Top Finishes from UFC Auckland Fighters

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Get ready for Fight Night Auckland tomorrow night with a look at some of the top knockouts and submissions from fighters competing on the card.
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Comments 80
KingJahseh20 Month ago
On 2:28 that elbow hit was by accident
🔥🔥🔥🔥 fair fight 1:29 💜🥊💕 👇 👇 👇 👇🥊
Uncle Bingo
Uncle Bingo Month ago
James Vick needs to retire with his soft ass.
Jeff Linnell
Jeff Linnell Month ago
Vick needs to retire now
Jarred C
Jarred C Month ago
Crute has an earthbender tattoo. I like this guy already.
David Curry
David Curry Month ago
I'd expect Lucy Lawless to do the announcing in UFC Auckland.
omega42587 Month ago
James Vick has got to be the most delusional fighter after Colby, glass chin and fights with his hands down. Wtf?
killah blue
killah blue Month ago
Cute just absolutely schooled paul craig for 3 rounds
Omair Iftikhar
Omair Iftikhar Month ago
MMA world growing too much I believe in it but after seeing ufc guys loosing in other sports 1 Conor losses in boxing by mayweather 2 Cain velasquez taping from brock in wwe not 100% sure ufc fighter able to dominate outsiders
Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza Month ago
I hope hooker gets that long ass nose punched back into his cocky face tonight.
Deport Dora
Deport Dora Month ago
He runs away with a robbery smh
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
The crazier/harder to pronounce the name, the more powerful they are.
charles pitter
charles pitter Month ago
Gonna be a banger of a card
PrimeTime BX,NY
PrimeTime BX,NY Month ago
I got felder tonight
Josue Covarrubias
Felder is 3 times in this video, commentating on two fights and also getting a clean KO himself
MystiCalBEING89 Month ago
1:25 is that even in lol
I'm just sayin
I'm just sayin Month ago
UFC IS DEAD!!!!,they sold outtttttt to the anti american leftist co.espn.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Month ago
Damn, first UFC uploads him knocking out Vick. He's knocked out Gilbert Burns in an impressive way, but no, the UFC puts him knocking out James Vick AGAIN in a separate video. Poor James 'Chinny' Vick
MetalSammie Month ago
Felder needs to fight hooker , its amazing what hookers can do lol. Expecially homeless ny hookers.
DeanP InTheSun
DeanP InTheSun Month ago
great highlights - ty
vito corleone
vito corleone Month ago
1:30 Good guy Jimmy Crute. Doesn't hold the submission eventhough the ref is sleeping
T Rex
T Rex Month ago
Haha.. Stupid ref sees a subs attempt and was in no position to look at the other hand for a tap.
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Month ago
the ref is sht
Vincenzio VonHook
2020 MMA scene is lit AF so far. Nothing spells out a jolly time like a grown man attempting a forcefield during an live fight, while simultaneously invested in a heavens gate esque bromance with a vertically challenged Walmart branded Steven Seagal. Prove me wrong.
Sandou Mir
Sandou Mir Month ago
Maybe we will, or won't, when one of us figures out what you attempted to say.
anonymous vg
anonymous vg Month ago
Delawar husein saidi
loozr Month ago
James Vick never has his hands up
K Pasa
K Pasa Month ago
glass jaw
Sujan Thapa
Sujan Thapa Month ago
Hook by Hooker
Derek Rusher
Derek Rusher Month ago
olekshijiuk or whatever is a killer the way he ko's Khalil Rountree so sick
Gold Reptile
Gold Reptile Month ago
Michał wygra
Pro Cow
Pro Cow Month ago
Hooker throwing hooks! And thats why hes called dan hooker
Trace Finlay
Trace Finlay Month ago
0:29 "He's looking for a counter hook, gets caught with his own hook by hooker." - Dom "HOOK MAN" Cruz
CreeTownSoldier Month ago
Lol dom can be such a tool sometimes smh " gets caught by his own hook.. by hooker "
Giovanni Ferraz
Giovanni Ferraz Month ago
Paul Craig looks very strong in this fight.
parazjt Month ago
u should upload all ur videos in 60fps, especially fights
box dod
box dod Month ago
Dan hooker got sum MOLESSS
Romans1:16 SpiritualWarrior
“Looking for a counter hook, gets caught with his own hook, by hooker”
3:40 when he gets hit when tryna get up he looks like the animation when you hit someone in gta off guard and they go flying
Richard Printz
Richard Printz Month ago
😭😭 glad I ain't the only one to notice
Jon Jones
Jon Jones Month ago
Exactly what I’m saying
Ruchika Sharma
Ruchika Sharma Month ago
Where are the female fighters?😕
Vante Month ago
James Vick chin is weaker than paper
Руслан Month ago
Капютерная графика
djakuza medusa
djakuza medusa Month ago
that backspinning liver kick was sick man... he must quit drinking after that even if he didnt drink .... :D
Mustafaev is an absolute animal.
