Travis Scott - Watch (Official Audio) ft. Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West

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Watch by Travis Scott feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Kanye West available at: smarturl.it/WatchTS
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May 4, 2018




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G L 3 hours ago
My rumbling theme. - Eren Yeager
Big Smoke's Records
i love it
Kuya Anthony
Kuya Anthony Day ago
holy shit time flies... watch, next time i wonder how old this song is it’ll probably hit the 2 year mark
Campos 3 days ago
OG MARS HAL 3 days ago
Astroworld 2020
ItsTidyy 3 days ago
Why the fuck is nobody talking about the very end where the heaven synths are those are DOPEEE mike dean pulled off on this one.
Venom R4G3
Venom R4G3 3 days ago
check this out ruvid.net/video/video-80NvwmxwtB0.html
Samir 6 days ago
Never trust a bartender that don’t drink bitch
Nicolas Richard-Fortier
Travis, Uzi and Playboi should make a collab album
FAZE TREVOR 10 days ago
Who can see my rolly
jaden mercado
jaden mercado 10 days ago
Oprah Of Beats
Oprah Of Beats 12 days ago
Met her at 10 getting my sucked by 10:10***
ZeroZe 12 days ago
"Never trust a bartender who don't drink, that bitch." #Z genius lulz.
streetbeds 13 days ago
This song is supposed to be in a album like Days Before Astroworld
First Fifa
First Fifa 4 hours ago
streetbeds Nah 🅱️ Days After Astroworld because of the intro
AldenG 13 days ago
Yung Rich
Yung Rich 14 days ago
3 of the best rappers in history in one song
Banyeet Gabriel
Banyeet Gabriel 14 days ago
Who else gets chills when travis goes “wooooaaaaaaah”
AldenG 14 days ago
I could listen to it on replay at least 20 times.
okie dokie
okie dokie 15 days ago
How do you think Kanye and Uzi looked at each other in the studio?
WILLIE PAJAMAS 16 days ago
Arnold Show
Arnold Show 17 days ago
Never trust a bartender that don't drink -Ye
GamePlayerDude ThE1
What’s this song even about
ms ns
ms ns 19 days ago
how the boys be rapping in the cafeteria
carisma 20 days ago
This reminds me of season 4 fortnite lmao
Austin Burcham04
Austin Burcham04 20 days ago
i love kayne but take him off this it would b raw
Michael Chavarria
Michael Chavarria 12 days ago
Austin Burcham04 Kanye killed it
Richie Harrison
Richie Harrison 20 days ago
My shit hockey goalie 💯
Troy Horsley Jr
Troy Horsley Jr 20 days ago
gii.0 vids
gii.0 vids 20 days ago
Made a music video for this song if y'all wanna go check it out :)
This is ☺ This is😤
MemeMachine. 21 day ago
oscar rubio
oscar rubio 21 day ago
Vincent L
Vincent L 22 days ago
95% "Why isn't this on Astroworld?" 4% "Rest in peace Etika" 1% Other shit
Crewzader 23 days ago
who else forgot about this song
Woke Dizzy
Woke Dizzy 23 days ago
Colin 24 days ago
[Intro: O'Shaughnessy Hartley & Lil Uzi Vert] …because it's the last ride ever gonna That I'm ever gonna take at AstroWorld Woah, woah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus: Lil Uzi Vert] Look at your Rollie, uh, look at my Rollie, uh That's a small face, uh, this a big face, uh She can't see my room, fuck her in the hallway Gettin' bored with this money, count it all day [Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert] Yeah, they thought we were soft, boy, you learned the hard way Not with all the talkin', turned it to a closed case Look, bullets got duller, and it's vanilla All white, that Plain Jane, yeah The rose gold one better, hundred or better I took the money and flooded my bezel You diamond to rock, computed the settin' VVS diamonds, they pop just like kettle I popped a molly to get on my level Rockin' that Ricky and Raf, here my sweater Yeah, Patek Philippe, it cloudy like Heaven Met her at 10, fucked that girl at 11 Fake diamonds in your Rollie, how you reckon? Diamond tester, nigga, you better check it, yeah [Chorus: Travis Scott] Look at your Rollie, uh, look at my Rollie, uh That's a small face, uh, this a big face, uh She can't see my room, fuck her in the hallway (yeah) Gettin' bored with this money, count it all day [Verse 2: Travis Scott] On the south side of town gettin' me a bald fade (yeah) Pass her some stuff, we can down it all, take (it's lit) No, can't trust her, she gon' leave us all laced (laced) Bust a bankroll in the club, where's Chase? (yeah, yeah, yeah) Like woah (yeah, yeah, alright) Yeah, they really want my soul (yeah), that can never go (straight up) Angel in the snow (white), always leave me cold (ice) Leave it on the floor (what?), but she's slidin' from the pole Like woah (yeah, yeah, yeah) Really on speed (yeah, cash), you and ivory is all I need (skrrt, skrrt) All agreed, we gon' skip the tees, go bare like trees (trees) It's stuck in heat, link up with the dawgs and then we flee Way this summer goin', I might start my summer league (league) Every young nigga get a check and get a team Yeah, man's on the front line 'cause man's on his deen (yeah) No small faces, it's just an AP beamin' (yeah, yeah) [Chorus: Travis Scott & Lil Uzi Vert] Look at your Rollie, uh, look at my Rollie, uh That's a small face, uh, this a big face, uh She can't see my room, fuck her in the hallway (yeah) Gettin' bored with this money, count it all day [Bridge: Kanye West] Look at my Rollie, look at your Rollie Your shit rockless, my shit hockey goalie You should gon' hide it, man, it's too bad Like a bald nigga still wearin' du-rags, ha [Verse 3: Kanye West] Israeli guards, boy, please be mindful Don't have words with me 'cause I got a mind filled I could tell Larry David was the mind behind Seinfeld Wanna know how I feel? Step into my minefield Wanna know how pain feels? I got off my main pills Bet my wifey stay close, she know I'm on my Bezos Opioid addiction, pharmacy's the real trap Sometimes I feel trapped, Jordan with no Phil Jack One year, it's Illuminati; next year, it's the Sunken Place They don't want me to change, nah, nigga run in place I need someone else to make this drink, because You don't understand the juice to vodka ratio That could satisfy a real drunk, guess what? Never trust a bartender that don't drink, bitch [Outro: Kylie Jenner] We have bust down Rollies, bust down Piguets And I told him I needed him to bust down our new baby
anthony tabares
anthony tabares 26 days ago
This should of been on Astro world 🔥🔥
cassie xoxo
cassie xoxo Month ago
XXX_Dal Month ago
Me: look at ur rollie My friend: its not a rollie Me:pulls up sleeve My watch: BLINGG My friend:THE LIGHT IS TO STRONG
Sterlo Month ago
morocco is my life
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