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Donald Trump is waging a trade war that hurts a lot of American workers. Maybe he would understand that if our heavy-handed documentaries about the global trading system were more informative.
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Aug 19, 2018




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Comments 80
P D S 2 hours ago
The best love story that never happened 🤣🤣😭😭
Carlos Thorbourne
Carlos Thorbourne 6 hours ago
Isn't that Martin Sheen doing the voice over for the America stabby movie?
Seth Maki
Seth Maki 21 hour ago
I think I'm more disturbed that Martin Sheen narrates that Death by China doc 😂😂😂
Caroline Jopes
Caroline Jopes 2 days ago
Aniruddha Chatterjee
6:25 Did anyone else count that he repeated 12 times instead of 11?
Leafseason Magbag
Remember when this was the worst thing Trump fucked up?
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 4 days ago
Pool Mr. Oliver. He still doesn't get it; President Plump has been given orders to collapse the usa from inside. He doesn't have any idea how to do so, so his handlers give him very detailed yet very simple instructions to follow. So far, he's not only divided the nation, he's well on his way to tearing it in half. He's done a first rate job at eroding trust, exacerbating conflicts, he's operating the government with a skeleton crew, he's produced almost no new legislation, while repealing almost all legislation signed in by Obama. Even if trump ISN'T a Russian stooge, he's behaving as the most perfect stooge that any old Soviet spymaster could ever hope for. He deserves to be paid by the Russians, by Iran, by any nation that hates america/ would love to see the usa collapse, since it genuinely looks like he's doing his level best to see that happen! The way to tell if he IS a stooge or not is: When he leaves office (assuming he does indeed leave office), he's going to want to leave the usa before enough evidence is found to prosecute him for acting as a foreign agent. He's going to try to run to whichever nation is holding his leash. However, this other nation isn't going to want the scandal that would ensue when it became public knowledge that he was their stooge. They'll send their best people to make sure former President Plump has an "accident." That could be an apparent heart attack, or a drink-driving accident or a plane crash, etc... So, if trump dies shortly after leaving office, you'll know that he was indeed a foreign stooge, rather than just an idiot who's so stupid that he's unwittingly doing the job of said stooge...
Original Wolf
Original Wolf 5 days ago
Well, China already said, "Listen MF, that's not how Trade works"
Luke Visinoni
Luke Visinoni 5 days ago
Although it is indeed funny, I think you should stop implying that Steve Mnuchin looks exactly like you. He looks superficially like you but my god dude... he is you if you kept toxic waste under your bed for your entire life. He looks like you if you brushed your teeth with nuclear waste. He looks like you if your mom did crack 24 hours a day from conception til birth. That man literally makes me queasy just to look at him. He makes my stomach turn. He is fucking GROSS.
Nicola Mulholland
Is that martin sheen narrating the film?????????
wreckcelsior 2 days ago
Jair Kerker
Jair Kerker 7 days ago
Being European, Oliver merely mentioning Jean-Claude Juncker makes me teeter on the brink of depression. Since that stumbling full blown alcoholic man kissing feeble husk of a maggot was supposed to be the best man to represent the EU, I'm stunned we were not invaded by Russia yet. Once, during an important meeting, he needed 3 national leaders including our prime minister to keep him on his feet. Well, he is gone now and I gotta let go of the vicarious shame so John, please never ever bring him up again or I have to burn down his village of birth using his favorite beverage.
Jeremy McCandlish
12:10 Trump doesn't know blueberries?
ferdon mukai
ferdon mukai 8 days ago
Trump Forever !!!
Solomon Steele
Solomon Steele 9 days ago
is that martin sheen narrating that trade movie?
Tyler Mohlman
Tyler Mohlman 11 days ago
love ya john fuck trump in his shitty ill-informed ass-hole and face-hole. but whats the difffff
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 12 days ago
I still can't believe that that is Martin Sheen at 16:28
Zentralrat der Fliesentischbesitzer
Trump: MF immona tax u 25 percent on your shit. EU: Go make your own fokin cars and chemicals n shit u MF, we aint need no Harley-Davidsons. Trump. ANYWAY REEEEEEEEEEE That is what I imagine the negotiations sound like.
