Top Hits 2020 💚 Top Songs This Week 💚 The Best English Songs Playlist 2020

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Top Hits 2020 💚 Top Songs This Week 💚 The Best English Songs Playlist 2020
Top Hits 2020 💚 Top Songs This Week 💚 The Best English Songs Playlist 2020




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TOP Music
TOP Music Month ago
TOP HITS 2020 💚 Top 40 Popular Songs 2020 💚 The Best Pop Songs Playlist on Spotify Wish you happy listening music. If you don't mind please " LIKE ", " Share " videos and " SUBSCRIBE " my channel to listen to the latest and hottest songs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!
Bill Ali
Bill Ali 24 days ago
💜💛💌😚😍to the UK
Mae Anne Soriano
mmm unknown
mmm unknown Month ago
Iove this song
Helen G. Pitts
Helen G. Pitts Month ago
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Ezekiel Official Vlog
wow nice! love hear all the playlist.. can someone hug me please .. FREE HUGS for everyone! I will hug back too.
super youtubers 204
thanks bro
Alana the travel kid
Me:expecting the singer to sing the song Music:different voice Me again:...excuse me!?
Hunlang Pakem
Hunlang Pakem Month ago
Ge Player
Ge Player Month ago
Who cover song number 1
Sura lovee
Sura lovee Month ago
I love this playlist, I have it bookmarked, and play it at the beginning of all my live streams on twitch! Thank you for the good vibes! Please make another one soon with all high beat songs. I hate when it goes into sad songs lol
Mai Lê Thị
Mai Lê Thị Month ago
Each song filled with the soul of love said how to say so happy too be blessed to hear this Music Music and Love 💕 grinding is the Chorus us of love 💕 and happy the most in this life Everyone has experienced it right and is the Beautiful and Beautiful forever This Wonderful album reminds me of my pond memories of my time It was too happy even not so much Thanks the singers male and female who sing this great songs top perfect and brings everyone back to a beautiful old memories Thanks the Write songs, Authors and Director and Members who completed Sweet and Romantic songs sending and sharing with us 🌹🌹💕💕🎸🎤😎👩‍🎤🐕🐄👍
soldier warriors
Sidhu moose wala all song play plz
Marie Howard
Marie Howard Month ago
vmj blogger pilipinas
Please subscribe my channel vmj blogger pilinas salamat po mga bai
Shelby Hung
Shelby Hung Month ago
very good , nice 😊😊😍(≧ω≦)/👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻,thank you
Katlyn Lavenberg
I love this song
Danny Mu
Danny Mu Month ago
I don’t like these covers. In my opinion, I like the original voices better
Cute Tina UwU
Cute Tina UwU Month ago
Why orchestra remixes?
Azieak Month ago
Wassup with it tho
ChocolateKH Month ago
Can u monetize the video?
TechNitwit Month ago
Sounds like reused beats in almost 80% of this! Guess the talent has left the building! Does not mean I do not Like some of the song's
reham Month ago
Thank you ❤️
maya maya
maya maya Month ago
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Landon Lanier
Landon Lanier Month ago
the tortle will get oooooffffffeeeeddd by people like you
Jennefer Meynen
Jennefer Meynen Month ago
Jesus Amiscaray
Jesus Amiscaray Month ago
Nice Song I Like The Song
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar Month ago
Nice pop music
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Meliodas The Commandment of Love
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Meliodas The Commandment of Love
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@Meliodas The Commandment of Love yes,
Meliodas The Commandment of Love
So you're a nobody?
GAME Breaker
GAME Breaker Month ago
Whats full name for the first one?
Gacha Gang._.
Gacha Gang._. Month ago
GAME Breaker dance monkey??
Slyvion Leo Slyvester
This cover such a successful same like the original
Jay Dee DeLeon
Jay Dee DeLeon Month ago
Why isn’t My Oh My on here
Aylis GarciaWalker
why are all these covers?
Aylis GarciaWalker
@Blitz Oof ohh ty
Blitz Oof
Blitz Oof Month ago
oliver hornedo
oliver hornedo Month ago
Atul Gond
Atul Gond Month ago
Ante WHO
Ante WHO Month ago
Fantastic Songs
Brooksie Month ago
0:00 dance monkey 12:00 12:00 12:00
Harry Brakes
Harry Brakes Month ago
Jouda Bouzouita
Jouda Bouzouita Month ago
Erin Vinson
Erin Vinson Month ago
Umpa Lumpa
Umpa Lumpa Month ago
Good job bro ❤️💪🏿
Teresa Sanchez
Teresa Sanchez Month ago
Thanks I 'm really liked 😉😘
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