Top Tech Under $50 for 2017 - Holiday Edition!

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With the Holidays coming up, here's the Top Tech Under $50 for 2017! Great gift ideas 😉
🔥 Everlast Notebook (US): amzn.to/2iEik1i
🔥 Everlast Notebook (UK): amzn.to/2y8BOR3
🔥 Gamma Ray Glasses (US): amzn.to/2iHrPgu
🔥 Gamma Ray Glasses (UK): amzn.to/2B19q8X
🔥 Alternative if sold out: amzn.to/2iHsz5g
🔥 Wifi RGB Lights (US): amzn.to/2iFxTWH
🔥 Wifi RGB Lights (UK): amzn.to/2yg9u3H
🔥 Regular RGB Light Strip: amzn.to/2AIavjt
🔥 Anker Soundbuds Slim (US): amzn.to/2AlS33b
🔥 Anker Soundbuds Slim (UK): amzn.to/2jwItAe
🔥 Logitech G502 Mouse (US): amzn.to/2iIoJZC
🔥 Logitech G502 Mouse (UK): amzn.to/2kamLBB
🔥 Steam Link (US): amzn.to/2iFHLj6
🔥 Steam Link (UK): amzn.to/2AIB4ai
🔥 Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard (US): amzn.to/2yOwwxE
🔥 Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard (UK): amzn.to/2juNE3F
🔥 Tomons Wooden Desk Lamp (US): amzn.to/2An2eEH
🔥 Tomons Wooden Desk Lamp (UK): amzn.to/2AGE2fk
🔥 Griffin Powermate Controller (US): : amzn.to/2yeOHNW
🔥 Griffin PowerMate (UK): amzn.to/2keXcCK
🔥 Salt Lamp (US): amzn.to/2BhGEBL
🔥 Salt Lamp (UK): amzn.to/2iZ96jS
🔥 Bluetooth Beanie (US): amzn.to/2AhxCka
🔥 Bluetooth Beanie (UK): amzn.to/2iXpEbL
🔥 Brainwavz Hooka (US): amzn.to/2iDo1ga
🔥 Brainwavz Hooka (UK): amzn.to/2y8ud4U
🔥 Brainwavz Hengja (US): amzn.to/2AJC91N
🔥 Brainwavz Hengja (UK): amzn.to/2y8lRdS
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• Aputure LED Light: amzn.to/2bum0C9
• Rhino Slider: amzn.to/29vcKt0
• Blackmagic Video Assist: amzn.to/29jKElv
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV
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Dec 8, 2017




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Comments 80
randomfrankp 2 years ago
Check out last years 2016 version if you want more gift ideas from last years series! ruvid.net/video/video-adMqE9BJkeM.html
Henri Paradot
Henri Paradot Year ago
Hey frank p you should do a give away with the tech you don’t use (keyboards and mouse) thanks love the vids great help with all the tech I get.
Cam'ron Gloudon
randomfrankp do a budget headphones for gaming series
Joey 2 years ago
Yo frank, what mechanical keyboard do you think is the loudest?
Adeel Piracha
Adeel Piracha 2 years ago
randomfrankp I will
blyat 2 years ago
liked for your sexy hat
Bruno Gachassin
Bruno Gachassin 15 days ago
My salt lamp started melting and smeling like shit :)
DemDoolies 3 months ago
Am I tripping or did he change the color correction when he put the glasses on to make it look how they do? If so that's awesome attention to detail Frank!
Repsak Videos
Repsak Videos 5 months ago
Will randomfrankp like this comment
Julien Carpentier
Julien Carpentier 5 months ago
Louie Arthurs
Louie Arthurs 5 months ago
the bluetooth beanie has gotta be great for listening to music without people knowing
Gavinator 5 months ago
Alright, something's wrong with this man's house. Why is it SNOWING INSIDE HIS HOUSE?!
Bigzley 6 months ago
Did anyone notice that he said "on the right side of the keyboard" twice 7:44 , 7:55
Raging Randomness
Raging Randomness 6 months ago
7:10 whats that game?
Keith Soderlund
Keith Soderlund 6 months ago
Everlast book was on Shark Tank!
GreyGamingHD 8 months ago
i have that filter from the gaming glasses in my real glasses
Adrian Jørgensen
Adrian Jørgensen 9 months ago
What anime is that? 3:34
Alfons__ 10 months ago
Or you can downloud a program that does that for free... 2:16
NIGHT WOLF 11 months ago
Realizing the most the stuff he shows have a 3 star rating
TempMonkey 11 months ago
7:47 he said “on the right side of the keyboard” then shows the left side
Luca 11 months ago
8:35 was pure asmr
sloppy slopster
sloppy slopster 11 months ago
"I dont look like kareem abdul jabbar." xd golden
Metrikzz Year ago
Too good to be true thx man
Abdul Hanan Ahsen Mughal
828 console gamers
Joe Brother
Joe Brother Year ago
LAMP *echo*
Deadpool 0373
Deadpool 0373 Year ago
Can we send this glasses to LAZARBEAM to cure his eye Ligma
i appreciated the filter u added when u put the glasses on, sub
Sami Yousef
Sami Yousef Year ago
7:45 Left*
TennoAntenno Year ago
It's better to turn on night light on windows than wasting 20$
Kaeden Terzian
Im watching this in 2019 hmm
Chris Year ago
2019 here
Sjoerd Maas
Sjoerd Maas Year ago
z88 is a great mechenical full rgb option
Coleman Grunau
Monitors have a noghtmode with orange...
mrrobot22 Year ago
You re using my phone G6 yeah
Matthew Amezcua
3:11 Please review the gaming glasses that turn you black like Kareem
Ronin Year ago
Guys instead of buying glasses use night light
kid10j Year ago
Got the anker soundbuds for $18
Ronan Falce
Ronan Falce Year ago
7:44 no your other right lol
FR Crafts
FR Crafts Year ago
My sony extra bass earbids have 12mm drivers and these ankers have 6mm.....
