TRASH or PASS! Juice WRLD ft Halsey ( Life's A Mess ) [REACTION!!!]

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#FireSquad Was that a Trash or Pass?
Song - Juice WRLD ft Halsey ( Life's A Mess )
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Jul 6, 2020




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Comments 100
LayedBakDFR 6 months ago
Here’s the link to the Patreon for request and Merch discount 🔥🔥🤘🏽-> patreon.com/Layedbakdfr ‪
GEG Month ago
Man juice wrld was an inspiration for me so it was only right that I made this for him m.ruvid.net/video/video-A5bKopfz0Jo.html 🥺
Arkhalis 2 months ago
Br0wnch33s3 3 months ago
@christian douglass is it good?
rylan oneill
rylan oneill 6 months ago
Jaydyn Woodall he needs to just do one video listening to the album with trash or pass. imagine 🤯.
Jaydyn Woodall
Jaydyn Woodall 6 months ago
Friday is the final album he worked on rip
Lil MOHAMMED 23 hours ago
*RIP* 💔
Marcus Jay
Marcus Jay Day ago
Everytime I hear his music I tear up
KryxPlayz Day ago
Nobody: LayedBakDFR: CAT BOP
KryxPlayz Day ago
Nobody: LayedBakDFR: CAT BOP
Gabas #8
Gabas #8 4 days ago
i still can't believe juice wrld died bro whyyy
Isn’t trash or pass the Sam thing tho?
Tinybeast2 9 days ago
He brah that's a pass! I'm big fan
Gailengshinlu Panmei
listening 2 dis song , make thinks us lifes a mess , rip juice
Ponyo The God
Ponyo The God 11 days ago
Halsey’s voice in this song is beautiful
Majay The Planet
Majay The Planet 12 days ago
Bro the uglier yo face is, the better the song I swear to god bro 😂😂😂
Brandon 15 days ago
RekYhu -
RekYhu - 17 days ago
Bru I keep coming back I might as well just sub alrwst today's the day💀
Sprays. 18 days ago
my great grandfather told my grandpa about Frank Sinatra my grandpa told my dad about Elvis Presley my dad told me about Eminem and my kid will know who Juice WRLD is like for sure
Jaden S.
Jaden S. 18 days ago
this is my fav juice song
LAZER CUFF 20 days ago
Juice made another generation of rap j
Hokage Spade
Hokage Spade 25 days ago
Is it me but is all the songs that he reacted to by juice wrld was a pass. Bc lets be real juice wrld doesn't know how to make a bad song
Daniel Coffey
Daniel Coffey 25 days ago
fire extinguisher had me crying
Alex Gutierrez
Alex Gutierrez 29 days ago
I cant wait till he says "be you, be true in 2022!"
WildNation 1
WildNation 1 29 days ago
Who else would like that art piece chilling in there room
0b3da Month ago
I just watched the whole JUICE WRLD song u react man
XI IPS 24 Muhammad Patryandika
Beautiful song ever
Azekx Month ago
One of his best songs
Average Channel
Average Channel Month ago
Halsey's voice is fr beautiful
Sakib Faiyaz
Sakib Faiyaz Month ago
Dalson McConville
3:45 I carved that into my dresser at my dads after I got kicked out, and dumped in the same day.
Jordan Green
Jordan Green Month ago
you should react to nuke town by ski mask and juice !!!!
Desire Month ago
RIP juice already been a year
Gecko Games
Gecko Games Month ago
Its funny how you vibing XD
Arhkay Month ago
iiAbbie227ii Month ago
Can we just apreciate the guy that took all that time to paint all those paintings for all the visualizers hes been in for Juice. Absolutely outstanding. That guy has pure talent.
Simon Banda
Simon Banda Month ago
Check out blood on my jeans by juice
Simon Banda
Simon Banda Month ago
Definitely a pass...
Juan Peso loco
Juan Peso loco Month ago
Do without me by Halsey and juice
Dexter Cedrick
Dexter Cedrick Month ago
React to all girls are the same or starstruck
Christian Diaz
Christian Diaz Month ago
Bruh said that’s the fire extinguisher 😂😂
Anthony Grillone
Jordan Carvell
Jordan Carvell 2 months ago
Day 5 of asking for Kembe x - back at it
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams 2 months ago
Do dark place by juice wrld
Sliixzy 2 months ago
I watch alot of reaction videos and i have to say layedbak is my favorite. He doesnt talk forever he doesnt pause a million times. Keep doing ya thing king
GNR fears
GNR fears 2 months ago
Also them headphones tho what type of headphones are those
Gabriel Maioha
Gabriel Maioha 2 months ago
dude, the face that he does when starts the beat its incredible 2:16
Dylan Weitzel
Dylan Weitzel 2 months ago
Fire extinguisher 🔥😂
Nicholaus Parijs
Nicholaus Parijs 2 months ago
Maaan i been listening to all of your videos lately and I hope you have more juicewrld reactions other than the Playlist cause he has SOOO many 🔥 hits
EliteSpartnOPS1 2 months ago
girl: hey whats that red thing on the wall? me: 2:32
some guy
some guy 2 months ago
His voice was so beautiful man, we really lost a goat, rip
Jerry Fernandez
Jerry Fernandez 2 months ago
Juice was his own artist I wasn't sure about his music for a long time. But after the 3rd time I finally got his vibe and everything changed
Gerardo Herrera
Gerardo Herrera 2 months ago
Please react to without me Halsey remix with juice Wrld
Bye HI
Bye HI 2 months ago
I’m glad he fucks with juice wrld as much as I do 💪🏽
Loyal 2 months ago
The lyrics to this song are beautiful, great message.
