TOP 5 BEST THAI DISHES! | My Favorite Thai Food in Bangkok, Thailand!

Mark Wiens
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Huge thank you to Greg from Travizeo goo.gl/VhaLp5 for filming and making this video!
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A totally different style video today, hope you enjoy it!
One of the most common questions I get asked is Mark, “what are your favorite Thai foods?” And so when Greg was in Bangkok I thought it would be an awesome idea to cover when he was filming with his amazing video skills.
By the way, Greg films cinematic travel videos for brands and promotions, and he also happens to love to eat! Go check out his videos (goo.gl/VhaLp5) and website for more details (travizeo.com/). And I was very excited when he offered to film and edit a video for me.
Choosing my favorite Thai dishes is a very hard thing to do, but I narrowed it down.
1. Braised beef fire pot (เกาเหลาเนื้อหม้อไฟ) at Heng Chun Seng (ร้าน เฮ้งชุนเส็ง) - There’s just about nothing better to eat for breakfast in Bangkok, and after trying quite a few versions, Heng Chun Seng is still my favorite. The beef is tender and most of all the soup is so fragrant from the herbs and beef. Google map: goo.gl/maps/yhtoLCyUbVy
2. Holy basil stir fry (กระเพราหมูสับ) at Ung Jia Huad (ร้านอึ้งเจี่ยฮวด) - If there’s one dish that could be the most popular and beloved easy to eat Thai food, it’s holy basil stir fry (with your choice of meat). It’s a dish that always hits the spot. Google map: goo.gl/maps/q6apJqZEhUH2
3. Green papaya salad (ตำปูปลาร้า) Stall on Sukhumvit - You’ll find green papaya salad on just about every street corning in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. My favorite version is som tam boo plaraa, dressed with fermented fish sauce.
4. Fish viscera curry (แกงไตปลา) at Janhom (ร้านจันทร์หอม) - Southern Thai food is always a favorite of mine, and gaeng tai pla, or a curry made with fish viscera is one of the most flavorful Thai foods of them all. Google map: goo.gl/maps/kC9a62QCApD2
5. Jungle curry (แกงป่า) at Pla Mae Nam (ร้านปลาแม่น้ำ) - A dish I just can’t get over, and have to order every chance I have, is Thai jungle curry. It’s an amazing mixture of chilies and herbs, and in this case, fish. This is also one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok at the moment as well. Google map: goo.gl/maps/4kbcuqoVdPP2
There it is, 5 of my favorite dishes in Thailand. Thank you for watching this video!
Again, huge thank you to Greg from Travizeo goo.gl/VhaLp5 for filming and editing this entire video!
MUSIC: goo.gl/HwVjdo
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Thank you for watching!

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Nov 4, 2018

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Comments 2 548
Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 7 months ago
How did you like this video!? Thanks to Greg from Travizeo (goo.gl/VhaLp5) for filming and editing. Here are the dishes and restaurants: 1. Braised beef fire pot (เกาเหลาเนื้อหม้อไฟ) at Heng Chun Seng (ร้าน เฮ้งชุนเส็ง) - goo.gl/maps/yhtoLCyUbVy 2. Holy basil stir fry (กระเพราหมูสับ) at Ung Jia Huad (ร้านอึ้งเจี่ยฮวด) - goo.gl/maps/q6apJqZEhUH2 3. Green papaya salad (ตำปูปลาร้า) Stall on Sukhumvit 4. Fish viscera curry (แกงไตปลา) at Janhom (ร้านจันทร์หอม) - goo.gl/maps/kC9a62QCApD2 5. Jungle curry (แกงป่า) at Pla Mae Nam (ร้านปลาแม่น้ำ) - goo.gl/maps/4kbcuqoVdPP2 Thank you for watching and keep eating Thai food!
arielgal 4 days ago
What’s the address for the crepe cart?
tawan the gamer
tawan the gamer 16 days ago
i've been to thailand many times, been married to a thai for 12 years, but i remember that thai people call the green salad : papaya pok pok, is that the same ?
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 25 days ago
Bring me some im starving
2019k91 Month ago
Loved it! The first food channel i actually subscribed to was yours many years ago and it's still my favorite.
Roselin Gomes
Roselin Gomes Month ago
Even the background music is beautiful too!!! Can you give a link of that music?
dujphan p
dujphan p 7 hours ago
I love your vid, one thing on this is wrong กะเพรา is no ร.เรือ for basil leaves กะเพรา ไม่ใช่ กระเพาะ.
