Tragic Details About The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones have been sowing the seeds of rock 'n' roll since 1962, and they're still at it today. But just how can a band as wild and unpredictable as this conquer disaster after disaster and still remain at the top of the rock 'n' roll heap?
A successful songwriting partnership is certainly one way to describe the long and rocky relationship between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Another way to describe them, in the words of the Irish Independent, would be that of a civil war between two massive ego maniacs.
In fact, the Glimmer Twins' volatile chemistry has brought the Rolling Stones to the brink of breaking up several times over their long and storied career. Richards feels that this is largely because while the two stars know each other extremely well, they're also generally a little unsure about each other. Richards pins a large part of the pair's issues to Jagger's "control freak" nature, but he doesn't shrug off the blame entirely. Richards has even admitted that he occasionally even wakes up in the night to make notes when he dreams up a particularly good dig he can later use against Jagger.
Sometimes, the animosity between Jagger and Richards has meant more than just professional and creative disagreements. One such case came in the 1960s, when Richards became convinced that his girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg, was having an affair with Jagger during a movie shoot. The bitterness around this incident eventually drove the guitarist to write the Rolling Stones classic "Gimme Shelter."
Watch the video for more Tragic Details About The Rolling Stones!
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The Glimmer feud | 0:15
Fighting the law | 1:24
Brian Jones | 2:45
The Altamont Free Concert | 3:48
Brown Sugar | 5:05
The Villa Nellcote period | 6:03
Losing Mick | 7:09
Crisis in the 80s | 8:29
Farewell, Wyman | 9:25
Ronnie's downfall | 10:27




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Comments 80
Grunge 2 months ago
What's your favorite Stones album?
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee 13 days ago
@Georgia Girl Nor could I,Maybe 8 to 10,Ha any Then It Changes Continously When I hear an Oldie or Newer Albums,Excellent Album C,D whatever is BLUE AND LONESOME WHAT AGREAT TRIBUTE TO THE BLUES MASTER'S,WHICH THEY TRULY ARE, IT IS ETERNAL!
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee 13 days ago
Elizabeth McLeod
Elizabeth McLeod 23 days ago
Flowers is tied with Some Girls is tied with Black and Blue.
barbh1 23 days ago
Exile on Main Street; Sticky Fingers; Aftermath; Some Girls; Tattoo You...the list goes on.
freaK Bennett
freaK Bennett Month ago
Between the Buttons, UK version ¡😎♥️¡
6th Wilbury
6th Wilbury 5 days ago
Keith Richards cannot be killed by conventional weapons.
Andrew Rand
Andrew Rand 7 days ago
I wonder what Brian thinks about the Stones today?
Suzanne Curtis
Suzanne Curtis 15 days ago
Mick is a f&%#@ing asshole with no regard for anyone but himself
Corinne Todd
Corinne Todd Month ago
What's tragic is what they did to Brian. Karmas a bitch Mick when the devil comes calling
Susan Dautrich
Susan Dautrich Month ago
Hot rocks #2 "big hits & fazed cookies
Kevin Guy
Kevin Guy Month ago
There is one thing about the Stones... they have always been ugly! Music is not great but still better than the crap that is called music today
bassbeasty mitzy
Ok, I missed the “ tragedy “ bit..........
Lenny C
Lenny C Month ago
The Undisputed Champions of All Time. The ROLLING STONES
Ray Parkin
Ray Parkin Month ago
What are the tragic details? This video is like a bad television commercial...a lot of could be, looks like and maybe..wtf?
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee 13 days ago
Damn right it is ,Agree COMPLETELY!
Francesca Bento
Francesca Bento Month ago
A cousin of mine was with Brian before he died he told me it was a bad trip, drugs were to blame like all of them.
rick Month ago
Lucy in the sky With diamonds
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones Month ago
Del Rivers
Del Rivers Month ago
You should have mentioned Ian Stewart, Bobby Keys, and Billy Preston's time with The Stones...
