Tracy McGrady to D-Wade: I never told Kobe how much I appreciated him, so I'm telling you | The Jump

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Dwyane Wade joins Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady to discuss what D-Wade is learning about Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, and whether he would consider coming back. T-Mac then tells Wade that because he never got a chance to tell Kobe Bryant how much he appreciated playing against him, he wants to let Wade know how much he enjoyed competing against the former Miami Heat star. Finally (3:16) they play "What Were You Thinking" with Wade, discussing the time he broke O.J. Mayo's ankles, the time he dunked on Anderson Varejao, and the time he saw the "Banana Boat" photo.
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
Tyler Twinem
Tyler Twinem 5 days ago
Dwade great player but overated. People acted like he was so much better then pierce when pierce said he was better. Yall crazy paul pierce was so good mabe dwade is better but ur splitting hairs. Also dirk nlwitski has like 10 thousand more points then dwade but wade retirement was talked about more I just dont get it
Brandon M
Brandon M 5 days ago
I put Wade over Kobe actually. No disrespect to Kobe but he had a prime Shaq vs the Shaq that Wade had. LeBron o my stayed in Miami for 4 years and he cause them to lose the 2011 Championships. 2006 Wade was The next Jordan! I hate he got injured! He still ended up winning 2 more rings and going to 4 more Finals!
Josh 2k
Josh 2k 17 days ago
Look at D-Wade man.
TYRELL FAST 20 days ago
Kobe was the closest thing to MJ but D-Wade is the closest thing to Kobe
shattered dreams
Race to 21... Wade & LBJ vs T-MAC & Kobe who ya got🤔🤔?
Brian Watts
Brian Watts 18 days ago
Kobe and Tmac
Johnny Cazares
Johnny Cazares Month ago
He's wrong to speak on Kobe Bryant
C ForthePeople
C ForthePeople Month ago
Old School vs The Remix: Who Wins? Fisher - Kerr Kobe - Jordan McGrady - Pippen Odom - Kukoc Divac - Cartwright Balanced?
Shawn Latonya
Shawn Latonya 2 months ago
Black Men respecting each others gifts.... That's what I'm talking about
Jesse Estrada
Jesse Estrada 2 months ago
Tracy looks kind of young and can go back in nba ngl he should shave his beard that’s all Who agrees?
fred bellows
fred bellows 2 months ago
Cant stand the way lebron moves
Big Sheed
Big Sheed 3 months ago
Kobe and Wade both had that real professional ultra competitive drive that only a few players have. Still can’t believe Kobe is no longer physically here but his legacy will live forever.
Coco Loco
Coco Loco 3 months ago
Dwade looking real spicy 🌶 😏
lucci B
lucci B 3 months ago
Who was better between these 2
Davidian Park
Davidian Park 3 months ago
Wade was a great SG but if you want to prove yourself as one of the greats, you got to shoot FT well. I mean unless you're a big man, above 80% FT is a sign of standards that show you worked on your game to the limit. That's why I give less credit to Wade Lebron who didn't work on their game to the extreme enough to be called the greats like MJ and Kobe.
Davidian Park
Davidian Park 3 months ago
Also by having great focus and concentration at the line, that speaks for itself already on ability to having clutch performance.
Abhijeet Ryder
Abhijeet Ryder 3 months ago
MJ 1st 2nd Kobe 3rd Alex Caruso shooting gods.
Dar Eus
Dar Eus 3 months ago
At no time did I ever have D Wade ahead of Kobe no sir he's gr8 but ahead of Kobe is just dam disrespectful
Tom Bosson
Tom Bosson 3 months ago
Scottie is right on point. Dwade is the 3rd greatest SG ever, there was a time when he was better than Kobe but Kobes overall legacy is better. Peak Wade > Peak Kobe Prime Kobe > Prime Wade Career Kobe > Career Wade
Has1b 3 months ago
3 legends right there
Sunny honey
Sunny honey 3 months ago
Love T-Mac's sleepy sexy eyes😃
TheRealBandito 3 months ago
that banana boat meme is still hilarious. @
Byus 3 months ago
Had wade ahead of Kobe but kobe surpassed?? What?🤨🤨🤨🤨. Get outta here pippen. Wade was never on Kobe level
Francis_ Sy_CoCo
Francis_ Sy_CoCo 3 months ago
Tmac must be feeling bad that Scottie doesnt pick him as his fave players.. tmac is way better than Wade minus the injuries 😛
Gunner Jones
Gunner Jones 3 months ago
D wade should say that to T-Mac
Hussein Alsalami
Hussein Alsalami 3 months ago
I actually think Tmac was better than DWade in his prime. Tmac was the toughest Kobe went up against and he played against both in their primes. It’s a shame his career was cut down short due to injuries.
