TRASH or PASS! Jack Harlow ft Lil Wayne, DaBaby, Tory Lanez ( Whats Poppin ) [REACTION!!!]

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#FireSquad Was that a Trash or Pass?
Song - Jack Harlow ft Lil Wayne, DaBaby, Tory Lanez ( Whats Poppin )
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Jun 26, 2020




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Comments 100
LayedBakDFR 3 months ago
Here’s the link to the Patreon for request and Merch discount 🔥🔥🤘🏽-> patreon.com/Layedbakdfr ‪
YCorazón Rojas Martinez
Do 3 headed goat by lil Durk lil baby and Polo g
Andre Tavares
Andre Tavares Month ago
One day you gon be reacting to my video's watch 🎟ruvid.net/video/video-w7Zea5g3lS0.html
Brandon Romero
Brandon Romero 2 months ago
MULTIPLE FLOWSSS LIL WAYNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAJOR TUNE
Bhop XXX14
Bhop XXX14 2 months ago
bruh tory killed this!
velCROhash 2 months ago
First Off.. How you doin’.... and nice to meet you... I hope everything is Great.....I’m a fan of the channel because respect your reviews/opinions... With that said... When you get chance, I would love you feedback on something.... I promise I’m not asking for you to post this... simply your feedback. Hope to hear from you ... and stay safe out here 💯💪🏾🙏🏾🖤.... Let Me Know What You Think ruvid.net/video/video-6Rhv3c9n1UA.html
Justin Duff
Justin Duff 8 hours ago
Can you imagine being Jack Harlow and finding out you got these three to agree to be on the track?!? Most people had no idea who Jack was 😂👌
Davin Allen
Davin Allen 2 days ago
1. Tory killed this track.... 2.lil wayne close second 3.Harlow 4. DaBady
brett sizemore
brett sizemore 2 days ago
Ayeeee I'm not from charlotte but I'm I'm NC 💪💪💪💪
Spenser Dollar
Spenser Dollar 2 days ago
Ranked: Tory Jack Wayne DaBaby
Tracy McSwain
Tracy McSwain 2 days ago
That is a good thing to listen to in life okay.
Juan Nava
Juan Nava 2 days ago
You should do more jack Harlow songs. They bangers. “Ghost” “Rotten” “Heavy hitter” “Big chillin”
c bunny
c bunny 2 days ago
waited for lil Wayne till last
Joseph Pulaski
Joseph Pulaski 3 days ago
Tory Lanez must have the biggest lungs in existence like does he even breathe? Lanez 1 Wayne 2 Dababy 3 Harlow 4
Joshua Nf
Joshua Nf 4 days ago
“I sell a bitch dreams, put tax on that Lil' slime in that bitch, that's slatt for slatt (Yeah) Obama, Presidential Rollie, that's black on black (Yeah) Got ninety-nine problems and the bitch ain't one Yeah, numbers don't lie, this the aftermath (Yeah)”🔥🔥 Why when weezy start rapping the song just hit different.
Mazari Marwan
Mazari Marwan 5 days ago
شكرا ❤️
Shouyou 6 days ago
Wayne hits different in this one 🔥
Dallas Drap24
Dallas Drap24 8 days ago
This song is 🔥
Shiva Merla
Shiva Merla 8 days ago
The way you say "water" makes me suspicious 😂😂 Nyc content 👍👍
Karambit 8 days ago
Do I dislike for 420
Dylan Warfel
Dylan Warfel 9 days ago
Jack Harlows verse: 10/10 DaBaby’s verse: 8/10 Tory Lanez verse: 9/10 Lil Wayne’s verse: 9/10
DãTacóShaq :
DãTacóShaq : 9 days ago
I still get goosebumps from this song
Devon Marsh
Devon Marsh 10 days ago
Makai Schnappauf
Makai Schnappauf 11 days ago
What the song in his intro
Dah Real Faded
Dah Real Faded 11 days ago
Tori Jack Wayne Dah baby
Grant Vasquez
Grant Vasquez 12 days ago
Reppin the qc well 💪🏻 like the grind.