AbabAb BaA
AbabAb BaA 16 hours ago
เกลียดผัดกระเพราใส่ถั่วฝักยาว ประหยัดหมูไปอีก
John Gould
John Gould 17 hours ago
I hope you brought plenty of toilet paper.
John Gould
John Gould 17 hours ago
there is some questionable meat in there that's for sure.
as a Thai I suggest you to eat pad kaprao (stir-fried msat with basil) anywhere that DO NOT put any veg in beside the basil. in this video he still add long bean which is unacceptable lol most thai hate that many restaurant do that so much! they put veg in to make the dish look much bigger. think of it just like how italian hate his pizza with pinapple
Vincent Tan
Vincent Tan Day ago
10:15, a spoonful of chilies with a side of rice.
Michael Stancic
I think the other white powder he put in the holy basil stir fry was MSG, the magic dust. Looks sooooo good!
yes it is XD
คลาสสิค’ ‘คคค
Pops150 3 days ago
"Tendon" Mommy! Hurt me! Make me write bad checks!
Tatiana Luna
Tatiana Luna 3 days ago
Wait for the food to cool down
Alyce Hawai’i Child of God
Praying for you, for the people shown in this video, praying for all of you, prayers going up to Heaven. You should never ever ever use “HOLY” in your food intro name, because you are using God’s name in vain because this is my Master, Majesty, El Elyon, Elohim, YESHUA Hamasiach, Yahweh, Messiah, God of the Universe, Creator, The Prince of Peace, Cornerstone, Healer, Provider.
ruth conroy
ruth conroy 4 days ago
loved this!
Anthony Spicer
Anthony Spicer 6 days ago
I have to try that Jungle Curry. I've had a lot of different Thai dishes, but never that one.... Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! Looks awesome......
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez 6 days ago
This video quality was amazing!
Massive Progeria
Massive Progeria 6 days ago
Is Ong-Bak an accurate portrayal of Thai life?
Pattama Uawithya
Pattama Uawithya 11 hours ago
No, i don't think so. But yes for Mark's videos.
David Sheehan
David Sheehan 7 days ago
Couldn’t agree more about Pad Kaptow. I eat it weekly here in DFW.
Robert McBrain
Robert McBrain 7 days ago
Do please add the anglicised versions of the names of the dishes!
มง คล
มง คล 7 days ago
ประเด็นคือดูตอนกลางคืน หิวเลยคับ 555
brian martuszewski
I want to eat with you too..! I’ll treat and fly out to you!!! Message me, please
Amiyama S.
Amiyama S. 8 days ago
Good Kra-Pao they dont throw any veggie in there, just Holy Basil
Olivia Earnhart
Olivia Earnhart 9 days ago
Idk how i feel about thai food lol
Sam A
Sam A 9 days ago
Your guests were amazing wow
Fafhrd 2
Fafhrd 2 10 days ago
Can't argue there, Patkaphao gai/moo/khung (chicken, pork, shrimps) I can eat everyday with fried egg! It is so good. Also "Phatkanna moo khop" -don't know the English name for it but that is good especially if the pork is really crispy. Masseman is also very good. This is what tourist should try, not the "non" spicy dishes that tastes nothing. Did that in Phuket and it tastes absolutely nothing when you not have the chili etc in the cocking.
troyannegra guy
troyannegra guy 10 days ago
I am Thai kid. And I love your video so much. That represents the whole Thai food. Thanks!
ELS000 1314
ELS000 1314 11 days ago
Love watching you Mark. Your positivity ways in trying different beautiful food made me wanna eat delicious food more and more. Thank you for sharing and the editing. Very amazing 🤙💚
ELS000 1314
ELS000 1314 11 days ago
Brianna B
Brianna B 11 days ago
The editing is simply amazing!!!! From the drone to the slow motion shots I’m loving it!!! Peace and blessings
เพิ่มพูล เมืองแปะ
I'm fat becouse of you.
Hà Trần
Hà Trần 13 days ago
I have been bangkok 2 times already and will come back in next week but dont know this place, I cant keep my eyes out your clip so amazing when I see your mouth, can you you give me address for all restaurant, thank you so much when I get your reply . Thank you so much
Shadow Master
Shadow Master 13 days ago
test zezr
Tracy Huang
Tracy Huang 16 days ago
PongZ 16 days ago
So satisfying only to watch Mark's reaction when he eats food. Thanks a lot for introducing Thai street foods to your audiences around the world!!
Lee K.
