TRAPPED Overnight In Haunted Witches Forest

Sam and Colby
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Sam and Colby are trapped overnight in the haunted witches forest for 24 hours because they lost the key to their haunted cabin in the woods. Corey and Jake encounter many paranormal things including losing Colby in the forest...
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Jun 18, 2019

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Comments 26 209
Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby Month ago
Make sure to get the merch before it's gone! shopxplr.com Make sure to turn on NOTIFICATIONS so you know when we come back!
Nutella Wolf
Nutella Wolf 10 days ago
Sam and Colby can u tell jake that I have ADHD TOO???😌💗😁(he’s not alone)🙃
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 25 days ago
Y'all always exploring something so why not explore each other😁😁😁
Maggie Druer
Maggie Druer 25 days ago
At 11:22 there is a shadow of a human, but idk if it was one of you guys,
Michael Burton
Michael Burton 25 days ago
@Sam and Colby can i go on a Ghost adventure with yall one of these days? i LOVE yall's videos Keep up the Danger my Dudes
Breanna Mackay
Breanna Mackay 25 days ago
This was definitely one of my favorite videos you guys have done
Gracie Dolan
Gracie Dolan 9 minutes ago
I love guys I hope you see this and one day I get to see you
Gracie Dolan
Gracie Dolan 12 minutes ago
Hey I hope you guys see this I just wanted to say I love you guys you guys make me happy when I’m sad and you guys make me happier when I’m happy and that’s very very rare and I just wanted to say thank you because I’m probably never going to see you guys I just want you guys to see this really really badly just wanted to say love you guys and I’m probably never going to get Murch either I would if I could trust me I just wish I could meet you because I’m probably never going to meet you 😔😩 but I still love you guys❤️💗❤️💗
Creamy Puffy
Creamy Puffy Hour ago
Bring Samantha and colleen
Sherry Slaper
Sherry Slaper Hour ago
If u was them i will already be gone with the wind
Celyne vasquez
Plz do more videos I love you guys
BIGFOOT Hour ago
I subbed!
Ghost Streamer
Ghost Streamer 2 hours ago
Imagination station
dark furry assassination
Is it just me or they haven’t uploaded for a month? Like if you’re worried
Howling heart Howling heart
Go home
jakyra green
jakyra green 4 hours ago
I'm kinda surprised that sam messed this up he supposed to be the smart one but u cant blame him cuhz he is scared as much as they are and when u get scared you dont really pay attention on what's around you🗣 like if u agree😌
Can I just ask...Will Sam and Colby ever be in the RUvid Series “Escape The Night”?
shadowchief 50
shadowchief 50 5 hours ago
@Sam And Colby u guys should visit the Hot lake hotel in Oregon, it was a mental hospital that burned down? A hotel was built next to it, it's in between Union and la grande Oregon, Idk any history, I just know it's haunted, #rip corey
Dead Knights
Dead Knights 5 hours ago
cory's alot of my friends and Sam, Colby and Jake are me and only a few of my friends :)
kiyone stuchl
kiyone stuchl 5 hours ago
I kinda miss their old videos
xoticx 5 hours ago
Where’s the vids !!!??!?
Aleyda Rodriguez
Aleyda Rodriguez 6 hours ago
Natalie Rabe
Natalie Rabe 7 hours ago
Are you going to upload it's been a month
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 7 hours ago
She has the same vibe as Jennifer.
Mortal Unknown
Mortal Unknown 7 hours ago
That wicca woman was suspicious when she said hanging out with her friends.
ItsJustMeh 8 hours ago
Am I the only one that thinks Sam and Colby will be the main two at the Area 51 raid.?👎🏾🤣.
