Toyota Hilux Durability Test #1

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The first of a 100,000 part series. How durable is a diesel hilux? Let’s put it under the most ABSURD tests and find out.

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May 13, 2021




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Shepard_AU 2 months ago
Imagine at 6:00 passing a heavily off road modified Jeep Wrangler on that path with an old, bone stock Toyota Hilux carrying a literal pallet of cinder blocks .
Faiz ALfaiz 🇸🇦
This my experience with my Toyota hilux 2003 , still until today as new 😊 ruvid.net/u-shortsM5TXA4S3HCM?feature=share
Zach Oconnor
Zach Oconnor 16 days ago
How did u even em Iczk soo
felipe toledo berrocal
felipe toledo berrocal
@jonathon wichel ñ
John Maus
John Maus Month ago
Why do you think this is the choice of the taliban. Only a bomb will kill it.
Læsu Dan
Læsu Dan 2 hours ago
I dont get it...WHY TRUCK COMMERCIAL DONT DO THIS 😳🤣 that's the only way to prove its durability
Læsu Dan
Læsu Dan 2 hours ago
hello from Denmark, crazy stuff on your channel 😳😁 from me no judgment, no hate, just watch and enjoy 💪😁 keep in that way
Kyle Gorham
Kyle Gorham 3 hours ago
You should do bumper cars or tag with trucks that’s be some funny stuff
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 12 hours ago
Yep that’s exactly what I did to my kids
Emirdilla Day ago
eclipse turbo
LADA NIVA is better than this trash
honda900000 Day ago
Hilux are something different.
Jude_ Gamer
Jude_ Gamer 2 days ago
Yea buy a tesul truck
Ammar Abdullah
Ammar Abdullah 2 days ago
Buddy you tried your best But if you really wanna see hilux durability and it's limits, just visit Pakistan/Iran border, where Toyota rangers picks oil and grocery from mountains More of it, these machines goes on world's toughest route of Hunza, kalam Tibbet with cargo Hope you'll enjoy :)
EDGEDAZZA 3 days ago
Poor car. They are so sick’
egdrums 66
egdrums 66 3 days ago
Im a toyota fan boi and this is Hilarious
egdrums 66
egdrums 66 3 days ago
I want this truck
Saransk 3 days ago
Где то я это уже видел... ах да... топ гир
Алексей Петушков
...Как бог над черепахой
moter bike kid
moter bike kid 4 days ago
I love how he called it a heluxs whene it is hilux
Cameron Brooks
Cameron Brooks 5 days ago
any level v hilux
Andrew Bint
Andrew Bint 5 days ago
Tim M
Tim M 5 days ago
Do a 2020 tacoma next.. I wanna see how reliable my truck is lol
Scott Selby
Scott Selby 5 days ago
fck up a Mazda truck
Daniel Cuthrell
Daniel Cuthrell 5 days ago
the interior part of the video is me when my parents get a new car
khatanbaatar Bazarsad
better than my car
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt 6 days ago
I can finish to this truck after it's trials.
Dan Lake
Dan Lake 6 days ago
Fuck it up its yours smash it Fuck it I Fuck my shit up
Elias 6 days ago
Matias Davila
Matias Davila 7 days ago
without a doubt the best truck of all
Matias Davila
Matias Davila 7 days ago
amx m
amx m 7 days ago
very amazing car, i wish to reproduced and make with hybrid versions
Tim Jenner
Tim Jenner 7 days ago
My dad sitting there wtf is he doing me since
Bambam Rubble
Bambam Rubble 7 days ago
From now on can you just make videos with Jeeps, Fords, Chevys, Dodges, Rams, GMCs, Hondas, BMWs, Audis, Buicks, Volkswagens, and Chryslers?
GamingWithBerto 7 days ago
Can someone tell me the wheel and tire set up
Jinx Jaravilla
Jinx Jaravilla 7 days ago
I will buy a toyota,very strong hahahaha .
#FF0000 7 days ago
Sold im buying this gotto head to uganda to find one of these reliable trucks
TWENTY - ONE 7 days ago
And i am the first owner of this truck 😅
Faiz ALfaiz 🇸🇦
This my experience with my Toyota hilux 2003 4x4 , still until today as new 😊 ruvid.net/u-shortsM5TXA4S3HCM?feature=share
BROKENPC 8 days ago
Ur cool asfuk bro
Michel Gomes
Michel Gomes 8 days ago
Alguém sabe responder em português qual ano e modelo direitinho dessa HILUX ?
Francisco Illescas
1989 Toyota Hilux 2L 2.8D
Jasmeet Sandhu
Jasmeet Sandhu 9 days ago
11:44 my dad
Perks Malamsky
Perks Malamsky 9 days ago
@6:37 who the hell do that? Driver of the loader: Me. Lmao 🤣🤣🤣
صقر الشمال
اليابان ياسادة
bann him
bann him 9 days ago
This truck has been there,done that,conquered it already. Btw with way cooler music for that matter. ruvid.net/video/video-xnWKz7Cthkk.html ruvid.net/video/video-xTPnIpjodA8.html ruvid.net/video/video-kFnVZXQD5_k.html
A-RX 10 days ago
Imagine if Euro NCAP will be this hardest..
Buynselln 10 days ago
4WD stands for 4 WhistlinDiesel
gustajerry 10 days ago
esse é o verdadeiro CUPIM DE FERRO
John B
John B 10 days ago
You gotta admit, still took it better than the Ranger did.
Simon Sargent
Simon Sargent 10 days ago
What year make model is it exactly anyway??
Simon Sargent
Simon Sargent 10 days ago
When he destroys trucks like this it’s way more entertaining. The thing is a legit tank. So deceiving. Laughed through the whole thing haha
TokyMada 11 days ago
do you use handbrake to make thad skid? or just lower level the gear?