David Optional
David Optional 12 days ago
wreckcelsior 2 days ago
Aluminium is it periodic table spelling.. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium Yea, I know, la-dee-phaquing-daw. :)
Toby Holland
Toby Holland 14 days ago
Dwight Howard was actually a pretty big asset to the Lakers this past year before COVID shut down the season. He's accepted his role as an off the bench rim defender and offensive paint presence. It was working out pretty well.
Alex McCluskie
Alex McCluskie 15 days ago
7.4 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per game in the 2019-20 season. And they didn't even have to trade for him.
Thalassa C
Thalassa C 15 days ago
“Before things get worse....” Wow, that didn’t age well.
Vincenzo Martino
Vincenzo Martino 15 days ago
Angela Merkel speaks English
James Simpson
James Simpson 15 days ago
We need to put a tariff on his mouth.he is a idiot
Dries Brus
Dries Brus 16 days ago
Eeeeeeeeeej, i use an e scooter :p super cheap and easy
Mansour HADDAD
Mansour HADDAD 16 days ago
That Dwight Howard joke is still funny
James Parochetti
James Parochetti 17 days ago
Everyone knows Trump doesn't know a lot of things. But occasionally, its important to remember that he doesn't know anything.
More Tea Is Required
Omg you literally learn how tarrifs work at 14 in the UK as part of the tarrifs the US used very effectively to develop home industry during the roaring 20s... And now 14 year old Brits can educate the president of the US on tarrifs? Wtf😂😂😂 He probably knows what he's on about, but the fact he's willing to lie about very basic economics to his voter base and the fact they'll listen to him without fact checking at all is worrying...
seigeengine 17 days ago
This. Tariffs line the pockets of specific rich people by holding the US market hostage at the cost of everyone else in cases like these.
Nina Krishnamurthy
Nina Krishnamurthy 17 days ago
Is it just me, or is the "Death By China" narrator Michael Fucking Sheen?
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 17 days ago
Ardheshwar Singh
Ardheshwar Singh 18 days ago
Like like like like like....for ecotter casualty
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson 18 days ago
Trump has turned the United States into the Titanic. We've hit the iceberg, we're sinking fast and the lifeboats are only for the rich.
E khoshabeh
E khoshabeh 21 day ago
American was busy for fifty years screw another nation around world and for thirty year closed the eyes to those bastards moves company to China for more profit and now they wake up to change that in four or five years
Heather Ortega
Heather Ortega 22 days ago
Trump DOESN'T know shot.....Im from Seneca sc and were tripple fucked......this whole area of the upstate makes car parts....
Jakub Korba
Jakub Korba 23 days ago
„iPad has an Intel chip...” No it doesn’t
Berkeley Pickell
Berkeley Pickell 23 days ago
@4:28 How come trump always sounds like he's poorly programmed? like he had a line of code that was supposed to call on information from else where in the program but the info wasn't there so he just says the call "We've lost [how ever much] over the last [number of years] with this trade deal"
Rainbow Writer
Rainbow Writer 23 days ago
Trump got a BS from Wharton School. I cant find any indication of an advanced degree. A Bachelors Degree is ok, but for all the “expertise” Trump has, wouldn’t you think he would have the education to back it up
Velvet Comeaux
Velvet Comeaux 24 days ago
Pete Navarro: I'm the traaaaaaade guy... Duh
Luci Chavez
Luci Chavez 24 days ago
Umm, that is Martin Sheen narrating that movie. Ouch.
Ronnie Paul
Ronnie Paul 24 days ago
The irony of this guy talking about trade wars really shows in 2020. Let me break it down for you in the simplest terms. Mexica sells cars to the united states with no tarrifs for 100 bucks. the US ships cars to Mexico witha 50% tarrif making our cars 150 bucks. As a result no US cars will sell in Mexico because they are 2 fucking expensive. To make matters worse, mexico has no limits on the vehicles they can ship here and we have an arbitrary cap on the ones we ship there. Doesnt matter cause we wont sell cars that are 50% more expensive unless they are purpose built or serve a niche market. This allows Mexico to dominate our car market and choke out US manufacturers in the US. One day we will have a long talk about poverty wages in mexico and how that is allready an unfair advantage but you dont seem ready for that just yet! P.S. the US manafactured 80% of its consumer goods here before companies went global and now afterwards we only do about 15%. That is all before automation became a thing. Now that Trump is threatning these companies they are coming back! Fuck Harley Davidson it isnt even made here anymore!
seigeengine 18 days ago
@Ronnie Paul We have the benefit of hindsight, and still you're bullshitting and proving yourself a fraud for everyone to see in perpetuity.
