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6 smart homemade ideas
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Welcome to MR SUNY channel
Our channel include of guiding videos:
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You are interested in handiwork, craft or you just have nothing to do, haven't you? You have found the channel you really need. Here you can find lots of crafts, hand made items, and the main thing is that they all made of make-shifts and at the lowest cost!




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Comments 80
Tech Prime
Tech Prime Day ago
No need to make such shit ..........those tools are available in market with different looks & having multi functions
Jeff Hanneman
Ma va de viail cul
Руки Хаус
Cool !!!
Slower Traffic Keep Right
Hi, I really enjoy the video and ideas. They are crude, yet extremely useful! You are a genius, simply-complex and functional. These are great use of scrap items. Handmade tools are some of the best. Many of us can't afford the high dollar tools. Your ideas make any tool custom, having a purpose, and unique. I'm a blacksmith, I like the crimp tool for simple custom sheetmetal. Blacksmith's make nearly all tools by hand; just like you! Ignore the negative (tool's) comments and feedback below. Thanks!
zig zag
zig zag 3 days ago
Cost more to make it than to buy it. And yes I understand the self Worthiness in making it yourself.
G SAU 3 days ago
Click bait thumbnail - reported. Prick!
tech top
tech top 3 days ago
wow good
Florin Soroceanu
Florin Soroceanu 4 days ago
Joki TV
Joki TV 5 days ago
Naja erfindung...? Das alles gibt es ja fuer ein paar cents zu kaufen. Das wäre der Aufwand gar nicht wert.. Aber dennoch cool anzusehen wie er es selber macht. Respekt.
Josué Avila Pérez
Nice... Very ingenious... Please song's titles
Bruno Bruno
Bruno Bruno 6 days ago
Que estilo de música São essas?
Janitha Jinaruwan
Mindaugas Gaulia
Mindaugas Gaulia 7 days ago
Slav engineering
Hvac 1
Hvac 1 7 days ago
Ade Mulyana
Ade Mulyana 7 days ago
Ank2 bangsa jg pintar2 tdk kalah saing dgn orang luar..
John King
John King 7 days ago
Wow what incredible metal working skills
Enrique Pinzon lopez
Lo bueo que era echo en casa por que no tengo placas ni una soldadora aun sigo pensando sera prudente aserlo en un taller jajaja
ilias baqery
ilias baqery 8 days ago
Very good ideas I love it
Giacomo Bandini
Giacomo Bandini 8 days ago
Did you know that those brilliant inventions are all already made at the hardware store near home
Dell Gamer 1
Dell Gamer 1 4 days ago
Do you know when this video was post
Mauro Moretta
Mauro Moretta 8 days ago
but why the faces???
VERY OLD SCHOOL 8 days ago
Jelo NoW kako vratiti sliku na ekranu u pozitiv mode.normal..kako promjeniti prikaz u normalni zaslon pozitiv mode no negativ
Jesse Carreon
Jesse Carreon 9 days ago
I know who im not hiring if i need something done in timely manner
Jesse Carreon
Jesse Carreon 9 days ago
Some of these things are cheaper to just buy already made than Mickey Mousing your own together
Nicolás Ramirez
Nicolás Ramirez 9 days ago
Como herrero sos un gran actor. Esas caras que pones papa! Imperdibles
Fatchickgettingfit !
Your very gifted.
Fahed Alhassan
Fahed Alhassan 9 days ago
هذا فنان حتى طريقته بالقص واللحام شغل محترفين
KABEL RUWET 10 days ago
z zx
z zx 10 days ago
Amazing, but why not buy one
Akewri 12 days ago
Inventions? There's not a single new thing here. It's a hobby at best, and a waste of time at worst.
WallHaxx 13 days ago
Jesus H Christ, CLEAN YOUR FUCKING STOCK! Your welds are shit too. **paints directly over rust** I AM SCREAMING! AHHHHHHHH
WallHaxx 13 days ago
Bruh. Who TF has a welder and a grinder, but not a socket wrench?
