Toyota GR Yaris Review - Hot Hatch Heaven?

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Toyota used to be widely criticised for being a mass producer of unremarkable cars with precious few true performance models in its line-up, but the Japanese auto giant has executed a complete 180 in the past 3 years.
This exceptionally talented GR Yaris is a World Rally Championship homologation special, but just how well does a "rally car for the road" fare in real-world conditions? We spent 2 days thrashing the newcomer around the Aldo Scribante race circuit to find out.

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Book Marks:
0:00 - Intro
0:43 - Sound
1:00 - Driving Experience
1:37 - Engine
2:40 - Drivetrain
3:01 - Hot Lap
4:31 - Exterior Features
6:13 - Drivetrain Split
7:14 - Brakes
8:46 - Yaris GRMN
9:29 - Pricing

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Jun 15, 2021




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Heavenly Zackes
Heavenly Zackes 5 hours ago
Can we please have a Full review of the Ford Focus RS 8f you can get your hands on one. I know you did a review on one but it's not a full detailed review. Or the Focus ST please I plead to Ciro to give us a full review of the Focus RS or ST
Owamampela 4 days ago
Now when is Toyota bringing the GR Corolla to Mzantsi?
Nzwakele 22 days ago
Can we please have a Sentimetal "sticker pack"
Cars.co.za 21 day ago
Sounds cool! What do you have in mind?
cyberdyers 22 days ago
1280kg / 261hp = 4.9kg/hp i think.
Musa 25 days ago
No sane human being should be paying that much for a Yaris.
Nobody Month ago
VW getting competition
FerozM Month ago
Love the angles on this video..great review once again
Raymond Malan
Raymond Malan Month ago
VW and Polo Should Not be Used in the same Sentence as GR Toyota Yaris. Period. Hatch 2 Have.
Raymond Malan
Raymond Malan Month ago
@Balanced Perspective back to the Point. Do not use VW or POLO in the same phrase as Toyota Yaris GR.
Balanced Perspective
@Raymond Malan can vw make faster cars , do they have the budget 🤔 , yes and yes , why don't they do that because it will cannibalize the sales of they own brands and they toyota yaris not the gr is not that fast 😉
Raymond Malan
Raymond Malan Month ago
@Balanced Perspective the Crux is, we are talking about VW....Not Bugatti, etc. ( The Brands mentioned, VW Bought into, in some, having Majority Share ). Those Brands are Managed in Own Entity's - VW is just the Umbrella.
Balanced Perspective
VW doesn't make fast cars because they own fast cars - Porsche,Audi ,Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti
Gorata Senosi
Gorata Senosi Month ago
A drag race of that yaris gr and golf gti will be something worth watching
Juzzino DeJust
Juzzino DeJust 27 days ago
That can be watched on Carwow coz that English Matt Watson dude has a lot of access to a whole bunch of manufacturers. The watched drag race tests he did on it against the Civic, the GTi, A45 and an old M3.
TheGreat Russia
TheGreat Russia Month ago
Watched this WHOLE video looking for one key piece of information, THE PRICE!!!!
Owamampela 4 days ago
Starting price is R606000
tyron pepler
tyron pepler 11 days ago
Centurion dealership showroom has one for R606k for the standard GR new
Martin B
Martin B 25 days ago
R715000.00 all sold.
Thokozani Kabini
Rumor has it we getting the Corolla GR as well.. I have no doubt this one will do well in the market.. I’m just worried about the pricing
Daytona dream
Daytona dream Month ago
Imagine buying a yaris for around R500-600k.never thought I would see the day.
mogau malema
mogau malema 4 days ago
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo Month ago
It wooshes nicely What a car by Toyota.
Lehlogonolo Maringa
This is really a special car. A 3 cylinder pushing out 197 kw? That’s almost near super hot hatch territory. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I can only assume that pricing will be north of R750k? One thing I don’t like is the artificial sound being pumped through the speaker, it does sound meaty on the inside, I hope it doesn’t sound like a vacuum cleaner 🥺 on the outside. Well done Toyota!
