Top 5 MUST-DO Mods To Make An LS Engine Reliable.

Taylor Ray
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LS's get a bad rep for certain failures. This is a list of the top 5 must-do reliability mods to keep your LS Engine healthy while you drive it like you stole it!
Billet Barbell - amzn.to/2xCUbTU
Cam Retainer Plate - amzn.to/2Vy0foX
Pickup Tube Brace - Cheap - amzn.to/2KaVjkp Nicer - amzn.to/3bfOn1s
LS7 Lifter and Trays - amzn.to/2Vc9Cvt
Trunion Upgrade Brass - amzn.to/34Ee7C8 Bearing - amzn.to/3cpcSJw
Accusump - amzn.to/3enWFWW
Oil Pan - amzn.to/34Fim0a Or - amzn.to/2VC8UXp (There are many more)
Dry Sump Kit - aviaid.com/pdfs/1205-115_ls1-ls6.pdf (I Have LS-C)
L92 Engine - rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5575544446&toolid=10001&campid=5338606781&customid=L92+Engine&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2F2007-2008-ESCALADE-Engine-Motor-6-2L-VIN-8-8th-Digit-Opt-L92-RUN-TESTED%2F392754225415%3Fhash%3Ditem5b71f9e107%3Ag%3ADOIAAOSwM05ejdZA
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Apr 15, 2020




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Comments 100
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 6 months ago
I try to include this info in videos while working on engines, but it's hard to get it all in them along with the work. So I wanted to make this video covering some of the things I've learned over the years with my LS Builds to help anyone out who's taking the plunge themselves.
TwistedSix85 2 days ago
Dude I couldn’t agree more about not opening the long block unless you have too. I tell people all the time the most precision engine builder in an engines life time is the factory. How many rebuilt street car engines see the mileage a factory engine is capable of? Very few if any and that says it all.
Ron Nelson
Ron Nelson 2 months ago
Oil and fuel are the lifeblood of your engine..... and water, just to be safe.
CAMO WOLF 2 months ago
Taylor Ray how to make a reliable ls don’t add any mods change oil on time an make sure never drive it hot
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin 5 months ago
Sound info.
Matt Riggs
Matt Riggs 6 months ago
Great video Taylor. Personal opinion an LS is a "boring" swap, but that's because everybody does them and for good reason. They really are solid motors for alot of applications. One thing about oiling system and the good oil pan vs dry sump thing though. You even mentioned it back when you had the crank scraper with first first engine in the miata. The weight of the oil on the crank can and will rob power. Motortrend even did a bunch of Dyno testing to prove that a good pan/crankscraper/proper oil level can effect oil pressure but also can gain 30+ HP depending on the amount of oil and the engine itself. So your 3k drysump system actually will make the car faster. Sure $100/HP is kinda pricey but for an NA application you could also do worse plus you get abunch of reliability so it's a win-win. Keep up the great content!
Edin ._.
Edin ._. 15 hours ago
The only trunnion upgrade that's worth a shit is CHE.
J-Force Yizzle
J-Force Yizzle 2 days ago
Good logic, gotta pay to play. So when we read the Summit Racing tuning tips about pistons cracking as a "known weak point," that's only for crazy numbers like 600hp?
David Munoz
David Munoz 2 days ago
I dont hate or love LS's I have and ls6 and a 12a rotary
mark im
mark im 3 days ago
They are already one of the most reliable engines ever sold,lol
LES 3 days ago
You left "drift car" out of the title for some reason.
G hrvyck
G hrvyck 4 days ago
Only way a LS engine stays reliable is if it is never run.
Jason Young
Jason Young 3 days ago
That literally makes no sense.
64NovaSS TT
64NovaSS TT 5 days ago
My LS engines have l been reliable as hell, and I did nothing to them, you're an idiot !
George George
George George 5 days ago
Great info. I have everything he points out and I can concur that every bit of info this guy gives is spot on. I use my engine in road racing and I have zero issues. These are must do for anyone that will push this engine.
Dovr818 Dovr818
Dovr818 Dovr818 6 days ago
Foo these mods will cost me over 10k
Brother Bryan
Brother Bryan 7 days ago
Good video
Stephen Dee
Stephen Dee 7 days ago
At 8:00 wtf does "pernit" mean? I couldn't find it in a dictionary.