Lawrence Feldman
Still writing and recording?
Lawrence Feldman
Hey Del wotup? I'm starting to blab online. How are you?
Georgia Girl
Georgia Girl Month ago
...and Nicky Hopkins
macman3175 Month ago
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world ,but to lose his soul?
Mick 76
Mick 76 Month ago
To have everything he wants but absolutely nothing that he needs
George Marshall
George Marshall Month ago
My parents took me to the steel wheels tour. I was 8 yrs old.
Flaming Pie
Flaming Pie Month ago
rock and roll ain't all Mick's been sowing. Sorry, can't respect him for his sickening example of sexuality. I pray for his soul.
Rick Alexander
Rick Alexander Month ago
Why do you have these ridiculously HUGE subtitles blocking a third of the screen? Why do you need subtitles AT ALL???? It's actually quite insulting, can't you see that? We're not deaf, and we're not blind! It's the most irritating thing, even worse than the background music. Absolutely stupid. C'mon, man, show some class. Do you think that if the Stones produced their own videos, they'd have subtitles as crass and ugly as yours? It completely destroys the visuals! Who would be so dumb as to do that?
Douglas Carnes
Douglas Carnes Month ago
there is nothing wrong with the Stone family
Art Lupinacci
Art Lupinacci Month ago
Wow, what a Fluff-Nothing-Excuse to only Run a Commercial piece of crap. Wasted 2 minutes of my life I will never get back. Thanks. .|..
Robin Mayhew
Robin Mayhew Month ago
We once opened for The Stones back in the early 1960's and the late Ian Stewart, the 6th Stone who we knew well, loved our version of our Decca recording - please take a moment to have a look at this link as I managed to get our old band The Presidents back together to perform the long lost recording made in 1965 that was found in 2018, and released that June. ruvid.net/video/video-sjcKGcM0Rtc.html A mystery as The Stones released their version on their Out Of Our Heads Decca album??
William Ludlow
William Ludlow Month ago
As Mike Love of the beach boys called Mick Jagger a pointless little girl. I agreed.
William Ludlow
William Ludlow 23 days ago
@barbh1 really. All these English groups wanted to be a Beach Boy. That little girl Mick is still shacking it and giving people the mini throw-ups. Creeps me out just thinking about it.
barbh1 23 days ago
With all due respect, Mike Love couldn't polish Mick's star spangled jock strap.
Richard Nosiglia
Beggars Banquet - It all starts there.
Frank Hegarty
Frank Hegarty Month ago
Y know bill wymans name is on most of the stones hits ' &the royaltys alone make him a millionaire ' do some research PLEASSSEEE
James Auber
James Auber Month ago
The worlds greatest rock and roll band ever in history.
keep on rollin 79
Louisville,KY June 21st 2020 cleveland,OH June 17th 2020 Rumored so far.
Teri Piper
Teri Piper Month ago
When I was a bartender, one night, I was sitting at the bar off duty, talking with a Native American man I knew as a customer. We got to talking about what happened historically to the tribes. I was saying how much of a tragedy I thought that all was. But it seemed as if we were arguing. Finally, I just asked him, "Why are we arguing? We are both saying the same thing." I went to the bathroom and when I came back, the entire atmosphere had changed. It was no longer an argument. WHY ARE WE ARGUING? FIGHTING?
David O'Beirn
David O'Beirn Month ago
@Teri Piper Sorry, but I thought this was about a bad Stones video.
Teri Piper
Teri Piper Month ago
@David O'Beirn You are certainly entitled to your opinion, David. Personally I do not think bringing up the questions of unwarranted hatred in our world, whether simply in misunderstanding or deliberate acts, is drivel. Without all of that shit, quite possibly world peace could actually be attained instead of only talked about it by politicians wanting to be re-elected to high office. Maybe you are a politician, David. To ask outright "Why are we fighting" might at the very least result in people thinking about the question enough to figure out the answer; and if the answer seems reasonable enough to justify stopping the fighting, then mankind could possibly overcome a tendency to war as a first response system, force by martial law, that kind of stuff, David. God knows the same debates have been going on in American politics unresolved for the most part for decades now, costing the taxpayers increasing amounts unjustified in the results. A marketing strategy used frequently . . . Pay more, get less for your money. Smaller packaging, less product, cost increase. Haven't you noticed?
