust El Dior Month ago
Kanye West verse trash
Lust El Dior
Lust El Dior 6 days ago
PLUS MANE go play fortnite and cry
Ret - Na
Ret - Na 10 days ago
@PLUS MANE I think its jus like sonically trash , like it dont fit in w the rest of the tracc yk ?
PLUS MANE 12 days ago
Lust El Dior your life is trash
Lust El Dior
Lust El Dior 12 days ago
LIL PLUS still trash rofl
PLUS MANE Month ago
And that’s how we know you didn’t pay attention to the verse it’s sad not trash
Zoovy86 Month ago
This gives me ps and qs vibes mixed whit Stargazing
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen Month ago
travis ad lib in this one is crazy
dre turner
dre turner Month ago
Underrated asf idc
Laney K
Laney K Month ago
Why isn’t there a music video 😩
Aaron Bautista
Aaron Bautista Month ago
Laney K because it’s not on a album and it wasn’t popping
lil gucci
lil gucci Month ago
fuck man this song makes me feel fucked inside
Giancarlos Month ago
need another travis and uzi collab
Izai ah
Izai ah Month ago
Damn 2 years ago Travis dropped one of his most underappreciated songs ever
Equabolt 4 days ago
That’s why this song is so good, not everyone knows about it and it’s amazing (:
s k
s k 8 days ago
@Erick Monzon how did i miss out a song with kanye, lil uzi and travis, one of my favourite rappers??
Erick Monzon
Erick Monzon 10 days ago
s k same bruh im not even a fan like that, but this A banger !
s k
s k 10 days ago
bruh just discovered this today....
Mcmikey 1108
Mcmikey 1108 Month ago
Who still here 2020
Gonçalo Reis
Gonçalo Reis Month ago
Never trust a bartender that don’t drink bitch. GENIUS period.
Ørigins ❹ ❷ ⓿
Imagine Kanye and Uzi on a song today
Sahil Jyoti
Sahil Jyoti Month ago
yo pi’erre !!
Jj Louis
Jj Louis Month ago
When you realize the song gets even better at 3:18 🔥
XXXREXX XX Month ago
I did not know the angry birds were in this song
L A W D Month ago
Pi'erre Bourne
Elliot Manuel
Elliot Manuel Month ago
This song🔥🔥🔥
Sas Sav
Sas Sav Month ago
Im imagine if this song came out today with an official video..that would surpass any other song that year
When everyone does their part in the group project
ethan 3 days ago
@ScAnDeLeZ how does it not fit, kanye snapped, pi'erre snapped, uzi snapped, travis snapped and mike dean did too... whats the issue?
ScAnDeLeZ 1) I didn’t steal a comment, this is a well known fucking phrase 2) how does it not fit, are u stupid?
ScAnDeLeZ 13 days ago
You tried to steal a comment that doesn’t even fit??
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