Top 5 Dope Tech Under 50 - February!

Brandon Taylor
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1. 44 Vacuum: amzn.to/2w8tV2P
2. Fifine Microphone: amzn.to/2OL873F
3. Precision Screwdriver: amzn.to/38jbJS6
4. Coolermaster MM711(In-store $25): www.walmart.com/ip/CoolerMaster-MM711-Gaming-Mouse-with-Light/710144769
5. Lamicoll Phone/Tablet Stand: amzn.to/39q6v7g
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 80
alexstbrg 3 months ago
Godamnn man, i love ur AHH YEA , thats awesome!
BT is so dope braaaaa
blitz 4 months ago
please review the roccat kone pure owl
Jakob Andersen
Jakob Andersen 4 months ago
BT does the phone arm work with a webcam?
daniel p
daniel p 4 months ago
The shirts are always dope! 💯
YoRHa No.2 Type B
YoRHa No.2 Type B 4 months ago
Vacuum tip might be a static electricity hazard watch it around electronics
Benas Trol
Benas Trol 4 months ago
No fkn way mm711 is 25$ in walmart, in europe you cant find mm710 for 40€
James Carson
James Carson 4 months ago
Yeah I really dig that screwdriver set🔥🔥🔥
Eric Luu
Eric Luu 4 months ago
Can the screwdriver remove stripped screws? I have a laptop that has a stripped screw in at an angle and I can’t remove it or push it back in
TrollyTran 4 months ago
What are those red and blue lightsaber lights? Looks cool lol
otemp gaming
otemp gaming 4 months ago
What keyboard do you use ?
Galatix 4 months ago
Keep it up bt
_zipfile 4 months ago
Damn. Some good stuff in here
MR__V3NOM 4 months ago
What budget 60% keyboard would you recommend??
pacmatyler 4 months ago
Should I do inks pandas or creams for my acrylic keyboard build
UnEmotioneD 4 months ago
Hey BT Always enjoying your video whatever they are about I have a question about What gaming mouse for FPS I should try so far I tried Finalmouse Classic Ergo, Cape town, Deathadder, G Pro wireless, Zowie S2, EC2, FK2, MM710 and Endgamegear XM1 I would like to use something different from these that I have already tried or something I should try again and grind cause there are so good (By the way my hand size is about 18cm Palm and Claw grip user good at flick shots but suffer on tracking)
ItsAnthony 4 months ago
Brandon I got a question if you dont mind...... How long have you had it? Did it work well in that time and how could you find hot to mute because it has no mute thank you
yoi 4 months ago
where do you get those led tube things from
Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur
The Fifine has very good quality, but the noise floor is really noticeable.
Apricot Jam
Apricot Jam 4 months ago
Randomfrankp wants to talk to you
sean ms
sean ms 4 months ago
Squarespace is great! Been using it for years~ same, mine took about 30-40min
ljuba 4 months ago
May I point out that the title of the video is top 5 under 50$ and it is 5.55 minutes long
Somu Meher
Somu Meher 4 months ago
Kid Cudi fam
Little Em
Little Em 4 months ago
(ɔ˘ ³(ˆ◡ˆc) Happy Valentines Day b! I love you! loving the thumbnail ;) The screwdriver is soooo cool, definitely a must get!
Josh TechGamer
Josh TechGamer 4 months ago
Great video BT
Kyle JSV
Kyle JSV 4 months ago
The into wild😂😂
TRILOGY FN 4 months ago
Randomfrankp is eyeballing you rn
brand9n 4 months ago
Appreciate the video, I will probably be buying the mini-vacuum for my dusty desk, keyboard, and PC. Looking forward to your next video!
Jakes A Bot
Jakes A Bot 4 months ago
Im for these type of videos bt LETS GOOOOOO!!
Forrest Lee
Forrest Lee 4 months ago
My boy on that squarespace sponsorship! Congrats!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Rohan Leander
Rohan Leander 4 months ago
More videos like this please.
Positivity Sheep
Positivity Sheep 4 months ago
ive been looking for a keyboard vacuum for forever! Love the vid BT!
DoubleDipYT 4 months ago
Ferdie Fox
Ferdie Fox 4 months ago
Mikael Rautio
Mikael Rautio 4 months ago
I wish i could get that mm711
Rome The Revenant
Rome The Revenant 4 months ago
BT ma boi, happy Valentine's day bruh.
Antxiety 4 months ago
That intro caught me very off guard for a second
Sam Pekofsky
Sam Pekofsky 4 months ago
He says he found the screwdriver because of RandomFrankP and then at 3:15 he says quite frankly :)
Cole Byre
Cole Byre 4 months ago
Love this series
Joseph Le
Joseph Le 4 months ago
Nah, that mic sounded like ass tbh
Night Rainn
Night Rainn 4 months ago
Aww yeah❤️
Blank Mind
Blank Mind 4 months ago
At 1:41 in the video, the footage shows you using the microphone as if its end address, yet you can see the mic capsule facing towards the camera, not towards you. I'm not sure how you tested it, but if you did test it as a end-address microphone, you likely got worse results. Just a small detail in an otherwise great video, these videos are a great way to get people get into tech when they're younger. I always appreciate seeing more RUvidrs making these cheap product showcases, even if there is some overlap from other channels that have been doing it for longer.