Tony Webb
Tony Webb Month ago
it does sound like a vacuum cleaner on the outside but is easily fixed with an exhaust it pops and bangs like a rally car 🚗🤣
Graeme Scala
Graeme Scala Month ago
I've seen claims of a R700k price-tag in SA. The Yaris GR starts at £30,000 in the UK, which is less than R600k. Here's hoping...
Graeme Scala
Graeme Scala 26 days ago
@Tristan Raga Toyota announced pricing yesterday. Still a lot of money…
Tristan Raga
Tristan Raga 26 days ago
Lol yep R606 000 for the base and then R715 000 for the top model. Madness
Nathan Paul
Nathan Paul Month ago
You lost me there Ciro when you said "it weigh less than a polo gti but faster than a golf gti"🙆‍♂️😮
Owamampela 4 days ago
Yes he is absolutely correct it's faster than a Golf 8 GTI
Chad Lategan
Chad Lategan 18 days ago
More torque than a Golf GTI
Wian Nel
Wian Nel Month ago
This is really cool* But 5.5 seconds is a bit underwhelming if this is gonna be a R700k+ car.......
sandile wonderboy
What is the price
Deadpool Month ago
Time for another Tender 😉
loooooooooooooooooooooooool #MzansiJokes
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer Month ago
They need to bring back the *Toyota Tazz* We can't afford these things :(
Ricardo ryan Govender
these engine and drivetrain will find its way in a tazz runx corolla and yaris and citi golf in capetown
Social Justice Warrior
@Kgabo Manamela True. But I noticed that they mostly get stolen when the owner is not around. Its very rare that armed robbers would stop a moving tazz and hijack it. VW Velocity and E30 BMW are the ones that will get pistols pointed at your face. M3, Rs5 and Ford Ranger will get AK47's pointed at you. People must stop trying to be fancy and just settle for a Bajaj like the rest of us.
Kgabo Manamela
Kgabo Manamela Month ago
And you'll need to own a firearm because they take those things like fat cakes
Dr Evil
Dr Evil Month ago
@Nalisa Sikwangadude. Eish/ace doesnt second that. He is goi g to jail soon😆
Dr Evil
Dr Evil Month ago
Or something similar. With a naturally aspirated engine
malik keraan
malik keraan Month ago
Does it come with a carbon Fibre roof?
Tony Webb
Tony Webb Month ago
it comes with a forged carbon roof but it has a carbon weave wrap would have been better like how lamborghi have done theirs all it would have taken is lacquer and polish
Owethu Thwala
Owethu Thwala Month ago
Yes it does.
Andre Olivier
Andre Olivier Month ago
So if I want one its for FREE? You do all the effort of making a film of the review of this but didnt mention the price? Being a Toyota it will probably be R700k plus. Rediculous
Cars.co.za Month ago
Unfortunately the price has not been released yet, we did try but Toyota SA won't confirm just yet. We will make a follow up video soon. Thanks for watching
👍🏽 . . .
Brother shiz Ndlovu
I love this kind of job , to test drive cars. I wonder how it like to drive a car.....I never drive a car in my life, it one of my dreams to be behind the wheel .😢
Vusimuzi Mazibuko
Vusimuzi Mazibuko 20 days ago
You'll drive one one day bro
Isiphile Ndakisa
You will drive one day 🤗
Deon Rupnarain
Deon Rupnarain Month ago
What a lucky guy u are!!!! That whoosh sound coming from that 3pot motor is amazing....
Mr.Scobbles Month ago
Hello misterciro thangs for this document video. Nice one alride! I see that itits a Toyota car somesuch a car whatits half of somethink assuchas a M3. Remember when iwas small we always used to say alride if itcan beet the m3 itits a great car. Ido say if youdo say this car is beater than a m4 then iwill easily say thisis a great car. Let’s pushittothemax and go!
