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Watch the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 2020.
Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Present Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Lewis Pullman. With Ed Harris.
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Jul 18, 2019




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Comments 37 493
Psionic 37 seconds ago
14K people hating on maverick not being a female hero.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller Hour ago
I call bullshit. The Navy would kick him out for force reduction in rank 1986-2020. 34 years in the navy? Fucking stupid.
Colin Ritter
Colin Ritter 4 hours ago
People talking about a toy called Ace Combat. Walks away laughing in DCS World.
moe mccarter
moe mccarter 6 hours ago
When he goes inverted over the top though.....in my head I am always like "damn thats sick"
Ahmad K. Alshafeey
Ahmad K. Alshafeey 6 hours ago
I wonder If Tom Cruise will be doing his own stunts
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson 6 hours ago
Time for Nicholas Cage to make firebirds 2
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 43 minutes ago
Jeff Daniels - Fly away Home 2 - Anna Paquin has 3 lines
Roopesh patel
Roopesh patel 7 hours ago
It's one of life mystery sir... We made film... Only to unfold that shitty mystery... Human.. ,😀
Rogerio Silva
Rogerio Silva 9 hours ago
Eu vou!
Jim Ramos
Jim Ramos 9 hours ago
Tom cruise is back in top gun 2 🙌👏👏👍⚡👌💯
Whimpers2 10 hours ago
Shouldn't we be due for another trailer soon? Anyone have any guesses as to when we will see another?
Raditya Oe
Raditya Oe 10 hours ago
When asshole didnt have any other fresh idea, yet still need milking people money
vinc dagd
vinc dagd 11 hours ago
-but look where I can pray
Vince D
Vince D 13 hours ago
Anyone who knows about planes can see that Cruise is co-pilote and suffer more than normal pilote during the acceleration or loop. He even closes his eyes ! Completely unrealistic. But at least he has the balls to make it himself, no dobbleganger
João Neto
João Neto 13 hours ago
Waiting for the new "take my breath awaaaaaaayyy uhnnnn uhnnnn" version
RKWorldAffair 17 hours ago
ACTION speaks louder than words, what does it say about Hollyweird when they have to emasculate an iconic spy hero like Bond in order to introduce a hideous looking beast as his future replacement just to be 2020 "woke". TOPGUN was a very special movie for me when I saw the original as a kid, now 34 years later they need to blow the dust off of a true classic just to screw with it again, WHY?... because they're just SO creative & original, right!! I look forward to when Hollyweird is as irrelevant as drive in movies and 8 track tapes!!
Seanny America
Seanny America 21 hour ago
Ahh😝 atleast give him an F22
Hayden F
Hayden F 21 hour ago
Super Hornets throughout the trailer.....then the F-15 back at the very end.....I peed a little
Carlett Badenhorst Project CB
ruvid.net/video/video-1fNO2r_ry3s.html Please watch and subscribe! We all need vision for 2020. May you run this year with Hope, passion, faith grace and kindness. When you are running the 2020 journey, don't try and run it alone. Run this journey with Jesus to be your focus, your center in every day living. What is your vision for 2020? Write it out, proclaim it, speak it, declare it! Your words have power to create what is in line for your purpose.
Alfian Aziz
Alfian Aziz Day ago
"take a breath away..."
Butthry Day ago
I am waiting for this movie. #TopGun
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Day ago
This looks pretty awesome...It would be even better with some F-35s.
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 21 hour ago
@Bien Gabriel Better than F-18s. Jets so lame that even Canadians have them. Why would you think that 4th generation jets are somehow better than 5th generation?
Bien Gabriel
Bien Gabriel 23 hours ago
F-35s would make it lame
Allan Sneddon
Love it Not Today!
Jakob Cifuentes
Your kind is headed for extinction Me who played ace combat 7, destroyed 2 arsenal birds and hugin and munin: * nervous laughter *
Devan Beadle
Devan Beadle Day ago
Two more Mission Impossible movie left
Lorenz HB
Lorenz HB Day ago
Shivers done my spine? Check Bubbling excitement? Check Summer 2020? Damn it... So long until then...
Ray Stev
Ray Stev Day ago
i likeit but doesnt show the real ... our real europe or western brotherhood
Pzkpfw VI Tiger H1
Anyone know the moment when maverick turn the plane into upside down and he said "Greetings"
Bien Gabriel
Bien Gabriel 22 hours ago
@Pzkpfw VI Tiger H1 <3
Pzkpfw VI Tiger H1
Pzkpfw VI Tiger H1 22 hours ago
@Bien Gabriel that nostalgic moment tho :D
Bien Gabriel
Bien Gabriel 23 hours ago
watch the birdie!
xthene Day ago
do we have a 50 aged in-service fighter jet pilot in real world?
Lonely planet Vibes
Waiting for this bravo
Richard Boughton
Richard Boughton 2 days ago
Like most movies today, this won't be flying dog shit out of Hong Kong!
J Katt
J Katt 2 days ago
What do we say to the god of extinction? .......... " not today" ....
Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia 2 days ago
I can't wait for this one
Weapons Free
Weapons Free 2 days ago
Because I was inverted
August Ceszar
August Ceszar 2 days ago
I like it Tom Cruise... its funyest and younguest
Andres Anibal Nuñez Cuello
que likito
soncia the hedgehog
Ha simmons lines from rvb
The last Queen of Rwanda
Tom cruise looks like Akshay kumar❤
JDAnalog 2 days ago
Look forward to this movie, the flight scenes alone will be amazing! And toms making it, so that means only one thing, he wont fuck with it like Disney would.
PlatinumState 2 days ago
What a year for 80's nostalgia 2020's gonna be. Top Gun and Ghostbusters
Dietmar Feldtner
Dietmar Feldtner 2 days ago
Tom Cruise der Superheld?alles Schwindel.
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