Tragic Details About Billie Holiday

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The name Eleanora Fagan may not be familiar to you, but under the stage name Billie Holiday, she became one of the most influential jazz vocalists in history, emerging as a defining voice of her generation. But sadly, she also endured more than her share of tragedy.
The story of Billie Holiday's early childhood is cloudy. Even her real name is a matter of debate. But by most accounts, she was born April 7, 1915, in Philadelphia to teenager Sadie Fagan. Her father was musician Clarence Holiday. She spent her formative years in jazz-soaked Baltimore where she lived in poverty. She dropped out of school in the fifth grade, and did two stints in a Catholic reform school, the second after being abducted and assaulted by a 40-year-old neighbor.
At the reformatory school, Holiday found her singing voice but also endured horrific treatment. Holiday recalled in her autobiography, Lady Sings the Blues, that while there she wasn't permitted to sleep in the dormitory with the other girls and, at one point, was locked in a room with a dead girl.
By the age of 13, she and her mother had moved to New York City, where things somehow got worse. After Billie became the victim of sex trafficking, the authorities instead of helping her arrested her and sent her to prison on prostitution charges.
Watch the video for more Tragic Details About Billie Holiday.
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A horrible childhood | 0:14
An angel in Harlem | 1:07
"Strange Fruit" | 2:00
Heartbreak and addiction | 2:53
Lady Day | 3:57
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May 13, 2020




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Grunge Month ago
Was Billie Holiday the greatest singer of her era?
Lars-Åke Hansson
Billie Holiday stood up for justice and exposed once and for all the barbaric history of the lynchings of innocent working class black people in her unforgettable rendering of that haunting and moving song Strange Fruit. May Billie Holiday' s memory live on forever among all men who fight for and revere human rights !
Adams Connected
Adams Connected 9 days ago
Billie Holiday may be the greatest of all...
Jenny Rust
Jenny Rust 20 days ago
Such a unique voice. She had such a hard life. But her voice was so haunting
michael morgan
michael morgan 21 day ago
@Janet Mccoy It sold well And was copied by other artist It was on Columbia I am sure if she got Royalties Lover man she got her cut
TRACEY SWANN 23 days ago
Vee Jay
Vee Jay Day ago
She was oppressed and suppressed by her captives. Her music is her living tale of unfortunate mental, and physical enslavement by white people.
Wow wow Lulu
Wow wow Lulu Day ago
She’s in a better place I will miss her
Payton Popcorne
They left so many important details out. In Biography Movie.
REST N "PARADISE" "LADYDAY"💖💖I "LUV" U Your "MUSIC"..The "MAN I "LOVE"" Was My "FAV"💖💖My "MOM" Use To "HOLLA"..."TURN" That "SONG" "OFF""And Take Yo "A$$""To "NITE NITE" Lol💖💖😇😇
Drew Holley
Drew Holley Day ago
Let's keep it real and add another caveat. At the same time she had the government on her back she also had shady lowdown ass men in her life. If not for the drugs, abuse and financial swindling she may have lived longer and better. Yeah the government screwed her but the men in her life screwed her raw.
wubbsie1 Day ago
I wonder who is getting the residual money from her songs. Her life was so tragic, man! This country is a horror!
Andrea Garcia
0:22 those eyes😳
Vanessa A
Vanessa A Day ago
Wow! Did not know all this
Chimere Ballard
Chimere Ballard 2 days ago
What a tragic life 😞😞😥
JUSTICE 2 days ago
STILL had a beautiful voice regardless
Andre S.
Andre S. 2 days ago
The 139 dislikes are from all those government officials or ghosts of them who downplayed her and robbed her of her freedom
Music Styck Arnis Kiyta
All because she was black
MrsDVK 4 days ago
Sad 😥
jjzladyk 4 days ago
Nunya Biznezz
Nunya Biznezz 4 days ago
The way this video is worded is really deceptive. Billie holiday the life long victim, smh. This entire video is misleading.