David O'Beirn
David O'Beirn Month ago
@teri piper why did you post such drivel?
DMZABO Month ago
The Glimmer Twins!
Rod Mckay
Rod Mckay 2 months ago
an idiot
J. D. Schultz, Sr.
J. D. Schultz, Sr. 2 months ago
Nothing new here! I've enjoyed Stones music during the 53 years since high school, but the silly-ass press has never given them any publicity that I could ever give a healthy turd about, including this time-wasting, childish nonsense.
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee 13 days ago
It Really is,The damn Radio doesn't even play their NEW ALBUM, RIDICULOUS,Walter B,and alive in Memphis which has become VERY VERY DANGEROUS PLACE,THEY DO HOWEVER HAVE A GREAT BLUES SHOW ON 98,1 FROM 9AM TO 12NOON,MY CHURCH, THANK YOU,
Major blitz
Major blitz 2 months ago
You put out a video that is 2 days old and no mention of Woods quitting. The stones are over. Look into it Grunge.
CosmosHFA88 Savant
Link please,, as i find nothing about this,,,
Pete Maloney
Pete Maloney 2 months ago
They"re touring...AGAIN !!!???
Christopher Ferrell
Christopher Ferrell 2 months ago
Larry Aldama
Larry Aldama Month ago
Christopher Ferrell 👍
Lawrence Feldman
Lawrence Feldman 2 months ago
Gonna play Flowers and commence with morning coffee and refreshment!
Lawrence Feldman
Lawrence Feldman 2 months ago
Tragic details, dunno, they did ok! Nearly all of what happened to them happens to everyone. It's called Band Shit! Y'all know what I mean.
Dule TheRiff
Dule TheRiff Month ago
He is 1 idiot hahahaha.
Mauro Luiz
Mauro Luiz 2 months ago
O trágico disdo tudo é q eles não conseguiram se libertar dis personagens. Ficaram presos nos anos 60. Já nos anos 60 ja eram questionaveis porque soavam mais como Mick Jagger and The rolling stones. Estão todos com quase 80 anos e querem se comportar como se tivessem 19 e pensam q ainda tem alguma relevância para a indústria do entretenimento.
Lawrence Feldman
Lawrence Feldman 2 months ago
Also,the Satanic Majesty's animated videos are a blast!
Lawrence Feldman
Lawrence Feldman 2 months ago
Umm. Between the Buttons, Exile, Banquet, and I go through a thing w/ Satanic Majesty's,Aftermath, Sticky Fingers. They didn't have a Hendrix or Clapton for guitar pyrotechnics but they made records that had you asking Jeez how did they get THAT sound? (19th Nervous Breakdown, Street Fighting Man) I could go on all goddamned day! Video,however, rehashes obvious stuff half remembered from Rolling Stone. Read Stones Gear book if interested,really tho'.
Lawrence Feldman
Lawrence Feldman 2 months ago
What they did is still the same!🎼🎸🥁
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee 2 months ago
All you spout about is Gloom and Doom, It's only Rock n Roll,Why don't you tap about All Theit Successes,
Paul Weatherby
Paul Weatherby 2 months ago
The death of honest journalism is TRAGIC.
Major Payne
Major Payne 2 months ago
The Rolling Stones - boring everybody stiff since "Exile on Main Street".
Kendall Laughon
Kendall Laughon 2 months ago
Long live the Rolling Stones! Rock & Roll will never be the same 👄👅💋
Shawn Bird
Shawn Bird 2 months ago
How do they do it? It's called TALENT..!!!
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee 13 days ago
barbh1 23 days ago
Talent, brains, energy, heart, charisma, love of music, love of entertaining people.