Mirza Zahid
Mirza Zahid Month ago
lost me when mentioned 5 hp per kilo
Alavez Month ago
"No more boring cars" Looks like Toyota stay true to their words.
Dr Evil
Dr Evil Month ago
268 hp? Jeez i dont want the repair bill when that tienie weenie engine runs out of steam!! NA engines for me, i thank you!! The AWD is a nice touch
Alavez Month ago
This is a Toyota not a Nissan
Kgabo Manamela
Kgabo Manamela Month ago
If only it had the sequential box like the rally car
Tony Webb
Tony Webb Month ago
not really practical for everyday driving but it's an easy enough upgrade
Nikhil Iyer
Nikhil Iyer Month ago
1:59 - Maths Lit entered the chat
Sean Felix
Sean Felix Month ago
Love how he is his own commentator 😂😂😂
Vukosi Percy
Vukosi Percy Month ago
Bad review my guy. No interior review. No pricing. 😂
Nazeem Ryklief
Nazeem Ryklief Month ago
who cares about the interior! the WRX STI had an interior of a 90s corolla
Cars.co.za Month ago
Unfortunately the price has not been released by Toyota SA. We did try get it out of them! We'll do a follow up video soon. Thanks for watching
willem engelbrecht
Wandisa Tsabedze-Sengo
I love it😎 funky little beast💘
its_sm_ocean Mixes
Bad review, no price and no inside review. Even the exterior review wasn’t proper
Karabo M
Karabo M Month ago
You should watch the review on Carwow. It’s more in depth
Stan Nxumalo
Stan Nxumalo Month ago
When he said 3 cylinders "that's one less than 4,3 for 6"🤣😂
RRSmurf Month ago
Well, he got the hp per kg wrong so maybe he was trying to show he's not mathematically dumb 🤣
Relebogile M
Relebogile M Month ago
It’s still a Yaris no matter the hype and performance numbers. It’s a Yaris.
Ethan de la Fontaine
only thing yaris about it is the badge, lights and mirrors
Nazeem Ryklief
Nazeem Ryklief Month ago
no its not. it has Yaris lights, thats it. EVERYTHING about it is bespoke. Educate yourself about "homologation specials"
RRSmurf Month ago
Sisipho Mbana
Sisipho Mbana Month ago
Great review... Please review a kia sonet
Sol Rath
Sol Rath Month ago
Second hand buyers should be licking their lips!!!
Johan Kriek
Johan Kriek Month ago
Well done Toyota GR!!!!!!!!
Koena Mohomane
Koena Mohomane Month ago
What's the price though?
Tony Webb
Tony Webb Month ago
in the UK it starts at 30k for the basic model the one for the track is about 3500 more but worth it with what it gets extra
Mbuso Nzimande
Mbuso Nzimande Month ago
VW is probably praying Toyota doesn't do the same with the corolla hatch.
Nazeem Ryklief
Nazeem Ryklief Month ago
they doing a GR corolla with the same drivetrain, but more road focussed :)
djlefevre Month ago
They'll need to be praying more at this rate - already in the works
Dumani Mjo
Dumani Mjo Month ago
The kind of people who would buy this car (myself included) are between the ages of 25-35, unmarried with no children. That same group of people though can realistically afford this car at R350k - R400k at a stretch. My fear is that Toyota is going to price this at R650k - R800k, and that will mean a lot of them will sit on the dealership floor, as the people who can afford that, and are still young enough to find it appealing, have a wife and a kid, and will therefore be looking for something more practical, and will inevitably end up in a Golf GTI. This means there will never be any on the used market that we could pick up for "cheap" 5-6 years down the line.
Dumani Mjo
Dumani Mjo 21 day ago
Guess I wasn't that far off on the pricing. Base GR Yaris comes in at R606k, with the performance version at R715k
djlefevre Month ago
Good point. I'm never gonna sell mine though 🙂
Makgale Marcus Mathale
Ford ecosport 1.0T makes the same noise.