Chocolate Asever
Chocolate Asever 4 days ago
First time I heard her sing "strange fruit," and my folks told me what that was ........ I haven't been the same since.
Trecia Trecia
Trecia Trecia 4 days ago
Sabrina Doctor
Sabrina Doctor 5 days ago
Billie Holiday , Amazing Vocalist 💗
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 6 days ago
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 6 days ago
Elsa Guerra
Elsa Guerra 6 days ago
Billie Holliday is one of my all time FAVORITE singers. She was so beautiful, but managed to Get even more as she got older. She deserved better in life. But we all do. ALL LIVES MATTER. WE ALL ARE IMPORTANT. MY FATHER YAHWEH MADE US. We are to LOVE HIM WITH ALL OUR HEART, SOUL AND MIGHT. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. THANK YOU JESHUA.
jennifer gray
jennifer gray 7 days ago
A thumbs up for she is a Legend. Thumbs down because she died so tragically...alone, going to jail. May Lady Day rest in peace.
lucious Gainous
lucious Gainous 7 days ago
a tragic life, that is so sad
Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard 7 days ago
I had no idea... wow
Ben Tolleson
Ben Tolleson 7 days ago
Her voice could move mountains. R.I.P. maam
Jakob Peter Raahauge
Why, in this era, is this not made into a movie? 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Fpjc _
Fpjc _ 8 days ago
very excited to see the united states vs billie holiday staring andra day.
El Metis
El Metis 8 days ago
What kind of life is this ??
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 8 days ago
Systemic racism. I do not do any drugs but I can understand the use when you see the options she had to choose from. She lived in Hell, by this I mean America. Time to get better. This is ridiculous.
Martha Marceau
Martha Marceau 8 days ago
I luv her music ever sense I was a little girl
Bianca Bella
Bianca Bella 8 days ago
Wow America is evil smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ !!!! Look what they do to my people
Special K
Special K 9 days ago
So basically Lady Sings The Blues making Lewis look like her saviour is all false.
Cetrulo Trifecta
Cetrulo Trifecta 9 days ago
Lady Day and Prez... Fine and Mellow... my favorite song.
Alicia 10 days ago
OMG.... the movie is a quite a bit off compared to her book, and this story.
naturalpn7 10 days ago
obdiane 11 days ago
I remember watching Lady Singes the BLues when I was little. I have loved her since..
Jeannette Stewart
Jeannette Stewart 12 days ago
Why do white people just hate us for no reason it’s so weird for no reason
Dec. gyrrl
Dec. gyrrl 14 days ago
Billie Holliday, has been deceased 61 yrs. She died the year I came into the world. I hope that she is resting in peace & receiving all the riches in God's paradise, than she did down here. She definitely deserves that. It wasn't easy for her. Not at all!
Tirtsah Yisrael
Tirtsah Yisrael 14 days ago
Rascism and sexism drove her to drugs to numb the pain of Jim Crow
Richard Sheffield
Richard Sheffield 16 days ago
This bio is Bull 💩 They leave out her Manager's involvement with pumping Lady Day with Dope... This is a damn shame
kunta kenta Tube
kunta kenta Tube 16 days ago
SOO'K 17 days ago
She was cooking in every video,
John Anders
John Anders 18 days ago
The movie sucked. Richard did all he could to hold it together. Lady Day deserved better. How Ross was nominated for an Oscar and not Pryor remains a mystery.
Cheryl Jones
Cheryl Jones 18 days ago
Seeing this woman makes my heart skip a beat, she is my deceased mothers twin to look at. My goodness its so weird. I love Lady Days' music , and am sad for her struggles.
Aru B
Aru B 19 days ago
If there was ever a movie that needed to be made at this current moment in time. This would be my pick. She is truly an idol and needs the respect she righteously deserves. Only hook, it must be honest to her honor. Definitely would buy& watch this story. Especially if the proceeds went to some sort of awesome cause like a music hall in the area she was born named by her of some other sort of foundation. That would be excellent. Thanks for her life highlights. Love your page and efforts 💞
Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas 19 days ago
She was mixed and a white man introduced her to heroin
Luna Chan
Luna Chan 20 days ago
BLESSED Ms Lady 20 days ago
Omar Mccray
Omar Mccray 20 days ago
So sad I love her.