Robz89 11 days ago
Only reason front door give up is because its most used door
Buckeye Believer
Buckeye Believer 11 days ago
Petition for WD to buy the new Ford Bronco and prove how bullshit all their ads are
Clyde Wilson
Clyde Wilson 11 days ago
4:12 gat driving be like
Lashan Madusara
Lashan Madusara 11 days ago
මහ ගෝත පකෙක් තෝ වහන වලට ආදරේ කරන්න දන්නැති පකා
Conor Lalis
Conor Lalis 12 days ago
"heelix" it's "high-lux" stands for high luxury
Sebastian Kidston
Sebastian Kidston 12 days ago
Hey, this video was stolen by some Snapchat Chanel and thought I’d let you know, btw love your vids and my brother had a hilux and it was just as crazy as this one you got.
Robinson Robles
Robinson Robles 12 days ago
Where could somebody find that exact truck was that factory graphics?
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin 12 days ago
This is me everytime I get a rental
I love my hilux
ZZROBProductions 12 days ago
What engine is in this?
Michael Staffenski
Michael Staffenski 12 days ago
What's the song in the beginning just wondering
Nor Akbar
Nor Akbar 12 days ago
The Man
The Man 12 days ago
Deleting comments cody?
The Man
The Man 12 days ago
.......six of one...galf dozen of the other
FucLogc 12 days ago
What year is this truck? And does anyone have information on where to buy one in the US?
Benjamin Biggs
Benjamin Biggs 11 days ago
Wondering the same!
luis espinoza
luis espinoza 12 days ago
me da pena ver lo que le haces a esa camioneta
Sulaiman Kaka
Sulaiman Kaka 13 days ago
I couldn't watch. The truck is too cool.
Archlight535 13 days ago
Does America have access to the newer models
mohammed sabib
mohammed sabib 13 days ago
this is insane. my next buy will be a toyota
Adam N
Adam N 13 days ago
Try the same thing with a 1980's Chevy S10 or Ford Ranger. Bet they won't hold up as well as the HiLux
Michael Staffenski
Michael Staffenski 13 days ago
This looks weird sped up😂💀🖐 2:27
Jay W
Jay W 13 days ago
I would really love to see you do a durability test on the brand new Ford Bronco!
Gianni 112
Gianni 112 13 days ago
F por la gran camioneta que estaba completamente bien...
jang dini
jang dini 14 days ago
did you buy this car ?
Woo Wee
Woo Wee 14 days ago
Supercar Blondie stole your content and is posting it as her own on her Snapchat “channel” I’ve got it screen recorded and everything, it was the entire hilux test #4 with the drop
111 Turpin
111 Turpin 14 days ago
Da best vehicle you ever broke
J Denha
J Denha 14 days ago
Something is telling me GM and Ford bribed the government to ban this truck here lol
Kevin 14 days ago
Well, at least you could put anti-aircraft guns to it.
Sam Sπɛɛd
Sam Sπɛɛd 14 days ago
I've literally cried twice, and not 10min into video. This wanton destruction isn't acceptable. You should be imprisoned at least 25yrs for your despicable disrespect for this beautifully mint Toyota.
Grommis 15 days ago
Supercar blonde used your video😳
Lalminlun Singson
Lalminlun Singson 15 days ago
Mann that hurts..
phantomf41 15 days ago
Dash board looks exactly the ones installed on toyota qualis
Franky Fourfingers
Franky Fourfingers 15 days ago
Whiskey Delta 40
Whiskey Delta 40 15 days ago
This makes me want to buy a beater truck
GSpad Videos
GSpad Videos 15 days ago
What year is it??
Burnt Eddie
Burnt Eddie 15 days ago
Just some "Trail Stripes"... That thing is Actually A BEAST!!!
Douglas Gudiel Paredes
Hey amigó que año es esa Hilux
Franz Ducati
Franz Ducati 16 days ago
Te ganaste un nuevo suscriptor. Estuvo genial esa prueba de ese día, pero que tal sigue funcionando la camioneta después eso. Sigue igual o le toca hacerle reparaciones.
Franz Ducati
Franz Ducati 16 days ago
Los americanos son unos locos, parce.
Papa J
Papa J 16 days ago
What did this nice little truck do to deserve this?
Leonardo Bacigalupe
I can't with this dude, I minute I hate him and the next one the video becomes so fucking great, awesome channel!!
Mike Tython
Mike Tython 17 days ago
What year and model is this? I need it
jason douglas
jason douglas 17 days ago
Is this your job bro!!!
pizzacrusher 17 days ago
daaaaam, that lil truck is pretty tough...
ivan gouveia
ivan gouveia 17 days ago
Toyota is the best!
Raja Toseef Baber
Raja Toseef Baber 17 days ago
You guys are destroying this and i am saving money from last 9 years to brought a car.i am working in a good company but i spent a lot on my kids and family.keep enjoying guys...
Le_Squidwardé 18 days ago
"I Aint Hear No Bell."
Sergeant Colier
Sergeant Colier 18 days ago
You crazy little prick!!!! Anyone so angry with this guy for hurting this innocent hilux..
Paul j
Paul j 18 days ago
😂 this is literally car abuse, I love it lol
Aref Hussien
Aref Hussien 18 days ago
You reminded me back home Afghanistan these are strong as f
Wayne Levy
Wayne Levy 18 days ago
Hey bro if u think a helix is durable u should get a land cruiser……..they’re another really tough ute
Me_ Zelo
Me_ Zelo 18 days ago
My dad would say " that's pain in my eyes "