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I got back on the OTV Rust server and met up with Pokimane, let's just say that old habits die hard..

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Jul 31, 2021




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Comments 1 620
TheSavageKidYT 17 hours ago
2:30 tha boys vibing LOL
Chuck Wood
Chuck Wood 23 hours ago
does it hurt to talk like that?
Reilly Fargo
Reilly Fargo 2 days ago
2:00 yo bruh when you dropping the single
404_VipersBite 2 days ago
Swagger: we need to get her out she's stuck in the cell. The boys: starts blastin
404_VipersBite 2 days ago
Swagger: we need to get her out she's stuck in the cell. The boys: starts blastin
JohnGhost 3 days ago
Awsem vid bro! That prison ending love it! The guys came in an shot her dead hahahah funny shit!
dontsmokbird 3 days ago
Rip rust reno reggae song :(
Pathuurnax OhYEAH
I still cant get the image of thick, oozy blue liquid pouring out of that helmet
Hemyr Ochoa
Hemyr Ochoa 6 days ago
Pretty damn sure that was bordie
KrustyPickle 7 days ago
Bradly Ross
Bradly Ross 8 days ago
Woman: "you can't kill me now" Swagger: "oh the safe zone" Swagger: "im not in it now" *Gunshots* *Woman dies* Me: *dies of laughter*
Zoe Nelson
Zoe Nelson 8 days ago
Not me being sad asf because console addition Rust has such a low rating for quality and everyone thinks its trash and its $60 that i dont want to waste on the possibility the game isn't too bad. I want to play so bad but I cant :[
The Fire Fenix
The Fire Fenix 8 days ago
xl Vivzy lx
xl Vivzy lx 9 days ago
"Oh well Im not in it anymore" funny how that works
TheGamingTubeHD 9 days ago
Él es loco 😂😂
Sh4rds0fGl4ss 10 days ago
opposite of simp be like, pims
Damen Lewellin
Damen Lewellin 10 days ago
funny asf bc i actually live in reno
Ryan Heatherly
Ryan Heatherly 10 days ago
you need to cut your nails my boy XD
WagonzGaming 11 days ago
SwaggerSouls did you consider going to therapy lol?
Super Aaron
Super Aaron 11 days ago
When the simp army came for the female."ill burn down this house tonight".
Mikey Meister
Mikey Meister 14 days ago
2:00 I want that to be a real song please-
A C 14 days ago
So it's been a month, did you get therapy yet Swagger?
treehugger 4.0 7
treehugger 4.0 7 16 days ago
So we are now killing pows
LiVeen 16 days ago
HAHAHAHA.... women.
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin 17 days ago
2:09 this goes off 7:03 that was an okay freestyle tbf
swag overlord
swag overlord 17 days ago
neverets g
neverets g 18 days ago
Therapy time
Rocko's Gaming Logic
She's a good sport.
4 bangers performance
Otv sucks
Kaleb Hnatiuk
Kaleb Hnatiuk 22 days ago
Swagger should VA in the next borderlands
Kaleb Hnatiuk
Kaleb Hnatiuk 22 days ago
"Aw shucks, you went ahead and decided to put yourself into prison"
BrutishWing2.0 24 days ago
Absolutely loved the use of music
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 25 days ago
U should make the “my name is swaggersouls and I fuck” song put on spotify
General Grievous
General Grievous 25 days ago
i really fucking hate pokimane
*The Real & Official* Salvagers Salvo
The fucking ending omg 😂😂😂😂
Cutie Patootie
Cutie Patootie 25 days ago
Lol ya love to see it
Nathan Hodge
Nathan Hodge 25 days ago
If it gets 100 thousand likes does that mean he will go to therapy
ChocoBasta 26 days ago
Cool I like torture…
Casual Chaos
Casual Chaos 26 days ago
9:25 I am not FUCKING unhinged *pulls out gun*
Killswicth DK
Killswicth DK 27 days ago
That was the most evil and sadistic thing I have ever seen. It was beautiful swagger. Love how you torture your victims😁
Joel Krajnyak
Joel Krajnyak 27 days ago
Twitch girls voices hurt my head
sceptiqz 28 days ago
Ahhh the safe zone… Well I’m not in it *shoots*
Yoschicks 29 days ago
Lmao why did they execute her
Kawa Bunga
Kawa Bunga 29 days ago
Swagger sounds like he has someone pinching his nose while talking
yEaRiGhTiSSiK Month ago
Is pokemon sexy or no
Romalyn Rex
Romalyn Rex Month ago
The prison with the speaker repeating "aw shucks, you got your self in prison..." reminds me of farcry 5 and the guy who brain washes with music, "only you, can make all of the world seem right"
Alyssa Kurtzhall
i watch all the way through just for the outros song 😩
zuTon_ Month ago
Dude we need a remix of that “my name is swaggersouls” song. That shit slaps.