Robbie T
Robbie T 3 months ago
Wade is a good guy out of the Hart.
Mr. G
Mr. G 3 months ago
After A.I. Wade was my favorite player, then KD. It’s just the way they play on the court that I enjoy.
Nick Vill
Nick Vill 3 months ago
*after the dunk contest " dwade suxx! "
Sam707BFBC 3 months ago
Not bad being number 3 to greatness especially when your number is 3
Sam707BFBC 3 months ago
Befor Bron it was Kobe and Wade. Shaq went frm winning with Mamba to Winning with Flash
Jeff vee
Jeff vee 3 months ago
D Wade is not Kobe..... Hes a weirdo who is friends with LeBron.
Matthew Curiel
Matthew Curiel 3 months ago
Is it crazy that kobes death still isnt making much sense to me (like it hasnt registered at all) ... i also think just in all the kobe awareness he feels so alive still that it kinda masks the reality of him being dead. Its crazy to me how that works
Matthew 2700
Matthew 2700 3 months ago
That’s real 💯💯
RASTA GOD 3 months ago
Scottie look like he dying 😆
jeff gregorio
jeff gregorio 3 months ago
Men if prime dwade and prime pip in your team maybe 2 or 3 chips for u.
SNK 3 months ago
What is up with Scottie’s hair ?
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 3 months ago
Dwade was great but he has never ever came close to being as good as Kobe Bryant was . not ever close
Major Steve Austin
Major Steve Austin 3 months ago
Wayne’s World
Wayne’s World 3 months ago
Kobe passed him ? Didn’t Kobe come in the league before wade tf
Donchanli11 3 months ago
Sorry but d wade was not better than tracy , if it wasn't for tmac injuries tmac wouldn't be looked down on by u ppl or fans. He also didnt play with other superstars besides yao until injuries got yao also. The disrespect
Tom Bosson
Tom Bosson 3 months ago
Dwade had plenty of injuries too. Wade was just a better player. One of the best defending guards of all time and insanely clutch while being an elite and efficient scorer and passer. Combine that all with having won 3 championships, there is just no way that Tracy is better. Tmac is great but hes probably the 7th or 8th best SG of all time if that, where as Dwade solidified himself as number 3
richard78420 3 months ago
It funny how we don't hear from the media anymore that LeBron played in the East and it was easy but he can't win the west. LeBron need to do more interview to defend himself
Ace Cash
Ace Cash 3 months ago
Great Show Rachel!💯
Tania Salazar
Tania Salazar 3 months ago
I like LeBron but do your own moves we don’t need to see imitate Kobe’s moves through him. Let Kobe’s legacy be and build your own legacy LeBron.
Tissue for Sale
Tissue for Sale 3 months ago
Wade is supposed to be saying that to T Mac 🤨
Lestervai Cayetano
Lestervai Cayetano 3 months ago
pip is like a pimp
Qichar 3 months ago
D Wade is my favorite player, ever. Other players have been better (maybe), but Wade was always class. The way T-Mac and Pippen, all-time greats, gave it up to him in this interview had me grinning.
Bronson Te Hau
Bronson Te Hau 3 months ago
gd131 3 months ago
Whos here after he robbed Aaron Gordon?
Beng Bang
Beng Bang 3 months ago
The trio that robbed aaron gordon! 🤨
michael giesbrecht
michael giesbrecht 3 months ago
T mac is only here for Rachel
big daddy G
big daddy G 3 months ago
So this where they push Dwayne into kobe spot as the 2nd best shooting guard ever tss media
1 Amore
1 Amore 3 months ago
Dwade could have said it back
Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy 3 months ago
Scottie Pippen, in my opinion, is the greatest of all time. He was great at every aspect of the game. He has the perfect body for the game and the athleticism to match it. Basketball elegance at its finest!!
Stevie Critique Newby
Rest in peace 🙏 Kobe Bryant 🏀🕊️
vicki s.
vicki s. 3 months ago
That was beautiful BROTHERS
Too Blessed847
Too Blessed847 3 months ago
Pippen scouting and trying to lure D. Wade out of retirement to the LAKE SHOW.......digging it, his shameless and sleek approach, lol. That was classic "Do you see some struggles out there and see how you can fill in"....playing up to his pride, how sleek Pip.
Too Blessed847
Too Blessed847 3 months ago
As far as telling others that they appreciate them....I do this all the time, I didn't need to see or hear about this sudden and tragic departure of Kobe Bryant.
MrStensnask 3 months ago
D-Wade seems like such a likable fella
Mike C
Mike C 3 months ago
Why ask the most dirty player anything, Dwayne broke Kobe nose once?