Stephen Dee
Stephen Dee 5 days ago
@Tipsy Brewer I believe you and I also don't think "pertinent" made one bit of sense in that sentence. "This is a suggestion if you have a gen-IV engine and pretty much pernit (sic) if you have a gen-III engine." From the context, I thought the word would have something to do with the importance of the swap, but "pertinent" doesn't relate to importance, and "pretty much pertinent" is like saying "slightly pregnant." A thing is either pertinent or it is not; the word "pertinent" becomes verbiage when ambiguously qualified as the word's whole raison-d'etre is to eliminate ambiguity about application.
Tipsy Brewer
Tipsy Brewer 5 days ago
Brandon Likes
Brandon Likes 7 days ago
After blowing up 6 motors, I’m going to watch this video very carefully
Chris Lipscombe
Chris Lipscombe 9 days ago
keep it stock and change the oil every 3000km. most reliable small block built.
Carter's Designs
Carter's Designs 10 days ago
Probably saved me a bunch of money, thanks dude!
Perry Love
Perry Love 10 days ago
A dry sump has always been an "I want", but theyr'e so costly - but I've never heard of the accusump, and that's a pretty reasonable way to prevent starvation. I like it!
cat man
cat man 12 days ago
A Australian style burnout? You mean a normal burnout hehehe.
Repairs N Adventures
How about the Timing chain tensioner
George Campbell
George Campbell 13 days ago
Nice Buccees Shirt! Love that place! I stop for beavers!
whats really going on
Lol how to make ls reliable toss that junk in the salvage yard where it belongs and buy a toyota
gerald hatfield
gerald hatfield 16 days ago
Arp rod bolts on a turbo buid?
crazeguy26 16 days ago
you got the pan off change the pick up o-ring. the last thing you said is true leave it be I got customers with 400k on there engines.
Zach Hultstrand
Zach Hultstrand 16 days ago
A couple of my thoughts. I ran my 5.3 all year at 7200 in my sprint car. Stock other the. A cam swap. To the people talking about high pressure and volume pumps be careful. Consider at high RPM the pump can lower your pan level to an unwanted level. Also. A little trick. Your lifter trays will hold to much oil till then fill. Drill a small hole in the tray to let the oil drain at a lower lever
Throw it away and buy a sbf?
BolognaTheTiger 17 days ago
More like how to make a Miata desirable, and reliable...
Rocky Nelson
Rocky Nelson 18 days ago
Ls Miata 😧
M Me
M Me 18 days ago
Just regular oil changes 😊 a 400,000 mile engine
Bailey Hatfield
Bailey Hatfield 18 days ago
Very late on this video, but i think that if you want to boost it, you HAVE to pull the pistons and gap the rings maybe do rods if you don't wanna grenade it before 500 whp (unless you got a decent tuner like sloppymechanics who just sends it with his tuning magic and goes for gold. But yeah don't mess with stuff more than you're capable of doing properly. Not a fan of stuff that's sketchy or ''custom''
Karl G
Karl G 18 days ago
Great explanation. I'm not a mechanic and understood all of what you were talking about. Cheers
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips 19 days ago
Preventive maintenance. Duh
swagondawheels jared
Just watched this video as it was suggested from searching ls stuff. Glad to know I did all these things prepping for my e30 drift car swap.
William Romero
William Romero 21 day ago
There already reliable shm ✌️
WildChild 69
WildChild 69 22 days ago
My LS1 is way more dependable then my jeep anyday..
Cody Charles
Cody Charles 22 days ago
Awesome awesome awesome video. I’m by no means an expert but I’ve pulled a few and you really educated me on some things... subscribed
Michael Dose
Michael Dose 22 days ago
The oil problem you speak of is inherent in ALL wet sumps, it's not really an ''LS'' problem. The only truly unique ''LS'' problem is the oil pick up. Apparently GM makes it easy for you to fix with an additional bolt hole. Why GM goes through the trouble of making a bolt hole and leaving it empty? Truly one of life's mysteries. Changing seals and so on, is just doing a thorough/good build. Great video though thanks for sharing.
trt 25 days ago
I subscribed because of content and bucees tee shirt
John Allen
John Allen 25 days ago
Tell you what, if I'm building an engine, my #1 concern is reliability. I don't want to blow up an engine I just build. Especially since I do a lot of off-roading and if it goes, it will go in the middle of nowhere on a rocky trail.
