Top5 | Bap Bap Bap 🔫 (Official Video)

HAM Toronto
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Apr 11, 2018




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Kyuh 9 hours ago
fake viewszzzz
Arbaaz Syed
Arbaaz Syed 5 days ago
Lmaoo this track is hella jokes 😂😂😂
charles the entertainer 2
They had to stop hustling for this long imagine how many calls yuh had lol
Robbie Vegas
Robbie Vegas 14 days ago
no one believes you
Rabi M
Rabi M 14 days ago
Shit video
B B 25 days ago
0:12 ugly ass kidddd 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
ethan paul
ethan paul 27 days ago
0:12 there's a man's air shooting not knowing where the camera is😂😭👌🏾💯
B Blicker
B Blicker Month ago
Yea this cold
YoungBandZ Month ago
Ts not even considered a song tf is this trash
Ryan Lord
Ryan Lord 2 months ago
Fake gansta stealing feature money and purses 😂🤣
Ryan Lord
Ryan Lord 2 months ago
This guy is such a fake OVO artist 🤣😂
6ixking.killuminati From 1989 to 2019, The Hood grew up. 30 years ago only Killa & his chosen few wore red bandanas. Killa left The Jamaican Terrorist Jane & Finch BulbEye Crew in 1990 but there was no such thing as Bloods or Crips or Gangster Rap or Rappers Trapping existing in Toronto in the early 90's until Killa started Rapping as the 1st Gangster Rapping, bussing his gun & making Gangster rap gun videos in since 1994 when not even 1 other nigga or hood was ever recorderd doing that type of shit in canada until 6 years later in the year 2000. Killa was always the leader of the newest shit niggaz would grow into & benefit from, Killa was The Toronto Leader of American Gangsterism & The most successful & most established G Nigga Toronto had ever seen throughout the 90's & into the new millenium when Killa had over a dozen baby mommaz by 2004. As I was saying, Niggaz were babies back in the 90's so Killa (The 1st Blood Gang Leader) brought up his little nigga Stumpy as his 1st Blood brother in 1990 who shot the cop in the face behind Pelham on the train tracks after that Beer Store Robbery. That was 2009. Killa started The Bloods Gang of Toronto starting with Stumpy, then Stumps cousin Kevin, then Dreddy, then Bigga in 1992, Because of that, they all became the 1st Bloods & Jamaican Gunmen to terrorize the party & club scene with club shootup routines outside of The Jane & Finch Crew in 92' throughout 93', robbing all our own affiliated Jamaican Drug Kingpins was the nightly routine. Dreddy got murdered in 93' by our own Jamaican Murderers who joined us to rob jamaican drug lords. In 1991 - 2004, Killa was the only Bloods Gangster or Bloods Gang Leader in jail for gang related gang hits. but it was never against another hood nigga or a crip either. The New Born Crips just started coming out in 1994 but they wasn't shooting yet. Them niggaz had alot of members but they stayed up in Rex. Regent Niggaz were cool but they stayed in Regent were Killa's Blood Kevin ended up runnin' so Downtown was Bloods by 94', Looney Toons. Killa's Niggaz from Finch 89' - 91' were str8 Jamaican, not Bloods or Crips. Driftwood & Rex Same thing. No young cats had shit back then. Killa started the Bloods Generation of Young Drug Dealing Gangsters. Killa was the only young nigga driving though from 92' - 97' Only 2 other Jamaican murderers were in jail for shootings when Killa was the only Drive By Shooter in jail in 94'. 1 was Clinton Gayle, an older Jamaican cop killer who shot 2 cops while him & Killa were hustling nights at Jane & Tretheway. Killa ran through the back & got away in his car blasting in the air but Clinton ran into building staircase and got cornered by feds & tried to blast his way out but got hit after killing one cop & shooting the other. Then there was Dukey, One of Killa's Jamaican Jane & Finch affiliates who was a year older but became a well known Jane & Finch Jamaican Murderer. Not one blood or crip beef existed, and only a few shootings a year happened from 92' - 97'. by 94' Killa also started the Young Bloods Gangs that ran downtown, The Looney Toons, The Young Thugz & The Vaughn Road Troopers, all kids he gave work & red bandanas to & protected them all from outsiders single handedly. Even a few of Killaz Finch Crew niggaz jumped on the Bloods Ting like Junior D (Rip) & Sammy who started the Trife Kids Bloods Gang of Finch in 94' before he got shot by Brooklyn in 99'. But By 97' Killa had to leave the hoods like Pelhem because the hood was too small to hold such a Notorious Gangster, he ended up shooting up his own Finch young niggaz turf after an altercation where a bunch of young niggaz almost got killed trying to jump Killa after he returned to Finch after leaving for 6 years. Shit, Killa knew he woulda got ratted out on sight by the neighborhood watch as always if he stayed out chasin' niggaz around with the gun knowing he didn't wanna shoot or kill no niggaz, Killa wasn't never the type to have beef with niggaz, he started that Blood Brother Shit & was mad cool with all niggaz he ran into or did time in the west, east, don or maplehurst with. But Last Killa seen of Pelham was 97' when Munch was about 14 so he was ready to take over Pelham. Killa let Munch hold his 1st machine in 97'. Killa gave Magic & all dem niigaz their 1st piece of work with a cell phone in the year 2000. Nobody even got shot much back then. Cancer was just a kid until 2000 & nobody else except stumpy & the dozen of my niggaz who got shot up or sent to the pen really ever was hard enough to go around blasting until the year 2000'. Now it's way out of hand. GET RIGHT MY NIGGAZ... 6ixKing Killuminati aka Killa Rip my Nigga. The Game must be Sold.
stillmaticstarlet 2 months ago
Drove thru this iconic intersection last week, playing this song! What a moment!
