Toyota and Jeep join forces to save the Wildcat!!

Matt's Off Road Recovery
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So we got a call for an Artic Cat Wildcat stuck in a canyon, east of Mount Carmel junction.
The steering had locked up, and it wouldn't steer.
We called Paul, he is close and knows the area.
Here’s Paul’s channel ruvid.net/show-UCm6Enc4guGzJyAnQmq9BUSw
And his video ruvid.net/video/video-i-6uz5Hx_U0.html
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Jun 28, 2020




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Matt's Off Road Recovery
So we got a call for an Artic Cat Wildcat stuck in a canyon, east of Mount Carmel junction. The steering had locked up, and it wouldn't steer. We called Paul, he is close and knows the area. Here’s Paul’s channel ruvid.net/show-UCm6Enc4guGzJyAnQmq9BUSw And his video ruvid.net/video/video-i-6uz5Hx_U0.html Matt's Off Road Recovery shirts, hats, hoodies, keychains and stickers! www.mattsoffroadrecovery.com
Jennifer WhiteWolf
@ngh recently added beadlocks..
Jennifer WhiteWolf
@D C Just adds more challenge to the next vehicle... These trails get beat up with every passage..
Jennifer WhiteWolf
@Charles Logston If you have to ask, you can't afford it. it must be costly... 2 vehicles, multiple staff, highly specialized equipment... more than half a day.. Yikes!
Jennifer WhiteWolf
Somebody shows up with a D4 Cat, they will clean up recovery in steep country like this.. just rumble on in, hook up thousands of pounds and rumble on out. Heavy tracked vehicles with thousands of Ft/Pounds on the tracks just keep on moving.
Gamecock Mike
Gamecock Mike Month ago
This maybe a dumb question but would tracks be better in that sandy shit yall have to pull out of or is the tires just as good? You bout need a good set of paddles for that sand.
mopar man
mopar man 3 hours ago
that would be a hard hill to climb with out 6000# of dead weight behind ! but with the trailer i would had been wrinching from the start
Kirk Rees
Kirk Rees 17 hours ago
So how is it you guys don't even look like you break a sweat?
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 23 hours ago
Wat kind front and rear end u have in ur jeep
Maybe Someday
You need a tire sponsor man. Hit up whatever the best tire company is and let them know what you do!
C. S.
C. S. Day ago
Those pour transmissions.
David Henderson
12:30 If I had to guess I would say it had a broke tooth on the rack.
Rico2fast 2 days ago
How often do you replace your tires?
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 2 days ago
You need a hydraulic winch like on a snowcat
OtherTimDavis 2 days ago
Just out of curiosity, if I happen to own that Wildcat and needed you to come out and recover it for me, how much would something like cost?
tommywallbanger 2 days ago
"Squishy to me is 6." What's the lowest psi you guys run on your tires out there?
dukeflem 3 days ago
What's amazing first is that they got this out of an almost impossible place. As I watch it each time (3 or 4 times), I'm steering for them and rolling around in my chair trying to get them over that first hill. Second, since it has been out, it has been watched almost 1.2 MILLION times. What is not as amazing; but is sure as the desert has grains of sand, If Paul and Matt team up, It is going to get unstuck without fail, no matter how hard it may be.! Love you guys!
Jesse Younker
Jesse Younker 5 days ago
Amazing back up skills!
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 days ago
Would think with all that trailer articulation in relation to the truck you would want some safety chains.
Douglas Campbell
Douglas Campbell 5 days ago
Where is ED? Still in bed?
Ryry K
Ryry K 6 days ago
You should tdi swap the Jeep
Zack Stewart
Zack Stewart 7 days ago
Sponsored by mtn dew
russkielol 8 days ago
I don't get why you don't just use a winch? Would it be faster and easier?
gsk 8 days ago
That says alot. you need good sh*#;t of tires like that toyota 😎
Spencer S. Young
Spencer S. Young 8 days ago
Good job camera man running off road through shrubs and rocks while filming something half decent 👌
Spencer S. Young
Spencer S. Young 8 days ago
looks like a fun trail
Dave Schiel
Dave Schiel 8 days ago
It may not be a bad idea to put some safety chains on your trailer before you kill someone!
Spencer S. Young
Spencer S. Young 8 days ago
"Running a little early" said no tow company ever
Terrence Bullen
Terrence Bullen 8 days ago
Merica- Where everything is bigger, exept brains.
nemenabijat 8 days ago
So we got a call... :-)
Ted Walker
Ted Walker 9 days ago
Ted Walker
Ted Walker 9 days ago
Ted Walker
Ted Walker 9 days ago
معتز ابو النجا
We want you to compile awesome videos during your career
Pat L Smith
Pat L Smith 10 days ago
Pat L Smith
Pat L Smith 10 days ago
Is there any snakes around those trees? Be careful!😎🙏🏻
999 999
999 999 10 days ago
If steering was the only problem that guys an idiot.