Oliver Lischka
7:43 "on the right side"(left)
Alex Smyth
Alex Smyth Year ago
Very subtle with changing the color effect when you put on the glasses. It all in the details and It wasn’t missed! Keep up the good work!
Harry Baker
Harry Baker Year ago
Instead of glasses, download f.lux Applies a gradual tint to your screen as it gets later in the day. Can customise how strong it is as well
Sir Erik
Sir Erik Year ago
Steam link can't be bought now. At least I got one
Daniel Raskin
Daniel Raskin Year ago
Lol 7:46 “One the right side” lol you mean on the left. I love you’re videos just subbed yesterday :)
mizkif is poor
Rip steam link
Tomasz Podjacki
corsair k66
mrozny89 Year ago
those lamps melt !!!
Lost In the Sauce
There needs to be a gaming mouse with the mx master scroll weel
Lord Adz
Lord Adz Year ago
How would u use ur current glasses along with those gamer ones
Tylor Defevers
He said on the right side of the keyboard when he was talking about the left
CriepZy Year ago
Every video almost the same stuff because this are the items people buy most and u get more money from the links below bjt the vjdeos are boring watching the sams item over and over again
Mivo Random Gaming
im addicted to gaming glasses
MLG OWEN Year ago
Look at his nose when he wears the glasses
Hoyt Cotter
Hoyt Cotter Year ago
I need that beanie for school
StuffTube Year ago
How can people obsessed with tech still not know how to properly type? 8:27
Christian Merino
love the vids!!!!
Kristoffer Dahl Kristensen
wtf XD :on the right side you have macro kyes : he points at the left side
Phil Matic
Phil Matic Year ago
The only thing that sucks about RGB strips is trying to maneuver them around corners or bends
Michael Bennett
7:45 left*
Anick Year ago
On the right side of the keyboard, you'll see 6 macros keys he says. That is 6 macros keys on the left side it is.
Chonick Makes
Chonick Makes Year ago
I always hear about the Logitech g502 being $50 I got mine for $110
Angrynerd Year ago
Can i get those glasses in my perscription?
JENGOs25 2 years ago
and i got the g502 for $80. fuck
Marcel Jelsnik
Marcel Jelsnik 2 years ago
Or you could use f.lux instead of those glasses. Yoy can set a timer on it. Plus most hones now come with a similar blue light filter
BennoNL 2 years ago
Hello guys my name is randomfrankp and I am wearing a *ChRiStMaStHaT*
TickRate 2 years ago
7:45 "On the right side of the Keyboard", don't you mean the left? Love your videos btw. Just thought I'd point it out.
KILLER BEAN 2 years ago
The rest of the video is really good thought so good job thanks
KILLER BEAN 2 years ago
Stop with the fucking santa hat dude 😱
Blake Shorter
Blake Shorter 2 years ago
The mouse is $56
Dylan Valdez
Dylan Valdez 2 years ago
@yahoo.com?????????? What are you doing
Swoolz 2 years ago
Did anyone notice that when he was showing the k55 he said “on the right side of the keyboard there are 6 macros” That’s the left bro lol
BATTLE PICKLE67 2 years ago
He showed both my keyboard and my mouse lol
Conner Dassen
Conner Dassen 2 years ago
Toxic Phoenix
Toxic Phoenix 2 years ago
“On the right side of the keyboard” *points to the left side*
Male Whore
Male Whore 2 years ago
Ali Lysenchuk
Ali Lysenchuk 2 years ago
Who's whatching this in January XD
Tuni Tanerow
Tuni Tanerow 2 years ago
Don't buy the gaming glasses! Windows 10 has the same option. When you turn it on, you see less blue like the glasses.
Ben 2 years ago
What game a 7:10
Voyager 2 years ago
Forget the steam link u can do this with a hdmi cord
Andrew Laiz
Andrew Laiz 2 years ago
Anyone know what that game is at 7:10 ?
Gispee 2 years ago
7:42 "on the *RIGHT* side of the keyboard..."
andy cho
andy cho 2 years ago
7:44 "on the right side of the keyboard" theyre on the left
bc biking
bc biking 2 years ago
Hm those glasses seem nice fit my insane headaches
zeromod1 2 years ago
Have had Gamma Rays for a while, i would recommend them. I work at a computer all day and it helps relieve stress on my eyes.
merrylin banda
merrylin banda 2 years ago
Friction pen huh....so like....a pencil?
randomfrankp 2 years ago
If pencils dispensed ink....so like.....no?
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