Fast4Cheap 5.0
Fast4Cheap 5.0 26 days ago
love your channel bro i got a miata to ls swap but also got an 87 camaro we gonna ls swap first
Marcus Medina
Marcus Medina 29 days ago
I need friends like this haha teach me 👀
This is a great video. I appreciate the time you took to share your real life experience. So much good info here
heavychevy383 Month ago
after watchin ur video & seein ur miata, im sittin here lookin at 2 cars in my driveway... a 98 ls1 formula firebird & a 99 1.8l mazda miata... & thinkin... hummm... THAT engine in THAT car...?!?!? ...no, just gotta figure out how to "sell" the wife on the ideal...?? (haha) great tips, enjoyed the video man, thanx & god bless dude
Agtronic Month ago
Dude, I just watched this to the end. I have a very short attention span and rarely make it to the end of videos. You are generous for sharing this information so openly, and your no nonsense approach keeps people engaged. I loved that you weren't trying to be funny or adding fluff, just straight up info streaming from beginning to end. Thank you again. Awesome stuff.
mesomorfo Month ago
Great Video sir, Subscribed!
Chad Wynn
Chad Wynn Month ago
So what if I just keep mine stock?
Bill Bird
Bill Bird Month ago
Good video
Bill Bird
Bill Bird Month ago
Make sure the oil pickup tube is secure
David Murray Holland
Steps for troubleshooting. Step one: check anything that you fucked with first. Check fluids.
RB Month ago
Why does it sound like he is almost about to spit all over everything but at the last second holds it back?
Stefan S
Stefan S Month ago
He said “Just the tip” 😂
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin Month ago
1#Put it in a Ford
Justin forvour
Justin forvour Month ago
Good video with great info. Best part was the Buccees shirt tho.
jesse sims
jesse sims Month ago
Robert Magaro
Robert Magaro Month ago
I have found most LS blocks with 100k plus miles the cam bearings are all shot, that's a definite must replace item if it's a used High mileage block.. be careful some gen3 bearings are narrow, gen4 are wide for the cam phaser to work correctly you install the wrong ones it will kill your pressure... (been there done that....) Great video...
6speedls1 Z28
6speedls1 Z28 Month ago
An ls is the most reliable v8 out coming from a ford guy
David Perez
David Perez Month ago
I am triggered by the title of this video.
sci fi sicko
sci fi sicko Month ago
The 5 things start at the three minute mark. After the first ad.
Ricardo Reyes
Ricardo Reyes Month ago
I watched this video last month and today I changed my oil found 5 and a half needle bearings stuck to my drain plug should’ve listened to what you said sooner🤦‍♂️
oskjan1 Month ago
Reliability is THE foundation in any system - be it engines, computers, your cellphone, dishwasher. Without it, you simply will not enjoy the experience! I don't get why so many just skip that part and go to performance and looks.
Nighttmare Month ago
Ok so basically i need to buy lifters uncircumcised.
Randall Zieschang
Reliable LS engine. Got one right now with over 500,000 miles in a 85 Chevy Silverado. Runs like a new engine. Maintenance is the key
Mini Barns
Mini Barns Month ago
Not going to open the bottom end...... ummm yeah
SimplyCorvettes C3 Corvettes
Excellent To Do primer for LS C3 Corvette Swaps Taylor, thanks! For my "Pull N Pay" Corvette C3 crowd who are doing a scrapyard sourced LS swap I'm recommending a couple of things. I realize that alot of us are family guys that are doing the conversion on a budget & that's precisely WHY I'm making them, because you don't want to do it again & at the same time you also don't want to limit yourself from power upgrades later. You've got it out, follow Taylor's wise (cheap insurance!) council on the seals & rockers. I'd recommend a high-pressure oil pump on Any swap and on LS's I'd recommend a new set of push rods & rocker arms. 2 reasons; people love to neglect their oil changes & a High-Pressure one like a Mellings will help push oil through those potentially restricted Oil Passages from a neglected motor & Revving! Man we love a high revving V-8. Again, "cheap insurance". Change the Cam Bearings. The main bearings on these last, the cam bearings don't fare as well. So those 3 seals, cam bearings, oil pump, push rods & rocker arms and on LS3's the plastic chain tensioner. You KNOW that if you're doing a C3 Corvette LS Engine Swap-that you'll Eventually do power upgrades so a little extra investment Now means less work later so that makes the LS Cam Bearing replacement more important-Now. I'm currently collecting as much real world information as we can find for doing a C3 Corvette LS Engine & Transmission Swap using ONLY Factory Parts as we can get our hands on so this can be a simple(r) WEEKEND SWAP rather than another expensive 6 month trial & error financial burden. Which factory accessory drives work, oil pan & pick up, waterpump (the outlet actually), trans crossmember & mount, motor & frame mounts, ps & fuel lines, etc.