Loyal 2 months ago
Juice really changed the rap game, a legend gone to soon
Chiara Joosten
Chiara Joosten 2 months ago
ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I KNOW I know I've been living under a rock not listening to him but I literally just found out he rip...
Sports Network
Sports Network 2 months ago
Why They Gotta Take The Dudes With Their Own Style POP SMOKE JUICE WRLD XXXTENTACION
Anthony Givens
Anthony Givens 2 months ago
Juice wrld - smile 🤷🏽😁
Emmy Nickson
Emmy Nickson 3 months ago
biden 2020
biden 2020 3 months ago
I would die to get that juice painting
WieruX 3 months ago
ᄉTeam Raidᄉ
ᄉTeam Raidᄉ 3 months ago
Pass!🥵 🔥 🔥
CraxelisT 3 months ago
This my favorite song from the album just because how relatable it is
Jonah Lindsey
Jonah Lindsey 3 months ago
You should listen to the song Maze by Juice WRLD I think it is really good
Derek 3 months ago
Please react to "Legends" by Juice WRLD. It sounds like he was being prophetic in this track, it's definitely worth a listen. Link: ruvid.net/video/video-dIzgiclddlM.html
Anthony atom
Anthony atom 3 months ago
Shandon charwood
Shandon charwood 3 months ago
2:17 the uh is a masterpiece
kush jesus420
kush jesus420 3 months ago
666 views flip that shit 999 R.I.P Juice wrld
Cleveland Poko
Cleveland Poko 3 months ago
I swear LayedBakDFR !!! Always in his feels with juice Wrld 🥺
James Dughi
James Dughi 3 months ago
When this song dropped I played it so much it sounded so good
Exploding Cr33per
Exploding Cr33per 3 months ago
good vid
Linkthekid 3 months ago
when youre talking to loud at the library 2:24
Saeki Kayako
Saeki Kayako 3 months ago
React to moonlight by juice wrld
sam mckinney
sam mckinney 3 months ago
you gotta do some polo g
Taylor Degrasse
Taylor Degrasse 3 months ago
i’m on by nba youngboy and p youngin he young bro but so good
Garrett DeSalle
Garrett DeSalle 3 months ago
That song was beautifully done! Shout out juices fiancé I’m sad just listening to it can’t even imagine how she’s feeling 🙏
hyper gust
hyper gust 3 months ago
Why are u bumping ur head like its a pop smoke type beat song its melodic and peace and u created a hard song in ur brain XD😂😂😂
YaBoiCataclysm_ 3 months ago
2:32 *Thats The Fire Extinguisher* LMAO
The bean Bois
The bean Bois 3 months ago
Juices and hasleys voices go together so well
Logan Gagnon
Logan Gagnon 3 months ago
It annoys me though if you think is juice is overrated then why you listening to people reacting to his music like smh🤦🏼‍♂️
Taffy Morris
Taffy Morris 3 months ago
Every since I first heard juice I’ve been hooked. 💙💙 Rip my dude. One of the only rappers I hit hard with.
Masum Ahmed
Masum Ahmed 3 months ago
"My world turned upside down" 999 to 666 for the better!
michael gilreath
michael gilreath 3 months ago
Idk what it is about his music but it just makes me want to write
Yo FlaKFrmDA910
Yo FlaKFrmDA910 3 months ago
2:30 Say no more my Dude🔥💪🙏
akok Chali
akok Chali 4 months ago
Ya reaction during the corous part as dope af ... #♥️
Baby Lunar
Baby Lunar 4 months ago
Wait tell me if I’m wrong but doesn’t that place under the bridge look like the one juice was walking under in his Spotify thing
Luke 4 months ago
Thats the fire extinguisher had me rolling
OfficialJae 4 months ago
#FireSquad Was that a Trash or Pass? Why ask that? every juice song is FIRE
Greenface 4 months ago
I rate 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000°0000000000000000000000000000/10
Jordan Logsdon
Jordan Logsdon 4 months ago
Do a review on juice wrld empty please !!
DyNAstiii 4 months ago
I like how he's not only paying attention to lyrics but production too
SoGone98 4 months ago
I honestly wish I could known him and X's music better before they passed away, I was sleeping on them fr R.I.P Legends
Eddy Syiem
Eddy Syiem 4 months ago
He's the only artist ✨💫💔RIP JuiceWrld 💔
Eddie Vicente
Eddie Vicente 4 months ago
Bro gotta be high😂
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 4 months ago
It’s so sad we lost the best musician that ever lived Rest In Peace Juice WRLD 999
Cbearz21 84
Cbearz21 84 4 months ago
Yes!!! 😢 so beautiful RIP Juice WRLD
Billy Boy Santoso
Billy Boy Santoso 4 months ago
You should patent that fire extinguisher 🧯
Theodore Dugan
Theodore Dugan 4 months ago
Every time JuiceWRLD mentions drugs DFR just looks like so confused 😂
DragonSlayer4279 4 months ago
Yo I know you got other projects going on right now but I got one question for you if it's in your schedule or anything if you could do a trash or pass on Twista's new album if you can that be great if not you know that's okay too but before you make a decision on that and everything and before you even start doing the trash pass on that album there's another song by Twista but it also features Sekond Chayance so if that's a possibility trash or pass #firesquad what's popping.
Azesi Mbewe
Azesi Mbewe 4 months ago
my favourite part of the song is the violen
Poseidøn 4 months ago
Did he react to Saint jhn roses (original ) and trap?
Alex Whitley
Alex Whitley 4 months ago
Halsey and juice sound so good together!!
João Martins
João Martins 4 months ago
He was speaking for all the teens from this generations 💔
BUFUHL 4 months ago
Juice wrld was built different
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