Flaming Pie
Flaming Pie Month ago
Its called drugs and demonic possession
Michael Shepherd
Michael Shepherd 2 months ago
And lots of it..
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee 2 months ago
Damn Right!
Pat Dwyer
Pat Dwyer 2 months ago
Grunge, P!ss poor video. No idea of who lost a child, etc . Seems like a " Filler " video.
Alaswoe2u 2 months ago
The Rolling Stones are Epic Living legends! celebrate them!
Lizzy Chrome
Lizzy Chrome 2 months ago
Not sure if you realized it, but I'm pretty sure you have footage of the actual stabbing right here, uncensored. Also, you left out the fact that Hell's Angels were paid in *beer,* *while* *they* *were* *on* *the* *job!* Was Jagger fucking nuts?
Sinister Minister
Sinister Minister 2 months ago
Whatever you might say about them, they haves lived the life.
PaulLonden 2 months ago
This lot haven't released anything of value since 1980 ,which their setlist proves.....which is all pre 1980 material . Which is understandable.......should they play any post 1980 stuff, their audience might doze off and stay away. Jagger and Richards are fortunate they found Ron Wood who held them together .
D4t1guy 2 months ago
Kidney stones are better
Family Bettencourt
Family Bettencourt 2 months ago
José mayolo Alvarado Alvarado
Is the wonderfool group the rock the last times
Return of the Native
Couldn't stand any of them. The whole thing was acute narcissistic mental ill health openly on display; & don't they just look a cadaverous lot in want of an embalmer.
Gayle Brooks
Gayle Brooks Month ago
Preferred the music with Brian Jones
maria lozo
maria lozo 2 months ago
I only liked Brian Jones they treated him like crap yet he was the real talent to begin with
John Morrissey
John Morrissey 2 months ago
Lady U noe fuck all about rock roll it's only rock roll but i like it stick with ur spice girls
Carmen Hernandez
Carmen Hernandez 2 months ago
The death of Brian Jones should have been the ocation of an objective rehabilitation as to the crucial and decisive role he played in the creating a formation that will have broken all records of longevity ... Bill Wygman: "Brian was the inventor and inspiration of the Stones. The group would not have existed without him. He never received this credit in his lifetime. » (...) "Brian was the force that has led the band to success since its early days... » Alain Raemackers Le décès de Brian Jones aurait dû être l’ocation d’une réhabilitation objective quant au rôle primordial et décisif qu’il a joué dans la création d’une formation qu’aura battu tous les records de longévité… Bill Wygman : « Brian était l’inventeur et l’inspiration des Stones. Le groupe n’aurait pas existé sans lui. Il n’a jamais reçu ce crédit de son vivant. » (…) « Brian était la force qui a conduit le groupe au succès depuis ses débuts… » Alain Raemackers
maria lozo
maria lozo 2 months ago
exactly the glimmer twins were very jealous of him and have a lot to answer for ...Love Brian
mel grant
mel grant 2 months ago
Living dead but they won't lie down.
Caroline Maslin
Caroline Maslin 2 months ago
I didn’t know Charlie watts had a heroin addiction
Suzanne Poisson
Suzanne Poisson Month ago
Rick Jones i know it
Rick Jones
Rick Jones Month ago
@Suzanne Poisson I know Jigger and Keef have never been and it was appalling that they did not mention him on their 'blues' album
Suzanne Poisson
Suzanne Poisson Month ago
Rick Jones today i saw on pinterest Bill Wyman went on Brian's grave in october 2015 he was close to him
Suzanne Poisson
Suzanne Poisson Month ago
Rick Jones but blaming Brian !!!! and bashing him!!!
Rick Jones
Rick Jones 2 months ago
Hes the worst of the lot of them!
Nick b
Nick b 2 months ago
Don't forget - Mary Clayton who did the backing vocals on Gimme Shelter was called out of bed in the middle of the night, pregnant, to record: "Rape! Murder! It's just a shot away" and all that, and had a miss-carriage not too long after.
