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Check out the most amazing moments of all the GOLDEN BUZZERS on Britain's Got Talent 2019.
What did you think about the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
▶︎ Flakefleet Primary School
▶︎ Kojo
▶︎ Chapter 13
▶︎ Akshat Singh
▶︎ Giorgia

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May 23, 2019




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Comments 677
Marhkis Mcdermott
2:39 oh the cameras looking... better smile.
Romain Mellarede
David golden buzzer 😍😍🤩🤩
el gigolo te ayuda
Cuando veo el primer video de los niños tocando rock , me hace ver qué hay esperanza en la humanidad !!
Cristina Franceschino
The last one was AMAZING, unbelievable
Ãłëşŝăñđřő Ç.
14:25 song?
LaBanane Pourrit
LaBanane Pourrit 6 days ago
This comment is dedicated to both RUvid Corp. and people on RUvid .... take example from pot’ sites , they don’t have a « dislike » button just (%) ... idk why would there be 2.3K dislikes , like those people made it there and tried ... who the fuck are you to judge? Try tolerance between beings . It won’t kill you .
Rayane Santos
Rayane Santos 6 days ago
Whats song in 5:40 ???
Cristiano Brum
Cristiano Brum 6 days ago
Que chow este programa. O maior de tds.
Cristiano Brum
Cristiano Brum 6 days ago
Que chow este programa. O maior de tds.
Ashiq ASHIQ 8 days ago
What's my talent 👇
FjjOO07ONtripe 9 days ago
The first golden ... Joke
Shashank Joshi
Shashank Joshi 10 days ago
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow the band.... those listtle kids were awwwwwwwwwwwesom....
joycieeable 11 days ago
Holy shit the first band bloody awesome!!
Frieda akerpia Akerpia
👏👏👏😍👍👍God bless
Mary Llewelyn
Mary Llewelyn 13 days ago
30:40 im ten and im dead
Mary Llewelyn
Mary Llewelyn 13 days ago
14:41 this was cute
Cody Harp
Cody Harp 21 day ago
Britains are so nice. I love it
Adriana Guimarães
Mandaram bem garotada
The not real XQC
The not real XQC 22 days ago
Not to be rude or anything but comparing this to agt, wow.
Dai Knmakunga
Dai Knmakunga 24 days ago
olbera rose
olbera rose 25 days ago
Those 5 boys brought the house down amazing
Mauri Drive
Mauri Drive 26 days ago
I think it's the first time I see David Walliams crying and it melted my heart.
triras manandhar
triras manandhar 28 days ago
I don't really like comedian on the show but I love you
Lyka Angeles
Lyka Angeles Month ago
The Chapter13 boy band, look at the boy with white shirt. he look like kevin in movie Home alone😍
Rajiv Paul
Rajiv Paul Month ago
Kojo Amin ❤
DH Phylakitai
DH Phylakitai Month ago
24:00 what the fuck is this
Nidhi Priya
Nidhi Priya Month ago
Proud of you akshit
mukminin taslam
mukminin taslam Month ago
Thanks to janitor
jamal bennasser
jamal bennasser Month ago
what song in background in teacher show
Edoardo Month ago
The guys that played together such amazing.. congratulations
Socrates Joachim
that laugh haaaa hahahaha
Lê Chí Linh
Lê Chí Linh Month ago
Minh yêu david
P d
P d Month ago
Sweet childrens brings sweetest joy in this world😍😍😍😭😭😇but honestly, some child i don't like with their over confidence attitude though they otta be brave , i like who are seems to be shy n coward but deep down they were the toughest being in the whole world.
Oberyn The Red Viper Martell
Do the two hosts have the authority to hit golden buzzer, the one they did with the Indian dancer kid ?? Just curious
lordchema Month ago
Top 5? Only one.....bad....very bad.
Nikola Dostálová
27:18 what song is that please ?
hand made restor
*The America, I love you! Hello from Russia! I have been in America. It is an incredible country.*
Catherine Bourhill
Did anyone else notice that all the golden buzzers were on the same day??😁😁🤣
Catherine Bourhill
Prashant Gurung oh ok ty
Prashant Gurung
Prashant Gurung Month ago
i think 1st,4th and 5th are on same day .. not other
Ben Donovan.
Ben Donovan. 2 months ago
gay az
Janelle Hyde
Janelle Hyde 2 months ago
Simon omg Simon 2:36
Joel Umbria
Joel Umbria 2 months ago
La actuacion de los niños con "don´t stop me now" fue demasiado linda, bien merecido el Golden Buzzer
Prinz KP
Prinz KP 2 months ago
@7:28 slenderman nearby
Mohamed Ware
Mohamed Ware 2 months ago
The fat kid made mi cry
Arne Bergan
Arne Bergan 2 months ago
Gib Kissinger
Gib Kissinger 2 months ago
The 10-year-old stands out for me so far out... that I don't remember the other performers at all!
diana castaneda
diana castaneda 2 months ago
the best of this spectacular edition all love the best extra-odd group
Chuẩn Vlogs
Chuẩn Vlogs 2 months ago
Ị love it
Ruben Plays
Ruben Plays 2 months ago
This is why i want to be a teacher just to make those kids happy and give them their time of their life
Abu Qaissar
Abu Qaissar 2 months ago
Joe De La Garza
Joe De La Garza 2 months ago
Alicia shut down David 🤔
Jeanne Vacca
Jeanne Vacca 2 months ago
But I love the boy who can dance!
Jeanne Vacca
Jeanne Vacca 2 months ago
The first band is adorable!
Junjun De leon
Junjun De leon 2 months ago
Wow iam amaze
Linda Lee
Linda Lee 2 months ago
The head teacher and students show made me cry Happy tears. That joy filled abandonment of child play was so delightful to watch and hear. Thank you for sharing this video with us.
Demon Pulse
Demon Pulse 2 months ago
For the last one:I couldn’t even talk properly when I was 10
comerowasabi 2 months ago
I'm sorry, I don't get why the kids choir was so emotional to people...
Boxodir Zokirov
Boxodir Zokirov 2 months ago
Carline Williamson
Carline Williamson 2 months ago
That 10 years old girl is definitely a future, Britney Spears. OMG! 👌👏👏👍👍❤❤❤❤❤ IT! WOW! WOW! WOW! 🤘👏👏👏👏
Ivan Popov
Ivan Popov 2 months ago
the first one was, really awful, only reason for the golden buzzer was because they`re british... come`on we all know :D :D :D :D xaxaax
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