Top 8 Features of Apple Watch Series 5!

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Apple Watch Series 5 is finally available! We picked up a few models to highlight the top features coming to the fifth-generation Apple Watch!
Apple Watch Series 5 is ON SALE now at B&H ➡️ bhpho.to/31GZQ5s
And at Amazon ➡️ amzn.to/32OI9Ro
Save 50% at Sprint ➡️ appleinsider.com/articles/19/09/12/deals-new-7th-generation-ipad-lte-100-50-off-apple-watch-5-at-sprint
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 80
AppleInsider 8 months ago
Apple Watch Series 5 is ON SALE now at B&H ➡️ bhpho.to/31GZQ5s And at Amazon ➡️ amzn.to/32OI9Ro Save 50% at Sprint ➡️ appleinsider.com/articles/19/09/12/deals-new-7th-generation-ipad-lte-100-50-off-apple-watch-5-at-sprint
palekeleke 8 months ago
I bought the series 5, but I notice that the battery drains very fast. I restarted the watch, and finally I unlinked it from my iphone and set it up as a new Apple Watch from scratch and the problem still continues. If you can make a video solving this problem I will appreciate it.
Sriseshagiri G
Sriseshagiri G 8 months ago
AppleInsider what model was that you used to review?
Ricardo Moreno
Ricardo Moreno 6 hours ago
Just ordered it a few days ago, so excited!
Victoria Swift
Victoria Swift 3 days ago
Thanks saved me some money. I’ll pass on this one. Not enough upgrades for me
Ne Regardez Pas le profil Ok
Getting mine in a few hours I am sooooo excited
Nick Botha
Nick Botha 10 days ago
That red strap looks like an order on amazon soon 👌🏼
Mickey 13 days ago
Apple iphone 11 + Apple watch 5 = Almost $ 1500 This is just high way robbery !
bob memer
bob memer 15 days ago
Is Apple Watch worth it? It’s like one day I do one day I don’t
F Rod
F Rod 16 days ago
Just got my apple Nike 5 love it
Joy Sanders
Joy Sanders 21 day ago
just got my first apple watch, lol, i'm lost but this video did help. thank you
The Collector of everything
Joy Sanders you’re sexy af
Orville Flood
Orville Flood 24 days ago
*Go to WÄñÈ_007 on !G or help*
golfmaniac007 25 days ago
when do you think apple will come out with a watch to stream youtube?
A S 26 days ago
Should I buy it?
Eddie Azree
Eddie Azree 29 days ago
I just bought it 😃👍🏻
Geena L
Geena L Month ago
Those bands look like something you'd get on a Casio- clothe and plastic?
Mike Ho
Mike Ho Month ago
Nice charger cable with magnetic folding in circle ...may I know where did you purchase any link?
Osvaldo Gil
Osvaldo Gil Month ago
I jumped from S2 to S5!
Sara Collins
Sara Collins Month ago
*_Got it delivered the next day. Absolutely brand new!🔵🔵>_**_imgs.love/Apple5Watch?Z_**_ I had some issues with the battery draining but I fixed it within a few hours by unpairing it and re-pairing to iPhone. Now... after a days use, I'm charging it at night with 60 percent battery left. I'm super happy with the buy and love the watch._*
All About Wiki
All About Wiki Month ago
Right Choice !!!
Sharice Bryant
Sharice Bryant Month ago
Ordered mine yesterday. It arrives on Wednesday! It’ll be my first Apple Watch. Can’t wait!
Vonna Month ago
Sharice Bryant I just ordered mine today! How are you liking it so far?!?
Oliver Tazmin
Oliver Tazmin Month ago
“A few different parts that are different”
Cleo Sims
Cleo Sims Month ago
Is this gpa or cellular?
Anime Harv
Anime Harv 2 months ago
I just got my apple watch s5 unlocked successfully via *MAX_CR4CK* on ¡Nsta::qram , He is reliable
Anime Harv
Anime Harv 2 months ago
I just got my apple watch s5 unlocked successfully via *MAX_CR4CK* on ¡Nsta::qram , He is reliable
Thanks to Jinnyhacks on ¦NSTAGRAM I love you for all your help
Kimberely Higginbotham
Ordered mine today.
Belen Avila
Belen Avila 2 months ago
Javi Mingura
Javi Mingura Month ago
Belen Avila I paid for mine idk why I bought it lol
Erin Buck
Erin Buck 2 months ago
I have s series 3 I want series 5 soon
playboy keira
playboy keira 2 months ago
*max_cr4ck* on !sta:;?qram unlocked my apple watch
mitchtheh4x0r 2 months ago
How scratch, crack resistant is this ? The screen I mean . I will be aiming for titanium or stainless so I’m not worried about the case
Stuart Grandquist
Stuart Grandquist 2 months ago
& does it tell the time??