Lee K. 16 days ago
I am Thai. I've never eaten spicy like this before.
Daphne Hamilton
Daphne Hamilton 17 days ago
I'm headed there in a few weeks and I'm certainly gonna hit up a few of marks recommendations! Seriously leaves my mouth watering every single time.
Reginah Waithera
Reginah Waithera 17 days ago
Great video
Dāne Nukumaíngaiwi Kamö
Thai foods my favourite....l could eat it every day. Love it!!!
รําเพย ธรรมพัฒนจิต
Not enough,Mark should say fifty best food...!
Asea chan.
Asea chan. 17 days ago
มาร์ค เขยไทย เชียร์อาหารไทยเยอะๆนะครับ
bangna parsi
bangna parsi 18 days ago
ไม่เผ็ดไม่กิน You are good!
Tudor Leonte
Tudor Leonte 18 days ago
Funky upbeat music
นายช่าง พาชิม กินแบบชนบท
พี่ทำให้คนต่างชาติรู้จักอาหารไทยมากครับ. ในฐานะคนไทยผมขอบคุณพี่มากครับ อยากให้มาเที่ยวบ้านครับ
Rock McThornberry
Rock McThornberry 19 days ago
I was always suspicious that you're an alien here to teach the masses about good food. "The mouth juices are flowing" makes it certain
gaai sudsang
gaai sudsang 20 days ago
u235u235u235 20 days ago
tired of his manufactured reactions. BORING!!!
מאיר חיים כהן
Mark i have only one thing to say to u : You are AWESOME !!!!!!!
Joy O'Connor
Joy O'Connor 18 days ago
Your a great food I entertainer
G. Hussein
G. Hussein 22 days ago
Editing is next level mark 😎
lyra Yap
lyra Yap 23 days ago
How about Filipino food ?
Andrew 23 days ago
Did Mark start saving up money when he was 2 years old? Who could possibly have enough money for paying crews of people to record his travels all over the world and eat as much food as he wants then talk about the food he just ate? Even better would be to randomly be selected and paid to do it. Probably best job in the history of human kind... All that hard work in the culinary industry and those 5 star restaurants have definitely paid off.
Uwe Loewel
Uwe Loewel 24 days ago
beyond stunning
Lucky Star
Lucky Star 25 days ago
Thai dishes looks all the same. same favor
rucussing 25 days ago
I went out with a friend for some oriental food, I did not know if it was Filipino or Vietnamese, it was a Thai!
rucussing 25 days ago
No Chitterlings!
กฤตติพงศ์ เจ๊ะกะเส็ม
g729y82 27 days ago
Amazing Video 😍😍😍 .... Love the haircut
black beard dude
black beard dude 28 days ago
Tanto picante pasara un buen tiempo ardirndole el culo
missy mason
missy mason 29 days ago
Like 100%...
Chef Paul E
Chef Paul E 29 days ago
I was in Bangkok in July of 2018. I’m a personal chef and the food is incredible. The only thing that bothered me was the MSG. Made my feet swell very bad. I’d love to eat with you myself. Would be incredible.
srunthron akkarathamrongsin
กินเผ็ดเก่งเวอร์มากกกก คนไทยเองยังกินไม่ได้ขนาดนี้เลย อยากกินได้เผ็ดเบอร์นี้บ้าง
aweb2000 Month ago
That right ! You’re understand well. best thai dish is in street food . First dish beef noddle .i think so.It is the best noddle in Thailand . Highly recommended to test. Hint ! You must try beef noddle in street food only.
Lusy Ruru
Lusy Ruru Month ago
Hi Mark, hello from Jakarta! I plan to go to Bangkok for full on street food experience. Which area would you recommend me to stay? Preferbly walking distance to everything from bfast lunch dinner
Herman Meerzorg
Herman Meerzorg Month ago
Dear Mark, I love your videos, but in this one you did not follow your own superior system to mention the names with all the dishes!!
Sugar TRAVEL Month ago
it taste good spicy.. i miss to travel in thailand i really love thai rice and tomyang souo
Smiley Deys
Smiley Deys Month ago
I wonder ,,, how does he keep thin with all those food he tries ,,,
Deprimat Month ago
wow you like real brown in this video
Minnie's World
Minnie's World Month ago
I wonder how can you stay skinny 😄
chichi loves food
Great video. Can't wait to try some of these spots when we come to visit Thailand.