Miss T.E.A.
Miss T.E.A. 20 days ago
Hauntingly sad 😥
Derrick Mcmillian
This is so sad.The entertainment business and the U.S government has always been evil.
Dedra Denice Jordan
Tragic...I cried
TheSeizmic 22 days ago
Man I wish she had a fair chance
Willow Fox
Willow Fox 22 days ago
What a hard life.
Mike M
Mike M 23 days ago
Her life was tragic yes! She was dealt a really shitty hand. She managed face all those obstacles head on. Sexual abuse, physical mental abuse, abandonment, racial derogatory abuse. The one that got her in the end is the drug. I've seen so many strong people take obstacles and face them like nothing then fall when it comes to the addiction. 😖😖😖 Bless her soul
Journey2 Jerusalem
Journey2 Jerusalem 23 days ago
Dude Nina Simone " Strange Fruit"
redlips blacklace
redlips blacklace 24 days ago
What happed to her is wrong on so many levels, RIP sweet angel.
Tonya Johnson
Tonya Johnson 25 days ago
This is one Beautiful Black Queen who went through a lot in her life...I hate she died the way she did...but she will never be forgotten!!! Love you Queen!!
Tia Dawson
Tia Dawson 25 days ago
Joe Bruce
Joe Bruce 25 days ago
She died at 44yrs wtf !
You Are A Fart Knocker
Sounds familiar
Solo Williams
Solo Williams 25 days ago
Wow this is so so sad; feat in peace ms holiday, you were a diva.
Ang Elena
Ang Elena 26 days ago
I'd urge those who are cunning to jazz in all external want, to watch 'JAZZ,', on PRIME 2001, and get some insight, motivation, understanding, appreciation, gulls from a well put series of episodes and remained artists, musicians, writers and more. Let's understand facts
Michael Purvis
Michael Purvis 26 days ago
Yes lady day
Leslynn Lewis
Leslynn Lewis 27 days ago
Y do they think they're the only ones that are supposed to be here and no other race. If God wanted it like that, it would have been.
Nova Love
Nova Love 27 days ago
Damn...I wish she could've seen all those awards and accolades when she was alive.
Beautiful lady!
Robin Stoops
Robin Stoops 28 days ago
I read some where probably you tube... that she had about 800 bucks hidden in the hospital room where she later died.. she asked a close friend who came to visit to use it towards her funeral.. I could be wrong...
Lala 28 days ago
Wow what a life!
Miss Le Blanc
Miss Le Blanc 28 days ago
She was so beautiful. Josephine Baker was smart she got put of racist Ass America and went to less racist Europe.
MC FLY 28 days ago
And they still treating black people like this smh racism is taught , I said wat i said
Scorpio Unleashed
Scorpio Unleashed 28 days ago
This was a beautiful, considerate piece on her. Well-spoken ❤
Krissy Jay
Krissy Jay 29 days ago
All those white ppl living off her voice n her struggle
Nancy Arellano
Nancy Arellano 29 days ago
Lady Day!🌸 She was doomed from the start
sherice brown
sherice brown 29 days ago
Seriously yyyyyyyy one of my favorite ss
William alHashimi
William alHashimi 29 days ago
Billie Holiday was blessed with her voice but cursed by overt in your face racism and subsequently drug addiction, R.I.P. Billie Holiday 😀😀😀😀
Tasha Hill
Tasha Hill 29 days ago
She is amazing, beautiful n talented
YungReparations 29 days ago
I hope her family owns the rights to her music. I wouldn’t be surprised if a white man and/or his family owns Ms.Holiday’s “masters”. Even in death the oppression continues for many. That’s why they call it a “generational curse”.
TMC 29 days ago
Sad life...
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