Transform a Damaged Laptop into an ALL-IN-ONE desktop PC

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In this video we’ll be transforming an old laptop into an all-in-one PC! Also, regarding Blinkist, the first 100 people to go to www.blinkist.com/diyperks are going to get unlimited access for 1 week to try it out. You’ll also get 25% off if you want full membership.
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These links are 'affliliate links' which means I may earn a small commission from purchases made through them (at no cost to the purchaser).

Slimline, low cost monitor: amzn.to/3acUqD6
USB Audio Interface: amzn.to/3ciMfHh
USB Power Isolator: amzn.to/3a7oDmT

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Feb 27, 2020




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Comments 80
email konsumen
email konsumen 12 hours ago
what cable did you use to connect the LCD panel to the laptop???
Fredy Navas
Fredy Navas 14 hours ago
Now I have an idea about what to do with my DELL Latitude E5410 screen broken, unfortunately I don't have all those tools.
KenMiyamoto 14 hours ago
I wish you added an external GPU like a 1070 and then went ham with gaming benchmarks.. lol
Gamerim 17 hours ago
and coming on the left you'll see stuff that i'll never do!
Don Trump
Don Trump 18 hours ago
Did I miss the part where he shows how he connected the laptop to the new monitor? Or did he just use the existing monitor port that's usually on the laptop.
Silver Demon
Silver Demon 20 hours ago
i did the same thing but i made monitor from the screen and used it
BaseDex 20 hours ago
Your happiness is breaking my eyes
G. Mendoza
G. Mendoza Day ago
Rohizzy OVO
Rohizzy OVO Day ago
Can you make a video on how to make a dvd/hdd movie player ? I really wanna make one for myself.
Nikhil Kulkarni
Next video idea There are many laptops out there that are just thrown away because of old hardware If a laptop has a perfect keyboard touchpad and display, can we replace its hardware with a raspberry pi 4 to give it a new life
Sandeep Gmail
You built that phone you used in the promo? Show us how you built it 🤭🙄
Live Homes 3D
Please modify acer aspire e5 475 and upgrade if for maximum capacity also with dedicated gpu.
Hello DIY perks.... Please make a video on old phone 📱 LCD/LED displays reuse.... I mean as you made a video earlier on a false window with old computer monitors
[REDACTED] inexhahalele69
Hey, you might not see this but thanks for the video, I finally have my first gaming pc
Ranch Day ago
He looks like a salesman who’s trying to sell me a laptop at 7 eleven
Cesar Vega
Cesar Vega Day ago
I think you will cause an overheat on the monitor
Lewis Housden
You’re so wholesome. I love the whole “👍🏻👍🏻 cool” thing you did.
Omar Blancas
Omar Blancas Day ago
He never said it would be easy
rionardia Day ago
ughh idk how i ended up here 😳
Darth HJ
Darth HJ Day ago
where do you get the gigabite cards?
Jayr Day ago
if you gonna see my desktop computer, it is all came from laptop, and i make square wood and i put the motherboard on it. then my brother gave me monitor, and thats it. I THOUGHT I WAS WEIRD MAKING THAT KIND OF DESKTOP, BUT NAH! i just can't afford expensive desktop tho.
Albert Corominas
Hi, Nice video again, thanks! Question: how do you wire the subwoofer on that 2.0 interface? Thank you!
WolfieThePet Day ago
I want that wallpaper that you have
Andi M. Kadafii
all i can do is that one last very important job
Kams123 Day ago
Why does this guy use the same laptop in every video?!!!
Brand M
Brand M Day ago
I would Mount my laptop behind the monitor... I am too dumb!
Lindon Martin
Lindon Martin 2 days ago
Krypton Carrot
Krypton Carrot 2 days ago
do you sell these stuff?