Balanced Perspective
The eco means that it produces less carbon emissions there your car doesn't make a noise
Makgale Marcus Mathale
And I meant it 😂
Balanced Perspective
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you just said ecosport not ST
Mimeniia Month ago
Three cylinders usually have that grunty sound. Reminds me of the Suzuki Alto. Similar grunt. This Yaris obviously has some mods on it to emphasise the sound.
djlefevre Month ago
Yeah it's piped through. I don't mind it
5way Design
5way Design Month ago
This car looks like a cockroach 😂😂
djlefevre Month ago
Get back in your golf
Wezile Bonani
Wezile Bonani Month ago
Yesses at my backyard
AOD Month ago
200kW with 3 cylinders? how long will the car last?
T Man
T Man Month ago
It reminds me of the conquest RXi
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Month ago
Toyota is really stepping up the game. Just look at the new Land Cruiser 300 and the 2022 Toyota Tundra being launched in the US next year. These cars blow all the competition out of the water. Well done Toyota!!!
Social Justice Warrior
All we need now is a Corolla GR to compete with the M3 and C63.
djlefevre Month ago
Good point. Add the GR 86 to that list! Looks truly phenomenal
Jackson Month ago
I'm getting one for the wife, proper hairdressers hot hatch
djlefevre Month ago
Haha love it!
Ahmed Moosaji
Ahmed Moosaji Month ago
This will defintly be an investment... But Toyota should really ditch the Asian yaris and switch over to the European yaris... It's a way better product
Dave 79
Dave 79 Month ago
Nice review. South Africa late to the GR Yaris story. I have had my GR Yaris in red for over 4 months in Australia. Wonderful car.😎
Dave 79
Dave 79 Month ago
Toyota was little crap how they spec the GR. I am fine with my base GR no LSD but would have loved red brakes and PS4S Tyres.
Mpfunzeni Mapholi
We always get latest models late here in South Africa and some of features we don't get them even on the top spec car. But any way that is the way it is.
Swannie Month ago
Swannie Month ago
If under 500k I'll go buy one right away
Yandisa Mtangayi
Would love a review on the new Haval Jolion 😩😩
Demaine Naidoo
Demaine Naidoo Month ago
CPT_ROB Month ago
No mention of the price but it will be worth it. So many cars these days are so fast you can't ever use near the potential of the car without wrapping yourself around a tree so the average driver never gets the thrill of pushing the car. Think of an M2 comp or similar. This, on the other hand, you can moer and it will reward you.
Mluleki Dean Dladla
I'm ready to be broke for it
Tech At Length
Tech At Length Month ago
Tore L
Tore L Month ago
“5 horsepower per kilogram.” Amazing how they got 6550 horsepower into a 3-cylinder engine!
Marton Goba
Marton Goba Month ago
I blame the editor, not good at attention to detail, the car weighs 1280 kg and produces 261 horsepower, that's 5kg per horsepower.
Lambertus Strauss
That math also avoided me...
Nawane khomo
Nawane khomo Month ago
Only 400 😲😲 not even 2000
Patlo Phamotse
Patlo Phamotse Month ago
Great to see a review of a manual car👌🏾
Sibusiso Ndhlovu
HELLOOOH! If I had money I'd buy this
thecandyred1 Month ago
5 hp per kg sounds decent.
RRSmurf Month ago
Rather.... SA version is launching our first satellite into space 😏
Darryl Radcliffe
About time Toyota built a hot hatch again, hopefully they keep that ball rolling.
Zamokuhle Mahlangu
Not surprised to see you here boeta
Metsane Mosehlane
I don't believe Toyota gave us one, this car is so cool!