Lsx Powered Racing
Have you or anyone on the post used the LSA rods or know the rwhp limits of these? They appear to be very durable and are a forged powder rod , just wandering how they compete with like summit h beam brand rod?
Dustin Thomas
Dustin Thomas Month ago
Always use a new harmonic balancer bolt
Паша Киев
The dry sump was a lil disappointing. For that amount of money it should be electrically driven. That way an engine can be primed each time even before it cranks. Almost no wear and no parasitic losses, great for longevity.
Gloria Maletta
Gloria Maletta Month ago
Two most important things are pushrods and harmonic balancer if you do a cam change and rev it to 6500rpm or more over and over again your going to need hardened pushrods and a SFI harmonic balancer and of course upgrades never end for a LS engine but it depends on how deep your pockets are l can tell you longtube headers are a plus for more power but I've seen some with a cam and stock exhaust manifolds cat deleted with a free flowing exhaust that run pretty dam good but they are street cars not a drag car
theTIVANshow Month ago
great video thanks
John Eisele
John Eisele 2 months ago
Good looking out on the barbell. Never had one of those out before. I've changed the pickup tube seals and cam retainer before, but I didn't even know that guy exsisted.
Bill Murphy
Bill Murphy 2 months ago
Lets go over the transmission 5 things next...lmfao
yjmsrv 2 months ago
Probably the best LS advise video on RUvid right now. LEAVE THE BOTTOM END ALONE and don't F*** with it... so true- they get 300k miles for a reason. Honestly if you're not pulling hard G's and you're a street car exclusively even the oil system is fine. However- if you race it- your advise on the oil system is priceless- ask Hoovie how he blew up his $10k LS swapped Porsche after just one track day and was shocked... Super good video- I'm subbed!
Long2757 2 months ago
My 5.3L LM7 lost oil pressure in Ohio on a trip. Thought it was the sensor at first, no biggie. Drove it about a mile and the lifters started complaining. Had a friend come with his flat bed gooseneck trailer and tow me back to his shop in Michigan. We dropped the pan and changed the o-ring and now I'm back to 60 psi cold / 40 psi hot pressure.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 months ago
1. Put in spark plugs 2. Give it gas.
Ken Fischmann
Ken Fischmann 2 months ago
Just a couple things, on a wet sump system the stock pumps WILL cavitate over 6000 rpm. A Melling never hurts. LS timing chains are notoriously loose and Trick Flow makes a bolt in damper assy. for them and as long as you're in there ALWAYS replace the timing chain with an upgraded LS2 piece. It's a direct replacement and is larger and 30% stronger. Oh, and speaking of the LS2 a set of the blue valve springs and one piece pushrods will stabilize the valvetrain through 6500 rpm. $150 well spent once your done with the rocker arm bushing upgrade.
Ken Fischmann
Ken Fischmann 2 months ago
@Taylor Ray They don't snap but stretch to the point where they will start slapping the block. That throws all your cam timing off and makes running very erratic.
Taylor Ray
Taylor Ray 2 months ago
I’ve never snapped a chain and only replaced mine once.
Hades Boosted Media
Hades Boosted Media 2 months ago
If you spin a bearing or scatter your motor how much a pain in the ass is it for you to clean out your entire oil system
TGE 2 months ago
If they actually machined this sh.t..
Kyle Mcweeny
Kyle Mcweeny 2 months ago
I can listen to you ALL DAY LONG
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith 2 months ago
Put a coyote in , easy
Dean Kay
Dean Kay 2 months ago
Thank you, thank you for pointing out the items in the video. As a dealer line tech we see things and take measures to cover our own behind, but showing the camshaft retainer plate gasket and it’s importance is to me, is never discussed. The Red Gasket maker (Loctite 518) is for two machined surfaces and in the absence or air, creates a great seal. I use a film of this carefully behind this plate on any gasket. Sac City’s bar-bell is a nice touch as we as the rocker trunnions, which can fail on high mile daily drivers. The oil accumulator is a home run in my book. Even engines that are grocery-getters, the main & rod bearings experiencing a slow death ever time (That 200k miles or more) they are started. Even with certain engine designers oiling strategy, we all know that no pressure film of oil is a fine line to a little wear and no wear. I enjoyed your choice of locations with limited real estate up front. I just wish the wear half the price they retail for considering the simplicity. The key operated valve is technically the most expensive component installed. Thanks and best of luck. Liked & Subscribed! ASE Master Tech since 1978 - Retired... Great Points!