AshleyGaming 2447
AshleyGaming 2447 9 hours ago
Hello um I dont really think you guys will read this but i have a story about a kindergarten that is haunted in Monterrey I've heard seen and felt paranormal stuff in this place they say that there is a spirit of a child that died there, it's really creepy neighbor's always tells the people that work there that they see a shadow in the building at night and they see a tall man dressed in black with a top hat outside in the back just standing there i found it really creepy and I really do belive it because I saw the child before...I already told my parents and the people that work there they all belive me which is good because I know it's real so that all I can really share now if you read this then I'm gonna be so happy qwq and if you would like to know more then you can go ahead and ask me questions about this place welp- I guess that's all Haha qwq Chao!
ZarraProductions 9 hours ago
Love you guys, love how youre all close friends. When my bf and I get our apartment and are settled, definitely going to become a supporter. Never really thought about it with another RUvidr (even markaplier) but I really like you guys, your editing, your everything. Bless be ✌
Kayla McPhail
Kayla McPhail 9 hours ago
they always say they took it too far. But then they go and do it again
Hidaya M
Hidaya M 9 hours ago
am I the only that thinks it was that girl and her friends that probably tried to scare them when they were in the tent? they knew sam&colby were gonna be in the forest and played them
Gacha Blast!
Gacha Blast! 10 hours ago
Yall should do some more of this
ZeeMadNoob 11 hours ago
Yall r saying about Sam saying “he’s everything I have” Y is no one talking about Sam saying “you’ve got the wrong guy” he loves Colby so much that he just tried to swap his life for colbys that’s what got me that’s true friendship right there!!!
LondonChick353 11 hours ago
You guys should check out Room 333 at the Langham Hotel in London (UK) it is said to be the most haunted hotel in London!! Leave a like you if want Sam & Colby to visit this hotel 👇🏼
Zena Pendall
Zena Pendall 11 hours ago
Omg I miss them! When are they gonna post again?
Anna banana
Anna banana 12 hours ago
Sam, corey, and colby: having a moment and deciding they took it too far and getting scared at random noises Jake:sleeping calmly
Jemar Wayne
Jemar Wayne 12 hours ago
who got scared half way and half not scared
Jump More Jump More
Jump More Jump More 13 hours ago
Go to abandon glen dale hospital in Maryland its haunted and their is a whole town their
Icy_Editz_ Yt
Icy_Editz_ Yt 15 hours ago
When they gonna upload
Khyra Turrey
Khyra Turrey 17 hours ago
Please post again it’s been almost 2 months
Tysons Insane Gaming Videos
Terrifying 😀 lol scared me so bad
Alice ._. brown
Alice ._. brown 18 hours ago
They post ever other day They haven’t posted in 1 monty
Julian Sterling
Julian Sterling 18 hours ago
Jake is my favorite
hyperspacefurry 19 hours ago
I remember when I was 8 and I'm 12 now the shadow touch me on my head and now I can see spiritual figures only demonic
Gamer4all 19 hours ago
What content
TTV TriXmos
TTV TriXmos 19 hours ago
I have an extremely good headset and didnt hear shit if u want to experience some actual haunted shit go to Rhode island were theres mostly forest bears raccoons and crazy people walking around in the middle of the night
Patience Tela
Patience Tela 19 hours ago
Are u guys brothers
The Gaming Cheese
The Gaming Cheese 20 hours ago
Corey NO!
Ava 024
Ava 024 20 hours ago
the last 2 episodes, jake was literally done with everyone and was me in any situation
Kunai Playz
Kunai Playz 21 hour ago
Holy fuck. Just realised that it’s been a whole month without an upload. Starting to think the worst now...
Amara Rex
Amara Rex 22 hours ago
Dear Sam, you and colby should react to hot edits of Colby and you invidually
HelplessPlaysMC 23 hours ago
Anyone else have a theory that Sam and Colby were being messed around with by the witch and all her friends...just a theory
Ãнмєď Mөнãмєď
You have been gone for a month I need to watch more of you guys you're the best plz we need another series I watched all of your vidz btw❤️
lifewithbrooklyn bell
When are y'all going to post
mikha.olivia situmorang
Post a new video pls
Nastasha Muse
Nastasha Muse 23 hours ago
I have paranormal stuff at my house
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