The Gang
The Gang 13 days ago
React to keep going by lecrae
Banks Nicholson
Banks Nicholson 13 days ago
1) Tory Lanez 2) Lil Wayne 3) Jack Harlow 4) DaBaby
Carson Pyefinch
Carson Pyefinch 14 days ago
Jacks hits a bit harder then Wayne’s tbh
Will shaw
Will shaw 15 days ago
Anyone else think da baby look like Jamie fox in dis
Ansh Ul
Ansh Ul 15 days ago
Jack harlow:- whats poppin'!!?? . . . . . Tory lanez:- whats oxygen!??
Justin Easdale
Justin Easdale 16 days ago
This dude really just put DaBaby last smh
Mr Zida
Mr Zida 17 days ago
1.Jack Harlow 2.Tory Lanez 3. Lil Wayne 4. Dababy All good verses but this is just my opinion
When I'm in bathroom 1:24
Alex TheGreat
Alex TheGreat 18 days ago
Person: Breathes Tory Lanez: We don't do that here
Nolangotgames Tv
Nolangotgames Tv 18 days ago
Layedbak: 1:23 "oooo" Jack Harlow: 1:23 "oooo"
Ducky Momo
Ducky Momo 18 days ago
Dababy last?
trey Stewart
trey Stewart 19 days ago
John paxson number 5 reference......5 in this bich ...lil Wayne
Zo Fzzy
Zo Fzzy 19 days ago
My order for the verses would have to be: Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne, Jack Harlow, DaBaby (I was stuck between Lil Wayne and Tory for the best)
Zdog Alirez
Zdog Alirez 8 days ago
I got Wayne
Don Corleon
Don Corleon 17 days ago
6ix9ine _
6ix9ine _ 20 days ago
1.Tory 2.Baby 3.Jack 4. Wayne
zJayTee 21 day ago
wayne sounded like uzi for a sec
Unwxind 21 day ago
is his face alright
Hugo Boy
Hugo Boy 21 day ago
1. Tory Lanez 2. DaBaby 3. Jack Harlow 4. Lil Wayne
Callum Wright
Callum Wright 21 day ago
If it wasn’t for lil Wayne’s annoying ass voice his verse would be sick af
Alvaro Flores
Alvaro Flores 19 days ago
Nobody agrees
Avashi Slavo
Avashi Slavo 21 day ago
Dam it finna be lit in 2022 when layedbak says be true be you in 2022
Savagefn gg
Savagefn gg 22 days ago
Tory was number 1 stop the cap😭😭
N 22 days ago
1. Tory Lanez 2. Jack Harlow 3. DaBaby 4. Lil Wayne
Celadon Sphere58
Celadon Sphere58 23 days ago
Nobody: Litterally nobody: His chair: :/
Julian Fernandez
Julian Fernandez 23 days ago
out here from carolina 704 baby
Dust Music
Dust Music 25 days ago
Solo Skie
Solo Skie 27 days ago
I KNOW This Comment Might Be IGNORED But Would You Please SUB To my channel I have a New Music video🎥 Dropping Tomorrow and would like to get some honest feedback and views 💯
Solo Skie
Solo Skie 27 days ago
I KNOW This Comment Might Be IGNORED But Would You Please SUB To my channel I have a New Music video🎥 Dropping Tomorrow and would like to get some honest feedback and views 💯
liqui vapr
liqui vapr 28 days ago
unpopular opinion : the original one is better
Stormz Dank
Stormz Dank 29 days ago
Tracey Johnston
Tracey Johnston Month ago
0:51 dababy from Cleveland
Isenhaii Month ago
What is the intro song
ghost monkey05
ghost monkey05 Month ago
U should watch azzerz what’s poppin remix voice impressions rap
Joey Perrone
Joey Perrone Month ago
And they said avengers infinity war was the most ambitious crossover ever
dylan peritz
dylan peritz Month ago
does this man ever choose trash
U-Fruity 1 BTW
U-Fruity 1 BTW Month ago
I’ll still hear this song even though it got ruined by tik tok it’s just too good to even get mad about
Gabe DeBlois
Gabe DeBlois Month ago
Wayne’s was for sure 1st, Tory’s was 2nd, Jack’s was 3rd even though it was fire and it’s his song Tory’s was a little bit better, and I think Baby’s didn’t payoff, it was ight. Hands down my favorite song of the whole year.