Bill Quillin
Bill Quillin 11 days ago
You need Lockers!
Paul Elledge
Paul Elledge 12 days ago
It would be fun to see how a Sherp would work for some of the recoveries you have to deal with.
Mark Copland
Mark Copland 12 days ago
Love the videos but its odd either youtube or Spectrum is failing us,your videos keep buffering but when the commercials come on no problem, good job Matt and the crew.
aaah tex
aaah tex 12 days ago
Jacob Lloyd
Jacob Lloyd 13 days ago
Bro I love this video and a bunch if others u post. Also I really like how ur buddy has his Tacoma set up. I have a 05 DCSB also trd off road 6 SPEED MANUAL with rear locker and about a 2 inch lift. I want to set it up for offloading. Do u know what lift and suspension and size tires and Bumper and winch he is using? Or can send me a link maybe. I have running boards and bull bar on my truck now and will remove those. I just want to make it as offroad capable as possible but still able to drive on the road. Great video again bro!
Gigster C
Gigster C 14 days ago
Mad Irishman
Mad Irishman 14 days ago
Why not winch the Jeep up that hill first and then winch the trailer to save all that hassle and then once on top, hook them up together
Sean Williams
Sean Williams 15 days ago
That looks like fun and hard work at the same time... way cool
عبدالله ابو
صاحب المهمات الصعبة👌🏻🇸🇦
Dorothy Sutton
Dorothy Sutton 16 days ago
Do you ever run out of gas on these hard pulls?
Jose Oscal
Jose Oscal 16 days ago
Matts beard is legendary
Lori Bell
Lori Bell 17 days ago
Why do i believe the population of Hurricane could explode by another 419,000 any day now? We all want to be part of this.
Adnan Alim
Adnan Alim 17 days ago
Wow, this video was adventurous and executed with alot fo experience with out failing.
Julian LeCircle
Julian LeCircle 17 days ago
Love to know how long those tyres last - one recovery?? How much do you guys charge per rescue?
Dwayne Clark
Dwayne Clark 18 days ago
On RUvid the reving and spinning is described as music , fitting.
1bsprinkle 18 days ago
Should put a pintle hook on that trailer... give you a good solid very flexible connection. Had an old military trailer I would pack my camping gear it wheeling with my rubicon. Was a great setup.
cfezuwm 18 days ago
"That's fukin' teamwork..........."
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 18 days ago
That must be a $1000 recovery?
rexstonbull250 .stephen. varian
i dont know how the hell ye do it persiveerence pays of very well done guys
Café Amazon
Café Amazon 19 days ago
Toyota is no compare to what Jeep can do..👍
ThisIsPointless 19 days ago
I think I would've tried to drive the wildcat up that instead
MEXCAN FUN 20 days ago
Who runs more the dogs or the camera guy.
Dudeman 90
Dudeman 90 20 days ago
I really wonder how much they make on jobs like this This is a pain in the butt lol
Chef Z
Chef Z 21 day ago
When I go wheelin in Utah I’m getting stuck on purpose, it’ll be an honor for you to pull me out
Trader 21 day ago
Love your videos. But noticed the Jeep tires are bald. Is that for building up suspense?
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Far better for the soft blow sand than a tire with a lot of tread. I’m guessing if the Toyota had the same tires, we would not have needed the winch.
die-eggo camaney
die-eggo camaney 21 day ago
This generation seems like they will never know what debt free means.
Allen 22 days ago
You should consider just pulling the whole headliner unit off, remove the material, clean it well and paint it white.
Oscar Canelo
Oscar Canelo 22 days ago
Matt! You bring tears to my eyes! You are so honest, and GOOD people!!
Wayne Taylor
Wayne Taylor 22 days ago
One slow painful recovery.........
Justin Whitten
Justin Whitten 23 days ago
He really should put some better tires on that jeep!
Chase Smith
Chase Smith 23 days ago
My signed die-cast Banana came today. So that was pretty cool.
Craigs architecture and video
These guys have such an easy life…
Oscar Cabrera
Oscar Cabrera 24 days ago
I love your job. You go offroad everyday.. thats alot of fun
Glorioso Jr. Deang
Glorioso Jr. Deang 25 days ago
Just a question, why isn't your tire for off road? It doesn't have any spikes in it, like dirt bike and road bikes, dirt bikes have spikes o it.
Casual Observer
Casual Observer 25 days ago
I am officially addicted to your videos! 👍 & subscribed!