Steve Fox
Steve Fox Month ago
Braised beef fire pot (เกาเหลาเนื้อหม้อไฟ) at Heng Chun Seng
Jdizzle Productions
love all your videos! and def inspired me to eat as much as I can when i was in Thailand! going back next year and going to some of the locations youve been too like these! I also made a video, its just clips and no food =(. Hope anyone whos sees these videos is inspired to go! ruvid.net/video/video-UnCV9UFyG3c.html
The Kiddo Community Garden
u are so good with the language!!!!!
Modox Month ago
the fish cake patty is big enough to make a fish cake burger
TravelingAbout Month ago
Just love your videos. Thanks so much for posting and creating these. Your personality and commentary is of the best sort and makes any day a bit better :)
harold canuto
harold canuto Month ago
love it. some of the food cuisine is almost desame in the philippines. try to check this link ckk.ai/5tnAQ. you also might love it.
Huzam Khan
Huzam Khan Month ago
He gives the same reaction in every video .. while he takes his first bite😂😂😂
Putri Wulandari
Putri Wulandari 26 days ago
I just realized it lately after watched his video of other countries than mine😂 but honestly, most of the food he ate looks really delicious.
Pierre Duprey
Pierre Duprey Month ago
Mark, I'm in Bangkok, can I pleeaaase come meet you for some sort of delicious meal???
2019k91 Month ago
I can't watch your videos without making food myself first because i always get hungry after watching your videos. I love making pad-thai and watch your bangkok series, you make it so easy for me to find new restaurants and places to visit!
Shereen Inkaeo
Shereen Inkaeo Month ago
I’m from Thailand and I like the way you speak Thai 👏🏻
James Lee
James Lee Month ago
Mark, you suck. Your "umm" is so fake. You are a freaking dufus and a loser
Georgia Goodson
Georgia Goodson Month ago
Hi Mark!! Have you ever been to Cedar City, Utah? You should check it out!! It is a great place to visit! A faithful follower
Lar Chayada
Lar Chayada Month ago
looks delicious but i dont eat beef
lugn56 hk
lugn56 hk Month ago
Just my kind of food! I gotta come to Bangkok someday!! Love your Mark 👍👍👍
TyrranicalT-Rad Month ago
Yo I'm just white guy it's been done
saeian_21 Month ago
What is the famous and delicious food in Thailand???..no idea... Wanna try..
rgb osteen
rgb osteen Month ago
much love thank you for making me feel alive
rgb osteen
rgb osteen Month ago
i feel i'm there with you eating
rgb osteen
rgb osteen Month ago
try fried seasoned tofu TOFU
Jodi Hughes
Jodi Hughes Month ago
Trying too hard
Fuck Police
Fuck Police Month ago
Thai foods are the best in the world
Md. Jobaidur Rahman
Please visit Bangladesh
Marti Dela Cruz
Marti Dela Cruz Month ago
I can relate to his spice level dang I watch this every time i crave for all they eat in here
Levi 501
Levi 501 Month ago
Your taste buds must be the most sensitive ever, anything that touches your mouth you literally make your toes curl from the flavors.
No Dietary Restrictions
My saliva is running through .....
ชนาการน์ จิตรสุข
JohnJ Kh
JohnJ Kh Month ago
My God, a spoon full of dried chillies my tongue got burnt just watching you.
Byron King
Byron King Month ago
I love Thai food!!! Is Mark's wife Thai?
Allen Fiddler
Allen Fiddler Month ago
I thought he was going to throat that "male organ".
Fuzzy 2 months ago
Why do Americans say urbs instead of herbs? Haha. Love the enthusiasm for the Thai food, good work
Terry Reid
Terry Reid 14 days ago
@Joanna Saadati Take care and enjoy Mark Wiens. I always do......
Joanna Saadati
Joanna Saadati 14 days ago
@Terry Reid True!
Terry Reid
Terry Reid 14 days ago
@Joanna Saadati People say it their own way. My parents folks were from Scotland and Finland. Some say tomato and some say tomawto........lol
Joanna Saadati
Joanna Saadati 14 days ago
@Terry Reid oh cool! I immigrated here at 6 so maybe I'm saying it funny lol
Terry Reid
Terry Reid 14 days ago
@Joanna SaadatiI'm from BC also. Probably from my parents.......lol
Ralph Diesta
Ralph Diesta 2 months ago
please Mark, tell us your favorite Filipino food next time.
Silentc Breezy
Silentc Breezy 2 months ago
I really enjoy your Channel but my question is do you respond to your fan questions?
Harry Balszak
Harry Balszak 2 months ago
Marks gets pretty excited for cock
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