Top 5 Best Singer On Auditions America's Got Talent ALL TIME

Top 10 Talent
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^^^^^ International Talent Spotlight ^^^^^
1. Courtney Hadwin
2. Michael Ketterer
3. Jimmy Rose
4. Grace VanderWaal
5. Anna Clendening
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Jan 4, 2019




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Comments 100
John O'Neill
John O'Neill 12 hours ago
Stage managed crap, especially the first one!
Justdingers2 13 hours ago
We sure the first girls isn’t a sassy black woman from the 80s?
Charles Langley
Charles Langley 13 hours ago
The last girls mom is too manly for me not to notice lol
gayn remyjoice
gayn remyjoice 14 hours ago
October? Anyone? I loves the way she show her talent after she said im litle bit nervous, There's always someone who is an extraordinary person but also always acting shy... That's what this "got talent" for,..
garrison barolet
garrison barolet 14 hours ago
I swear they tell the crowd to be annoying as possible
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin 14 hours ago
The last one.. sit down Howie.. we get it.. you have a disorder. Shut up
James Harpur
James Harpur 17 hours ago
Oh dear lord the first girl
Jason Harper
Jason Harper Day ago
Courtney should be the best all time
Dab 1539
Dab 1539 Day ago
That one chicks mom more of a dude then her dad
Retrogamer Dell
Retrogamer Dell 2 days ago
that girl looks posessed
Sophia Powers
Sophia Powers 2 days ago
girl with bob: *cursive*
Jow Bow
Jow Bow 2 days ago
What is that dancing from the first girl she looked as if she was having a seizure
Margaret Applin
Margaret Applin 3 days ago
Wonderful response, Howie!
Corey 3 days ago
I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!
Noah Oreskovich
Noah Oreskovich 3 days ago
2nd guy gave me chills throw my whole body
Fetit Azhari
Fetit Azhari 4 days ago
courtney is the next janis joplin 🌻
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adam hendzel
adam hendzel 5 days ago
ab 9 min.auch Schone...
adam hendzel
adam hendzel 5 days ago
ab 6 minute schone vocal
pitrocus 5 days ago
Wow the first audition was great!!! And Simon is just a loser
Peggy Nuss
Peggy Nuss 5 days ago
james olaes
james olaes 5 days ago
TIONG 5 days ago
08:50 cant wait till the english version
Danielle Montgomery
Howie is such a sweet soul, he actually touched her to make her feel better. That says a lot for him since it’s hard for him to touch people
Tippzify 5 days ago
Howie is such a perfect example of a humble, respectful human being
Perry Rush
Perry Rush 5 days ago
Howie actually intentionally touched someone to make them feel better. That says plenty.
Rob Dehar
Rob Dehar 6 days ago
first girl was awesome but she has been on other talent shows before this audition , but still she is awesome
Thats one song I don't get ,ive tryed to understand it but no it's a nice song anyway ,,
Turbo 7 days ago
Peepee Vagina
Peepee Vagina 7 days ago
9:10 not sure if that's Charlie or Hank, but they can sing
Peepee Vagina
Peepee Vagina 7 days ago
4:00 how you look when you realize you were adopted so someone can get more votes on a talent show
andreas kümmert - OFFICIAL
Iwan Bottos
Iwan Bottos 8 days ago
Finally recognition of Courtney's talent . Among the 5 best ever singers on AGT . A n d I wholeheartedly agree . Imagine how she will sound at 21 . Keep on rocking'.
Jacob Berry
Jacob Berry 8 days ago
Nick Cannon doesn’t fire.
Ghost Ghost
Ghost Ghost 8 days ago
She is great ..
Dan 8 days ago
6.00 what is this song?
Cameron Cook
Cameron Cook 9 days ago
No freakin way!! That’s Michael Ketterer from Spirit Lead me!!! Idk he auditioned! That’s awesome!
Amanda Naylor
Amanda Naylor 9 days ago
What's really amazing about that last performer is that, Howie is a huge germaphobe, but he recognized a kindred spirit and went for the hug instead of a fistbump like he used to do. That was lovely.
Adele 9 days ago
The adverts are ruining this😣
Peter Wicks
Peter Wicks 9 days ago
As a published poet and author I could give you many of my poems for you to sing, well done
Peter Wicks
Peter Wicks 9 days ago
This young lady has the whole world in her hands
TN Vol
TN Vol 9 days ago
Not the 5 best auditions....definitely NOT.
Sandy Juergens
Sandy Juergens 10 days ago
🤠❤ the 2nd dude
Sandy Juergens
Sandy Juergens 10 days ago
I'm sorry. I just don't enjoy Courtney. Nothing personal
Matthew Bexell
Matthew Bexell 10 days ago
What a stupid show
Adam Wanly
Adam Wanly 10 days ago
I’m kinda surprised “Kevin Skinner” is not one of them!
what? Day ago
I thought I was the only one!!! He has the single best audition in my eyes....plusI just think this list is crap! Michael Grimm had a better audition than almost all of the people on this list
ArgentinoDeLaVilla ComeRatas
Kentucky baby!!!!
Deborah Lewis
Deborah Lewis 10 days ago
Where is Jimmy rose now ??
-Rapnunster -
-Rapnunster - 10 days ago
7:08 I wuz uh a aiteen yeer oh
Melanie Shifflett
Melanie Shifflett 11 days ago
Melanie Shifflett
Melanie Shifflett 11 days ago
The first girl was so funny 😂😂😂😂🤩
Silas Gilda
Silas Gilda 12 days ago
When people like the veteran inspire you so much that you want to be like them, I tried to be a marine but wasn’t allowed due to being born with a club foot I’m not really able to run like anyone else, I can barely walk if I try though so it’s understandable.