LIVEANDLIZZY 2 months ago
The best backing vocals ever recorded.
Linda Jones
Linda Jones 2 months ago
Nick b .......her name is “Merry” Clayton but everything else you say is accurate. It’s said Merry sang her part with such intensity, it caused her to miscarry. It was a shocking thing to have happen but is rarely mentioned.
Ryan Morain
Ryan Morain 2 months ago
Is the power rangers theme playing in the background
Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller 2 months ago
God I love the stones!! This last tour was so good it’s hard to believe how old they are. What about Keith’s bust crossing the US border. That was a memorable one!
Shawn Bird
Shawn Bird 2 months ago
Wasn't it the RCMP in Toronto in 77 that nailed Keith and he went to the US to clean up his act?
Wadjet 2 months ago
*damn, Mick looks 200 years old😔still love him tho😍*
Jason Koestner
Jason Koestner 2 months ago
My favorite stones album the rolling Stones in concert live from Madison square garden 1969 get her yay yays out
Arne Berg
Arne Berg 2 months ago
Wha was the scen bout with the Charlies ----
vern wallen
vern wallen 2 months ago
Sir?Mick better stop"humpin"those young 🐣🐤🐥His ❤won't take it.😂😂😂
Steve Regimbald
Steve Regimbald 2 months ago
watching the Stones live in concert today must feel like watching "the walking deads" on Broadway
Frank Jennings
Frank Jennings 2 months ago
What wretched lives! Sad.
Syd Port
Syd Port 2 months ago
Känns inte så värst vuxet av er att sätta en suput å pundare på pidestal, snacka om att romantisera en sopa🙂
Charles Clementz
Charles Clementz 2 months ago
Where's the fire?.......tragic details? Grunge cracks me up.
GoogleJim 2 months ago
Charles Clementz - ya know, I was just giving them a shot and watched 2 videos. and you’re right, although my take is their videos are unoriginal, boring and just plain suck. I mean, how can you take a subject like The Rolling Freakin’ Stones and make it a yawn-fest?!
Linda Furr
Linda Furr 2 months ago
They’re old as Methuselah! 🦿
Mark Woods
Mark Woods 2 months ago
It seems the good things and bad things keep them together.
Alec Zugcic
Alec Zugcic 2 months ago
Marijuana possession?! 😱
Stephen Costantino
Stephen Costantino 2 months ago
The Rolling Stones sucked in the 60's, They sucked in the 70's, They sucked in the 80's & 90's!!!!!!!!!! And since 2000 to now they've gotten even worse....... . 👄👎🖕
Linda Jones
Linda Jones 2 months ago
Jose H borba .......you keep writing the exact same words under almost *every* comment yet you’re telling others’ to “seek professional help”. Seriously Jose, not *everyone* believes the Stones to the “greatest band ever”, there are countless artists’ I’d sooner listen to. The Stones creativity fizzled out not long after they ousted Brian and (for me) was well and truly over by around ‘71/72. Since then, they’ve put out album after same-sounding album (to appease fans) without a memorable song amongst them.
maria lozo
maria lozo 2 months ago
@zig zagerman becausethey lied about who wrote song and gave no credit to Brian or Mick Taylor
Patti Nelson
Patti Nelson 2 months ago
@Stephen Constantino...LOL The Stones were fantastic. Legends then and legends now. What have you contributed to the world? Mick was gorgeous eye candy with incredible musical talent and a superb songwriter and entertainer. You are most likely a portly dullard whos only contribution is a bonbon that occasionally falls from your slobbering jowls and rolls into the grateful mouth of a random rodent that is your only roommate and friend.
Jose H borba
Jose H borba 2 months ago
@Stephen Costantino ya that's true what you said everybody got different tastes ,some bands are very popular huge fan base around the world .the rolling stones are one of them ,I appreciate you knew you were gonna get some hate coments ,anyways keep on rockin ,and have a good one.