Question Everything
these are NOT inventions
MasterxD xDxD
MasterxD xDxD 13 days ago
Nice video, thx for sharing, subbed & congrats for the 1M XD
Сергей Химик
Deivyd Lukas
Deivyd Lukas 13 days ago
beibi do beibi do biruleibe leibe
Travis Roske
Travis Roske 13 days ago
Not real diy, he didn't make the bolts and nuts
Wesam Dahlan
Wesam Dahlan 14 days ago
thanks for the good work , I notice this guy using cm instead of inch wich means he is not living in US , and yes we have all this tools in market ,but they are not affordably or available every where ,in some countries 20$ is alot of mony and its worth 2 days work ,i see it a great work and its worth it ,when you cant get them from market
Buck Bundy
Buck Bundy Day ago
So he can afford a welder, angle grinder and drill press but not a $3 Chinese ratchet to go with the sockets he bought? 😂
The Dark King
The Dark King 14 days ago
All these DIY nowadays...either it's stupid, or the materials needed is way above the cost of buying one ready made. The only reason of these videos is for views only. Homemade tools like this will not last. Some tools needs hard iron etc, steel , or hardened industrially for heavy use. A simple example here is the wrench. With a few use, or a little effort it would become useless...
Electric Techy
Electric Techy 14 days ago
Min 8:46 can you make that for normal drills
Electric Techy
Electric Techy 14 days ago
Nice inventions
Jeff Graham
Jeff Graham 14 days ago
Am I the only guy that has no idea how to weld?
Legosconnection 14 days ago
Carlinhos Inácio
Carlinhos Inácio 15 days ago
RagNaRoK 15 days ago
Hello Sir can you make a video about how to make wire rope Thimbles
GK NirmalaGanesh Channel
Very super
Алексей Степанов
И смотрел бы ваш канал но сразу отвращение когда включил ролик и началась реклама.. фууу
Shadow 15 days ago
Полная хуйня!
clintt vill
clintt vill 16 days ago
Pienso si los compro me sale mas barato y gano tiempo
Ringmaster 1973
Ringmaster 1973 17 days ago
Gay asf
Angelo Dc Claudiene
Dallas Rife
Dallas Rife 17 days ago
Very good welding with a stick !!
a n
a n 17 days ago
Name of the song brother please
a n
a n 17 days ago
The music is tripping
JALAN BERSAMA 17 days ago
i dont know
Arne Nuytten
Arne Nuytten 19 days ago
8:26 they can come with central drill to center you're hole you have to make greetz
Eken Sample Account
This is shit - where's the item from the video thumbnail ??
Mata Gato
Mata Gato 20 days ago
Muy buenos trabajos, pero la cara de pelotudo justo antes de probarlos me mata XD. Está para un meme
BrewU334 20 days ago
Re-label the video "I don't have a ratchet but ill make one with my welder and grinder and drill which are way more expensive and uncommon tools to have in a shop."
Daniel Sorenson
Daniel Sorenson 19 days ago
I live off grid away from cities apart from gun knife fishing rod hunting dogs axe saw hammer nails solar panels and windmill my next necessities are those 3 items
Hiển Vũ
Hiển Vũ 20 days ago
Sandvink 21 day ago
The shit he makes you can buy here for a very low prize. It is easier to go to the shop then to invest time to make this rubbish. For e.g. on 6:40 you have a perforator. You can also use a drill. Less hassle.
Shrikant Jalihal
Shrikant Jalihal 21 day ago
Mr. Sun Y, very nice workmanship.
abu atheer
abu atheer 21 day ago
واو انت ساحر
Demetris Georgiou
Lets waste our day by making tools we can buy with less money
Ha ha More ha ha
Ha ha More ha ha 21 day ago
Sorry. Otta here.
J Balkh
J Balkh 21 day ago
полное хуйня
Lost Boys
Lost Boys 22 days ago
Yea diy with all the tools you will have to buy
BUFONICO 22 days ago
me encanta la mirada que hace...diciendo soy un crack..jaja. si como no
дима иванов
а что туркестане психов тоже не лечат ???
Dom Bianco
Dom Bianco 22 days ago
You can buy all of these tools, for not a lot of money. I don't get how these are "smart inventions".
Savion W
Savion W 24 days ago
Penis music
Adison Ramos
Adison Ramos 25 days ago
Todos estos inventos que nos presentan deberían darnos las medidas si es posible gracias
Módulos modulAR
Módulos modulAR 25 days ago
*la primera idea esta terrible ,patentala*
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed 25 days ago
الله اكبر
shoaib imh
shoaib imh 25 days ago
Fran Ra
Fran Ra 25 days ago
D.I.Y.? If you have a machine shop.
Meva Khan
Meva Khan 25 days ago
Thenks veer
Robert P. Wills
Robert P. Wills 26 days ago
The only thing I may make would be the fun looking clamp.
Ben Pack
Ben Pack 27 days ago
Very cool but scoring the metal with your calipers wtf
TiwazTyrsfist 28 days ago
I'm pretty sure that if you figured minimum wage for the time it took to make any of those, the cost of buying a similar tool at the store is cheaper
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