Only By Chance
Only By Chance 2 months ago
Click here to buy ➡ @t
rellyjare11y 2 months ago
Your list of "features" sucks
Forever Choc
Forever Choc 3 months ago
Just purchased the pink sand today to go with my iPhone 11 it’s a big upgrade for me as I had the series 1 for years then it finally died on me so here am with the series 5 now
Timothy Moore
Timothy Moore 3 months ago
I just Ordered the Apple Watch five from the Apple store and I can’t wait to receive it. Thanks for the great review it made me wish I had my watch even more right now!
Sergio McG
Sergio McG 3 months ago
The always on feature.. I had my S2 theatre mode on all the time. I never got used or liked the arm movement the watch required to work. Plus, I didn't the watch face to turn on during the evenings and night. I just a few days ago upgraded to S5 and I love the always on screen during the day but at night (need to track my sleep) I need switch the theatre mode on again It is a small thing to do but I would love Apple to think about having an "automatic night mode" for the hours dedicated to sleep. This is something that can be done via software so I wish Apple would consider it. Apart from that, the AW5 is great. Native compass is one feature a lot of users don't realise how useful it is until the use Apple Maps on their watch! I bet there will be plenty more applications that will make the use of its precision soon.
Donna Welshman
Donna Welshman 3 months ago
First time with Apple watch, bought series 5, love it!
Christopher Staples
Christopher Staples 3 months ago
He never failed me his promises keeps bringing the fact my husband through it was fake but albertzal_ on Insta... Unlock my S3 iWatch successful honestly speaking he deliver a good job.. WatsApp him on +1 (586) 459-0496
Regginald Williams
Regginald Williams 3 months ago
Died they kill the walkie talkie feature?
Latarsia Pearsey
Latarsia Pearsey 3 months ago
Do it have the blood pressure feature like series 4? If so , is it accurate?
Ashlin Washington
Ashlin Washington 3 months ago
Can it work with iPhone 8 Plus
Travis’s Hamsters
Travis’s Hamsters 3 months ago
The video activated Siri on my phone 3:33
Evel Knievel
Evel Knievel 3 months ago
I especially like that it will tell me when to breathe, and reminds me when its too loud out.
Hannah R.
Hannah R. 3 months ago
3:56 *goes to show off auto-brightness feature* BLoCks tHe WAtcH!!
GARY DEERY 4 months ago
Just ordered mine Nike one going to be great
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis 4 months ago
Armon Mitchell
Armon Mitchell 4 months ago
Very good review
Gary Marshall
Gary Marshall 4 months ago
Just bought an Apple Series 5 primarily for the ECG and heart beat capability (oh yes, to tell time of day). Recently had successful triple by-pass cardiac surgery and wanted to impress my UCLA Cardiologist.
brian buchert
brian buchert 3 months ago
Gary Marshall I bought mine because I’ve developed afib and nearly passed out so the fall detection and emergency calling is a must now. I hope your bypass went well and wish you well in your recovery!!
Bobby Washington Vlog
just got it tonight... I love it... it's my first apple watch
timothy raven
timothy raven 5 months ago
Just picked up a series 5 today my first Apple Watch and love it
Clara Salaam
Clara Salaam 5 months ago
fosterful 5 months ago
Can the gps model receive calls if my phone is close to me.
Alana-Rae Davis-Hirst
fosterful yeah!
Elias Correa
Elias Correa 5 months ago
Waiting for blood glucose monitoring to be available on the Apple Watch...hopefully Series 6!
volcharger 5 months ago
Didn’t want one till recent. Got my first watch, the stainless version of the 5. I love it. I have been reborn. Ha
Sara Saglimbeni
Sara Saglimbeni 5 months ago
getting mine today! so excited
Randy Gravel
Randy Gravel 5 months ago
It has a few different parts that are different
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann 5 months ago
I love my series 4 Apple Watch it’s very nice I just wanna unlock it.
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann 5 months ago
Can you purchase the SIM card watch unlocked??
COOKIESCRIB 5 months ago
Hannah 5 months ago
Can you download music from Spotify on the Apple Watch series 5?
Luke Nolan
Luke Nolan 5 months ago
Hannah don’t think so, just control music
MrViking 5 months ago
Cute watch. Does it come with Grindr pre installed?
Gloria Rosario
Gloria Rosario 5 months ago
did he just say whiter audience ?
brian buchert
brian buchert 3 months ago
Of course we had to assume that he’s a racist! Seems to be the way of the world right now
ChessMasterNate 5 months ago
Wider. A similar mistake was made with the white rhinoceros. The name was the wide rhinoceros, but someone goofed, and now it is known everywhere as the white...even though it is no more white than the other rhinos.
