Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal 4-5 All Goal Legend Match 2004-2005

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Comments 41
Yared Abebe
Yared Abebe 8 hours ago
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus 8 days ago
Lmao I forgot about those derpy tottenham kits looks like they’ve got an awkward smiley on the front
El vengador Más fuerte
Beautiful kit arsenal 😻
Stephane Verrollot
Stephane Verrollot 13 days ago
Quel match
David Israel
David Israel 28 days ago
Spurs back on top of the Premiership? Great game, but lets face it this was back when Spurs were useless. That was some team Arsenal had.
Geoff Month ago
Its the dream team commentator. Cant ever hear him and not think of him saying "FLETCHER!!!! The dragons lair erupts, Harchesters golden boy does it again" Ruins the highlights for me lol
nostalgie du foot
Rest in peace, Reyes
nvfvdn Month ago
12:01 "can CUNT-ham"
san 2 months ago
Vierra top
Stevel024 2 months ago
God Cygan was absolutely clueless
Ellias Jafari
Ellias Jafari 2 months ago
At the start the commentator says the line up is first choice team! I swear Sol and Toure were first choice CBs, if fit
Edwin Thuku
Edwin Thuku 3 months ago
the commentator was right...... the game will be replayed for a long long time! i remember watching this as though it was just yesterday!
Billy Chrisnada
Billy Chrisnada 4 months ago
omg you can see fabregas is something at that young age, his vision is crazy
Majid catalonist
Majid catalonist 5 months ago
2020 😍😍 love premier League 2005
Daniel Carvalho
Daniel Carvalho 5 months ago
Isso sim é futebol!
Edward Chida
Edward Chida 6 months ago
Such shit defending
Thomas 6 months ago
fine viken
fine viken 6 months ago
8:15 Kevin repeats the same "can he go all the way" in 2014 Copa Del Rey final as Messi tears Bilbao Apart!
Sead Kolašinac
Sead Kolašinac 2 months ago
fine viken also Bale in the CDR final I think
achraf belhajji
achraf belhajji 6 months ago
The little kid entering with viera is harry kane
ham and cheese
ham and cheese 6 months ago
Was at the lane that day with my dad as a 11 year old yid. Will always remember being behind the goal when Defoe blasted it in, and my dad saying that's probably the best game of football you will see in your life (in person) even though we lost. Got to see some amazing sides that season at white hart lane, even though Tottenham weren't one of them
ham and cheese
ham and cheese 5 months ago
Living Death I hope so mate, and I think arsenal have the quality to make things work. I'm not too sure what's going on with the yank but it sounds bad and that is not good for football, let alone spurs or arsenal. Sure you will be back to your winning ways soon and am not exactly looking forward too it. Recently moved out too australia, if you're ever in Noosa, I owe a gooner a beer.
Living Death
Living Death 5 months ago
ham and cheese Yeah. That was when men played football, not boys who only care about their hair. Spurs will win a major trophy this season if not, next season. They’re a big club and deserve silverware. Respect from a Gunner :)
ham and cheese
ham and cheese 5 months ago
Never been to highbury mate. Appreciate your kind words a lot. The one thing me and the old man had in common was spurs. Without sounding like a sarcastic dickhead it is almost surreal for me to see how the tables have turned. I personally don't think Tottenham will reach the heights arsenal did under wenger, and that time in the premiership was a true height in my opinion. The team arsenal had for about 5 years, united, Chelsea.... That was football.
Living Death
Living Death 5 months ago
ham and cheese That’s a very wholesome story... Sadly i am not old enough to have experienced Highbury and the golden days of Arsenal. Respect man
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira 6 months ago
Joshua Heuvel
Joshua Heuvel 7 months ago
wow Patrick Vierra
Swanand Soman
Swanand Soman 7 months ago
Pamarot... possibly the worst player ever to Grace the premier league
KIRK FLETCHER 8 months ago
Best shirt ever!!
Ricardo Chacon
Ricardo Chacon 8 months ago
Great match!
hemid1994 bakinskiy
hemid1994 bakinskiy 8 months ago
Vin Smøke
Vin Smøke 9 months ago
Pamarot what the f_ck
Bingo Maverick
Bingo Maverick 9 months ago
@ 7:49 Henry's like "Run Vierra, Run!!"
Billy Chrisnada
Billy Chrisnada 4 months ago
if he touch the ball it's an offside
Anish Negi
Anish Negi 9 months ago
7:13 😂😂
Рамзан Нажаев
Anish Negi 😂😂👍🏻
matthew argent
matthew argent 10 months ago
Reyes ❤😭
GAZZAGAMING 10 months ago
What does he mean Spurs are back on top???
Omer Mahmutovic
Omer Mahmutovic Month ago
@Hahaman i dont support spurs
Hahaman Month ago
@Omer Mahmutovic still doesn't answer the question are they on top yet.. Toters will forever keep on dreaming of getting top 😂😂
Stevel024 2 months ago
@Omer Mahmutovic no lmao the broadcaster made an error, Arsenal was temporarily top of the league
Jesse 8 months ago
I had the same question
Omer Mahmutovic
Omer Mahmutovic 9 months ago
Spurs were a team that finished 14th-10th in the league and they scored 4 against Arsenal current champion. He meant they as a team were returning to being a good team since season after this one they were regular in the top six in the league.
HighburyAFCSoul 11 months ago
Patrick Vieira, True Arsenal legend 🔴❤️
Kalit Yusuf
Kalit Yusuf 11 months ago
Rest in peace, Reyes
Padi Yami
Padi Yami Year ago
That Kid with Viera is Harry Kane.
창현우 2 months ago
@berke sure Kane was belonging to arsenal youth team
berke 3 months ago
@Niko Bellic fr?
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 3 months ago
that was actually him
berke 5 months ago
desvione resti
manush hovsepyan
Sam Harrison
Sam Harrison Year ago
Why are the Spurs stewards always such cunts, what's so wrong with our players trying to celebrate with their fans? I don't see our stewards stopping it at the Emirates.
Ankith Ephraim
13:43 to 13:45 i feel something is wrong....
Dean Husband
Dean Husband 5 months ago
His one of are own lol
Taufik Prd
Taufik Prd Year ago
ada harry kane
anas1234 Year ago
Golden days
Lil Pal
Lil Pal Year ago
The chubby boy with Viera now become Arsenal nightmare in nort London derby
Swanand Soman
Swanand Soman 7 months ago
Yes it is Harry Kane
OJDTwist 8 months ago
GoonerKIRK nope
KIRK FLETCHER 8 months ago
@OJDTwist yes it is Kane
Lee Akers
Lee Akers Year ago
And you call him one of your own 😂😂
OJDTwist Year ago
@Jason L if hes saying its kane no chance
Leah 2 years ago
My new favourite channel on youtube
spider sam
spider sam Year ago
I have
BW PES YouTUBE 2 years ago
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