Dz-Santé Health-dz
Don't worry my friend you are not missing much . The real veterans , the real worriers are healthcare personals ,they bring life and make miracles happen I salute them , and I hope you can choose their path ..
mobilegoat1 12 days ago
If anyone gets the golden buzzer she does.
tyler schoen
tyler schoen 12 days ago
So no one.... no one at all is gonna talk about the mom in the end? Did I slip in another universes internet? That last girls mom is an absolute unit. I swear to god thought she was a Navy Seal at first. The hand size and the neck 👁👄👁
Deandre Woods
Deandre Woods 11 days ago
DAUGENN 12 days ago
Small towns are full of talents and good humble people this is a great America .
Mikel Legend
Mikel Legend 12 days ago
This video tied my throat into 10 knots
Tim Wright
Tim Wright 12 days ago
Thank you
sac_ _rac
sac_ _rac 12 days ago
Could disagree more
Jo Xef
Jo Xef 12 days ago
First vids..Janis in teen !
Ziotic 12 days ago
2:00 That little hop was perfect
waseemali baloch
waseemali baloch 12 days ago
George Evankovich
George Evankovich 12 days ago
I cried after the last girl. Serious
Alex1015MV Molina
Alex1015MV Molina 12 days ago
i like this dancing girl 1:29
Kurczak 12 days ago
The D.
The D. 12 days ago
Don't want to impress but it's not 2 Am, trying to sleep when I'm watching it 😎
Asih Widayat
Asih Widayat 13 days ago
Calum scott 🙋
AD Yt 13 days ago
1:10 💥 W T F 😂 POWER FULL !!!
KiddKronicc 420
KiddKronicc 420 13 days ago
The last 2 was really the only good ones.
D William
D William 13 days ago
Came out like the Grudge and ended up like Aretha.
R B.
R B. 14 days ago
That hurt MY knees
Chubi 14 days ago
lizzards everywhere 12:59
Tommy Strand
Tommy Strand 14 days ago
So youtube doesnt want to show everyone that more ppl LIKE this?
walshy 14 days ago
That marine guy is good but the epitome of “twangy”
bazthehandyman 14 days ago
Fantastic Michael...best audition ever.
Miguel Pérez
Miguel Pérez 14 days ago
Girl in yellow pants little Sia! Got the looks and kind of voice too
Oliver Selb
Oliver Selb 15 days ago
Top 10 Talent does a Top 5 Well its treason then
david cuevas
david cuevas 15 days ago
Country singer coal miner is godly I’m mad jelly of that mans voice
etta 15 days ago
that first one was awesome but the third hit me!
Nanny I
Nanny I 16 days ago
Music is your therapy you are amazing!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nanny I
Nanny I 16 days ago
Love you sweetheart!❤️❤️❤️
Nanny I
Nanny I 16 days ago
Well your just a girl on fire!❤️
ruan pablo pablo
ruan pablo pablo 16 days ago
valeime meu pai do çeu ela ta com caboclo cara feia eita porra pezao caminhoneiro
Leo Kreimer
Leo Kreimer 17 days ago
the first girl... she kicks asses !!!!!!!!!! lots of asses....
dwl815380 17 days ago
Never believed in Magic until I heard Grace sing her song. It was evident that she would win from the very start for her season. Got to see her live about two years ago now and she's every bit as good in person as she was here. Watching her career now and still just as in love with her voice as the first time I heard it.
Fernando Dagasdas
Fernando Dagasdas 17 days ago
Wow I like all of them
Brando Boyer
Brando Boyer 17 days ago
Wtf made this list.. As soon as I seen the first clip I laughed so hard.. I thought it was best singers. She sounds like she's having a stroke.. Ok.. I understand she has a unique voice.. (Actually not because she's putting that voice on and will hurt her cords) but come on. That's not a good singer guys.
All She Knows
All She Knows 17 days ago
Wow when ur surviving u can’t dream!?!
TheMadTitan 23
TheMadTitan 23 17 days ago
This list immediately lost me with Courtney hadwin. She is far from one of the best singers ever on agt.
Randall Trantham
Randall Trantham 18 days ago
nice video, uplifting. Hard to call it, but the ukelele girl, I'd like to look in on her in a few...
Good Job Buddy
Good Job Buddy 18 days ago
These cut offs are unnecessary
wwatkin21 18 days ago
Was that the girl from the exorcist?
Jk M
Jk M 18 days ago
Before we knew Nick was a racist.
Dan Adrian Puscas
Dan Adrian Puscas 18 days ago
love you man . we are the same. black or white
Stephen Beaumont
Stephen Beaumont 18 days ago
That first girl was on the voice kids in UK before this
MissG 18 days ago
1st girl - must b Janice on a visit! 😳😍 She made my day! U go girl 👊💣💥
Dylan 7
Dylan 7 18 days ago
That mum looks like a boy
taratova 18 days ago
My goosebumps got goosebumps..
Motasim Mahadi Ifty
I am scared I am gonna get stuck into another audition blackhole
Matjaž Mlakar
Matjaž Mlakar 19 days ago
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Harsha HN
Harsha HN 19 days ago
What kind of music is tht? She is just shouting 🤣🤷‍♂️
john appleseed
john appleseed 19 days ago
No one- The judges- 😃😃😃😐
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