RotationXXV YT
RotationXXV YT Month ago
Skrzat Month ago
This spin headkick, just wow
Dark Star King
Dark Star King Month ago
Going to sleep with Hookers is fun!
Sons Of Street Tv
⚔Vafi- LGEM ⚔ ruvid.net/video/video-KJsDFfKw0Wg.html #vafi #bendo #8r #sonsofstreet ⚔⚪⚫⚔
De Lima looks like Jacare's less-successful younger brother.
Gentleman's Combatives
Fuck you james vick!
Paul Ashton
Paul Ashton Month ago
4:00 "Right square on the face, through his guard"....watch in slow-mo...the kick never broke the guard, hit the arm and hand, and still knock him off his feet! Great spinning back kick...JR would be proud... :-)
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown Month ago
NZ stand up
Kristian Smiljanic
@Magic Marlon Moraes he really is, not a suprise tho considering he fights out of city kickboxing
Magic Marlon Moraes
@Kristian Smiljanic oh damn riddel is good
Kristian Smiljanic
@Magic Marlon Moraes Mogamed lost by split dec and got knocked down two times
Magic Marlon Moraes
@Kristian Smiljanic Did Mogamed win
Nico Repetto
Nico Repetto Month ago
How is Dan Hooker’s best finish not his ko over Ross Pearson
Lazar Tosic
Lazar Tosic Month ago
I can watch Vick getting KOed all day
tylerdurden4232 Month ago
I believe James Vicks brain will never be the same after the Justin Gaethje. After that ko he is now easier to knockout. And then gets ko'd 2 more times. Soon a stiff jab will knock him out.
Youssef Hegazy
Youssef Hegazy Month ago
Enough with the shitty voiceover.
Kevin Mullin
Kevin Mullin Month ago
Dominick Cruz w the pun lmao
KingKongKock Inyourtinyhole
I really hope our hometown boys win 🙏🇦🇺🇳🇿 YTB
MK Noob
MK Noob Month ago
Oleksiejczuk is such a lazy weight cutter. When will he realize he's middleweight?
vito corleone
vito corleone Month ago
Spot on. He probably walks around at 210 or even less
Sherman animations
Neds MMA Podcast and he just did! Wrestle fucked in one round haha
Neds MMA Podcast
When he gets grapple fucked by some of the big bois at light heavyweight lol Dude genuinely looked a weightclass below in the fight against OSP
Isidore Arthur
Isidore Arthur Month ago
Felder c'est merveilleux et émouvant.
Stephen Crumley
Stephen Crumley Month ago
Hooker looking 18 in the promo picture 😂🤣😂🤣
Walter White
Walter White Month ago
Another video of James Vick being flatlined
Blake Smith
Blake Smith Month ago
dude is somewhere in a hospital on life support right now
Gun Puntuhong
Gun Puntuhong Month ago
Uttamjeet Singh 🤣🤣🤣
Uttamjeet Singh
Uttamjeet Singh Month ago
He basically dies every time he gets knocked out.
K Connell
K Connell Month ago
Boycott the UFC . Dana is a trump supporter. Boycott this channel
Bozzy Badazz
Bozzy Badazz Month ago
Nice KO at the end by that Ugly guy. He's ugly as sin but got some skills lol
Dylan Herbert
Dylan Herbert Month ago
He ain't that ugly lol
Chris BAOne
Chris BAOne Month ago
Vick no chin sure is a loudmouth
Astral HighlVnd
Astral HighlVnd Month ago
Who's here before Yoel and Adesanya go at it at the presser😂
Carson Schau
Carson Schau Month ago
Baron Von Balls
Baron Von Balls Month ago
It was corny as fuck tho
Andrej Slavica
Andrej Slavica Month ago
If you make a step, that's one step. If you make one more step, that's two steps.
Nate Month ago
Dead Pirate 666 yeah just watched it haha
Dead Pirate 666
Dead Pirate 666 Month ago
@Nate the one that just live streamed like 2 mins ago 😂
tyrannosaurus flex
idk why i find the ko at 3:14 so amusing
MrTomatenhasser Month ago
He goes to pray
Hanoi Tripper
Hanoi Tripper Month ago
Crute stopped before the ref called it
Kyle Month ago
4:06 This move and the way he fell down is straight out of a scene from an action movie jesus god damn.
dragon the beast
I hold bags when they do kicks like this, and it still hurts like shiat to my stomache
Abdurahman Omar
Abdurahman Omar Month ago
These dagastanis warriors are something else, MashAllah 😁
John Coffee
John Coffee Month ago
This Felder/Hooker fight.. going to be the best fight of the year. Mark my words
Trace Finlay
Trace Finlay Month ago
@krezo It wasn't that bad honestly.