Barny dog6
Barny dog6 2 days ago
this man just bought a monitor pc and chucked the laptop stuff in the bin
sai kumar
sai kumar 2 days ago
Very good
Rb LUISITO 2 days ago
Can someone recommend me a shop fixing a damage laptop and turning it into a brilliant one like this? How much does it cost? Im interested to it cause i have stuff right here that won't function at all
Rb LUISITO 2 days ago
Hi can you do another diy of laptop to pc laptop?
Owl 2 days ago
I have a 2003 Sony Laptop that is so ancient it's stuck on Windows XP. Works fine but I want to add a new hard drive to it but noticed the type is like a 16/32 pin connector type. Unsure how many pins but not like modern 2.5" drives. Any ideas how I can get a modern HDD to work with this 17 year old laptop?
ducky 2 days ago
wait what? this video is only three months old?!! i thought i watched this like a year ago?!
rana muazam
rana muazam 2 days ago
Sir I have also a screen damaged laptops can you convert it into this one
Harshit Tyagi
Harshit Tyagi 2 days ago
Watching this after throwing away my old laptop...... Me to myself:😶😶😶🙄🙄🙄😣😣😣😣😣😥😥😥😥😫😫😫😫😫😓😓😓😓😓
Mohammad Irwadi Haji Zaini
1 minute into the video: "this should be the perfect project while in quarantine" 6 minutes into the video: " well, nevermind"
A.K.A 3 days ago
Hi! I wanna ask what would you create out of a windows tablet, specificly a Linx 12×64. I'm soona gonna switch back to a laptop but I wanna put this to use cuz it's not damaged just meh..slow 😅
Laxman Gandhi
Laxman Gandhi 3 days ago
everything is fine but how did u forgot to replace the legs of ur asus slim line monitor as we all see u hv made it heavier then before
Sup 4 Meme
Sup 4 Meme 3 days ago
Ruben Ladányi
Ruben Ladányi 3 days ago
Where can I find that USB 3.0 HUB and card reader?
Techno phile
Techno phile 3 days ago
instead of all this i will get a hdmi cabel and buy a new montior and coneect both them and keep the laptopin some shelf and star working .it takes less than 5min and more relaible and efficient
Manik Lal Ghising Tamang
Is it possible by me? 'Never' haha...
Irene Tan
Irene Tan 3 days ago
Hi, I had problems login with my HP pavilion dv1000 laptop administrator password if I transform all the procedure work done when turn on the power will face this problem to key in administrator password again?
YTho 3 days ago
Theon Greyjoy! what are you doing?!
Oh So Right
Oh So Right 3 days ago
Anymore kits?
S A D C A T 3 days ago
Broke boys where yall at?? just me? ok
ken san
ken san 3 days ago
As always love your projects and great video. Any idea on how I might put a 3.5"(desktop) hdd to laptop ? I'm wanting to use my old laptop as a nas/media player rig. Do I need a 9v power block for each hdd ? I hear the power blocks are low quality for external hdd and don't want to wipe out my NAS hdd's. I don't think I can find PSU that are that low of watt's. My lap top has 2 ports for small hdd's and 1 or 2 PCIe ports. I'm thinking that I can get a adapter for the pcie to connect a m.2 or ssd for os and use the 2 sata 3 ports for my 3.5 hdd. Will plugging in the data part of sata to hdd mes up the laptop by not having its power part of sata connected ? Any suggestions ?
Dutchgold 75
Dutchgold 75 3 days ago
i did this with my old windows 7 laptop,i removed the monitor and plugged the remainder into my downstairs tv via hdmi.a wireless mouse and i now have full internet access on my tv.handy when using bluestacks and all the cinema channels.
My Mobile
My Mobile 3 days ago
This is a fabulous video and inspiring idea apart from 2 problems. What was that whole audio solution again? An amplifier plugged into a filter plugged into something else? Most people would not have a clue what yer on about there lol Also the relay thing. Why not just fit a proper toggle switch to power it on and off? I don't get why the relay has to be installed. Great idea, good video, but an awwwwwwwwwful lot of research needed for your average person.
Evan N.
Evan N. 3 days ago
works with raspberry pi
Fluotone Sliptone
Now if Windows locks or freezes up that power button tho...
