TRASH or PASS! Juice WRLD ft Marshmello ( Come and Go ) [REACTION!!!]

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#FireSquad Was that a Trash or Pass?
Song - Juice WRLD ft Marshmello ( Come and Go )
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Jul 9, 2020




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Comments 100
Marshmello 4 months ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️ #LLJW 🕊
Megan Houser
Megan Houser 2 days ago
Megan Houser
Megan Houser 2 days ago
Nikkoman 11
Nikkoman 11 5 days ago
Man u got some sick beat marshmello
Ali NTAK _ LRAQ 8 days ago
Yo goop men ... ⭐💰🌎👆🔂
Im Vercury
Im Vercury 8 days ago
Jacobo Bernal
Jacobo Bernal 8 hours ago
He should have watched the music vid, cuz it makes it 10x better , it was lit AF.
SnipZ 8
SnipZ 8 Day ago
RIP another legend gone but never forgotten.
Marcus Calderas
RIP sad juice wrld
BearDown 4Ever
BearDown 4Ever 2 days ago
Mentions of God in any song... Fulfills my day!🐐🙏🔥
Masharion 3 days ago
I knew about this song before. But who also heard this song on The fortinite radio and nba2k21 next gen? I already knew the song im just askin
Jaden Bozek
Jaden Bozek 3 days ago
Did he hella say juice wrld be killing shit now if your brain is as much fucked up as mine is then you will know what I mean (also I’m not tryna be a asshole I’m just saying it sounded a lil weird 😂)
Kevin Dowling
Kevin Dowling 3 days ago
Best song ever
xd SafwanBoi
xd SafwanBoi 3 days ago
You know when you see "Marshmello X Juice Wrld" Iss gonna be a hit the size of godzilla
apexkooler 4 days ago
Tsering Lhaskyab Skitchan
Hey...Bruh...React To His Songs 👇 F8L (Fatal) his Album ( Franky Tape) Indian Rapper ..he got some Crazy Flows 🔥🔥😁👍🙏
Robert Green
Robert Green 5 days ago
Y'all dumb Juice WRLD ain't dead he in the bahamas
Leo Corza
Leo Corza 6 days ago
😍😘😗😙😚❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛💜🖤💝💞💟❣💌📯🎷🥁🎻🎺🎹🎙🎤📰a love it
davan Poitier
davan Poitier 6 days ago
Rip juice wrld
Noah Bailey
Noah Bailey 7 days ago
the head bopping will never get old lol
Shiloh Jenkins
Shiloh Jenkins 8 days ago
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore 10 days ago
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore 10 days ago
RIP juice WRLD
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore 10 days ago
His name won’t be forgotten. @ 🕊❤️
QuantumJuice 11 days ago
I know this will probably get lost in the comments but you gotta listen to the songs I Love You. by Kaivon and In Love With Nobody by Jackal in that order. Both are fire songs and will blow your mind with headphones.
the king I.k
the king I.k 11 days ago
Rip jw 999
ME123 11 days ago
Lol 3:10, this dude going in. 😂
Melo Thom
Melo Thom 12 days ago
Evan Wagner
Evan Wagner 13 days ago
Imagine seeing this song at a concert... I just got chills
Jacob Maldonado
Jacob Maldonado 14 days ago
React to ynw melly ft juice wrld suicidal
Jazmin Mtz
Jazmin Mtz 15 days ago
When you can't handle a song like that you make a face 😁😁😁😁😁😁
jordan battle
jordan battle 16 days ago
Juice world is the best rapper
Maximus Smestad
Maximus Smestad 19 days ago
raha1277 20 days ago
Marsh is fire
Jayden Slinn
Jayden Slinn 20 days ago
is his face ok
vZ Foxy
vZ Foxy 21 day ago
Yo suicideboys is apart of the hip hop community
Rachelle McGowan
Rachelle McGowan 21 day ago
come and go is my fravit song
Maxwell Knowlton
Maxwell Knowlton 22 days ago
New to the channel but already live you and the vids
TSolid_Yasser YT
TSolid_Yasser YT 23 days ago
Xavier Dyer - STLAU Student
Yo that was fire pass
Your Mom’s Best Friend
My friends: Ayo who farted Me: My dumbass looking around knowing it was me 5:27
Roses 15 days ago
Bro stfu
Hunner Yames
Hunner Yames 27 days ago
He should react to The Kid Laroi’s new song “So done”
Bryson Donovan
Bryson Donovan 27 days ago
5:27 is the best part
EasymackYT 28 days ago
When he paused it i whent crazy
digijams Month ago
I am 54 years old and I dropped this tune on my son, love the blend of guitars in the beat during the chorus. Cool channel, going to sub.