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Month ago
Enjoy therapy chief
Leon Novoselac
Leon Novoselac Month ago
Yoo the music is insane
Jazzie Month ago
I lost it lmao. great vid
Bee go bzzz
Bee go bzzz Month ago
8:34 POV: your the npc speaking to new people in town.
BFlame Month ago
"My name is SwaggerSouls and I fuck."
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez Month ago
Swagger Kills Woman* “Yo we pimp chimpin”
Ruthless Nano32
Ruthless Nano32 Month ago
Damn them guys came with a mission to kill poki
• Sxz •
• Sxz • Month ago
flexinja is a man of the people
mexicoli Month ago
The intro is sooo good. Love to see it.
Empty Edits
Empty Edits Month ago
"Yo we pimp chimpin"
Gage copas
Gage copas Month ago
idk how yall stand this guys voice it sounds like hes talking out of his nose
TehBake Month ago
Voyboy is a king
unreal_guy Month ago
Pls Do a flip...
Juan Flores
Juan Flores Month ago
What was that song @6:30 ?
Silver Hedgehog
Silver Hedgehog Month ago
Lame duck here. Honestly you beat the mess out of the repetitive horse. It was not funny at all. Ugh man i tried to enjoy but nothing was enjoyable about this video.
Austin Somers
Austin Somers Month ago
doing gods work
cezarnzツ Month ago
ram ranch is the best nohomo
Aguy Man
Aguy Man Month ago
I have a plan.
dusk Month ago
12:25 so good 😂😂😂😂😂
Unit [REDACTED] Month ago
Come with me down to rust Reno city where the girls are slaves and the streams are shitty
Ethan Lane
Ethan Lane Month ago
Dude whoever made that “My Name Is SwaggerSouls” needs to drop that shit now.
Rybosome Month ago
Dude as a beatboxer, seeing wobbles everywhere is fucking awesome!
dadstiny_ Month ago
i can’t get “my name is swagger souls, and i fuck” out of my head now. that shit smacked so hard
Trashy Hobo
Trashy Hobo Month ago
Too bad I don't have a good PC to play rust on, I would be Swaggers #1 Kapo in his town. Just like George Soros
Tessitura Month ago
So are you going to therapy then?
KillaZombie3345 Month ago
How does one join misfits swagger?!😅
Mikado Ryugamine
I couldn't stop cackling throughout the video, shit was pure chaos and I fucking love it
tortalliny Month ago
7:15 that beat was fire
That0neGuy Month ago
Pokimane is so annoying
Manko GZ
Manko GZ Month ago
came for swagger and stayed for the rager 2:02
Quentin Manson
Quentin Manson Month ago
Brain grinder. That is what type of vid this is 🤯🤯🤯
Future Cyphex
Future Cyphex Month ago
New outro? :D
Zolleu Month ago
she finnaly got what she deserved
h3idtk3 Month ago
Time for therepy
FissleDissle Month ago
The people who heard about Reno and falled for it: “come to Reno they said, it’ll be fun they said.”
[Pulse Roblox]
[Pulse Roblox] Month ago
9:41 gets me every time
Andrew Petrie
Andrew Petrie Month ago
since this video has already hit 50k likes, wanna live steam your therapy sessions.
Galaxy Gamer 506
@3:42 i stg I choked on my water see this monstrosity
Koud Yazume
Koud Yazume Month ago
The end of this Story? Everyone want to kill Pokimane!
Teo DripZz420
Teo DripZz420 Month ago
Yo chill out they sounded like a legit cult when you walked across the barricades lmfao
Sykotic Bandit
Sykotic Bandit Month ago
*swagger shoots a woman in the head killing her instantly* Twitch: Yo! We pimp chimpin!
Anari Ackerman
Anari Ackerman Month ago
This was posted on my birthday
Cranston Summers
Guess you're going to therapy XD
NazTha Month ago
Moka Meng
Moka Meng Month ago
im saying as it is, "trapping people" just aint funny, besides, they could just f1 kill aye?
Nuyu Nuyuyu
Nuyu Nuyuyu Month ago
I haven't laughed this hard in so long thanks
friskybuff Month ago
This is gonna be like the minecraft thing
Clay Fletcher
Clay Fletcher Month ago
Make bunger burg 2.0
ryan winborne
ryan winborne Month ago
3:10 put it in reverse terr
Jay Hollow
Jay Hollow Month ago
NoodleHusband Month ago
5:41 Why does this sound like a NPC side quest
Philip H.
Philip H. Month ago
"he's trying to use us for free labor" bunger Burg all over again, 😂
Coolishtuna Month ago
In the song "Folsom Prison Blues" there's a line, "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die". In honor of this, name the prison "Folsom Prison" or do a horrible rendition of the song over the intercom.
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