Nhlakanipho Zimu
This Yaris is better at being a Mini Cooper than the Mini Cooper itself… this will give petty GTI and BMW drivers a hard time
Bruce Kendall
Bruce Kendall Month ago
Great power,crazy price and looks like sh!@#t.
djlefevre Month ago
Go get a i20.
Melusi Malembe
Melusi Malembe Month ago
I might be wrong but this guy doesn't know his cars. This channel needs to get someone more passionate
Metsane Mosehlane
@Nazeem Ryklief True that.
Nazeem Ryklief
Nazeem Ryklief Month ago
@Metsane Mosehlane unfortunately the scale of our Journalists can't compare to that of topgear or Chris Harris where the star power makes anything possible. It's just the nature of our industry.
Metsane Mosehlane
@Nazeem Ryklief Passionate car Journalists drift press cars also, besides rules are meant to be broken.
Nazeem Ryklief
Nazeem Ryklief Month ago
@Metsane Mosehlane drift a GR ? this isnt a gusheshe. also its a press car, there's rules
Patlo Phamotse
Patlo Phamotse Month ago
@Prof Danny also thought that but good insight.
MotronChips Race
5kg per hp🤷‍♂️
Ian Van Zyl
Ian Van Zyl Month ago
Well done Toyota ! Keep it up 👏🔥
Ocean Angler
Ocean Angler Month ago
Toyota South Africa were so slow in getting it here. Feels like it came out 5 years ago.
I disagree. We wait close to 2 years to get German cars from launch except for BMWs.
Malibongwe Hopewell
Plz review the haval h6 and jolion👍
They have already written a review of Haval H6.
Bongani Mhlongo
Bongani Mhlongo Month ago
A review without the review of the interior?
Tshireletso Nyaka
5kg/hp** 1:57
Nkosikhona Mazongolo
5 hp/kg 🤔
Tshireletso Nyaka
5kg/hp I think 😅
Nkosikhona Mazongolo
That Ciro chuckle 😅
OomStu ZA
OomStu ZA Month ago
Yeah I'm known to be a VW fanboi but hey, this GR Yaris is a hoot. Well done Toyota.
Dr Evil
Dr Evil Month ago
@OomStu ZA dude, i agree but don't you think it may be wiser to keep it a secret? Buried waaaaay down deep!!😆
OomStu ZA
OomStu ZA Month ago
@Dr Evil some has to hey lol
Dr Evil
Dr Evil Month ago
Shame Stuart in the meantime i'll shed a tear or two for you. VW fan. Poor fellow😂😂
Musa Mathevula
Musa Mathevula Month ago
Can't wait for the head-to-head with the Polo GTI
djlefevre Month ago
I see what you did there
Rustum Davids
Rustum Davids Month ago
Tanaka Mudzungairi
I doubt if we will get it, here in Africa we usually don't get the nice cars especially when they are not german
Jongile Joe
Jongile Joe Month ago
This car on sale here in SA... saw one today at SMG BMW dealer in Durban
Khwezi Nqubuka
Khwezi Nqubuka Month ago
How much does this car cost
Neevarshan Naicker
What a way to approach your 500th video guys This is an amazing car and review.Over the years you guys have created epic content 👌 keep it up guys love it
Johannes Wehrmann
Bliksem! ⚡️
Yandisa Mtshali
Yandisa Mtshali Month ago
I never realised it's here in SA!
Steve Murtz
Steve Murtz Month ago
The most important thing was left out, the PRICE! Looking at golf R money here. 700k+
Harold Nkgudi
Harold Nkgudi Month ago
@Utoob Surfing Least you mentioned - Yaris is going to be reliable and probably one of the best resell value, no contest!!
Divesh Nair
Divesh Nair Month ago
@Utoob Surfing Exciting! Make a youtube video when you get it :-)
Deon Rupnarain
Deon Rupnarain Month ago
When you're a proper petrol head ,the price tag means nothing when purchasing a hot hatch that can be hammered all day everyday and used as a daily runner as well.. I'd go for the Toyota over the GTi.
