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Watch the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 2020.
Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Present Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Lewis Pullman. With Ed Harris.
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Jul 18, 2019




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Comments 15 088
Jan Bal
Jan Bal 2 minutes ago
He got promoted from F14 to F18
C4josh pid
C4josh pid 2 minutes ago
I can’t wait to see this
Dustin Barlow
Dustin Barlow 3 minutes ago
this is green text
this is green text 3 minutes ago
" Send her back ! Send her back ! Send her back ! "
Brandon 3 minutes ago
Danger zone!
akui88 3 minutes ago
'merica, fck YEA!
김상훈 4 minutes ago
wt......... hurry hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! danger zone!!!!!!!!!
peca peca
peca peca 4 minutes ago
ohh shit top gun back heck yea ✌
Kamote Banana
Kamote Banana 4 minutes ago
I thought it was ACE COMBAT... Until Tom Cruise showed up
Wolfman73 4 minutes ago
Holy shit.... I am so gonna be in line for the ticket for the premier...
Poncho Villa
Poncho Villa 5 minutes ago
Wypipo really love this movie?
azwris 5 minutes ago
Not today Tom! Not today..
Shane Hodgson
Shane Hodgson 5 minutes ago
I got to show my dad this
xtemma 5 minutes ago
I probably won't care what the story is about. Nerd like me just want to see my fighter jets soars the sky.
bebito Bb
bebito Bb 5 minutes ago
Tom Cruise drives F14s Justin Bieber.... kicks bottles!
Kaushik Mungalpara
Kaushik Mungalpara 5 minutes ago
When it's releasing in India?
Shadow IV
Shadow IV 5 minutes ago
Is this one of those bad Air Force guys Captain Marvel warned me about?
PSC 5 minutes ago
ƎIpɹIq ƎH┴ HƆ┴∀M
xD Kieran
xD Kieran 5 minutes ago
I Can hear LOGAN PAUL cheering... im in the uk
Joel Whitehead
Joel Whitehead 6 minutes ago
Cannot wait . Looks amazing
Little Miss Cattitude
Little Miss Cattitude 6 minutes ago
you had me at tom cruise... 😻 btw - THAT's how you do a reboot! stop casting other people to ruin originals!
Manav Aggarwal
Manav Aggarwal 6 minutes ago
1:10 Taking me back to time,Can't wait for watching Tom Cruise in the Action,Love this Man
dream recorder
dream recorder 6 minutes ago
Mustang. Mustang this is Ghost Rider two zero three I've got an inbound Bogey heading two seven zero at 10 miles 900 knots closure...
Moy Dio AKA TheNorthWesternSquid
lucky my names is maverick... and yet I was named after him when I was born!
ian miller
ian miller 6 minutes ago
Hahaha, so Tom Cruise is still pretending that he's not a dwarf?
walt8899 6 minutes ago
Tom is flying a goddamn jet... I'm sold
Kalidenza 7 minutes ago
Reminds me of Macross Plus.
RedMachine_cr 7 minutes ago
Фильм моего детства. первую часть смотрел не менее 150 раз. По два раза в день пересматривал на VHS))
J Wolfman348
J Wolfman348 7 minutes ago
Top gun rules
Tyson Jones
Tyson Jones 7 minutes ago
There better be danger zone.
scal man
scal man 8 minutes ago
amazing. but besides jet fighters hes gonna go up up and to space i guess , they showed high preasure suit and all... just wow
TheMasterFloh 8 minutes ago
Kevin o'doherty
Kevin o'doherty 8 minutes ago
Screen Rant - Pitch Meeting 'shout out'... Producer: So were basically going to remake the first movie then... Writer: No..no.. This one has shirtless football...not volleyball. Producer: Right, course.. that's totally... not the same...
Titank Production
Titank Production 8 minutes ago
Hey we gonna break the sound barrier > formation fly as fucking low as you can.
saint nic cage
saint nic cage 8 minutes ago
Ed harris is the man
BabyGoatInASweater 8 minutes ago
Apparently they want to over look that fact that if you get passed over for promotion twice in the navy, as an office O5 and below, you are automatically discharge useless the navy chooses to keep you.
Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
Bum Quinn Harmony Sheet Music- Top Gun Next And Last Music Song Coming Soon Stronger🤐
R.S 7
R.S 7 9 minutes ago
Tom cruise, Keanu Reeves, and Jackie Chan will all die as movie legends. They all do their own stunts. Love them❤️
MaXThReAT 9 minutes ago
Fucking couldn't not use the transformers sound. Way to be like EVERYONE ELSE! Still excited. ☺
Thomas Benesch-Cvetko
Thomas Benesch-Cvetko 9 minutes ago
Drilled by the final f-14 scene at the end of the trailer 🚀🍀👍
C —
C — 9 minutes ago
David Mfula
David Mfula 9 minutes ago
Was this necessary though?
chris slayed
chris slayed 9 minutes ago
16 hrs and 1.5 million views..you win tom
NetshadeX 10 minutes ago
I’ll take it
Alessio Sem
Alessio Sem 10 minutes ago
In the reality a SU-30 would have taken down an F-18 Hornet easily but.. it's ok it's TOP GUN so i can let it go.
proserfina21096 10 minutes ago
Don Draper joins the Top Gun.
ali ahmed
ali ahmed 10 minutes ago
I am Pakistani. And i really like this last action hero after Arnold schwezgher. Top gun 1986 and 2020. 34 years but Tom cruise same young fresh.
Ancient Wisdom
Ancient Wisdom 11 minutes ago
Got Goose bumps. get it =)
damien brisson
damien brisson 11 minutes ago
I fucking love thi guy !! I'm so excited !!
John Duffy
John Duffy 11 minutes ago
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