InviteTheLight Readings
What WONDERFUL praise and communcation to Dwayne Wade from Scottie and Tracy! So nice!
C.A. Fowler
C.A. Fowler 3 months ago
More Love, Less Hate. Appreciate before it's too late.
TheMiamidolphin22 3 months ago
“If you admire somebody, you should go ahead and tell them. People never get the flowers while they can still smell them.”
le nomade solitaire
le nomade solitaire 3 months ago
It seems as if Wade is really appreciating those flowers. Love to see this stuff.
RedRaptor_x7 3 months ago
Kobe was always better than D Wade, Big respect for Wade but Kobe was head and shoulders above Wade.
RedRaptor_x7 3 months ago
Tom Bosson If you really think Dwyane Wade was a better player than Kobe Bryant then you really don’t know anything about basketball
Tom Bosson
Tom Bosson 3 months ago
@RedRaptor_x7 first of all thats not true, Wade did make all defensive second team three times and those awards are bogus anyways, Kobe was an aggressive defender and because of his fame he got voted in, but if you actually look at defensive stats, Wade put up the better numbers
RedRaptor_x7 3 months ago
Tom Bosson Kobe made NBA all defense for 9 seasons out of 20 while Wade did NOT make a single one! So you are wrong when you say Wade was a little better defensively you are absolutely wrong there. Kobe was a killer on the court, Wade was not. Kobe has 5 nba championships Wade only has 3.
Tom Bosson
Tom Bosson 3 months ago
Peak Wade > Peak Kobe Career Kobe > Career Wade
Tom Bosson
Tom Bosson 3 months ago
@RedRaptor_x7 Kobe is really good but he wasnt better than Wade at his very best If you look at both players, these are their stats from their best 6 years from ages 24-29: Kobe from 2003-2008: 29.7 PPG , 45% FG , 6 Reb , 5.4 Asst , 1.7 Stl , 0.6 Blks Wade from 2006-2011: 27.0 PPG , 49%FG , 5.2Reb, 6.5 Asst, 1.9Stl, 1.1 Blks So obviously they are both really good players and Kobe was more of a scorer, but he was less efficient and he was a better rebounder but Wade was a better playmaker and passer. and then on defense both were great but Wade was a little better. In 2008 when they went to the olympics it was clear who was the best player on that olympic team, it was Wade not lebron, not Kobe not CP etc. Wade became the best player, but Kobe had a much better team and Kobe was still a really great player so he ended up winning back to back championships despite Wade outplaying him for those years.
Jacqueline Perry
Jacqueline Perry 3 months ago
Good man to admit he never told him cause I see a lot of nba players not getting along cause there jealous over money,girls and things when that is so petty.kobe was a competitive like all the greats and you have to compliment greatness nothing wrong with that like to black athletes love each other more you can be competitive and love.yes appreciate greatness.
Mike Ray
Mike Ray 3 months ago
I hate that he and his child,and the other people died like they did,but all he ever did was get paid to play a game.
Thomas Bosson
Thomas Bosson 3 months ago
he entertained millions of people, have you?
michael tvchannel
michael tvchannel 3 months ago
so sad all people surprise to the death of my idol kobe
Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet 3 months ago
brilliant! Absolutely, brilliant.
Axiebuoy Lifestyles
Axiebuoy Lifestyles 3 months ago
Dwade gonna die next now? Smh
Yrevaekul P
Yrevaekul P 3 months ago
6'3 block party
Lovro Živič pavček
Dwyane "the game of basketball" Wade
Chaotic 3 months ago
Scottie, whats your hair doing dawg
Dragos Badescu
Dragos Badescu 3 months ago
Tracy from the heart 💓❤️!!!
balltalkdeep 3 months ago
did not expect all that praise for Wade from Tracy and Scottie today; it was beautiful
vostro vostro
vostro vostro 3 months ago
Scotties voice is deep .
Agent 47
Agent 47 3 months ago
Finally D wade getting some respect,easily one of the best players ever
Cody Dean
Cody Dean 3 months ago
Actually we want you to D Wade
heart aches 143
heart aches 143 3 months ago
Kobe. Deserved what he got when he was alive he is the greatest player. More than jordan. Love it.
Ben Chow
Ben Chow 3 months ago
Pippen look sick~he look not healthy 😭
QuietstormRB 3 months ago
It’s important to give people flowers while they’re still here.
PowerHouse Watson
PowerHouse Watson 3 months ago
Kobe just like Floyd he was never appreciated never will get his just due
Fred Saga
Fred Saga 3 months ago
my subwoofer broke when Pippen speaks.
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