Eddie65 Month ago
Ranking the verses 1 Tory 2 Jack 3 dababy 4 wayne
Tracey Johnston
Tracey Johnston Month ago
1. Jack Harlow 2. Tory Lanez 3. Lil Wayne 4. Dababy
Kyle Mueller
Kyle Mueller Month ago
he's the only person i know that didn't absolutely die when he was like, "I know what she boutta say, What's poppin"
kenniebear22 Month ago
now u KNOWWWWW Tory had the hardest verse lol
Duckwish Month ago
When u taking a nasty shit 1:27
chipsinsideajar Month ago
I like how he stopped the song at times to just give us valuable life lessons related to the lyrics. Smart man.
Itz Vortrix
Itz Vortrix Month ago
Wayne is just SO FKN FIREE AH
tkdnightrdr09 Month ago
Who does trash or pass on a song that is is in the top 3 of the year?
DeArshae Month ago
1.Tory Lanez 2.Lil wayne 3.Jack 4.Da baby
Doom Puncher
Doom Puncher Month ago
Dababy goes hard 🔥💪
Landon Robinson
Landon Robinson Month ago
Wayne got the best verse on god
Mathyus Lucas
Mathyus Lucas Month ago
This is fireeeeeee
The Brat
The Brat Month ago
Wayne and Tory took off but dababy was alright
Ajae Tofa
Ajae Tofa Month ago
Listen to my boy pk dreamz
Qibli Month ago
Am I the only one that loves how DaBaby sounds on this track?
Fuck Me
Fuck Me Month ago
You biast bro torys was the hardest than it’s weezy
Anthony Jacobs
Anthony Jacobs Month ago
Can u do tokoys revenge
Icedup J
Icedup J Month ago
You can tell he just wanted to shout cuz he so hyped
rogue assasinator
3:31 Tory Lanez
Jhon Myers
Jhon Myers Month ago
Dirty Wayne
EiVaR Month ago
The hook is mgk
Austin Buhrman
Austin Buhrman Month ago
I had dababy 1 lil Wayne 2 jack 3 tory 4
Mandy Lorenzon
Mandy Lorenzon Month ago
Who else finds his facial expressions 😆
I didnt know you were from Charlotte. Same, what up QC. respect
Cole Y
Cole Y Month ago
Tory, Jack, Wayne, DaBaby
Ian Ross
Ian Ross Month ago
1: Tory Lanez 2:Lil Wayne 3:Jack Harlow 4:Dababy
Matt Ashby
Matt Ashby Month ago
Didn't you react to this twice??
Hudson Valadao
Hudson Valadao Month ago
If Imma rate the verses itd probably go 1. Tory Lanez 2. Jack Harlow 3. Dababy 4. Lil Wayne
Cha - cha
Cha - cha Month ago
I agree with him. He goes from back and forth head bob to jack, and up and down agreeing with the bars. It’s all in the head
Md Nazmi
Md Nazmi Month ago
pls react to jack harlo - ghost!
Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper Month ago
Be the first to do mgk remix it’s fire
X-12 Z1
X-12 Z1 Month ago
I think the best verse was Tory Lanez then jack then da baby then little Wayne
Aiden Pitts
Aiden Pitts Month ago
Jack, da baby, forgot his name, wayne
Maybe A Rockstar
after this reaction I'm starting to reevaluate the "mumble rap" together with Lil Wayne, I fell in love with his voice (even if in autotune)🙌❤
Janette A. Morales
This song is a pass and my fav was jack harlow
Dng the God
Dng the God Month ago
One breath tory
BenJenkinson Month ago
Lil Wayne ruined the song
Chelsea Johns
Chelsea Johns Month ago
your whole room is such a vibeeee. shoutout to the lava lamp 🔥
Rona Shxck
Rona Shxck Month ago
Bro yt recommended this to me like 10 times so I finally watched this vid
Alton Amano
Alton Amano Month ago
1. Da baby 2. Jack Harlow 3. Tory lanez 4. Lil Wayne
Aspect Month ago
What’s poppin 🤑🤑
Max Marquez
Max Marquez Month ago
“5 star bitches she on the run again” GTA verse that was hard and I got goosebumps when Lil Wayne popped in that bitch saying “what’s brackin”
Guneet Singh
Guneet Singh Month ago
U r making face like when do pooop 🤣
Naiez Arcia
Naiez Arcia Month ago
I was in the car with my mom and she told tory to breathe
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