Werner Grobler
Werner Grobler Month ago
You are correct Steve. Here in the Uk they are similar priced as type R @ £33 000
Utoob Surfing
Utoob Surfing Month ago
@Tw Iw I totally agree, my wife had the Cooper s and it was an awesome little car, I loved to drive it. What I love the most about the GR Yaris is that is it only available in a 6 speed manual. I want to enjoy driving the vehicle and all these modern cars are autos. Getting very excited, thanks mate
Neil Gouws
Neil Gouws Month ago
Suppose, if one asks for the price , chances is that you can't afford it 🤔 Bet ya this car will cost more than a new GTI 🤷‍♂️
Utoob Surfing
Utoob Surfing Month ago
@Neil Gouws well the dealership I ordered mine through said the standard version will be 600k and the rally version will be 700k. It’s a Yaris with a carbon fibre roof, two LS diffs, massive disks all round, and 198kw, and it’s not really a Yaris, it has two doors not four and has been completely redesign structurally to make it more rigid.
Neil Gouws
Neil Gouws Month ago
@Utoob Surfing +- 700k for a Yaris 🤔... Enjoy 👍🏻
Utoob Surfing
Utoob Surfing Month ago
I’ve ordered one of these cars, they say it will be between 6 and 700k, a new Golf 8 R Is going to cost you 850k minimum boet. And you can’t compare a golf 8 GTI for the same price because the GTi is a lot heavier and front wheel drive only. You get way more car in a gr Yaris than you do in an 8 GTi for the same money.
kieron moodley
kieron moodley Month ago
Future Collectors item
LD Month ago
It'll probably cost R800k. Or very close to that
Chif GT
Chif GT Month ago
"The first S really tightens on you" 🤣🤣🤣
tiyani mthembi
tiyani mthembi Month ago
Got to have it🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ashveer Siebalak
Awesome video, Is there any news as to how much will they be priced at in SA ?
Werner Grobler
Werner Grobler Month ago
Any idea on price in SA?
RRSmurf 11 days ago
I guess I'll stick with my 2015 Ford Fusion 🤣
tyron pepler
tyron pepler 11 days ago
Base GR R606k.. GR Rally Pack R715k..
RRSmurf Month ago
Guessing up from R700k?
How much is it? I didn't catch the price.
Michael_Adams_Cars 01
@MASONWABE TSHOBONGA VSC. you will have to jump and order one they are very scarce
@Michael_Adams_Cars 01 Thanks a lot brother. I want one.
Michael_Adams_Cars 01
Thinking it starts from R 650,000 if im not mistaken
Carlo Links
Carlo Links Month ago
...and more reliable than a Golf GTI...
Ridwan Karrim
Ridwan Karrim Month ago
@djlefevre cool. Each to his own. IL keep that bottom dollar😉
djlefevre Month ago
@Ridwan Karrim I disagree. You can bet your bottom dollar this will be far more reliable than the VW and cost less in servicing too.
Ridwan Karrim
Ridwan Karrim Month ago
@Carlo Links track record on other Toyotas perhaps , this one still needs to prove itself, only time will tell
Carlo Links
Carlo Links Month ago
@Ridwan Karrim No, just Toyota's track record when it comes to reliability
Ridwan Karrim
Ridwan Karrim Month ago
So you have managed to establish reliability on a car that's just been released? Nice
Zwivhuya Sivhabu
I'm ready to go in debt for this 😂😂😂😂
Zwivhuya Sivhabu
@Phuluso Govern 😂😂 😂😂
Phuluso Govern
Phuluso Govern Month ago
PJ B Month ago
400 units and see how sales go? They wasting time its gonna sell like crazy, buyers from all segments are gonna want one!
@LD It won't cost R800k
LD Month ago
Enthusiasts will buy this. It'll probably cost R800k so I don't think it'll sell out quickly.
Toyota GR Yaris Review