Ronnie Paul
Ronnie Paul 18 days ago
@seigeengine i dont get people, we have the benefit of hindsight and still you are arguing a demonstrably false position. Please for the love of God correct your bias and become a better human being!
seigeengine 18 days ago
​@Ronnie Paul Wow, ANOTHER non-sequitur. Imagine admitting your ballessness so casually.
Ronnie Paul
Ronnie Paul 18 days ago
@seigeengine yet here we are looking back at the results of those tarriffs. They are at the table negotiating a better deal for us! BILLIONS SAVED
seigeengine 18 days ago
@Ronnie Paul If you actually think that, you're completely delusional. But your response to me proving you wrong was a non-sequitur, so that's pretty clear to everyone involved, including yourself.
Casey Freeman
Casey Freeman 25 days ago
The story about the aluminum worker is brilliant.
Izzy Izzy
Izzy Izzy 25 days ago
Has anyone checked if Trump actually attended classes at the Wharton School of Finance? Based on his level of knowledge, it would seem he did not attend classes but had someone else attend and take the tests for him. Given his gross lack of integrity, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if that was actually what occurred.
Lucas Hagg
Lucas Hagg 25 days ago
My favorite and arguably most long running gag in this show is John's casual sports jokes that somehow land.
Annica Corell
Annica Corell 25 days ago
Note that Europe and the EU is not the same thing. Europe is a continent. The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of some countries in Europe. For example, Norway and the UK are countries in Europe that are not members of the EU.
Cookie Chip
Cookie Chip 27 days ago
A trade deficit is just that your country imports more goods into the country rather than exporting goods. Exporting goods = Country gets money for selling its products to others Importing goods = you buy products from other countries = expense "Trade deficit" basically means that you buy more than you sell.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 28 days ago
Just saying love you John
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 28 days ago
John you should be Trump's executive fact Checker and it delete his Twitter Cube I'm not treated Cube I don't know damn it honey this thing is listening to me I think it's telling me that it's listening to it is telling me it's listening to me oh my God he says Donald Trump thinks I should hire John Oliver as what is presidential fact Checker that would be awful then you could do all that weird stuff he does with Bob Murray the guy that looks like a geriatric doctor evil
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 28 days ago
so true!
ShauntSerelu 29 days ago
John Oliver is much funnier to listen to when you're drunk or tipsy
Tolkienology 29 days ago
I didn’t get the Christopher Plummer joke?
Tim Loves Bacon
Tim Loves Bacon Month ago
It’s weird to hear an English person deliberately pronounce Aluminium incorrectly.
Nom du Clavier
Nom du Clavier Month ago
I know you were raised to say 'aluminium' correctly SO DO IT
Pandaman786 Haq
Pandaman786 Haq Month ago
Steven Mnuchin is the american John Oliver
sam samm
sam samm Month ago
poor Dwight Howard We like him now in LA we like him
BeerGrills Month ago
It’s amazing how westerners will sell their morals and values for cheap goods and foreign investment. It is equally comical knowing China lied to the entire world about a deadly pandemic, stock piled and hoarded supplies, and stoically denied all of it. Even more interesting is Oliver’s refusal to recognize the inherent negative cost of doing business with the most corrupt political organization in the world and their massive predatory debt traps on much smaller economies. Trade with China has not brought untold riches to western societies. It actually enriched the rich while allowing the poor greater access to cheap goods instead of lifting them from poverty. Simply put, it allowed them a greater role and ability to participate in consumption functions, which does not equate to lifting the poor from poverty.
seigeengine 19 days ago
It's amazing how morons will defend the rich pilfering the rest of society's wealth on the back of nothing but "good old days" BS and fear-mongering about foreigners.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Month ago
Huh? So trading with China is inherently bad unless they have something you need in which case they're "hoarding supplies? Are you suggesting that China's attempted deception is responsible for a catastrophically disorganized domestic response to COVID? You're drawing a very long bow. Arguing that trade with China is bad is cutting off our nose to spite our face. China is responsible for wealth inequality in the US? Really? I think our unhealthy obsession with neo-liberalism probably plays a greater role.