Richard Linn
Richard Linn 25 days ago
Camera man ever encounter any Snakes ?
ramkripal bishunath
There is reward in just being there for people when they need u all. U all deserve being recognized.
Mike Stoy
Mike Stoy 25 days ago
Wouldn't it have been easier to send a mechanic out to fix on the trail?...even just a temporary fix?...Yes, but we wouldn't have this video.
RON MANNING 25 days ago
The Toy should have been pulling the trailer up.
Badger 1
Badger 1 25 days ago
You literally have my dream job. I wish Tucson had some dunes but all we have is Redington Pass.
Din 26 days ago
Dying to know what a recovery like this would cost and what's Paul's cut... if any? (asking for a Canadian friend)
RC 26 days ago
Those piece of junk side by sides must account for 50% of your business. Geez what a nightmare!
Max Corder
Max Corder 26 days ago
These boys are rough on their equipment, but I like their confidence and determination.
L Go
L Go 27 days ago
Thank you for the awesome videos. They are the highlight on my day. I got an idea with this one: The trailer looks useless. It would be great to hook up the Wildcat directly to the tow bar. Probably with some kind of a long bar underneath the Wildcat tied in the middle. So the front would be lifted (the front wheels can be taken off) and Wildcat would have only rear wheels on the ground. No need to pull the trailer. The weight would provide more traction for the Jeep. Somebody can drive the Wildcat! That would be awesome to see. It would push instead of being a burden :)
Kevin Larsen
Kevin Larsen 27 days ago
Not beer drinkers?
Devlin Oshay
Devlin Oshay 27 days ago
You have a pretty cool job. Why didn't my high school counselor mention this?
FransJBM Blaas
FransJBM Blaas 27 days ago
Love to see your videos and work in such beautiful surroundings, though this case wonder if there wasn’t a road around the hill, here going over the hill just showing off.... rsrsrs keep on going, keep it safe..thanks..
isactucker 28 days ago
Jesus talk about pulling teeth! With that sand and how much you had to climb it seems like an impossible task lol. But you guys did it.
z z
z z 28 days ago
Try put engine on the trailer.who know it can help when your climb the mountain.hehe
L Go
L Go 28 days ago
At the minute 28 it looks like problem of traction. So I would put all people inside and few large boulders. 300kg of weight would give lots of traction. The Jeep has plenty of power which it cant utilize all. So it is trading unused power for traction
cloy Uy
cloy Uy 28 days ago
Team work is real 💪😎👍
Belinda Adams
Belinda Adams 29 days ago
20:55 I'm glad y'all wiaed up and hooked that damn wench uo
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 29 days ago
Why does Matt always have bald tires on his jeep?
Matt's Off Road Recovery
They perform the best in our soft blow sand. If the Toyota had the same tires, we probably wouldn’t have needed the winch.
bassax13 Month ago
Dont know that we'll ever see electric cars doing this.
Sanketkumar Shevkar
Randy Rowe
Randy Rowe Month ago
put an ls 6.0 in that Jeep. Maybe a Cummins
Randy Rowe
Randy Rowe Month ago
pretty impressive. might want to invest in tires
Skydiver Month ago
Man, I am worn out and need a nap trying to help you guys get up that hill. Every time he would back up just a little and then pull forward with a jerk I thought, "well, they got out that time", and then you would only go about 3 feet. I'm really tired. You guys are amazing. There are not many people that could get out of the spots you guys have to get in so you can rescue someones vehicle.
snapped32 Month ago
always on bald tires. >.>
Amit Singh
Amit Singh Month ago
29:20 OK, that was something
Nick Tuley
Nick Tuley Month ago
It's crazy some of the footage & "adventures" you guys get into, and it's all just your job to do it. I really appreciate the fact that you guys made this channel. I've become much more confident off-road by watching a lot of what you guys are doing
efs83dws Month ago
Most entertaining yet.
Luke Arts
Luke Arts Month ago
13:50 that would have been the perfect occasion for a run-over shot (leave the camera sit in between those rocks) Beautiful landscape, looks great for awd trailing... But they should make those side-by-sides electrical... They'd be stronger and faster too, but most of all not waste nature with the pointless noise. =))
Greg Marthe
Greg Marthe Month ago
Put drive motors on the the trailer to help push you over rocks and things of that nature
waiting4aliens Month ago
Ever thought of buying a small tracked vehicle?
freethinker52 Month ago
thats what winches are for
Chris Labean
Chris Labean Month ago
I would it took the side-by-side off and then drove it up the Hill then put the side-by-side back on the trailer at the top of the Hill
hostermania Month ago
So did Paul ever get that ice cold Mountain Dew?
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