CYRUS ILAG Month ago
Anthony Givens
Anthony Givens Month ago
That way by lil uzi vert 🤷🏽😁
Cliz Month ago
When he said stay strong baby life is short #999
Iker Chavez
Iker Chavez Month ago
i cant i am going to cry cause he did not live that long rip i love you juice
Tyler Month ago
The drums def did come out of heaven! 😂
Klip ETG
Klip ETG Month ago
Sad song, big smile, i'm confused.
NicLovine Month ago
This hits hard
signature layed back yea i be spittin dat creek shiiiit
CoopRL Month ago
gotta ball now two
Listen to it BASS BOOSTED
mina xu
mina xu Month ago
O_Chilvers 69
O_Chilvers 69 Month ago
Ngl the song was just ok, juice was good but I felt like Marshmallow ruin the entire song
carti Month ago
Well that was the most staged video ever just look at his face here ▶️3:47 dont tell me thats fake. Like so others can see please!
edwcrc Month ago
Hate the other side
Jimyah Williams
Jimyah Williams Month ago
PASS this is such a good song like .....
M VC Month ago
Bro you need to make a video about the new album 21 just dropped, that shits fire
kale bald
kale bald Month ago
this is my fav song by far
Toxicity_mayes Month ago
Ya Boi Slameye
Ya Boi Slameye Month ago
2:30 My man had a seizure wtf
Java23 Month ago
Prob one of my fav song
Gabriel Gillespie
I can tell that he loves music no matter what he has his type but likes most music and that’s a good thing
Slipzy Month ago
why does he just shake his head the entire vid lol
Hillzy87 26 days ago
Its a banger,thats why
Java23 Month ago
Bc he vibing bro 😂😎
Shadow Attack
Shadow Attack Month ago
You should react to middle child by p&b rock and xxxtentacion
Carter Beck
Carter Beck Month ago
Ou suck ou sucka you belong trash can
Dis kid Is spooky
#LLJW ❤❤
Crazy Dave
Crazy Dave Month ago
Checkout life of Palos
jd 18 Jorden
jd 18 Jorden Month ago
That was fire bro
EothfixYT Month ago
RIP juice wrld man this decade is the best rappers passing away #LLJW
Young Don The Sauce God
u look like kobe a little ngl
Lucid Month ago
Felt that “damn it”
Brian Lampereur-Fearson
can u plz do marshmello new song its so good no joke
Carmel Drzl3
Carmel Drzl3 Month ago
#LLJW 999
Mateo Lloyd
Mateo Lloyd Month ago
Convinced he is my dad
imirish Month ago
This was uploaded on my birthday
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin Month ago
Rip juice 999 club for life
999 Esary
999 Esary Month ago
Man I miss juice
Jade Kober
Jade Kober Month ago
How can anyone hate this song?!?!? #999forever #LLJW
Muneer Hamedi
Muneer Hamedi Month ago
its a pass name one song of juice that sux 10/10
WieruX Month ago
Official Clean Music
2:04 Man really called it lmaoo
[X]Nightmare Month ago
love marshmello
Philip Ahkinga
Philip Ahkinga Month ago
i mostly like the instrumental
galaxyIOK1 Month ago
5:20 me when mom makes pizza rolls 😂
Baills Month ago
I would never sleep on Marshmello I have a bed for sleeping
KahziFishyBtw Month ago
When the beat was about to drop it looked like you shit or self
Patrick Soares
Patrick Soares Month ago
Kalum Marangio
Kalum Marangio Month ago
he called it 2:04 lol
Night Wolf
Night Wolf Month ago
Juice WRLD and Marshmello come and go so good bro
Big T 200
Big T 200 Month ago
Yo stop cursing
Nick pranger
Nick pranger 2 months ago
You should do I’ll be fine by juice
Terri Sullivan
Terri Sullivan 2 months ago
This song has changed everything for me. I will never forget you Juice WRLD
Joshua Knox
Joshua Knox 2 months ago
Wouldn’t it be trash or cash, or something or pass. Because pass means bad, and trash means bad sooo....
LeiLa'z Life
LeiLa'z Life 2 months ago
R.I.P Juicy WRLD😔😢😭😭
Zach Chbihi
Zach Chbihi 2 months ago
This song has to go down as one of the best in history
Aldo Y Ramirez Ramirez
This song is fire rip juice wrld
cdog 8375
cdog 8375 2 months ago
He called the beat drop love the beats Marshmello
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh 2 months ago
This song deserves No1 spot. One of the best song I've heard recently. Both are legends. Much love to Marshmello and juice. RIP juice .
Isaac McLaughlin
Isaac McLaughlin 2 months ago
2:56 was edited
Revival Arsenn
Revival Arsenn 2 months ago
I love how into the song he his. He is so focused, and just enjoying the song.
EmbassyNerdcore 2 months ago
This track is what Lil Wayne was trying to do back in the day, put some rock music in the rap
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