Suntuo 3 days ago
15:55 Song Name?
Raf Murallon
Raf Murallon 3 days ago
Bro I have a gaming laptop then connect to my monitor if I put a DVI do you think it will boost my monitor cause I just use hdmi its kind a delay.
Tiger AxL
Tiger AxL 3 days ago
if you add component replaced& added + materials = expensiver then a good pc that if we don t add time wasted also
NK TECH SHOW 3 days ago
wow ! you earned a subscribe..i am so impressed ..Love the modern look
Apurv Jadhav
Apurv Jadhav 4 days ago
Guzzillion times better than five minutes craft
anil jain
anil jain 4 days ago
Can u make something of broken tablet screen
Covis KK
Covis KK 4 days ago
Can you elaborate on how the monitor and machine are switched on at the same time. Do you have one button for machine and one factory on/off button for Monitor? So 2x buttons need pressing? Is there 2x power supplies as well? One is Laptop power supply and 1x monitor power cord (the cord that came with Monitor) So 2x 230V wall plugs
What i have to say. All youve done is made a better. Cheaper. Sexier. Apple I mac. Using a better OS.
TTVSkylinegtsR33 4 days ago
Guys if your having trouble with this the easiest solution is to buy a new pc
BaseDex 20 hours ago
In terms of money, we have no money
GyanEguruji 4 days ago
कोई हिंदुस्तानी है any indian here
Mario Kassab
Mario Kassab 4 days ago
This man speaks English in such a beautiful way. Great project btw. New Sub here.!!
Arthuria Pendragon
This project is amazing but if this have an external GPU it can be a more powerful for gaming.
Abdulmohsen Almadi
what is the parts you used it !?
Eldinho Alucard
Eldinho Alucard 4 days ago
Congratulations man!!! I'm From Brasil.
Muhammad Sahin
Muhammad Sahin 4 days ago
I am converting my Acer e5 473 into a DIY desktop so I will not need the integrated keyboard as I can switch it on by connecting last 2 pin (27-28) and I am trying to to solder this 2 pin with a push button so whenever I push the button it'll be switched on now my question is there any problem doing so like this? do I need to add any resistor with push button? or I can just go like this?
Ömà Âr Öptimiste
your parents will be proud of you haha
chaima jimin
chaima jimin 5 days ago
Im gonna make it
chaima jimin
chaima jimin 5 days ago
I wanna cry
Justin Zuidema
Justin Zuidema 5 days ago
Thanks! My mom has a Lenovo with a broken hinge and screen. Now we can make this!
John Tillman
John Tillman 5 days ago
Nice project. The power on solution was quite ingenious. I noted you appear to be driving a left hand steering Toyota during the Blinkist advertisement which combined with the accent, I did not expect.
Lee Edwards
Lee Edwards 5 days ago
I have a good i5 Lenovo, yes it's get on and because 1 of my stepson had his PLAYSTATION taken off him for misbehaving he broke 1 hinge so now and then part of the screen goes funny so I've been thinking of getting an all in 1 as I now live on my own so WON'T GET DAMAGED, so after looking at this you just may have saved me at least £5/600 so GREAT VIDEO THANKS SCOOBS UK.
SUMO SP 5 days ago
So, that's a homemade iMac Pro😂😂
James Wallace
James Wallace 5 days ago
I think these devices you make out of repurposed parts are bloody Bloody brilliant. Keep it up mate.
James Bradley
James Bradley 5 days ago
So has Anyone had trouble finding the exact control board for their screen . . .
michael hassan
michael hassan 5 days ago
Hi bro.! Can you help with this laptop. I’m trying like u did. Pliz help me. Or you can guiding to fixe my laptop. Pliz.
Khalid Al-Barqi
Khalid Al-Barqi 5 days ago
U made my thoughts reality, I am happy for you for the sound quality. It was a pleasant time watching ur video..thnx
Kerem Oz
Kerem Oz 5 days ago
genius and talented. respect
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