Blank Mind
Blank Mind 4 months ago
@Brandon Taylor I figured that was the case, I just wanted to be 100% certain. Keep up the great work!
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
Blank Mind that audio wasn’t from that clip it was just a random video over the mic test
GerstenJoch 4 months ago
When I hear the: awwhhh yeahhhhh... I'm also like: ahhh yeaahh you do that so great❤😂. I already like the cool tech under 50 from RandomFrankP but it's nice that you also do it and I love this kind of content with also some comedy and helpfull stuff. Keep u the good work bro!❤
Jason 4 months ago
What are the blue and red light bars behind him?
Kids Toy Channel
Kids Toy Channel 4 months ago
Wow, I might actually pick up a Coolermaster MM711. :)
wyatt 4 months ago
That screwdriver seems like a rebranded xiaomi wowstick which you can get for $40 on Amazon or $30 on banggood. It's really good though
Ruisu 4 months ago
Hey BT been watching your vids a lot recently and love all your content been subbed since 16 k and livening to see your channel grow
jackson maas
jackson maas 4 months ago
I bought the mm711 last week for $60😑
jackson maas
jackson maas 4 months ago
@Bruno yeah, very
Bruno 4 months ago
@jackson maas thanks bro :) Btw the clicks are good? Crispy? Aww yeah
jackson maas
jackson maas 4 months ago
@Bruno I'm really liking it so far, it feels nice in my hand and it's really light. Get the matte though, I got the glossy and it sometimes feels weird to rest your hand on.
Bruno 4 months ago
Is it good? I might buy it soon
- Stig -
- Stig - 4 months ago
Does BT respond?
- Stig -
- Stig - 4 months ago
Brandon Taylor :)
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
Responding :)
ThundyWundy 4 months ago
great vid as always
aurahh 4 months ago
I love that intro, more of that please
What is your main gaming monitor
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
Acer predator at the moment but that’s gonna Change soon
Nolz 4 months ago
Damn this is one of the first top tech videos where I've actually wanted to buy everything that's featured
Akina6128 4 months ago
Whats that kb with metropolis?
Widar 4 months ago
i love your video!
Adam 4 months ago
Fifine mic is good but pics up keystrokes too much
astella. 4 months ago
I think he found out how to turn it on
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
c s
c s 4 months ago
Lol 35 watts, that'll totally work.
MelonenTee 4 months ago
Gonna be needing that mic since my laptop mic ain't good
WavyPluto 4 months ago
the mm711 is sexy af
hunter5226 4 months ago
Those keycaps tho
Ole Hansen
Ole Hansen 4 months ago
when did you get that polycarbonate 6.5?
Ole Hansen
Ole Hansen 4 months ago
@Brandon Taylor ok, nice to hear i will definitely look out for that.
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
Had it for a few months.. video coming soon
J 4 months ago
Aahhh yeahhhh
Aryan R
Aryan R 4 months ago
0:04 *murder mystery*
ArCTiC 4 months ago
He got sucked into the 4th dimension
ImABot 4 months ago
Aww yea
Chew 4 months ago
The precision screwdriver is one of my favorite screwdrivers right now
samlee458 4 months ago
mannnn dope cool techs. expensive month 😭
Its Clink
Its Clink 4 months ago
wich mouse is better Glorios Model O Razer Viper Logitech GPro Hero Cooler master MM711
Mungadungalis 4 months ago
Ok that intro got me 🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
not ian
not ian 4 months ago
vrstudio 4 months ago
B, we love you man, but the first 4 things are stuff Random FrankP has already showed off in his Under $50 dollars series. What's up with that man? No h8 at all, just curious 😕
One thiccc ole Papi
One thiccc ole Papi 4 months ago
Brandon Taylor you are better than random frank piss don’t worry bout them h8rz
Cleen Reviews
Cleen Reviews 4 months ago
@Brandon Taylor Hey guys! RandomBrandonT here.
Carlo Munoz
Carlo Munoz 4 months ago
@Brandon Taylor that's fine dude, use whatever you want, I can watch both videos, as both are great!
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
I don’t watch his top 5 tech videos so I wouldn’t know. These are just products I’ve used
Frankdubach 4 months ago
Wish I could find a wallet world with the 25$ MM711
heronfps 4 months ago
46 likes and 0 dislike Well doneeeeeeee
NeoTethys 4 months ago
I’m gonna have to put some bread down on that screwdriver no lie! Thank you once again BT 🙏
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
Np neo!
InsertKoda 4 months ago
so underrated!!!!
Seido dcv
Seido dcv 4 months ago
$35?? For MM7?? THATS A COP
vF GodItachi
vF GodItachi 4 months ago
dcv 25 at wallmart
SkullyTheCreator 4 months ago
Didn't watch it yet but I know it's gonna be great.
كيس. com
كيس. com 4 months ago
When I get notification from you I am automatckly smile :) thank you bt❤
Arda Duymaz
Arda Duymaz 3 months ago
Automatically كيس. com
كيس. com
كيس. com 4 months ago
Automaticly* sorry😅
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 4 months ago
Thanks com! Have a great day!
Carson 4 months ago
awwwww yeah
NAITSIRK ELO 4 months ago
I just saw this sqarespace thing on Badseedtech as well, please dont put the ad in the middle of the video, its better if its at the end.
Toblaser 4 months ago
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