Stephen Costantino
Stephen Costantino 2 months ago
@Jose H borba Jose, I appreciate your response but I knew millions of people would be upset but I went ahead and expressed my feelings about it. I'm sure other people hate the groups I enjoy. That's the way it goes. Take Care, Steve
Austin Hughes
Austin Hughes 2 months ago
I’m really surprised that most of the band members are still alive!!
William Ludlow
William Ludlow Month ago
The stones are on life support.
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee Month ago
Good Genes!
Deborah Lagarde
Deborah Lagarde 2 months ago
How? Satanism maybe? what they sew they deserve. Jagger watched a fan at Altamont get murdered and did nothing to stop it!
christine paris
christine paris 2 months ago
@JWWJ I really like Tom Waits, even though I don't think he's technically a band. I love Mavis staples, the talking heads and Muddy Waters. I never got to see a lot of live music, but I'll never forget a friend of my parents coming back from the Monterey Jazz Festival (?) after seeing Janis Joplin live. He was completely blown away, and even said she was burning herself out fast, that she gave everything to the audience.
JWWJ 2 months ago
christine paris We might be, I graduated high school in 1969 & then moved to San Diego to go to SDSU. I started going to concerts in 1967 when it was like $3.00 for a ticket. Before they passed, I saw Morrison, Janis & Jimi (4 times). But when I saw Led Zeppelin (front row) on August 8th, 1969, I was hooked. I saw the Stones 3 times, once in the 70's, 80's & 90's. Like the saying goes, I might be getting old, but I did see all the cool bands live. One band I didn't see was Bon Jovi, but I love that song "Knocking on Heavens Door". I saw Dylan when he was in San Diego at the Civic Theater & he played it. I'll check out Bon Jovi's cover on RUvid. Going to concerts has changed so much over the decades. Now it's all about making as much money as possible for the bands since it's their main way to cash in. However the current sound systems are a huge upgrade from the early days. Who was your favorite band to go see live? As I said earlier, mine was Led Zeppelin (5 times).
christine paris
christine paris 2 months ago
@JWWJ We must be close in age. I only saw one Stones (Steel Wheels) concert in Los Angeles when Bon Jovi opened for them and remember Jon Bon Jovi introducing the song, Knocking on Heavens Door" by telling the audience it was a song about getting what you wanted out of life (???), and then ranting about quitting the band unless someone stopped taking heroin, and the five girls behind us bursting into tears of absolute hysteria the whole rest of the night, ignoring the main act... I read Keith Richard's memoir, "Life" and it was really fun. He basically just recorded stories about himself and the band, and comes across with great humor and self knowledge. He is obviously no fool, and loves playing music with anyone, for the sheer enjoyment of it, which I really admire...
JWWJ 2 months ago
Exactly Christine, if anyone is interested about Altamont, there's several books written about it from different witnesses, participants & reporters who were all there. Plus there's a movie for those to lazy to read. For me, the 2 of the best articles (short stories) I've read, were the ones in the Free Press & in Rolling Stone, the magazine. I went to 5 pop festivals in 1969, 70 & 71 but didn't make it up North to Altamont.
christine paris
christine paris 2 months ago
You sound so hysterical. If you knew anything about what happened at Altamont you would make such ridiculous statements. There are tons of film showing the stones begging the crowd to be calm and trying to get the hell's Angel's to calm down. He tried so hard to bring order that the Angel's threatened to kill him too for getting involved. You are more of a "satanist" than anyone else because you make up lies about people you don't know. If anyone is going to hell, it's you for being judgemental and smug.
Dan Moreno
Dan Moreno 2 months ago
Teaser. Nothing new. Talks about stuff that happened in the 60’s. Everyone knows the history. Nothing new.
