Travis Scott - HIGHEST IN THE ROOM (Official Music Video)

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OFFICIAL STORE: shop.travisscott.com/
Directed by Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
Produced by Nathan Scherrer, Randy Donaldson, Sam Lecca
Production company: Freenjoy
Travis Scott online:
(c) 2019 Epic Records/Sony. With Cactus Jack.


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Oct 4, 2019




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Comments 71 595
Ugh Hour ago
Who’s here before 100 mil
Eatmyclipzx -_-
Litttt Travis the goat 🐐
DEMGEL Hour ago
i'm fapping in the room
Vinih Velioz
Vinih Velioz Hour ago
decaf gamer
decaf gamer Hour ago
أين القافلة؟؟
Zana Ormani
Zana Ormani Hour ago
الولد دا سرق اغنية بارري تيوب XD
The Niokk
The Niokk Hour ago
Briseida Bahena
Briseida Bahena
ριzzα zєяѕтöяєя
25% money 25% thots 25% drugs 25% travis 0% bad
g1us3 _00
g1us3 _00 2 hours ago
Is fantastic
Lara Maue
Lara Maue 2 hours ago
The drunkest in the room more like.
donut xd
donut xd 2 hours ago
That was lit
Emmanuel Martin
Emmanuel Martin 2 hours ago
Whoelse likes the ending of the song wit that violin shit
Jst Karyn
Jst Karyn 2 hours ago
I almost didn't make it to the end that white tounge took me out lol This my shit tho
Grey Questions
Grey Questions 2 hours ago
Remember kids , Eve took the apple from the tree not Adam .
Jean François Malatynski
84 billy the kid
Spodi4Real 3 hours ago
trending 1
trending 1 3 hours ago
#القافلة شققللححح
Yunus emre Tepe
Yunus emre Tepe 3 hours ago
the worl best
thastuke 1
thastuke 1 3 hours ago
Tripped balls to this shit
Hassi Chaudhary
Hassi Chaudhary 3 hours ago
"You say you love me , don't you lie" Hits
PugioChannelOfficial TM
Mi dispiace per ciò che ha fatto giordana a xfactor
Edward Lopez
Edward Lopez 3 hours ago
Fuck my life and the trash outside
xVaNTicZz - Clan
xVaNTicZz - Clan 3 hours ago
Nice is the only word what i can say to this pretty music
Ronnie Monroe
Ronnie Monroe 4 hours ago
this remind me of the mind flayer in stranger things
E Priest
E Priest 4 hours ago
Zateb is a real one for inspiring him
ოტტႶliႺႬႠ ჯჯჯ
This is the italian comment what do you want.
PotOfGold Seeker
PotOfGold Seeker 4 hours ago
My recommended is so shady. Sicko mode comes up right after this song
Pilot Amiir
Pilot Amiir 4 hours ago
War faracD baa ku taageera
11AmirDacic11 4 hours ago
Snitch9ine be like We about to Snitch em in the room
Julio Gabriel
Julio Gabriel 5 hours ago
The best part of the Song 2:16
Ibrahim Abubacker
Ibrahim Abubacker 5 hours ago
Me getting pushed in the metro at peak hour 0:41
Forest R325
Forest R325 5 hours ago
Krl Rdhn
Krl Rdhn 5 hours ago
" I'm the highest in the room" - Joker 2019
Kamarious Antonio Temple
0:15-0:21 I felt that part for some reason
غانم عيد الشمري .
ايين الللقافللةةة لايك . ،، ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Master Game Over
Master Game Over 6 hours ago
القافلة 👌👌👌😈👓👓
WedgePee 6 hours ago
A UK #2. I wouldn't say Mr Jacques Webster is famous for being famous, but his now ex-girlfriend definitely is. Drake, Post Malone, and now this fucker. What have I got to say? Low bass, monotonous chanting with an ocean of Auto-Tune on top, and a GOD. DAMN. TRAP. BEAT!!!! This is the worst #2 this year. Rockstar, 7 Rings, God's Plan and other atrocities of this ilk should be sent to the furnace, never to be heard again. To quote fellow RUvidr MrRyeb, "The last thirty seconds is actually the best part of the song." And I agree, because it' means you'll soon emerge from the Valley of Death that is this atrocity. 1.1/10 ("Unbearable")
King Chino
King Chino 6 hours ago
Flow is good , Travis never disappoints 👌🏽
idk idk
idk idk 6 hours ago
Gay porn daddy
Forest R325
Forest R325 5 hours ago
Madeline Victoria
Madeline Victoria 7 hours ago
Is that Kylie in the sky at the end
Harmony Gn
Harmony Gn 7 hours ago
Travis Scott: "I'm the highest in the room" Snoop Dogg: "You sure about that?"
S L A Y 7 hours ago
Did you know that his real name is Jaques Berman Webster || Just letting you know ._.
Angelo Lim
Angelo Lim 7 hours ago
when im with you i feel alive.
Fifa Inter P7
Fifa Inter P7 7 hours ago
Lançou a braba
Ceil Phantom
Ceil Phantom 7 hours ago
this is suck!!
thanos dallas
thanos dallas 7 hours ago
this is fucking the song of the year !!!!!!!!!!
Derrick Wright
Derrick Wright 7 hours ago
I love this video that was made by Travis Scott.
Harper Huynh
Harper Huynh 7 hours ago
Harper Huynh
Harper Huynh 7 hours ago
Harper Huynh
Harper Huynh 7 hours ago
a a a
Harper Huynh
Harper Huynh 7 hours ago
Harper Huynh
Harper Huynh 7 hours ago
a a
Sinan Yilmaz
Sinan Yilmaz 7 hours ago
SICKO MODE ANTIDOTE TRAP REMIX !!! ruvid.net/video/video-r-OftocC7lg.html
Struckbull 10
Struckbull 10 7 hours ago
In te aiest in de rum
strawberry satori
strawberry satori 7 hours ago
who else smokin?????
Indo 8 hours ago
Travis: I'm the highest in the room Snoop Dogg: Am I a joke to you?
Claurentiu 8 hours ago
"Im the highest in the room" The one 5'0 feet friend...
Munkh dulguun
Munkh dulguun 8 hours ago
kylejnnr this men see
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