Ron Carlson
Ron Carlson 3 months ago
They will kill for 5
Ron Carlson
Ron Carlson 3 months ago
Big Tune Summer Jamboree
Naath artist world wide
For the 2.0
AudioASMR 3 months ago
Bap bap baptism
AudioASMR 3 months ago
Cdet aka MrG
Cdet aka MrG 3 months ago
Go to my page bump touchdown. Hardest music out the six Bap Bap bap
gaming with little
gaming with little 4 months ago
He knows he can't afford those cars HE IS BROKE AF
gaming with little
gaming with little 4 months ago
Top 5 gotta stop before I exspose time
mohammad program
mohammad program 4 months ago
u r gay man jk
Qaliil show
Qaliil show 4 months ago
Qaliil show
Qaliil show 4 months ago
Riley Schubert
Riley Schubert 5 months ago
I love all the hate In the comments😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻🤧🤧
Abdijibar Muse
Abdijibar Muse 5 months ago
Need the lyrics plz
darkoSTBEA 5 months ago
aye im from montreal but there is only one Varna and its in Bulgaria, my hometown that I grew up in Varna, Bulgaria. Waviest city on the Black sea, in East Europe. So its good that you represent the Varna name, but know where the real one is
H0leser 5 months ago
You are a broke boi, you stole $20 from the artist dali$ cuz your broke
Salomon Hineh
Salomon Hineh 6 months ago
”My shooters, they don't play no games” 🔥🔥🔫😈🔫🔫♨️💯🔥🔥😈📛♨️🔥🚧🚧
Crrxzy 6 months ago
Who produced the beat though?
Can Özcan
Can Özcan 6 months ago
redezobh 6 months ago
Someone in Toronto tell me what 2.0 like Larry bird means
Abdijibar Muse
Abdijibar Muse 7 months ago
Nice song but the lyrics are all about shooting and shit misleading the kids🇸🇴🇸🇴 all of em are teenagers u need to go back to school there is no fun in dying for shit u r not
Dodgyasdf 7 months ago
I heard Top5 is a junkie bitch scamming producers outta money on fraud placements through instagram.
Ibra Ibra
Ibra Ibra 7 months ago
1:26 🌟Top 5 🌟
isaachaaze3 7 months ago
Bet someone gon say they was on that bus
kevin bobb
kevin bobb 7 months ago
Can thia guy make a track without autotune?
GARRY S 7 months ago
pacific mall drip
Araaya200 _yt
Araaya200 _yt 7 months ago
samuel okojie
samuel okojie 7 months ago
Trash lil 6 where its at
Kapilan 7 months ago
Both rental whips from 2006
G Man
G Man 7 months ago
Terry Rogers
Terry Rogers 8 months ago
SMOKEFRMDA6IX 8 months ago
watch?v=KjTirLnxeyc&feature=@ Watch top5 and WhyG talk about snatching Lococitys chain
Sosa Buildz
Sosa Buildz 8 months ago
top five top wasteman
MR Playboy
MR Playboy 8 months ago
Sneeze 8 months ago
Jamal Ali
Jamal Ali 8 months ago
thomas morawski
thomas morawski 8 months ago
Go get the burner
abdullahi noor
abdullahi noor 8 months ago
no italiano fabio cannavaro
hi 5 top five
NBA Elmi
NBA Elmi 9 months ago
Top 5 a stretch belly 55 overall with no badges, he definitely does drive bys wit a water gun
Keon Hustle
Keon Hustle 10 months ago
2018s biggest dick rider 😂. He ain’t even built like that Idk how Po mans and woods mans fuck wit dis busta
king-faisal maalim
king-faisal maalim 10 months ago
when u re in Somalia all u hear is Bap Bap
Abdirahman Mohamed
Abdirahman Mohamed 11 months ago
1 Million views for just hearing Bap Bap Bapp? Wow! fam it’s really easy to be a big ting on the internet ehhh
TheDipset1233 11 months ago
Lol did you bap bap bap at pizza pizza pussy. You stay running
J 9 months ago
what would you do different. you wouldnt fight a click full of manz
Perplex 11 months ago
Fuck man this nigga made me miss my class last year lmfaoooo
Zucio 809
Zucio 809 11 months ago
This song is amazing
Annan Tahir
Annan Tahir 11 months ago
Did anybody even take in that you stained these 2 whips as franklin and lamar in gta 5's first mision, just swapped the colours 🤯
KHALID CURRY 11 months ago
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