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee Month ago
@Linda Jones I can tell you lack any class,Oh yeah they live it and love It,Made a few bucks too!Ha laugh all the way to the Bank,They Live It and EARN IT AT 75 and plus years,NO BAND WILL EVER ACCOMPLISH THAT,THEY ARE CLASS AND SO MUCH MORE, I HAVE READ LIFE,ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, AND I STILL PICK IT UP ,HE IS A BLUES ROCK LIBRARY ICON
Ann Bugbee
Ann Bugbee Month ago
Exactly Right, Take Care!
christine paris
christine paris 2 months ago
@Linda Jones If you read books, and listened to people who don't just voice your own opinions, you would learn about the people you have such strong opinions about. As it is, you're basing everything on what you want to be true, whether it is or not doesn't matter to you. Brian Jones was not a person you would want anything to do with. His parents kicked him out of their house because he beat his girlfriend so badly she had to be hospitalized. He also raped several underage girls. The village he grew up in asked him not to live there. He was a violent sexual abuser of minors, and the police were involved many times. If that's someone you like, it's up to you. He admitted himself that he liked to beat his girlfriends. He had at least five kids he refused to support, even after they were acknowledged as his. He was a nasty piece of work.
Linda Jones
Linda Jones 2 months ago
christine paris ......given your comments regarding Brian Jones, I can only assume you’ve read Keith’s book? I’m not interested enough to bother but think it’s hilarious that anyone buys into a book written by someone who spent most of his life totally wasted yet can seemingly recall everything with such clarity. Keith despised Brian yet copied everything down to BJ’s bohemian dress-style but unfortunately, KR lacks the charisma Brian had. Richards *always* looks putrid, money never did buy “class”.
christine paris
christine paris 2 months ago
NO ONE in the comments knows the history. It's obvious by the crazy, weird statements people are making. I don't think any of them have read a book or seen a movie that doesn't have one of the Justice league in it...
trillrif axegrindor
trillrif axegrindor 2 months ago
my favorite pc bullshit spectacle is the drivel you spewed about the stones hit "brown sugar" and how it was anything more than a great song
Kane Parker
Kane Parker 2 months ago
Alex Garza
Alex Garza 2 months ago
Whats the footage from 6:42 from? Thanks
jesus lorenzo rueda villalobos
It's the 1972 tour you can search it as rolling stones ladies and gentleman
piggyroo100 2 months ago
The biggest disaster is people actually paying money to see them
Michelle Burkholder
Michelle Burkholder 2 months ago
This is so unfair. I loved Bowie Cornell and Neil Peart, they are all dead but these raunchy old vampires live on. This is Hell.
barbara palmer
barbara palmer 2 months ago
@Jose H borba I think they are still fabulous especially my favourite Keith...yes you would think with their life style they would be well dead but of course it is not their time yet to leave their bodies..I hope they go on for a while yet.💖💖💖
Jose H borba
Jose H borba 2 months ago
@Michelle Burkholder well thank you for your coment ,yes they are a phenomenal great band, but i do agree with you its incredible these guys are still alive ,great music, a lot of drugs ,heroin ,alcohol,lots of women you name it they did it .its a bit of miracle they are still with us ,they are phenomenal .tk you ,and have a good .
Michelle Burkholder
Michelle Burkholder 2 months ago
@Jose H borba I appreciate you sticking up for a band you love. It's really all about personal taste. I just don't see how they are still alive.
Jose H borba
Jose H borba 2 months ago
Well roliing stones are great phenomenal band ,they still sound very good, and sell out stadium around the world its unbelievable they are still very skinny slim, they are the world most popular well know greatest musical act in the world, weather you like it or not ,long live the rolling stones remarkable achievement, they've on top of the musical world for 50 plus years I hope they can keep rolling forever ,but everything comes to a end sooner or later.
Ross De Marco
Ross De Marco 2 months ago
Does Mick wear a wig ?
Norman Frazin
Norman Frazin 2 months ago
Don't think Mick does .Jeff beck yes. Keith no.
Ross De Marco
Ross De Marco 2 months ago
Patti Nelson you could be right but it looks suspect to me , Jeff Beck too .
Patti Nelson
Patti Nelson 2 months ago
No it was always his luscious sexy hair, God-given to match his tumultuous lips. 😁😋
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