Tracy Morgan Wants Father’s Day to Be a Bigger Deal

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Tracy Morgan talks about The Last O.G., Father’s Day and his new hobby: shredding important documents.
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Tracy Morgan Wants Father’s Day to Be a Bigger Deal- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Published on


Apr 16, 2019

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Comments 62
Delightful Douschebaggery
Love Tracy... he's fantastic... Seth, he's a sellout...
TathD 3 months ago
You gotta wonder what he's actually like with his family.
Joey Lozado
Joey Lozado 3 months ago
TathD - he is nothing like this persona - he’s an intellectual that teaches at Harvard. When communicating with his kids - he calls on the “work” they press the food alarm - and they have dinner together. I’m
Name9426 3 months ago
Love tracy, seth sounds just as fake as Jimmy, sad times for late night hosts
PutinWithAnimals 4 months ago
"What do I do to relax? I relax." Good answer xP
PutinWithAnimals 4 months ago
I don't always relax, but when I do, I relax
Valley Girl
Valley Girl 4 months ago
Gentrification is real! I died! 😂😂😂😂😊
Kathy Dehod
Kathy Dehod 4 months ago
It's a pointless, worthless, waste of a holiday. Fathers don't deserve anything more than a bullet in the back of the head.
Achw3l 4 months ago
Noseey Kitty308
Noseey Kitty308 4 months ago
I can't STOP laughing!! XD
Geo Dez
Geo Dez 4 months ago
My boy Tracy is the LAUGHIEST!!!🤣
Julia Connell
Julia Connell 4 months ago
I NEVER know when he is serious or not
Mary Marsella
Mary Marsella 4 months ago
Love Tracy Morgan. No one knows what to do with him.Too real.
Corin Gabriella
Corin Gabriella 4 months ago
Ode to Brooklyn ruvid.net/video/video-WVLKujPnqnk.html
Jeffrey Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor 4 months ago
Ace 1o7
Ace 1o7 4 months ago
Brock Albert
Brock Albert 4 months ago
Tracy got all his jewelry from Walmart. He didn't buy it from Walmart, but they certainly paid for it.
chas ames
chas ames 4 months ago
If only we had the technology to post these in order...
Jorge Lockwood
Jorge Lockwood 4 months ago
I was really never a fan of Tracey Morgan my opinion is that he not funny
Great Nate
Great Nate 4 months ago
We need a new special Tracy.
james evarts
james evarts 4 months ago
TheBlazinfury 4 months ago
his wife is way too hot for him....
KingCetshwayo 4 months ago
TheBlazinfury are you going to slit your wrist over that fact?
Beth E
Beth E 4 months ago
@Huey. HAAAAHAAAAAAA! omg that is so good for the end of a miserable busy day. Thank you. 😄
Huey. 4 months ago
all our wives are too hot. jesus have you seen us?
Leek 4 months ago
Omg Tracey is so healthy yay!!!!
Tank Girl
Tank Girl 4 months ago
Amazing! Just Awesome! Best comedian ever, every line, every word, I'm in stitches!!
Howtard 4 months ago
I can't take my eyes off that #1 DAD pendant.. It's so ridiculous. Tracy Morgan is the most deadpan clown act I've ever seen, I can barely keep up and I know that's the joke, but it's still funny. One of those unique meta-comedians that are always most popular among other comics.
Nam c
Nam c 4 months ago
And another thing don’t ever call Tracy a comic, he’s a comedian.
gentlerobot 4 months ago
Being a dad is not ridiculous, much less the Number One Dad. We compete annually for the pendant and fall short of Tracy every time.
Gypsy SnickerDoodle
Gypsy SnickerDoodle 4 months ago
He’s such a sexist creep Whenever he talks about women he starts in on “I’m gonna so get her pregnant!” grossAF We cut him slack & he slips past us, but if he was a Trump Voter, we’d see what he’s about. Now he wants Daddies to ‘get more respect’ ugh!
Ernest Scribbler
Ernest Scribbler 4 months ago
Gypsy SnickerDoodle Did your mom made you watch the video of comedian you don't like, or are you here just to spread hate?
So Frosty
So Frosty 4 months ago
Please, just say you don't like his comedy and be in the minority doing so. Don't judge a person you don't know personally off camera.
Simran Simran
Simran Simran 4 months ago
Honestly, I feel most dad's who aren't bound by such ideas of men's and women's roles do get the love of the family and their kids. Because the kids know now, mommy works just as hard as daddy and is still there for them. Unless daddies get their heads around that...life will get hard.
BLT4LIFE 4 months ago
There are more single mothers than single fathers because fathers walk out on their children more than mothers. Talk about that on Father's Day.
Beth E
Beth E 4 months ago
@Boddah You're not wrong. And I dont know why. Medieval rules for a different era, when pops was the main breadwinner. Just fyi, plenty of moms pay child support these days. Hope your night is good.
Boddah 4 months ago
@Beth E Well why don't we expect the same responsibility from mothers?.
Beth E
Beth E 4 months ago
@Boddah It's not "pressure". It's called your responsibility, to your kid.
Simran Simran
Simran Simran 4 months ago
No, I think it's more about the nine month pregnancy and hours of labour. Father's role used to be a provider but mom's can do, and usually do that now. Most houses are dual income. To get noticed fathers need to take over some of the nurturing roles or they become irrelevant. If fathers want a happy father's day they need to do more than just put food on the table because mom does that too now.
dafttool 4 months ago
Pfft. Morgan should probably stay away from the Father’s Day topic. This is the same guy who joked about killing his son if he ever came out as gay. I guess his apology tour is over. -Some of us have longer memories
Beth E
Beth E 4 months ago
@wendy pan 😊
wendy pan
wendy pan 4 months ago
Beth E ahhh, that makes total sense. And I guess that’s also possible. Thanks!👍
Beth E
Beth E 4 months ago
@wendy pan No. I may be off here, but I don't think that was the point at all. Poster was just basically saying he can't forget something so heinous coming out of someone's mouth, about their own kid. I'm sure they could give a rat's ass what he does with the rest of his life. 😉
wendy pan
wendy pan 4 months ago
The apology tour is to say your sorry and ask people’s forgiveness. But of course everybody has to move on with their lives, do other things. I feel like you want him to do it all his life. And that’s really sad.
Arges Hagan
Arges Hagan 4 months ago
I mean the brotha gotta point about the father's day...lol
Ichsuka 4 months ago
His delivery is so good.
Tara 4 months ago
#TheLastOG is on TBS tonight at 10:30👏
Della Simmons
Della Simmons 4 months ago
His attire is like the late Rodney Dangerfield...
movie maker jo
movie maker jo 4 months ago
Even more funny.....😂
Ene Obande
Ene Obande 4 months ago
What's Tracy wearing please?
Mikey B
Mikey B 4 months ago
Word I'm trying to replace at least half my closet with leisurely fits
Stampede Stanback
Stampede Stanback 4 months ago
Ene Obande comfortable clothes
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