John Coffee
John Coffee Month ago
@Doonie I understand your point, but some hyperbole regarding a fight with two good but lesser-knowns is not bad for the sport. Every one talks about the "Big fights" with the big names, throwing a little shine on the other guys aint hurt nobody.
Kane K.
Kane K. Month ago
@Jolie Kalashnik Slaughters can't be fight of the year
Doonie Month ago
Can ppl stop saying fight of the year, shit is overused too much. The fight aint even happened yet and were only in February smh.
donnie the khajiit
@krezo that's exactly what I said lmao
James Horotu
James Horotu Month ago
Yeah boi can't wait for this fight
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr Month ago
This card should be a gooder! 🔥💥
You Will Be Afraid
This fight's gonna be a banger.
Helal Said
Helal Said Month ago
Beautiful feint from Hooker and great left hook
Cowboy Smith
Cowboy Smith Month ago
I don’t think so. I think the lack of head movement or movement period was why Vick got KOed. I could see that left hook coming because he’d just landed a soft one. Vick doesn’t move his head and stands straight up chin out and doesn’t use his reach he’s destined for more KOs he’s already on 4 KO losing streak
Abdurahman Omar
Abdurahman Omar Month ago
Yh and crazy spinning head kick from the dagastani at 4:00 min mark
SBG rules
SBG rules Month ago
U gota be mentally ill to dislike these
Peachy Parasite
Peachy Parasite Month ago
Ofc James Vick is on here
NEO Xirtamnikcuts
Some great fkin matchups 🥊💯
Bernard migwi
Bernard migwi Month ago
At some point you wonder if UFC keep Vick just to provide highlight reels for other fighters
MrBrenman21 Month ago
@Frank.D And I explained why that's irrelevant.
Frank.D Month ago
@MrBrenman21 yeah but you said he's fighting at 155 so im just saying that he went up a weight class and was unsuccessful
Taco Tacotington
MrBrenman21 not to mention it was an upkick that Niko put all of his force into
MrBrenman21 Month ago
@Frank.D That's not 185 and that chin is already cracked. He's taken way too much damage already. Damage while dehydrated and sucked out. Niko hits like a ton of Bricks aswell.
Frank.D Month ago
@MrBrenman21 he moved up to 170 and got murdered by niko
nichickmet Month ago
Vick gets folded like a fucking lawn chair
Der Zocker
Der Zocker Month ago
1:01 WTH Was that?
Usama Amin
Usama Amin Month ago
Der Zocker
Der Zocker Month ago
@Andrej Slavica your point is?
Der Zocker
Der Zocker Month ago
@Andrej Slavica???
Andrej Slavica
Andrej Slavica Month ago
If you make a step, that's one step. If you make one more step, that's two steps.
Der Zocker
Der Zocker Month ago
@X HuskyMasterRace Banana bounce never heard it before.
LeJuan Williams
LeJuan Williams Month ago
I am pumped for this fight and will still be able to flip to Wilder Fury after. Merry Christmas everyone ❤
MrBrenman21 Month ago
@LeJuan Williams Definitely.
LeJuan Williams
LeJuan Williams Month ago
@MrBrenman21 facts.. what a great guy too
MrBrenman21 Month ago
@LeJuan Williams His Greatness is solidified lol. I've been wrong many times and I've been wrong again. Everything he said was the truth.
MrBrenman21 Month ago
@LeJuan Williams Yeah things are not adding up.
LeJuan Williams
LeJuan Williams Month ago
@MrBrenman21 bro I told my wife the same thing. He's not the same. His last fight was crazy. He got n2 a brawl and cut up. He changed trainers. And he put on extra weight, he says on purpose? He says he's coming hard in the 1st 2 rds? Something is off. May bite me n the ass too 🤣
Caio Dragoes
Caio Dragoes Month ago
Edson Barbosa😆😆😆😎😘
Bo Mal Patriote
Bo Mal Patriote Month ago
Who lost his last fight against Felder 💯💪🤐
Game Bred Duramax
Vick is glass jaw mcgee
Long Jawn
Long Jawn Month ago
3:30 - good ref stoppage...
Šimon K.
Šimon K. Month ago
Big Mack
Big Mack Month ago
Yamasaki: That‘s my boy
X HuskyMasterRace
for sure man, very fast ref
Joshua M.
Joshua M. Month ago
James Vic.... He was right, DEFINITELY not the Homer Simpson of MMA.
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