Joy’s gaming
Joy’s gaming 5 months ago
I have the series 5 I got it yesterday for Christmas but I don’t really know how to use it 😂
Liz Moreno
Liz Moreno 5 months ago
same 😂😂
elli *
elli * 5 months ago
I got mine today! ❤️
Lawrence Abbott
Lawrence Abbott 5 months ago
I’ve never seen this man before in my life . But he looks like he just gained 15 lbs
brian buchert
brian buchert 3 months ago
Lawrence Abbott what? Who says that about somebody? What an ass
Jeff Dono
Jeff Dono 5 months ago
Seriously one of the top five features is the BS Hermes watch? Lol
USA#1 !!
USA#1 !! Month ago
Jeff Dono At least it’s not Herpes!
Joseph Brunner
Joseph Brunner 5 months ago
How utterly ridiculous my $12 Casio has a 10 year battery life .....I use an IPhone for everything else.....plus I am not American
brian buchert
brian buchert 3 months ago
Joseph Brunner I have casios too and there’s no way you can expect the Apple Watch battery to last 10 years that ludicrous! The Apple Watch expends way more energy than a Casio and what does not being an American have to do with anything?
Coolmanisbest roblox
*opens portal*
Michael Cothren
Michael Cothren 5 months ago
I’m upgrading from series 3 to 5.
David Carter
David Carter 5 months ago
I want you to know you’re the ONLY part about researching about a new Apple product that I hate. Every time I come across your videos, I cringe. The sounds your mouth makes hurts my ears. Drink some more water. Less pop.
David Carter
David Carter 3 months ago
brian buchert If no one wants honest criticism, don’t post in a public area.
brian buchert
brian buchert 3 months ago
David Carter nope not trolling just calling out an insulting as***** with no manners!
David Carter
David Carter 3 months ago
brian buchert Did you really just say if I didn’t voice my opinion on a video posted in the public domain which I am entitled to, he will drink less pop? And did you really conflate my opinion with me not being a content creator? It’s not my job as a consumer to create content. It’s my right to voice my opinion as a consumer. Are you trolling?
brian buchert
brian buchert 3 months ago
David Carter but yet you still listen to him maybe he’ll drink less pop if you’ll be less critical or maybe make your own video and have thousands of people critique you! I think you’ll find it much harder than you think!
Joshua Gillard
Joshua Gillard 5 months ago
Can I call people without carrying my phone? I won't buy one until I can do that.
Joshua Gillard
Joshua Gillard 5 months ago
@Oscar Okay, great! That answers it. Thank you for that!
Oscar 5 months ago
Joshua Gillard yeah you have to get the GPS+cellular version
Jeffery Neu
Jeffery Neu 5 months ago
If I get an Apple Watch, it will definitely be a series five.
Gamerd Mcnair
Gamerd Mcnair 5 months ago
I love it just got minds me and bae
T Gilad
T Gilad 6 months ago
am i the only one that still finds this thing useless?
LOL Noob
LOL Noob 5 months ago
Tom Gilad I think is useless but kinda want it 😂
Cherie Kirschbaum
Cherie Kirschbaum 6 months ago
Beware-the info about using the emergency call feature-Siri brought it up on my watch and dialed 911! I hung up, but the 911 operator called me to make sure everything was okay. She said this happens all of the time and they’ve seen an increase since this feature was added. Interesting!
SlyJuly29 6 months ago
A lot of these are not the features. They are technical specs or cosmetic changes.
oklahomiesMX 6 months ago
you talk like you have glue in your mouth 😂
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 6 months ago
maps are still crap in a city
brian buchert
brian buchert 6 months ago
Well seeing I currently have the series 2 I may be upgrading
brian buchert
brian buchert 3 months ago
Dylan Power I just got my aluminum space grey cellular 5 and lovin it!
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 6 months ago
brian buchert I have had my series 2 for 2.5yrs and I getting a series 5 soon
Lionel Ceniceros
Lionel Ceniceros 6 months ago
I never had a Apple Watch. Do y’all think I should go for the. 5 or 4
Leo Maxwell
Leo Maxwell 6 months ago
Lionel Ceniceros so do I but he is probably one of those android users that will defend android over Apple to the point of being ridiculous
Lionel Ceniceros
Lionel Ceniceros 6 months ago
Leo Maxwell well I use to be an android user and I like both Android and Apple but I just got the series 5 and I like it so far
Leo Maxwell
Leo Maxwell 6 months ago
Lionel Ceniceros he says neither because he is probably an android user
Leo Maxwell
Leo Maxwell 6 months ago
Lionel Ceniceros go for the 5 I just got one and I love it
Lionel Ceniceros
Lionel Ceniceros 6 months ago
Sean L
Sean L 6 months ago
Just got the Series 5 tonight , non-cellular space gray . it's my 1st Apple Watch 👍
Leo Maxwell
Leo Maxwell 6 months ago
Sean L same here got it on Black Friday deals with cellular
Hugo Brown
Hugo Brown 6 months ago
Yes. Time to get apple watch
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