Mantorras Montquilla
critic something is easy he should also be talking about solutions
seigeengine 19 days ago
The solution is to not do what Trump is doing, you blubbering buffoon.
Topic Time!
Topic Time! Month ago
8:37 when John Oliver became a Wattpad writer of a juicy viral fanfic that everyone knows about but no one actually read it
Nick Webster
Nick Webster Month ago
Is the narrator the Illusive Man???
gosha Month ago
John Oliver have a thing for guys like Adam Driver and Steve Mnuchin... You go Johnny boy...
Emerald Aly
Emerald Aly Month ago
Betcha that Indiana farmer and that Utah farmer are still voting for him this year.
Maureen Laneski
Maureen Laneski Month ago
Maybe he thinks that if imports are too expensive, we'll buy domestic goods/be forced to produce more domestic goods?
seigeengine 19 days ago
Yes, and the consequence of that is that the prices for those goods is now higher, and American businesses are less competitive internationally. John basically addressed this point.
Diego Victoria
Diego Victoria Month ago
4 years ago i laughed when I heard trump was running for president because I never knew the us had so many idiots in the country
poncho 467
poncho 467 Month ago
Third world trades natural resources for manufactured goods.
EeveE Pro
EeveE Pro Month ago
Chistian White
Chistian White Month ago
Repoter:What's the number of years Trump:What nasty question
Andy Harris
Andy Harris Month ago
The problem is that I am convinced that Trump supporters don't understand trade either which is why he able to get away with saying any old rubbish he likes. His supporters are just as clueless as he is! That animation at the end should be played on every channel, at every ad break, and every day of the run-up to the 2020 election.
Rian Arnando
Rian Arnando Month ago
Maybe this is why many of his business isnt end well 🤔🤔
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes Month ago
Deal with Europe.
Nettie Malo
Nettie Malo Month ago
Melanie, the steal worker.... 🤣🤣🤣
Luon Geese Gonzales
I just realized the teleprompter he was reading off mispelled munchies as mnuchies at 13:13
C.B. Month ago
Nah,it's riffing off that guy's name, Steve Mnuchin
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie Month ago
Trump's China trade deal is called great and impressive by Trump. And the status quo by everyone else but China will buy a couple of steaks
jonathan verret
jonathan verret Month ago
We have to resolve this issue without partisanship. Increasing American manufacturing should not be "right" and trade cooperation with other countries should not be "left"
Brandon G
Brandon G Month ago
is the VO from the documentary the same guy who played President Bartlet in West Wing??
kaleem Al farsi
kaleem Al farsi Month ago
Dude you just called a motherfucker to president of the United States of America!? How dare you
kaleem Al farsi
kaleem Al farsi 28 days ago
@bte 0000 you are accurate
bte 0000
bte 0000 Month ago
Calling him a daughterfucker would have been more accurate
Kat Murphy
Kat Murphy Month ago
Yeah. I used to believe in the trade deficit and tariff stuff. Now I realize I was an idiot (Okay, I was in high school) who had only been fed selective and misleading information by my Foz-News supporting father.
THINKER43 Month ago
What happened to catheter cowboy, or find an English version of catheter cowboy
Gillian Rosheuvel
Never thought I'd say this, but poor Angela Merkel...
Jakub Korba
Jakub Korba Month ago
iPad doesn't have an intel chip...
Charge0Complete Month ago
Disappointed he didn't give us the Brit pronunciation of aluminum
TheClutchSwag 2 months ago
Got my stamps, appreciate you John!
Brian Brodkorb
Brian Brodkorb 2 months ago
Trump probably never graduated grammar school, much less college (he [or his daddy] probably paid someone tom take his classes/exams for him!)
TintinFromSA Month ago
Brian Brodkorb actually he went to military school.
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