Adam Dozier
Adam Dozier 2 months ago
You forgot the valve springs are weak at high RPM's. Floats them, then hole in the piston.
Is it the Chad
Is it the Chad 2 months ago
My 269,000mi LQ4, laughs, reliable??
James Taylor
James Taylor 2 months ago
One thing I've heard is that they started using aluminum rod and main bearings. And when the oil starts getting old and acidic It eats at the bearings. So if you don't change your oil enough then you will have problems. The engine builder I heard it from puts in tri-metal bearings when rebuilding the engine.
Dale Cole
Dale Cole 2 months ago
Buy a Ford
crettybocker 2 months ago
you have clearly never checked balance on a new GM assembled LS ...............don't replace the bearings comment is boggling . Rebuilding is not something 90% of people cant do better . loved the video aside from that .
Thompsongs 2 months ago
"It doesn't make the car faster, it doesn't make the car *better* , it just makes it essentially more *reliable* ." In my opinion, "more reliable" absolutely equals "better".
Perry Love
Perry Love 10 days ago
Forreal. Running a 10 is not nearly as "good" as running 10's.
Daniel Eaves
Daniel Eaves 2 months ago
how to make it reliable? trash it thats hiw
TheDbs78 2 months ago
Start engine.. drive. There done
Lucifer 2 months ago
LS engines are very reliable !
James Ward
James Ward 2 months ago
The only way to make a Chevy reliable is to pull the motor and transmission out, sit it on the ground and stomp on it, then drop a Ford motor and transmission back in it.
Austin B
Austin B 2 months ago
Next up on how to make the sun hot
Fabian Herrera
Fabian Herrera 2 months ago
What? I've had my 02 for 14 years and have never had to fix anything on it. It was a daily for many years and saw plenty of track time.
242bleek 2 months ago
I clicked on this video due to the irony of the title. If there's one engine in the world that doesn't need a how to on reliability its probably the LS.
Joe Kugelman
Joe Kugelman 2 months ago
How to make an LS reliable.... take it out and put a 426 hemi in it!
Skateboarding Progression
Step one: put oil in Step two: don’t keep it above 7k its whole life step three: enjoy your ls motor for hundreds of thousands of miles
MOTO 809
MOTO 809 Day ago
@G hrvyck When I see someone volunteer information like 50+ years master tech, I think of all the people who say they were navy seal marine spys. You don't have a damn clue what you're talking about because you were never there.
Charlie Booker
Charlie Booker 2 days ago
@bishop He don't know jack! Ford guy! Lmao!
Charlie Booker
Charlie Booker 2 days ago
@Perry Love Guy don't know shit. Probably drives an old ford pooch!
Charlie Booker
Charlie Booker 2 days ago
@G hrvyck Never in life. exactly opposite. Rarely do they not make 200k. What.
Trevor Lahey
Trevor Lahey 2 days ago
@G hrvyck you are flat out lying, I have 420,000 miles on an all original 03 tahoe besides oil pressure sensor that i just replaced, and 265,000 miles on my 00 yukon. Both have original engine, trans and rear. Haven't even opened up a valve cover. Most LS engines go 400k miles and I've seen them with over 600,000 miles. Stop spewing bullshit because your a salty jdm fangirl that cant compete
Desert Dog
Desert Dog 2 months ago
buy a ford instead
The Chronicles of Daniel Doe
Dinosaur engines.
Madmagyver 2 months ago
There is only one thing, don't modify the engine.
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez 2 months ago
I had 200k plus on mine with 0 issues I only blew a piston after a head and cam install i was spinning stock bottom end to 7k plus went out at 227k
Justin Albaugh
Justin Albaugh 2 months ago
thank you for hitting me with this knowledge!!
Struinzu Vaffencullo
1- put gas in tank. 2- that is all
superstarmj1 2 months ago
I'm gonna put an LS in my '70 Corvette project and I'm very happy I came across your video. You are Excellent!!! Good Infor!!! Yes, I'm gonna leave it (my 6.2 escalade motor) alone. Just do some basic checks. Thanks!
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